Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 50: Stalking His Wife and Beating Cancer with Dave Lawson (Part 2)

November 28, 2022 Sarah Huffman & William Huffman Season 1 Episode 50
Ep 50: Stalking His Wife and Beating Cancer with Dave Lawson (Part 2)
Life Behind the Highlight Real
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Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 50: Stalking His Wife and Beating Cancer with Dave Lawson (Part 2)
Nov 28, 2022 Season 1 Episode 50
Sarah Huffman & William Huffman

Dave Lawson returns to Life Behind the Highlight Real to finish up his journey to this point in his crazy life. 

In episode 45 Dave, Will, and Sarah took a deep dive into radio of the past and present. Dave spent over two decades as an on-air personality and talked about how what drove him into the business no longer exists. 

That left no time for thing Sarah was looking for -- how he met his wife...oh, and that bout with cancer over the last year. 

So let's revisit Dave and get the rest of his Life Behind the Highlight Real. 

To learn more about Dave and Digital Legend, head here:, or call (919) 757 2592

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Dave Lawson returns to Life Behind the Highlight Real to finish up his journey to this point in his crazy life. 

In episode 45 Dave, Will, and Sarah took a deep dive into radio of the past and present. Dave spent over two decades as an on-air personality and talked about how what drove him into the business no longer exists. 

That left no time for thing Sarah was looking for -- how he met his wife...oh, and that bout with cancer over the last year. 

So let's revisit Dave and get the rest of his Life Behind the Highlight Real. 

To learn more about Dave and Digital Legend, head here:, or call (919) 757 2592

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah and we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with the REMAX results of Good Life Group. And that's our legal disclaimer. Hey everybody, William here and today is episode two with Dave We're going to hear how he stalked and kidnapped his wife. There's Dave right there. Normally in my intro, nobody's laughing. But thanks for that Dave. Stock kidnapped his wife had three kids beat cancer and got pissed off about having to get coffee this morning.

Accouncer  0:30  
Welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online join hosts Sarah and William Huffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel. Right?

William Huffman  0:46  
Well, hold on. Let's jump. Let's get into this. Hey, everybody, William here. And Sarah and Dave. That's Dave. Right.

Sarah Huffman  0:55  
Wait a minute. Well, Dave is a repeat. Haven't we already heard from?

Unknown Speaker  1:00  
Nice to see you guys. Yeah. Thanks

William Huffman  1:03  
for coming in. Get the hell out? You know, so we left off like we went on this long. Last time we were with Dave, we were learning about going to school or is going to school for radio. And he had these tapes. And oh, thanks for the water, baby. You're welcome. And you were telling us, we just went on this tangent about radio. And it was awesome. It was super duper awesome. And but Sarah didn't get to ask her questions about, you know, what were you wanting to know? How we met?

Sarah Huffman  1:31  
How you met your wife? Yeah, the life stuff like radio was cool. Yeah. But like, that's not everything. Sorry, Dave.

Dave Lawson  1:39  
Can I ask you guys a question, though, where we kicked all this off? Yeah. So you've recorded like four or five podcasts since our first meeting? Yeah. Right. And that's going through the lives of all of these people. Yeah. Right. And you've had what 30 Whatever podcasts before. So I should probably know that. Yeah. Yeah. What is it about like digging into people's lives in a very specific way that turns you guys on like the you find fascinating. It means you got to have a lot of patience when you say let's start from the beginning. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  2:13  
I always wondered, well, this is like, Well, for me, yeah.

Dave Lawson  2:16  
I always imagined that a party. Like that's what you're doing. You're you're just kind of grilling people about their lives, where people usually like to talk about that. Little Mee Mee Mee Mee Yeah, but is that how you act at a party? Do you go up and say, let's talk about you. Kind of?

Sarah Huffman  2:32  
Well, it depends. Because we'll likes to host the party, which means Yeah, it's going to be cooking. Right, which means he has an activity. And that is how he likes to go to a party is by hosting it.

Dave Lawson  2:44  
I can't see well, sitting still at home for very long.

Sarah Huffman  2:48  
No, no. Still, it's time to go to bed. Yeah. Yeah, that's super

Dave Lawson  2:52  
true. Sleep just takes you over and knocks you out by 830. It's bedtime. Yeah. But you find people's stories. Fascinating. Right? Well, when

William Huffman  2:59  
I find the person fascinating, yeah. Yeah. Like,

Sarah Huffman  3:02  
and I have to say, well, oh, thank you. I have to say that everybody has a story. Everybody is carrying something with them. Yes. And they've never either been asked or had the platform or felt safe to share it. And so I think by going back, like I can think to so many different people that we've interviewed, by going back and going to their childhood, it's so fascinating to then see how they showed up today as an adult. Yeah.

William Huffman  3:28  
Yeah. And that's just that might be way deeper than what I would say, maybe not. But if I'm gonna share, well, if I'm gonna get to know somebody, like, I want to know them, I don't want to know the shit, they just want to tell me about, right? I want to know where they grew up. If there's any similarities there, if there's any, anything that we can, you know, bond over anything I can learn from typic. That's what it is. That's what it is you learn from knowledge is my core is my personal core value, right? It's my number one core value. And I want to learn about people in and I want to see if there's anything I can learn from them. And just learning about somebody helps me learn just I learned something in general. So that's why I find interviewing people so so interesting, because I get to learn. And I get to ask questions, maybe a little deeper than some people would want to normal not want to normally share would normally share in his normal conversation.

Dave Lawson  4:21  
So when you put the pieces together near the end, it's like well, you're this way because of this, this and this, it's those forks in the road that we all have everybody everybody watching everybody listening. We all have forks in the road in our lives, right? Yeah. And we have to make a decision and that usually uncomfortable decisions and I think it's the uncomfortable that makes us who we are.

William Huffman  4:42  
Absolutely. We don't grow from easy moments.

Sarah Huffman  4:44  
No, it's like uncomfortable. And it's how we respond to the uncomfortable. Yeah, you know, because there are times where you can like have fight flight. What's the other one? Flight fight or freeze? Yeah. Oh, fight, flight. Two are freeze. And it's like, okay, well, what did you do? Did you freeze? Did you? You know, did you run away? Did you? Or did you just like, work through it? And that's the hardest, longest but most rewarding, in my opinion. option.

Dave Lawson  5:16  
We had a moment last Friday, where we had to put my dog. We had to say goodbye. He was our dog before the kids. He lived

Sarah Huffman  5:26  
at night. You talked about your mom? Yes, yeah.

Dave Lawson  5:28  
And I knew during the last podcast that that was coming up. Yeah, because we had scheduled it, it was just he, that's all he could give. Yeah. And we were just keeping them alive at that point. For us. That's what a lot of owners do. This just sits at the heart. It's the hardest thing often ever, right. And at 18 years before the kids three moves one across the country. You know, all these adventures with this dog. It's like, I can't believe we've got to do this. We always knew it was gonna. Anyway. So we had to do it. It was you know, it's hard, blah, blah, blah. We all been through it. Coming home to tell the kids even though they kind of knew it might be coming was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do. And there was some hard breakdowns. We had a Hold'em this the first time they've experienced somebody close in their family that is now not going to be there. And especially for the 11 year old, it was really, really hard. And the next morning, my wife and I just woke up exhausted. She looked at me, she goes, that was really hard. And I said, they grew emotionally so much last night, they grew. And that was a hard that was a that was one of those forks in the road. hard moments, but you grow from that, you know, and you're gonna be a stronger person after that.

Sarah Huffman  6:41  
Absolutely. Yeah. And it hits. It starts in childhood, but so often, like, you might not recognize it as a child. But you look back. Yeah. You'd be like, yeah, yeah. Those are just just there's something about an animal. There's something about a dog, right? Because it is true. Unconditional Love.

Dave Lawson  7:04  
Yeah, no, absolutely. And he either, you know, I'd be beyond what Kelsey and I went through saying goodbye. telling the kids it was one thing, but again, it's like those moments you just grow from them. You know, you do. It's like when I lost both my parents you grow from these moments, these are super hard things. And we all go through, nobody can avoid it. But in the and you grow from it. And those when you hear stories on your podcast, and people reflect and they really start to bring back oh, you know? Yeah, you could tell it by the end. And you guys usually bring it out. You're this way because of this, this because you've heard those forks in the road. So it's fascinating. It's Thank

William Huffman  7:44  
you, that was a compliment to you.

Sarah Huffman  7:45  
And last night, we were actually at an event. No, it's, well take it. But last night, we were at an event. And we had a couple different people come up and ask us about different episodes of the podcast. Like one person in particular was like, I knew I liked you guys. After I heard while our interview with Brenda. Yeah. Oh, yeah. She's like, I didn't know you before that. But I knew I liked you guys after that interview. And I was like, wow, well, thank you. Because at the time, why? Why? I I don't know why she related but there was something in that story of being vulnerable. And she related. Yeah, there it is. Yeah. And I Yeah, yeah. You never know. Like, we never have like people like it's probably hard for some people with our podcast because a they're long.

William Huffman  8:35  
Yeah. Editor. Yeah. That guy. That's the

Sarah Huffman  8:43  
long be. We don't have like a run of show. Like, we're not here. Like with notes on what we're going to ask or where it's going to go. We just let it like, naturally go.

Dave Lawson  8:55  
It takes there's a pattern though. Because it well, like yeah, there's a pattern. Oh, yeah. It kind of it takes a little few shows. But then, Oh, I get it. I get what this is about what they're trying to accomplish. Yeah. And either you want to go through that journey with people or you don't so far, people like to go through that journey. It's not for everybody, but you know, yeah, anyway.

William Huffman  9:18  
Okay, so now I'm gonna bring him thank you. For all that was wonderful. say

Sarah Huffman  9:21  
one thing? Well, no, I'm going to anyway. Okay. I just love that you like Dave, you have a different perspective than probably any of our listeners because you've listened to them. All right. Including what I'm like, Please edit out.

William Huffman  9:37  
All the burps, and sometimes naughty words. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  9:40  
But yeah, it's uh, it's the podcast. We're coming up on our one year anniversary of this podcast. Yeah. It has been a journey of all the lives that we've met and heard their stories. And I was also at this event last night talking to another person that I know and she was I said, Hey, would you ever be interested in being on our podcast? And she was like, oh, My gosh, I can't believe you asked.

Dave Lawson  10:02  
Yeah, yeah, that's, that's that's the best. Yeah. It'd be in a podcast. Yeah. When someone says, I can't believe I'm here.

Sarah Huffman  10:09  
Yeah. And but from my side, it's kind of weird. My side. I'm like, Oh, I hope they say yes. Yeah. Like

Dave Lawson  10:17  
me. I dreaded it the entire ride here.

William Huffman  10:20  
I'm glad you came. I'm glad you made it.

Sarah Huffman  10:25  
Last time, too, but you came back.

Dave Lawson  10:28  
Yeah. I rehearse the story actually out loud in the car. Oh, I did because I thought, well, what is the story? So I start talking about I thought, well, now you can edit that out. You're gonna that's boring. You can edit that

Sarah Huffman  10:40  
out. Okay. Wait a minute, though. Dave, you told us a lot of quote. I'm quoting. I'm air quoting for those of you that can't see. You told us a lot of boring things on your last podcast. And from like, my chair was super, like exciting and interesting. Okay. So

William Huffman  10:55  
in that being said, the interest of time Oh, okay. I have an 11 o'clock appointment that I cannot miss. And that only gives us 50 minutes. Oh, well, we

Sarah Huffman  11:03  
better hustle.

William Huffman  11:04  
There might be a part three. I've never had a three parter. We've had a couple two hour episodes, but

Dave Lawson  11:12  
all right, even my wife finds me this interesting. So we'll keep at it. We'll see. All right. Let's go. What's your first thing?

William Huffman  11:23  
All right. So we left off College. First job, same hours as college memory where a part sees me we're about in there. Did you meet the wife?

Dave Lawson  11:40  
Okay, so let's take a graduated really Nivea graduated college, went to Saginaw worked in evening shifts. There was a great, great job. We had enough money to you know, get apartment without a roommate, which is really nice. That's like,

Sarah Huffman  11:58  
a big accomplishment. Yeah,

Dave Lawson  12:00  
I had no yeah. Yeah, it was huge. You know, and then, you know, get a car that doesn't break down, which is nice. So life was good, right. And then,

Sarah Huffman  12:07  
and this is Michigan, Saginaw, Michigan, Saginaw,

Dave Lawson  12:10  
Michigan was at a really big station, which was was cool. They had a really powerful antenna, you could hear everywhere, which was what it was. It was really nerve racking. I remember the first day I pulled up to do my shift. I almost turned around, because I was almost vomited in the car that I was there. And I but I ended up going in

Unknown Speaker  12:28  
Yeah, this is a theme. Yeah, you

Dave Lawson  12:31  
know, it's one of those forks in the road, one of those hard moments that you will never forget. Yeah, but you thought but there was something that took me and there was probably all that money. I paid in college to get that degree. And then you you walk in there, and then everything worked out. And I was there for a couple years and hung out with people my age and we'd go out and it was just a fun innocent time. Right? It was no mortgage am or FM station. It was FM. Okay. Yeah, it was okay. And I did the evening shift. And it was it was fun. It was really it was a lot of fun. And then my, the guy that ran those stations went to Kalamazoo, Michigan to run a series of stations over there. And he called me said, Would you like to come over here and do what you're doing there for the same amount of money? And I said, Let's do but but yeah, let's do a total lateral move. But I went over there. And so I started in Kalamazoo, Michigan, during the evening shift, and did really well and was then that's when I got my first opportunity at doing morning radio, which is where I kind of stayed for a couple decades after that, which was a lot of fun. So I transitioned from, you know, that schedule of being a nighttime guy to now doing a morning thing, which is a whole

Sarah Huffman  13:42  
weird, you know, because morning radio starts at what time? Well, we

Dave Lawson  13:47  
started at like, 530. So yeah, to be up at like, four 430 Something like that. And and then just the audience's different. It's just a whole different thing. So it took getting used to and then you're working with people. So I had like four other people in the studio. There was a lot of action, a lot of energy, and it was just and then after, but after a while it was just, it was just so much fun.

Sarah Huffman  14:08  
Go ahead. I have a question. Yeah. So you're stationed in Kalamazoo? What would it be the equivalent to here and like the Metro like, Minneapolis area?

Dave Lawson  14:16  
It'd be like Dave Bryan,

Sarah Huffman  14:17  
get outta here. Should get your autograph now. Yeah, you should. Yeah.

Dave Lawson  14:23  
Very famous in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Unknown Speaker  14:27  
I think we have a couple of friends there. They might know you. Yeah. Big deal.

Sarah Huffman  14:31  
How did you like start off your show? Did you have like a stick? Like,

William Huffman  14:34  
oh, yeah, what was the opening?

Dave Lawson  14:37  
God? I haven't. I don't know. I maybe we had no, it was a long day. locked it out. We've been through a lot since then. But no, it was like one of those kind of like those morning zoo things where you'd have like a guy call me I had a guy on my staff that just did voices. You know, he just did professional voices. Okay. And so he would call him imitating like the President or something, it was just that kind of thing. That was fine. Like, it was just fun. You know, there was no mortgage and bills were easy. It was just easy living

Sarah Huffman  15:11  
my friend. We all talk like, how did we make such like hardly any money? That's why nice. We had the best times we had the best social life. We had no worries, right? Sometimes you're like, oh, it'd be 22.

Dave Lawson  15:27  
Yes. And then life just changes. It just hits you over the head. Yeah, but you don't realize it's coming. That's why I always tell people that just enjoy this ride. Yeah, no, you know, every every moment in your life is special. But enjoy this ride. So. So is great. Then, so let me get on to the to the white thing, your original question. So I'm in my apartment. I've got the local news on in the living room. And I'm in the bedroom and I'm preparing for the show on the computer. Right? There was no laptops back then he actually had to be at the desk, which is in the bedroom. So I'm preparing and I'm listening to the local news and Judy Marquis, who's the anchor was introducing a story about something like bobsledding in the summertime somebody set up this bobsled track, that you go down and go down in the summertime and something like that real offbeat, kind of fun story. And they said, Kelsey Carlson has the story. So I thought it Kelsey Carlson. I knew everybody in TV, everybody and radio there. I thought I'd never heard of Kelsey Carlson. And so she comes on and right. When she starts speaking, My head went up. And I thought that's the most unique voice I've ever heard. So I got up and I walked out. And all of a sudden, she kind of appeared on television. And I thought, Oh my God, look at that. She's beautiful. She's got this very confident demeanor about her. And she was only what 2320 at the time. And I thought, Man, I'd love to meet this, this woman and it sounds really weird. Like, Well, I gotta meet the TV, you know? At all. Yeah, it's not creepy.

William Huffman  17:00  
No, no, don't make it weird.

Dave Lawson  17:03  
I just remember that one moment. And I thought I She just seems very competent. So I remember. You know, seeing her on TV over the next year, and always think she's just smart. You could just tell like, she's she's just smart, confident. Bla bla bla bla. So April 15 rolls around. Now, April 15. Is what tax day ranks? Yeah, right now, back in the 90s. Tax Day was a big deal, because the post offices stayed open until midnight. Yes, they no longer stay open until midnight. But back then they stayed open till midnight, because everybody would drop their stuff off at the last minute. And so it would be a big event, my radio station would be out at the big post office in Kalamazoo. We'd set up the promotional stuff, giveaway prizes, we'd be on live. And there'd be a line of people a mile long down the block and all the post office, people would be out there taking and it'd be a big party, right? And, and the TV stations would come out and the TV station did come out. Guess who was out there. Kelsey Kelsey, so I told my buddy, I said, Man, I would really like to meet her. Of course, that's all it took for him to torment me. It goes right over her over. And that's the first time we met. And she looked at me looked up at me with these beautiful eyes and his beautiful smile. And I don't even remember anything about the conversation. But that's all it took for me. And, and I could tell like she was, you know, all she could think about was why she was there. She didn't care at all about me. And so we went our separate ways. It took a while after that. But like she was always in the back of my head. Now I had been dating I had other girlfriends and stuff like that, but nothing in the way of you know, like that

Sarah Huffman  18:42  
immediate connection. Oh, like,

Dave Lawson  18:43  
I want to, you know, like the store you guys tell him, you know, going to Kmart, I think you know, there was nothing like that in my life.

Sarah Huffman  18:51  
Like my version. I don't know if we'll have that version. But that was my version. That was

Dave Lawson  18:55  
your version. Right? You Yes. So. So we so I had a buddy named Tom. Tom Warbeck. I went to college with he worked at a TV station there. And he said, Hey, do you want to go to a wine festival with me? I said, Sure. Let's go to one. Well, guess who was there? Kelsey, that's when we had our first conversation, which was really nice. And again meant everything to me. Barely anything. I have Yeah, thinking okay. She was just somebody fun to meet. You know, I had I was David around a little bit. And finally, I'm thinking, You know what, I'm almost 30 years old or 30 years old at this point. I'm so sick of worrying about if I'm going to get married, where my life is going. I just remember like this one night and literally was one night where I said, Forget it. I'm not gonna worry about relationships. I'm just gonna be by myself and I don't care. I'm comfortable with that. I don't care about the pressure getting married for my family, whatever. Yeah, it's all done. And there's Something about that moment in your life where you just give into any possibility, not what you want or what you think it should be. But that possibility where it might not work out. If you're comfortable with that. That's when things start to come together, right? I remember my buddies called me up and they said, Hey, come on out, we're gonna go out. So I went out to a bar, and we were just sitting around after Wine Fest. This is that long after Wine Fest, and we've met a couple times. And I went out and I was very comfortable now with being single for the rest of my life. You know, and it was cool.

William Huffman  20:34  
Is that a spin stressed or a spinster? spinsters? spinster? Yeah, that's it. Yeah, that's what a female version is or whatever. Yeah.

Dave Lawson  20:39  
But I was very comfortable with it. And I was happy. Yeah, I was really happy with that portion of my life. We went out, guess who shows up? She shows up. And I thought, Well, look who's here. And still, I was very comfortable with, you know, just having a conversation that night with this amazing woman. So she, we started talking about relationships. This is about halfway through the night. And she looks at me, she goes, Well, you're never gonna meet a girl in Kalamazoo. And I said, Well, apparently not tonight.

Unknown Speaker  21:15  
Ready bastard. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  21:19  
Remember that line?

Dave Lawson  21:23  
That apparently bad tonight. Oh, my word. That's it. That Yeah. So we I walk out? I thought well, you know, she's unbelievable. It was really nice. It was really nice to meet her. Well, we met up one more time. And, and, and, and we we ended up having a longer conversation. I ended up emailing her a couple times got her phone number. And I think everybody remembers in the relationship, that one conversation that cemented it. Yeah. And it's usually a really long overnight conversation. We had one of those on the phone. And it really brought everything out. And her laugh or sense of humor. She was really funny. And that's when she gave me a chance. And we started going out after that. Wow. Yeah. And, and so I love this. You do? Yeah. Because I'm thinking is this enter? I don't know.

Sarah Huffman  22:14  
I think it's fantastic. Okay, well, that phase she is out. I know it

Dave Lawson  22:17  
will sneak in. Okay, just get to I'm like,

William Huffman  22:22  
your four shot here. You should count your blessings on that one. Wow,

Dave Lawson  22:26  
I was just amazing. I know, right? I know that yet. Well, to

Sarah Huffman  22:30  
me, you think that and I'm like the universe wasn't going to let this go. Like, you're like, take, like, this is your fourth chance at it. And I'm like, well, this isn't by accident that you guys keep meeting.

Dave Lawson  22:41  
Right? Right. And with her, she wasn't interested in a relationship at all, like she was focused on work. You know, like, at that time in television, she's a reporter, most people have a camera person to go out and you know, do the camera work, and then an editor to help them with the editing. Well, back then in that market. She's called a one man band. So she came in and doing everything. She had to set up the camera. She had to wear a suit. She had to go out and get the interview really people then she had to take it back write it, then she had to edit it. Oh, my word. This is how Kelsey started. So this is I mean, like, it's an unbelievable time. amount of risk. She doesn't have time. Yeah. And so

William Huffman  23:20  
that's why she's like, oh, yeah, you're not gonna find a girl in Kalamazoo? Because the one you're talking 90 hours of work to do tomorrow.

Dave Lawson  23:28  
That's exactly it. Yeah, exactly. You know, and she's a survivor. And she, you know, just with their, with their history. She is a survivor. She's. And so anyway, we find I finally got her to go out on a date with me. And I went up to her apartment first time and I knocked on her door, and she opened up the door, and I looked into her apartment. And all she had was a mirror leaning up against the wall, a small couch, and a 13 inch television in front of it. And that's all she had in her apartment. And I realized, I love this woman. I love this. She does. And I asked her about it. And she laughed. She goes, Well, if it fits in my Saturn, it can move with me. She goes, if I get fired from here, I can throw it all in the Saturn and on to the next station on to the next station because she had lined Saturn and it all fit in there. And she came from South Carolina and Kalamazoo and there it was.

Sarah Huffman  24:24  
Yeah, amazing. Yeah.

Dave Lawson  24:25  
So then we just we started dating from there. And you know, we took a couple trips together and it was just, you know, I think it was I needed a piece out of her personality. She needed a piece out of my personality, without a doubt, but there was enough in common, especially the sense of humor and being able to laugh off stressful situations and deal with them. That I think was the biggest attraction between the two of us.

Sarah Huffman  24:56  
So how long did you guys date before you got married?

Dave Lawson  24:58  
So we dated I believe it was two years. I remember dating a year. And then saying this, this has to be I got to cement this because this is where I am right now. And thankfully, she said yes. And then we then it was a year of just kind of like saving. We both saved for the wedding ready and getting ready. Right. And so then and then we got married.

Sarah Huffman  25:20  
And how long ago was that? Was 21

Dave Lawson  25:22  
years ago. Get out? 21 years ago? Yeah. Wow. So we were together about five years before before the first kiddo came along. So we, we we ended up moving a lot of places in Kalamazoo. Were starting to shut down a lot of paper plants up John was a big drug manufacturer, they were you know, they emerged and we're starting to move out that things were a little tougher in Kalamazoo, Michigan. And so we realized, well, we better we better start looking for some other things. Yeah. So I was looking for stuff. She was looking for stuff. And whoever found the better thing, the other one would just say, I'm good. And we'll go. And she found the better thing. And that was in Raleigh, North Carolina. And so we moved down there and I transitioned into another radio company there. And we ended up staying there for for 10 years and absolutely loved her.

Sarah Huffman  26:14  
Are you on the morning show again? There? Yeah, yeah.

Dave Lawson  26:16  
So I transferred their morning show got thank bad for them, good for me got fired. And so I just kind of moved into their role. And so I ended up working morning radio there. And she ended up starting, she was a reporter at first an investigative reporter and then she moved into morning anchor. So she became so we were both working morning shows. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. So we were both so she was well, she would get up at like, 230 in the morning to start getting ready. I would get up I'd sleep until 430.

Sarah Huffman  26:47  
And at this point, do you have kids? No. Sounds like how do you do that? If you're both in the morning show? You know, your radio. She's TV? Yeah. Like,

Dave Lawson  26:55  
it's so much fun, right? Yeah, it's just so much easier, because you could come home, take a little nap, you know, have dinner a little bit, go to bed, get some sleep. But once kids came into, and then they started getting into the age where you really have to start concentrating and taking care of them, because it's kind of easy earlier. But that's when we started burning the candle at both ends. And, you know, we were getting four hours of sleep a night. And you know, we had been there 10 years and we realized something needed to change. Yeah, yeah. So we had two kids in, in Raleigh. And yeah, we realized something needed to change, but we never imagined it would be a move as far north as where we

Sarah Huffman  27:37  
are as Minnesota. Yeah, yeah, we're

William Huffman  27:41  
way up here. A

Dave Lawson  27:42  
Yeah. Well, we're, you know, I'm from Michigan. She's from Indiana. So it wasn't like, you know, wow. But we kind of knew the vibe of Midwest folk.

Sarah Huffman  27:52  
So dad, Natick, back to minute, like, were you like, did the job bring you to Minnesota? Yeah,

Dave Lawson  27:57  
yeah. So she, we are coming to the end of her contract. And she has an agent and the agent started shopping around and she's I mean, you know, she's prime like, ready for something big at that point. Cuz she'd be she'd been anchoring in in rally for a while. So we started getting calls. DC, Miami, you know, all these places. And she always loved Minneapolis. She always loved this news market. Because it's a storytelling news market. Yeah, you don't realize that when you live here, but when you watch the news, there's a lot of good storytelling.

William Huffman  28:37  
I have noticed that because when when we're in other states we travel a decent amount every now and then I'll put the local news on there just to kind of see what's going on. And it's murder murder it's all negative. It's it's there's no that's a great way to put it never thought about it is we do tell a lot more stories in our I think at least I haven't watched news in a while but last time I did it is more story so

Dave Lawson  29:00  
well, up until the last couple of years. You know, there wasn't a lot that went on here. It was pretty much you know, your run of the mill crime stuff, but most of it were to be you had to get creative with your newest product here.

William Huffman  29:14  
The waterskiing Squirrel?

Dave Lawson  29:17  
Squirrel Exactly. That's

Sarah Huffman  29:18  
exactly where my mind went. Yeah, it's a thing. So how long have you been in Minnesota?

Dave Lawson  29:24  
Eight, nine years now. Okay, at this point, so we've been here a while anyway, so yeah, so she got an offer at the fox affiliate here to do the five, six and nine o'clock. And we decided to make the move

Sarah Huffman  29:37  
and then in TV is that because I know that we call it primetime but as an anchor, yeah, that what your goal is?

Dave Lawson  29:45  
Yeah, that would be primetime. Okay, for people that are that are anchors. Yep. Morning shows are more fun. Yeah, because it's looser. You know, you could laugh a little more. The evening shows you get to have fun, you know, during the weather segments, but it's stuff a little more serious. Yeah. But yeah, that's that's primetime. Yeah. I

William Huffman  30:03  
love the morning show I listen to on K fan. There it is. It's a sports radio station, but they don't really talk any sports. It's just stupid. Random does. You're hanging out your buddies type talk. Yeah, I love it.

Dave Lawson  30:15  
Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. So we moved. She got the opportunity. We moved here. My company that I was with down there was here. So we got to it was an easy transition. It was hardest. I think on the seven year old. He turned seven the day we actually moved in. Oh my God, it was 14 below. The day the moving trucks were pulling up the day we unloaded it was 24 degrees. Because we moved into January, I mean, heat wave. Yeah. And so yeah. And I remember taking them to a lake and I said, Hey, buddy, we're standing on ice because he's from Raleigh. You know, he's the oh, he understand the concept. I said, Yeah. and CAD, so benches dug through the snow. I said, this is ice, we're standing on it. He couldn't believe it. Standing on a lake, we're standing on a lake. You know, we had two kids. And that's kind of where we were going to be. And that's fine. Life was great. And then and then we got pregnant. And so now we're, you know, so she's only in this job for a year as an anchor, and pregnant, you know, which I know, how did that happen? I apparently still works. And and here we are. Yeah. You know, so now we're pregnant. And so now she's got to explain to her bosses. I'm pregnant. I'm going to be going through the next nine months on the air as a pregnant person. Yep. And so. So we had our we had our third baby. And that added a whole new stress to our life because I was working at a marketing agency, along with doing some radio stuff, and then I decided, You know what, this can't, so I quit the marketing agency did the radio stuff at home, and then then she would do her thing, and we would start to raise now three kids, how old are the kids? So the kids are 1511. And now seven. So I've got two boys and the seven year old is a girl, which is just a whole nother

William Huffman  32:00  
end a girl?

Dave Lawson  32:01  
Yeah. She is funny and tough. She is her mom. Yeah.

William Huffman  32:06  
Young antenna girl. She's here. And she's gonna be a badass.

Dave Lawson  32:12  
Yeah. Oh, there's no doubt. There's no doubt she can handle herself. Yep. Yeah, she came to me yesterday or Sunday night with all of her laundry from her closet and she throws it at my feet. And she goes, I decided that you're gonna do my laundry every Monday night.

Sarah Huffman  32:27  
Okay, she's putting you on a routine.

Dave Lawson  32:30  
She's tired. She's watched her mom, you know? So yeah, so that's where we've been. Since then just raising, you know, three kids and kind of, you know,

Sarah Huffman  32:43  
I have questions. Like, for real, though. How do you like maintain a relationship when someone's basically gone every night?

Dave Lawson  32:54  
You know what, I think it's the same too

Sarah Huffman  32:56  
personal. I don't mean, but I'm just like, wow, like, because that's not like getting home at like, eight. Because what time do you get home from the nightly news?

Dave Lawson  33:03  
She gets home at 11. Yeah, every night. Yeah, it's, you know what? It's the foundation. Right? Yeah. Relationships. Really, it's the foundation of, of how we get to know each other. Yeah. The times we spent getting to know each other. And then the time before kids establishing a life doing some travel really connecting. We know, we know who each other are, is. We know each other. Right? Yeah, we know each other. I know that. That all of my heart is with her. All of her heart is with me. And and we're kind of in business. I think parents will, you know, have been of several kids. You're kind of in business mode. You got your business business that brings in the money, and then got the business of the house of the house. All right. Yeah, we're going like we take out the calendar we're going through like, there's even before I left, we're going through logistics, like everything is logistics of getting here and there. And it's all wonderful. But it was such a great question. Like, how do how do people do it? You know, because this is where you see a lot of people get divorced, where it's like really tough. And they say, You know what, it'd be better if we just did this separate and I get that. I get that. I understand that. But I think it's just the foundation, all those years we put in before we start having kids that you know and then look at me. I mean, how could you tell me? That muffin? It's like what she you know, she's every night it's gonna I'm gonna get something better than

Sarah Huffman  34:31  
that. You're gonna see a lot of options in Vegas.

Unknown Speaker  34:38  
A lot of things in Vegas.

Dave Lawson  34:40  
Yeah. It was like, back when we first met there were chat boards. Oh, yeah. Remember chat boards? Yeah. So the real popular chat boards would always talk about anchors and who's hot on TV. Okay, right. So when we first started dating, and it kind of got out that we were dating, there was an entire topic with like, 100 people reached Bonnie, why would Kelsey Carlson date?

William Huffman  35:04  
Why should at this date this guy,

Dave Lawson  35:07  
it was like nobody could figure it out. I thought, this is horrible. This computer stuff has to go away. This internet has to be bad and pick up and involved into social media. We're now it's much better.

Unknown Speaker  35:23  
To joke Sybil is so much nicer. So yeah.

Sarah Huffman  35:26  
So we met you a few years ago and you've been doing podcasting. You transition. We've kind of talked about this in the last podcast, correct? Yeah. Where you transitioned from radio into this podcasting. So like, is this giving you flexibility at home? Like what have you been up to?

Dave Lawson  35:44  
Yeah, so yeah, oh, total flexibility at home because I have my studio at home. So I run everything out of the studio at home. And it was actually my wife's idea to do this, because we were trying to figure out, you know, how we're going to logistically run our life with her doing her hours. And then I told you in the first podcast, radio, just kind of was losing steam, and it was very disappointing. And, and, and I got a job at a marketing agency. And I was, you know, it was okay, but I was just wasn't turning me on and, and I love pie, I would help people set up their podcast, just, you know, friends, they want to do pies, so I'd help them and it was, and she said, I remember she was sitting in the kitchen, she goes, you should just do this. This should be your business. You sell people with podcasts. And I thought, Do you think that could be a business? Yes. And it was at that time before podcasts really started exploding. with business owners, like realizing we can get our message out there we can be, you know, content creators, and start here, because it's a really easier place to start than putting your face on videos. That's a tough transition, right? Putting your face on video and doing all that. So that's when I started. That's when we made the transition. But it's been great because I've been able to help raise my kids, you know, this, they never have like a babysitter at home, which is fine, if that's how you have to do it. But we've been luckily able to do it whether you always have been arranged that way. That's yeah, yeah. It really is. So it's been it's provided a lot of flexibility.

Sarah Huffman  37:08  
Yeah. And a lot of perks. I mean, just being not having to like, have a nanny, ya know, like, you've been able to be there. And yeah, you're living your dream. Your wife is living her dream. Yeah. And you're showing your kids how when you work together, you can accomplish all your dreams.

Dave Lawson  37:25  
Yeah, I think that's a great way to put it when we're both working morning radio, we'd have a nanny come over at like four in the morning. Right? You know, wow. So she would be waking my kids up. She'd be getting them ready. And that's like a tough time. But that's the time you want to be with her. Yeah. When they get up when they're getting going. You know? You know, you're getting them off to school, you're giving them that pep talk that kind of thing. You know,

Sarah Huffman  37:45  
people ask well, and I a lot like how do you guys work together? Do all this stuff together? And I'm like, Why? Because you have to make an effort. Where you can? Yeah. Oh, you weren't giving me a weird look.

William Huffman  37:58  
I wasn't I was not. We there's literally camera footage. I

Sarah Huffman  38:04  
play this back.

Dave Lawson  38:05  
We roll that back. No

William Huffman  38:06  
weird love. Oh, no, no. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  38:08  
It was like

William Huffman  38:12  
Oh, can we on? Okay, so you shared with us that you've recently been through a pretty serious health journey. And we didn't get into it last time. And if we don't want to get into this this time, that's totally fine as well. But what just tell us what happened? Well,

Dave Lawson  38:31  
um, so the last four years life really hit rates really came home, my dad, like, died instantly from a heart attack. And then so we had it, that's, you know, you start losing your parents life becomes real, right? It's like the worst fear in a kid's mind. Right? So then, then a few years went by, and my mom was never right after that, she would stay up all night with the TV blasting, either Fox News or the tiger game. You know, one of those two would be on they would be blasting all night long. So she never really got good rest. Never. She tried to kick her social life back into gear and stuff. And she did a good job, but she never really was settled after my dad passed. And so then she got and I think that stress is what contributed, contributed to her to her illness. So then she got she got cancer, she got ovarian cancer, and, and so I would fly every other week back to Detroit to help take care of her my family decided that we would all just kind of pitch in to keep her in her home for whatever time we have left and, and and help out. So I was constantly on the road. My kids were going through some transitions, you know, having a hard time with school. So my wife was trying to take care of that and, and then do her job, you know, and then dad was away watching his mom, you know, kind of fade away so it was a really really tough time. Yeah. She passes. things settle down a little bit. COVID All of a sudden, then the kids are home, everything is home, things are out of whack. So I feel like, for four years, there's been take away the kids and the family life, you know, and all of that, which has led to joys, but there was just been nonstop stress in my life. Yeah, nonstop stress. And then, so all of a sudden, COVID starts to do what it does, we can, we can now go back outside and take some trips. So we take a trip, and I remember feeling really sick on this just really, you know, like, really bad cold, like worse than normal, you know. And we come back and I go for a physical and they say, you've got a lump in your, in your chin. And I said, Well, I was sick a couple of weeks ago, and they said, Okay, well, it could probably be that, but let's keep an eye on it. Right? I said, Okay. So over the next month, it's like, it just grew. It just grew. And I thought, okay, is this an infection? What is this? And it started to become very worrisome. I went in for a couple tests, and one came back just after Thanksgiving, that there might be a possibility of some aggressive B cells. And I looked up to see what that was. And that meant lymphoma. And I thought, well, there's no and there was just like, a tiny possibility from this test. So we, we, we went to an oncologist. And he said, he said, Listen, I don't think you have anything to worry about. So like, this is just before Christmas, right? And I looked at my wife with such a huge relief. Like we both started crying in an office. He goes, I think it's an infection. It goes, but we're gonna put you through a million tests, you know, right. Like, I think at the back of his mind, I'm going to put his mind at ease right now. Yeah. But I think you know, I think at that time, he might have known. So we went through a bunch of different blood tests that were sent all over the nation, all of them came back normal. And then we did a PET scan. And he called me and I remember, there was a guy fixing my microwave because it caught on fire. And so he's in fixing my microwave in the kitchen, I got a call from the ecologist, he goes, this is what you got, you know, we got one form of cancer that we're going to put you through aggressive, it's lymphoma, this is and we're going to put you through aggressive chemotherapy, six, six rounds of it. And then the other thing that you have, there's no cure, and it's just going to disappear. And it may come back one day. I said, Okay, well, you know, you're thinking, Okay, I've got three kids, you know, they're small. I've got a wife who work, you know, this is just like, the worst thing that can happen. And it's the worst thing to happen at any point in anybody's life, really. But when you're when you're young ish. It's just like, I didn't know how to handle it. Yeah, I didn't know how to handle it. So God bless my wife. She just went into Mama Bear mode. And she stopped and I remember her, like kicking the door open, and she looked at me, she goes cancer, pick the wrong family to mess with. Oh, and she just looked she goes, this is what we're gonna do. And this is what I love about her. She goes, we're gonna get a nutritionist. We're gonna get a psychologist. So you can deal with this because I was a mess. Like, I was like, here help me. I was I didn't know how to handle this. Yeah, you know, yeah. And we're gonna do all this stuff. And we're gonna come out the other end and we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna be great, you're gonna be cured. And I thought, it's all I need to hear. So we put all that into action. I weekly, I started being a psychologist who helped me deal with like, my fear of death. You know, that sounds weird. But then, you know, putting everything else in perspective, having just lost parents, yes. And not learning how to ruminate constantly about what you're going through, you know, look at the facts, blah, blah, blah. I got a nutritionist. I basically changed her life. So then I started going through the six rounds of chemotherapy. Thankfully, after the second round of chemotherapy, they did a PET scan, everything was gone. Get out to round two, two rounds. Everything was gone. That's when I realized, well, wait a minute, I guess life might not be over here. And so my oncologist even said, Well, maybe we only need three rounds. So we called Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic said, Well, no, this, this is the standard, this is what you should do. So we ended up going to six wishes. anybody listening has gone through chemotherapy. It's hard, like, you know, first two or three. It's like, oh, this I don't know what everybody's talking about. There's no problem. It's a cumulative thing. It really is. You get to about three or four. And it's like, oh, boy, I don't want to do this anymore. And then you get to the sixth one, and it's like, I'll never do this again. Yeah, you know, that's what you're thinking. And then Long story short, it came back at the end that was cancer free. No sign of the disease. I went to the Mayo Clinic because they specialize. I meet with the doctor now that specializes in lymphoma. And they looked at and crunched the numbers and they said you've got the best chance of this not returning. They said you still have the incurable stuff that's deep within your cells, but people you know will go 15 years and it doesn't return. And

Sarah Huffman  45:28  
you mentioned you're going to a nutritionist. Yeah. So how have you changed your diet?

Dave Lawson  45:33  
I know more meat. Gluten Free ish. As much as I can be around kids. You know, I was supposed to get rid of sugar. That's a tough one for me.

William Huffman  45:45  
So a lot of you removed a lot of the inflammatory things. A lot of the inflammatory things.

Dave Lawson  45:49  
No more drinking. I haven't had any alcohol in in in a year. I will probably have a little bit in Vegas. Because you got to have some fun. spankings. Yeah, it's Vegas, and it's required, right? Yep. Yeah. It cancer doesn't it doesn't exist in Vegas, right. Just like calories.

Unknown Speaker  46:07  
I mean, yeah, it exists.

Dave Lawson  46:11  
responsible financial planning. None of it exists. None of it Las Vegas. Right. So yeah, so no more alcohol and I only a little bit of coffee. I used to have coffee all day long and switch to mushroom coffee. Which is which is actually a really good alternative. But you know, I don't live my life. I don't live my life. died by that sort. Meaning I don't. I I loosen up. I have some fun. I do have some Halloween candy. You know, I will do that stuff. I will have some dessert. Like I can't live my life in total torture. Right, miss meat? No, that's a great question. Yeah, I don't I thought I would. But I don't. Once you once you drop it for a while. It's like yeah, you know, I and there's like, I've lost about 10 pounds that I haven't gotten back. I think it was because of all of the other stuff that gluten Oh, dairy. I don't do dairy anymore. So all of that's gone. Yeah. So yeah. So made a lot of those changes. And hopefully they'll Bill Well, I mean, they will contribute to a very long life and oh, there's there's tons of my wife always changes the way I phrase. Yeah, absolutely.

William Huffman  47:25  
It will. But not hopefully it will. There's there's there's there's a we just listen to another podcast. I was at a Colin O'Grady. Caller on Ed, my lad, I believe, right? Yeah. And there's there's significance, there's not a, there's not a ton of actual medical research about the anti inflammatory. There's a good amount of research about the high fat diet and whatnot. But it's pretty well known that inflammatories do play hell with your body. Like I know when I have gluten, I know or grains, jet. Well, I'd say wheat, we wheat grains gluten. I know when I have dairy, you know, and I know if I eat too much meat in Yeah, it does. It does some stuff your body, that's for sure.

Dave Lawson  48:13  
Well, it stresses out your body. And I and this goes right back to where I first started the journey with my dad, my mom, and then what my mom went through, and then you know, COVID and all that I think stress is a huge contributor to a lot of bad things that happen to your body. And that's why I have and I know my wife works in news, but there's no more cable news for me, I turned that off, okay, there's no more national news I'll get, I'll get, you know, a little update from NPR or something like that. But there's no more national news for me, I'm like, I've switched my life where it's stress free, there's jazz on, there's jazz on in the kitchen. You know, like, it's, it's, you know, I'm not listening to the Hard Rock anyway, nothing, nothing like that. Like, it's all stress free for me. And it's more laughs and I, I just feel that if you if you take away the foods that stress out your body, you know, and you take away the stuff in your environment that stresses out your body, that it's you're going to be a better person for the short term. And I think you'll be healthier for the long term. And I, you know, I don't enjoy talking about what I went through over the past six months, but I think it's important I talk about it because I met so many people that have it worse off than I do with cancer. And like, always, I would trade for you in a minute. But even though these people have really bad cancers, there's incredible technology and incredible advances out there. We're so blessed to live I think somehow maybe well, you're meant to live in Minnesota just for the Mayo Clinic because now I go to the Mayo Clinic about that. Think about the rate is that believable. We've talked about that universe, right? Yeah, yeah. And so universe. You know, I just want to tell people that when I talk about this, if you do, if you do come down And so many people do. But if it does happen to you, it doesn't mean at all that it's the end. It means take a reflective look at your life, see what's going on, let medicine do its thing, and then make those permanent changes after you're going to be okay, you're going to be okay.

Sarah Huffman  50:15  
And it's almost like where the doctor buried it before. Like, this is not a death sentence. Right? You might get this terrible diagnosis that you don't want, right? But you can it can impact your life where it's, there's blessings through trauma. Yes, you know, and just thinking about how maybe you were living your life before and how you live it now?

Dave Lawson  50:36  
Well, it's those crossroads that we talked about at the beginning, right? There's always those things where things are uncomfortable, but you come out a better person. In the end, I've come out of better father, I've come out a better husband. You know, just I think just overall have a better attitude about life. And you know, I think it just it happens a lot with people that I mean, those Joe Joe tough podcasts were so hard because it was I was going through the thick of it when when you sent those to me to edit and they were really hard to edit, but His attitude was like, how? That's my eye. How, if this guy can have this attitude with what he's going through, Dave, you can do it to get through. Listen to Joe Joe's, you know, podcast, he's incredible. Absolutely.

William Huffman  51:24  
Yeah, I can't wait to tell him that.

Dave Lawson  51:28  
Yeah, I'm sure he's taking you know, I'm sure people that are listening to it that have gone through some cancer. I'm sure people that have been have know someone that has cancer at Fordham that podcast is that listen to this guy. This guy is absolutely incredible.

William Huffman  51:40  
He is he's absolutely incredible. Yeah. Yeah. So just,

Dave Lawson  51:44  
you know, it's, it's gonna be okay. There's a woman that has breast cancer, and it's a breast cancer you don't survive very long with but she went through and made these unbelievable changes in her life. And she's my old friend from Raleigh, North Carolina, and she's now live in long term with this, her tumor markers have gone down because of those changes, the stress changes that she made with her life that are really important, the dietary changes. So, you know, don't just let the medicine do its thing, make some changes in your life, and everything's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be okay. Can't guarantee that with everything, you know, because cancer is cancer, but most cancers you can deal with. And so yeah, yeah, that's awesome. Yeah. So there you go.

William Huffman  52:32  
All right. Next question. Um,

Sarah Huffman  52:36  
that was I loved hearing that. So thank you for sharing that day. Yeah. You know, it's like when you know, someone and you know that they've gone through something that does show up, right? We don't always know how, like in our like, and how we like interact with each other or whatnot. But just like your perspective on life, like, you're calm, you're appreciative. Like, you're grateful. I mean, so many things that

William Huffman  52:58  
you're in it. You're not funny. You're kind of painting us. Yeah, I think you're a horrible personality for

Dave Lawson  53:03  
all this. That was really funny. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Well, wow.

William Huffman  53:13  
Well, I want to I want to try and sum this up. And there's no real way to sum this up. I just want to recap I guess it's a better way to put it. Michigan, Detroit grit tapes of people doing radio was your thing. Couldn't go to a real college how to do the couldn't go to a real college, had to go to a community college, transferred into a state college, met some people started doing radio, then started doing radio and actually getting paid kind of somehow stock your current way for a couple of years.

Sarah Huffman  53:54  
You know, you shall see had no choice Yeah,

William Huffman  53:55  
shoot, you shoot your shot. You miss you shoot your shot. You miss the kidnapper. Move to the Carolinas.

Sarah Huffman  54:03  
live there for 10 years happy marriage.

William Huffman  54:06  
I'm assuming it's part of it. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Carolina's have a couple of kids come to Minnesota deal with a bunch of us to have another kid. I mean, make life changes. I mean, in your career, your personal world, I mean, everything and then have a shitty Renault for years. Yeah, like with the folks and the in the the COVID and then the cancer and, and damn, damn, and then here you are with a smile on your face and able to share your story. So that really whatever whatever you did, yeah, it obviously worked for you. And that's really cool that you can come on here and you have joked about being nervous about coming on. And I believe you when you say that you were kind of nervous. But you still did and you shared your story. And I know it'll make it like this, when you said that Joe sharing his story, how to, I just know you sharing your story will help other people? I hope so. That's pretty cool. I hope so. I don't know why I got so emotional there. But I'm really happy to tell Joe that his story has touched at least one other person, even though we've known it's impacted 1000s of people.

Dave Lawson  55:27  
Yeah. And that's why I think when you go through this, it's important to, to reach out and share. I'm not a huge Facebook guy. But I shared a long story about this afterwards to let because I didn't tell anybody that I wanted to let people in Michigan in North Carolina know what had been, and I wanted to wait till it was all okay, for some reason. And so the after that I shared and I've people have reached out to me saying I was just diagnosed with this. So I've kept in touch with them saying, Yeah, you've got this. That's the only thing when somebody has cancer. Just tell them you've got this. Yeah, don't look at him. Like, like, what they're going through is terrible. Or feel sorry for them. Like the

Sarah Huffman  56:09  
pity is right. Just

Dave Lawson  56:10  
say you got this Absolutely. Right. It's it's shitty. Yeah. You've got to still and that's all I needed to hear. And you really people. When I was going through it, the people that texted me, I just never imagined the certain people in my life that would be there for me. And now I want to be that person. That's awesome. You know, it's so inspiring. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  56:31  
And you can carry that Kelsey energy and kick the door in and be like, cancer.

William Huffman  56:38  
SWAT shotgun. Wrong house cancer.

Dave Lawson  56:45  
Family to mess with it's yeah, that's what it was. Such a great. It's just such a great way to get that out a t shirt. Yeah,

William Huffman  56:51  
you absolutely should. And I don't know it hit me in it. Just like you said, there are people who've always had it worse than just this morning where our car was trifled through, and they took serious backpack, and I was pretty pissy about it all morning. And then just hearing your story just once again, it's just, this sets your shit in perspective. And you said it yourself. You saw people who had it in way worse way than you and I was upset about a backpack and an iPad. Like, calm down. Like, it's my truth in the moment that um, I can be upset about that. I'm not saying my shit doesn't matter. But it's really good to understand set that down, because there are people who have legitimate things are going through in this world. And this is a really good reminder.

Dave Lawson  57:38  
I think so. Yeah. Yeah, I was driving do come here. And I was I got a little mad because I couldn't find a coffee shop with the drive thru. I thought I gotta get out of my car and go into the buyer leads to that caribou? Yeah. And I laughed, and I thought, Oh my gosh. Yeah, one year ago, I would have prayed for this problem, right?

William Huffman  57:59  

Sarah Huffman  58:03  
Well, I think this is a fantastic place to wrap this up. You guys Dave is with us. Every week on our podcast from behind the you know, in

William Huffman  58:12  
the editing the ones and twos. Yes, sir.

Sarah Huffman  58:16  
And I know that will and I can both wholeheartedly say that. We're very grateful that he is a part of our podcast and how he presents the show. You're

William Huffman  58:24  
a friend. Now by the way, we're gonna stalk the hell out of you like you did your wife. We might just kidding. Yeah. Why am I living

Dave Lawson  58:31  
with him? When you

Unknown Speaker  58:33  
see us in Vegas. I have no idea. to Vegas with who? Yeah.

William Huffman  58:39  
What do you want again? Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  58:43  
I think we are too

William Huffman  58:44  
funny. Oh, my gosh, the Venetian Hoon?

Unknown Speaker  58:50  
Yes. Awesome.

William Huffman  58:51  
All right. Well, thank you so much for coming on today. I really do appreciate it. And oh, hold on. One more plug. If somebody wants to start a podcast. How can they get ahold of you?

Dave Lawson  59:01  
Podcast? Yep, there's their website. Or just call me? Yeah. 919-757-2592.

William Huffman  59:12  
Yeah. Or you can get a hold of us for some or if you want to contact? Yeah, we'll get you hooked up. Yeah. All right, brother. Really appreciate you. I appreciate so much,

Dave Lawson  59:21  
you so much. It's fascinating. I know you want to wrap this. Tell your story. What people find interesting. And like that the whole radio tapes thing will always stick around

William Huffman  59:31  
forever. Forever. I will never find it. I will never forget.

Dave Lawson  59:36  
It's funny when you tell someone your story like what they find interesting, I guess

William Huffman  59:39  
never was good before. Yeah. And like I said, knowledge is one of my core values. And now I know that those existed. Yeah. And I now feel more equipped to handle another conversation I had with somebody about radio one

Dave Lawson  59:52  
day Yeah, there you go. Say Do you ever get these tapes in the go? Holy crap.

Unknown Speaker  59:57  
Weirdo. Yeah, that's awesome.

Dave Lawson  59:59  
That's it. Full Circle. Yep. Very good.

William Huffman  1:00:01  
All right, everybody. We out deuces.

Accouncer  1:00:04  
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