Life Behind the Highlight Real

8: Trapped in a Flipped Car for 16 Hours - Tyler Walen's Story

December 20, 2021 Sarah Huffman, William Huffman, & Jorie Schaaf
Life Behind the Highlight Real
8: Trapped in a Flipped Car for 16 Hours - Tyler Walen's Story
Show Notes

How calm would you remain in an accident? Would you use all your energy panicking, or would you choose to remain positive until you get help? 

In this episode, we are humbled to talk a guy who has perfected how to live in the moment: Tyler Walen.

Tyler is one of the most logical people we have ever met. He has been through a lot, but that hasn’t affected his mindset. 

Tyler was involved in an accident that left him trapped in his car for 16 hours and submerged in water before he could get help.

During these 16 hours, Tyler spent his energy trying to free himself and he knew panicking wouldn’t help. He focused on what he could do and remained calm until help arrived. After being found by his basketball coach, Tyler spent months in hospital and underwent twenty surgeries.

In this episode, Tyler will share how the accident happened, the recovery process, his journey into real estate, and how all of it has changed his life for the better.

Listen to this episode to learn how Tyler learned to live in the moment.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • Getting to know Tyler Walen.
  • How Tyler met us.
  • Why did Tyler choose real estate?
  • What does 16 hours mean to Tyler?
  • Tyler’s mindset during the 16 hours trapped in a flipped car and what made him not give up?
  • How Tyler sets his goals.
  • Tyler’s goals.
  • Top five favorite restaurants for Tyler.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode:

“You never really know what people have gone through and how they show up every day.”

“Be present, live in the moment.”

“I don’t want to feel like I’m missing something today when I could be enjoying today.”