Life Behind the Highlight Real

11: "Get Your Own Hut" w/ Jake & Kayla Bjorneberg

January 10, 2022 Sarah Huffman & William Huffman Season 1 Episode 11
Life Behind the Highlight Real
11: "Get Your Own Hut" w/ Jake & Kayla Bjorneberg
Show Notes

Have you ever thought about running a business with your partner? If so, you could learn a lot from Jake and Kayla Bjorneberg. 

Jake and Kayla run a successful business in real estate. Kayla led their transition into real estate with Jake’s support but it wasn’t long before he joined her.

In this episode, Kayla and Jake share their passion for traveling and the amazing places they’ve been to, what it’s like being in business with your spouse, and what to watch for when building a home!

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • Getting to know Jake and Kayla
  • How William and Jake met
  • Jake and Kayla’s travel experiences
  • How Kayla and Jake got into real estate
  • How Kayla and Jake run their business together as a married couple
  • Jake’s role as a Director of Sales
  • Getting to know their fur baby, Howard
  • How Jake and Kayla built a new construction home
  • Jake and Kayla’s top five restaurants

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“Treat your servers in the service industry well. They deserve more. Treat those people well because they are the gate holders to whatever you want.”

"If you build a house, you’re going to miss something. If you have built five houses, you will miss something. Because sometimes you don’t realize what you need until you’re living in this space.”

"When I want something, there is no ‘if’.”