Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 49: A "Compelling and Rich" Conversation with Will's Nemesis, Matt Wandzel

November 21, 2022 Sarah Huffman & William Huffman Season 2 Episode 49
Ep 49: A "Compelling and Rich" Conversation with Will's Nemesis, Matt Wandzel
Life Behind the Highlight Real
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Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 49: A "Compelling and Rich" Conversation with Will's Nemesis, Matt Wandzel
Nov 21, 2022 Season 2 Episode 49
Sarah Huffman & William Huffman

Ep 49: A "Compelling and Rich" Conversation with Will's Nemesis,  Matt Wandzel

Matt Wandzel is a real estate agent and bitter enemy of Will Huffman's. 

Even though Matt is a terrific human being, Will can't stand him. 

Why? It all comes out in this episode, along with:

5:45 Growing up in Golden Valley

14:08 Car accident -- no time for the emergency room

30:40 Getting started in photojournalism

33:48 His partnership with the Navajo Nation

35:01 His contribution to the Smithsonian

46:17 Rug talk. Selling rugs and an appreciation for quality rugs. 

48:47 Matt's transition into real estate

53:52 Matt's obsession with cycling begins

1:02:01 Matt's bike shorts -- why?

1:08:31 Will... are you serious? And top five restaurants.  

Matt's info!
Phone: 612 240 9403

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Ep 49: A "Compelling and Rich" Conversation with Will's Nemesis,  Matt Wandzel

Matt Wandzel is a real estate agent and bitter enemy of Will Huffman's. 

Even though Matt is a terrific human being, Will can't stand him. 

Why? It all comes out in this episode, along with:

5:45 Growing up in Golden Valley

14:08 Car accident -- no time for the emergency room

30:40 Getting started in photojournalism

33:48 His partnership with the Navajo Nation

35:01 His contribution to the Smithsonian

46:17 Rug talk. Selling rugs and an appreciation for quality rugs. 

48:47 Matt's transition into real estate

53:52 Matt's obsession with cycling begins

1:02:01 Matt's bike shorts -- why?

1:08:31 Will... are you serious? And top five restaurants.  

Matt's info!
Phone: 612 240 9403

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah and we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with REMAX results of Good Life Group and that's our legal disclaimer. Everybody, William here and today we're speaking with Matt Wenzhou boozer blue, but honestly, we're going to hear some pretty cool stuff about how to be psycho cyclists, too. He actually has something in the Smithsonian, I may not like the guy, but does have a cool story.

Sarah Huffman  0:28  
Oh my gosh, well,

Accouncer  0:29  
welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online. Join hosts, Sarah and William Hoffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real life behind the highlight reel.

William Huffman  0:47  
Everybody, William here, and Sarah, and

Matt Wandzel  0:51  
Matt ones. Oh,

William Huffman  0:51  
there is yay.

Sarah Huffman  0:58  
year old. I'm really excited to have Matt on our podcast today. I'm excited to be here. Because I've had the privilege of well, gosh, do we know each other much before the foundation?

Matt Wandzel  1:08  
Not? We knew each other just like through like, oh, that's? Well, I

William Huffman  1:13  
don't like you.

Matt Wandzel  1:14  
I know. Yeah, this has been a long time coming. Like I was waiting for you to say this. Yeah, it's been.

William Huffman  1:20  
I don't know why you're here. And this is awkward, but I do. Thanks for coming. compelling. So you may have listened before and maybe you haven't, but we like to hear about you where you grew up. But let's get it out of the way. First, you are a real estate agent. So get that out of the way if somebody wanted to contact you. How would they do that? Show on the water bottle water ball? Yeah,

Matt Wandzel  1:44  
we got my brand new got my got my information right here. Yeah, my phone number is 612-240-9403 cell with one cell. That's a great, easy way of remembering my last name. How do you

Sarah Huffman  1:55  
ladies he's taken. I am taken.

Matt Wandzel  2:01  
I don't know where that came from. But

William Huffman  2:05  
yeah, I was gonna put it out. Yeah. I mean, I was wondering myself, but I'm glad you cleared that up. Yeah. I was super concerned. I'm like, This guy's way too attractive. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  2:18  
You're not your digits is one of the things I

William Huffman  2:20  
don't like him. It's annoying. Okay. Yeah, I'm gonna do that perfectly shaped. All right.

Matt Wandzel  2:26  
So I could say the same. Look that full head of hair like this is I don't have that. Clearly there is they're able to retire. Flexion shining it actually

William Huffman  2:36  
it is. It was a little bit. Okay. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  2:38  
I'm not gonna lie. It was a fresh shave this morning. Yeah, like, look at the screen. It's

William Huffman  2:42  
like my posts the other day when it was like, Hey, what's that star above the moon? Jupiter or Matt's head? Yeah. Oh, my word. Oh, I didn't say that. But I should have now that I thought of it.

Sarah Huffman  2:53  
Matt. You're a confident bald man. I

Matt Wandzel  2:55  
tried to be Yeah, it took some time. Like the baldness is this is a COVID thing. Is that really had hair before COVID. And wait, are

William Huffman  3:03  
you serious right now?

Matt Wandzel  3:03  
Yeah, I had full head hair. I mean, I don't remember. It. See, the thing is, is I never looked at my, the back of my head. Yeah. So I thought I had a full head of hair. And then during COVID I was trying to get myself a haircut. Yeah. And then I took a mirror to see how he's doing the back. I was like, Oh, that's a big open void right there. And so then I just go for it full commit did the bust and kept it a little bit short. And then friend of mine convinced me just say just own it go all in on Yeah. On the on the shave and haven't looked back.

William Huffman  3:34  
Well, it makes you look horribly old.

Matt Wandzel  3:36  
Thank you. Yeah, I was I was actually thinking you were gonna give me a compliment. And they can just turn really quickly. So you're good, you're good. I can handle

William Huffman  3:51  
it. You are actually a really good human. And that's maybe why it's so much fun. Because he is a good dude.

Sarah Huffman  3:57  
It's gonna sit over here. Yeah.

Matt Wandzel  3:59  
I just keep ripping on each other say this too, I think I mean, since I've known both of you. It's been just all three of us. The great thing is we all support each other and we also all just give each other shit. Yeah. Always. Yeah. It's always been like no other way to do it. So because I think I first met met you and Sara was at the install. Three years ago now when you had the was the up and coming realtor. Rising star rising star that's what yeah, that was right before COVID. Before everything happened, like January Yeah, that's I think where I really started to meet you too. We all started being in that same kind of

Sarah Huffman  4:39  
circle. Yeah, I remember you. I'm just gonna my storytime I was gonna say enough of this. I remember Matt from YPN. Okay, because we were we would go to YPN events which for those of you that don't know why Pn is the Young Professionals Network for Mar Minneapolis area, realtors, and you were either on YPN or leading YPN or something with YP? You

William Huffman  5:02  
always had a beer in your hand.

Matt Wandzel  5:03  
I mean, that happens. Yeah, that does nothing. Yeah, no, cuz that's right. Will you were on a panel at Cambria? Yes. For the generation. Yep. And I wasn't emceeing it. But I was. I was the chair at that time. So I was kind of involved in there. And we met very initially at that point, I think yeah, yep. So going back even a little bit,

Sarah Huffman  5:22  
there we go. Done. Rich and or no Well, compelling,

William Huffman  5:27  
compelling, and rich.

Matt Wandzel  5:30  
I know the tagline for this entire, compelling and is there a title for this podcast? Because we might pivot a little bit

Sarah Huffman  5:39  
that one's out, telling and the

William Huffman  5:42  
compelling and rich human being. All right. All right. Okay, time to get somewhat serious. Let's do it. So tell us about where you were born, where you grew up, parents siblings, and if at any time where I think you skipped too much, I will bring your ass back. Tell me more.

Matt Wandzel  5:57  
Well, let's see. I'm from the cities. I grew up in Golden Valley. I did. Yeah. I grew up in Golden Bay right over by Byerly. So I mean, not too far from where you are. I'm on the university. Teresa's is Yeah. Behind blocks behind. Okay, great back in those neighborhoods, backed by the lions. Yep. And I let's see. Grew up there. Went to school at Armstrong High School. When Armstrong Armstrong Falcons. Yeah.

William Huffman  6:23  
Oh, wait, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. You just went from growing up to high school.

Matt Wandzel  6:28  
I'm just giving a brief. I mean, how long do you do you want like, Oh, yeah. Is this like the story where you're telling me everything? And it's literally like, kind of? Yeah, two hours later? We're still in middle school.

William Huffman  6:38  
Maybe if I find it interesting. Yes. If not, I'd be like, moving on. They're compelling. And well. So where did you feel like you were born? When were you born?

Matt Wandzel  6:46  
I was born in 1988. July 28. If anybody needs needs to give me a birthday gift.

Sarah Huffman  6:50  
Yes. Just we have other friends born on July 28. You really Yeah. Okay.

Matt Wandzel  6:54  
Do we like them too? I mean, their friends. It's like

Sarah Huffman  6:58  
the Krista. Mike. Laura Wilkerson. Contingency. They're all born around them. Yeah.

William Huffman  7:02  
I like some of them. I like all of them figure out which ones which Yeah,

Matt Wandzel  7:06  
so born in 1988. Okay. Let's see.

William Huffman  7:10  
Where'd you go to elementary school? Elementary School,

Matt Wandzel  7:12  
Neil. Right on. Was that medicine? Lake Road and Douglas. Yeah.

William Huffman  7:17  
Any siblings?

Matt Wandzel  7:19  
I've got one older brother. Okay. When was he? He's three years older. Okay, so that four year gap? Yeah. And then my mom and dad and grew up in playing baseball, playing basketball. All those sports doing, you know,

Sarah Huffman  7:32  
for where you lived? Did you ever make it over to Scheid Park?

Matt Wandzel  7:35  
Oh, all the time. Okay. All the time. Yeah, like first time the cops whoever called me was playing like night games and child Park and we're gonna use the more I mean, maybe the only time but it's also like, there's still life left to me. So.

Sarah Huffman  7:53  
Okay, so are your parents still in Golden Valley?

Matt Wandzel  7:57  
My mom is you okay, mom? single dad. My dad's in Plymouth now.

Sarah Huffman  8:00  
Okay, so they really haven't like ventured too far too far. Okay.

Matt Wandzel  8:03  
Nope. And brothers in the area too. Okay,

William Huffman  8:05  
so we're going to middles our elementary school. What type of student are we? Are we kind of like a little jerk? Are we good kid? I

Matt Wandzel  8:11  
was the good kid. Okay, who was also like at the time to smartphone good in a sense, like everything came super easy for me. So then did you get in trouble? A little it was more so like I just never learned any study habits like he's sitting down now to try and like read or anything like if I don't catch it right away. I'm like, my attention span is just gotten out of it. And that's always been one of the biggest faults for myself. Like, I know that but it's, you know, I was always love to just I was good enough at sports to be competitive, but not good enough to like, get myself far and anything. Yeah, type of thing. So it was always just, it feels a schoolyard game. I'm there. I'm playing everything in recess like baseball, your favorite. Baseball, basketball. Those were kind of two of my favorites. I also loved golfing going growing up. Okay, and bowling and whatever. Like all those different things, different things. Oh, kick by love to like all those recess games. Yep. Loved him for square everything. Yep. Oh, we should have

Sarah Huffman  9:11  
an 80s party this summer. Where we play kickball for square he would have been to in

Matt Wandzel  9:17  
the endzone. And then there's also did you ever play nine square? No, nine square was like the like, one up from Foursquare where the the king or queen is in the center. Oh, so it added this whole other element of playing. So if you had a huge group, it's like nine square was was the one to go to.

Sarah Huffman  9:38  
I'm telling you. We're gonna have a party this summer.

William Huffman  9:42  
So we're gonna play hacky sack?

Sarah Huffman  9:44  
Why never played that. Oh, you did? Okay. Okay. All right. Foursquare kickball.

William Huffman  9:50  
Yeah, I gotta have my friend standing around and

Sarah Huffman  9:53  
capture the flag. Yeah, I love flowers. Always good.

William Huffman  9:57  
No. Rude. Okay, All right.

Sarah Huffman  10:01  
Do they not have Capture the Flag and bumpers? Mills Tennessee?

William Huffman  10:04  
No, we had to work in the tobacco fields. We literally bumper smells. It's a place. Yeah, it's horrible. Yeah. And I grew up. Well, I'm gonna sneeze. This is gonna be riveting. Do it. Like,

Sarah Huffman  10:20  
bless you. Yeah, that was good. Oh, spammers off and yeah,

Matt Wandzel  10:27  
so we went from a year and a half two years ago with with COVID. Yeah, to now let's just blow into the fan is rotating. All the fan is rotating. And it was rotating. Right? Yes. It was like it wasn't pointing towards Sara.

William Huffman  10:40  
No, I told you. I don't like you.

Sarah Huffman  10:43  
Okay, so you then like so middle school, high school? What are we doing any school sports,

Matt Wandzel  10:49  
I didn't really do high school sports. You know, I, I kind of again, like I was good enough to be competitive and like, gym class and all that stuff. But I wasn't like I was. I was a skinny, scrawny kid. Like, I was getting just pushed around, whatever, whatever it might be. And I just, I didn't really have that. super competitive like I was competitive. Yeah, but I didn't really want to devote all my time to playing one sport. Yep. So I basically started working. When I was like, 1415 years old. First job at Ace Hardware in Golden Valley, right across from Brookfield

Sarah Huffman  11:25  
know where everything was? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because I feel like I walk in there. And I'm like, do you have this strange abstract thing? Oh, it's an aisle serve. And

Matt Wandzel  11:32  
that's the thing about those tiny hardware stores like yeah, the people who go in there, they're not going for like 1000 screws, or like, for this massive project. We're not losing. It's it's the emergency. I am like, coming in my need. My plumbing, my kitchen sink broke, I need this tiny little o ring. Whatever it is. It's like, oh, that size O ring? Well, actually, that's gonna be an aisle three. Go down about halfway on your left, go to about three feet high. It's in the third drawer over like,

Sarah Huffman  12:01  
it's literally literally you can go into any ace. And ace is the place

William Huffman  12:06  
with the help of a hardware store. Yep, that right there.

Sarah Huffman  12:09  
But you can literally go in and give them any abstract thing. And you'll get that respond pretty much.

William Huffman  12:14  
Yeah, even the cashier been there for a million years. She's living off a coffee. And she's like, What are you looking for? Yeah, I need to do this thing with this thing. And I have to get this thing on there. Yeah. Oh, you're talking about a SharkBite? Because the this is happening. Yeah. Yeah, she's

Matt Wandzel  12:33  
always they know everything. Yep. Cutting keys, cutting glass, like glass for old window panes, things like that, like, did all that learn how to do it all at like 15 years

William Huffman  12:43  
old. So I found out that Ace Hardware did window pain when I had a party when my parents were out of town and I broke a window. And I had to get it fixed. And I'm like, I don't know how to do this. My buddy goes, Oh, I work at ACE. You just bring the window down. We caught it glaze it and put it right back in and nobody will ever know. That's great. We're until tells somebody left a beer in the butter thing in the fridge. There we go. Solder thing. Yeah, the butter door. But you know they left a can of beer in there.

Matt Wandzel  13:16  
You didn't check the fridge. I that's that's a rookie mistake. I feel like throwing an underage party. It is like a mistake fridge and check that there's like the basically frozen bottle of vodka and in the freezer. Yeah. I mean, you

Sarah Huffman  13:29  
know, I never threw an underage party. And like, while I was

William Huffman  13:33  
about to say, you're talking about your college years.

Sarah Huffman  13:37  
I was. I was a good high school. I was at a theater. I was a FIFO

William Huffman  13:40  
FIFO whatever. Sorry. All of those sorry, FIOS.

Sarah Huffman  13:44  
Sorry. You're coming for Yeah.

William Huffman  13:47  
Okay. All right. So we just went from born elementary school to job now no one nothing exciting happened in those 14 years. I mean, those surgeries, no trips. You

Matt Wandzel  13:58  
know, it was I broke one bone growing up and my thumb.

Sarah Huffman  14:04  
Get out of here. I figured a guy no leg break. It was it was

Matt Wandzel  14:08  
my thumb. I dislocated my collarbone once and like some other random tiny things. But as an adult, as an adult, no. may have broken a rib in a car accident. But it's one of the things like what are they going to do? So I got in a car accident. I sat in the like, emergency room waiting for my turn for like an hour looked around. Like, I'm our healthiest person here. What are they going to do like, right? Move? Yeah. And so I left so yeah, no, I I only broke my thumb. I was in a cast for like six weeks because it was like way down at the base of the thumb. So you couldn't move it at all. Yeah. But that was like that was first day of summer vacation. Third grade. Oh, third grade first day.

William Huffman  14:47  
There's very difficult thing because he remembers it because that was the pivotal time. Well,

Sarah Huffman  14:51  
because now we're summer break. How did you swim?

Matt Wandzel  14:54  
I didn't I play golf with one hand and I played baseball as best as I could. But I was on the side. Thanks for the Little League so I wasn't playing, you know, because that's my catching hands so I can't do anything. And that was

Sarah Huffman  15:05  
a summer throw with the cast.

William Huffman  15:07  
That was just

Sarah Huffman  15:07  
some it was nine. So the third grader was that going to injure so after third grade so that was my summer of not fun either.

Matt Wandzel  15:15  
Well, really? What happened? I want to hear

Sarah Huffman  15:19  
I had Lyme disease. Oh, no. And that summer, yeah. Yep. Summer of not fun. And then I was also targeted by cars.

William Huffman  15:28  
Wait, hold on. Hold on. Did you just say stampeded by cars? Yes. Well, I did. I've known you for 10 years, almost 10 years stampeded how were you stampeded by cows? Because you should miss Matt's episode? No.

Matt Wandzel  15:44  
What if? What if? What if Matt, one soul wants to hear this? Yeah. Should we carve out two minutes for like a quick summary? Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  15:52  
My cousins lived. Yep. The family still owns the farm. But they lived on a farm up in Bemidji. Yeah. And so the cows had to and I don't like animals. Even at this age, we have dogs. That's really the only type of animal that like, seriously, I'm not an animal person. But anyway, moving on. So my cousin's like, they live on a farm and it was a cattle farm. And the cattle had to like switch pastures because they have to like graze on the different pastures. And we were all up there. And we had to bring the cows across, like, bring the cows from this pasture into this pasture. Well, in between the two pastures was an alfalfa pasture. Okay. Alfalfa is like our alfalfa field. Yeah. Semantics. Alfalfa will is like chocolate for house.

Matt Wandzel  16:38  
It's more like crap chocolate for dogs. Like, is that what you're sending? Oh.

Sarah Huffman  16:45  
It's a treat. Yeah, they love alfalfa. alfalfa. So my cousin Susan, my cousin Becky and I are supposed to hold hands and keep the cows coming to the alfalfa post idea. Was this my dad's? Because Terry and Jean are like doing all the things like trying to like they're the real farmers. They're the real farmers and my dad's like, hold strong kids. You can ask,

William Huffman  17:14  
and I could totally see up to did you

Sarah Huffman  17:17  
have a heater in his mouth? Because at the time he was a smoker, heater as well probably had the new balance 20s. Like, whatever. Yeah, hold strong. Can

William Huffman  17:25  
I can hear the Home Depot song in the background,

Sarah Huffman  17:28  
I guess, is a electric fence. Yeah. So we were told, Don't step too far back because the electric fence is on.

Matt Wandzel  17:36  
So you're basically getting like, pinched between a herd of cows and electric fence? Yes.

Sarah Huffman  17:40  
So the cows are like going? Yeah, I'd take the electric fence, the cows are going to their new fields until all of a sudden, a couple of them just start to like look over each other not. And the whole herd all of a sudden shifted. Yes, and they start running.

William Huffman  18:02  
Are you serious? I

Sarah Huffman  18:03  
am not even kidding. And I look at this and I do not like animals. I'm afraid of mice. We're now like, seals. These

William Huffman  18:10  
are much bigger than mice.

Sarah Huffman  18:12  
I don't like any of it.

William Huffman  18:13  
I look like nature.

Sarah Huffman  18:16  
I look at them. And all of a sudden, I'm like, I have got to go. I dropped my hands. hurdle over the I don't even know how I was able to hurdle myself. I was not an athletic kid. I hurdle over the electric fence running down the fields. My my shoes fall off. I was running. Forrest Gump that you ran out of your shoes. I see my mom at like the Grinch. Like my cousin's grandma lived at the end of the field. Yep, I'm going into a trailer. I know the garage is Yeah. And I see my mom and I am bawling and screaming for help. And all my mom does is like Hi girls. She doesn't know what's going on. She doesn't know what's going on. Susan, my cousin Susan and I are like crying. Becky's just like it's just cows.

Matt Wandzel  19:08  
That makes sense. Just cows chasing like literally,

Sarah Huffman  19:11  
never in my life been more scared than the time I was stampeded by cows. You weren't stampeded? They I was. You weren't there? Did they literally touch you? They could have. But I was in a I was an Olympic runner that day. It's probably the fastest I've ever

Matt Wandzel  19:31  
narrowly avoided a stampede. Yes, yeah, but that is terrifying. Terrifying.

William Huffman  19:35  
I don't

Matt Wandzel  19:36  
know what I would do if I had like a herd of cows just barreling towards barreling like where they were they

Sarah Huffman  19:43  
know they wanted to get to that alfalfa.

Matt Wandzel  19:48  
I don't know what I would do.

Sarah Huffman  19:50  
Run. Yeah, you would run Yeah. Okay. Anyway, back to man.

William Huffman  19:54  
Yeah, yeah. See, this

Sarah Huffman  19:56  
is always fun when we'll get to learn news stories.

William Huffman  19:59  
It is It is it is.

Matt Wandzel  20:00  
I am just I was able to cap this story out that we didn't know. Yeah, that was I played a part

William Huffman  20:07  
that was was was really good. I am thankful for this. We can now end at 24 minutes. Excellent. All right. No, no, we got plenty more.

Matt Wandzel  20:14  
I'm sure. See, here's and here's the thing, like Sarah didn't tell me anything. I'll just come in and we'll, we'll talk about whatever. Yeah, and see where it goes. That's that's how we do it. I like we've

Sarah Huffman  20:22  
been like our format. They were like, do you want to like start putting questions down? No, we just want it to be natural because we don't want to force anything to come up and the cool stories that do Yeah, it makes it all worth it.

William Huffman  20:34  
Yeah, I made Chad talk about Cutco cutlery for like, 25 minutes. It was fantastic. Awesome. It was fun. Yeah, it was really fun.

Sarah Huffman  20:42  
Dave Lawson talked all about radio. Oh, that was so cool. Okay. And it was like, right, like radio from like, back in the day and like, it was amazing. Yeah. So

William Huffman  20:51  
So you have a lot to live up to don't suck. I'm gonna try not to All right. Well, no, you actually have some pretty cool like, I like if I asked if we'll

Sarah Huffman  20:58  
ever get there. Yeah. Did it can can we make sure to get that in? Yeah. Rick, you get make sure to get that slomo eyeroll. And is

Matt Wandzel  21:08  
there is there a way to just zoom in? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, right there. Just I wasn't even the like, it wasn't directed towards me, but I could feel feel aware. Yeah, it was it was palpable. It was good word. Thank you. 10th Grade English. Yeah, like the one word I remember from from that class. Emperor. palpal.

William Huffman  21:26  

Matt Wandzel  21:28  
Right there. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  21:30  
I just remember that. 10th grade? Yeah. dirge charges.

William Huffman  21:34  
No, you didn't the sentence funeral song. Oh, no, that's

Sarah Huffman  21:38  
not what it is. No.

Matt Wandzel  21:40  
As bad as the word for a funeral song. A dirge? Yep. Okay.

William Huffman  21:46  
This, what? Ominous? Okay. That's a good word to Okay. Let's keep going. You know,

Sarah Huffman  21:52  
I want to actually know like, can I ask more questions?

William Huffman  21:55  
No. Okay. So

Matt Wandzel  21:59  
that's when you just start talking. Yeah. So that's your mic up. Just go to his mic.

William Huffman  22:04  
I don't have that power. It's over there. So Middle School in high school, like in high school. So in high school, like, typically, we were either like, we were either like a nerd. We're a jock. You know, we're a band geek choir like what did you kind of melee it

Matt Wandzel  22:21  
was that that was more of a chameleon that didn't really fit into like one set group of friends. I was just kind of friends with a lot of people, but only had a few close friends. Yeah, so

William Huffman  22:34  
Alright. And then what were grades like in school like what? Give me more like, did we miss a lot of school valedictorian,

Matt Wandzel  22:39  
my C's, okay. I mean, it was. Yeah, I did it. Yeah.

William Huffman  22:44  
She's gonna degrees, man. That's exactly it. Okay. So we're at Armstrong. Fighting Hawks. And that's Cooper. That's how I know I screwed that up. Wow. Well, Armstrong and Cooper massive basketball rivalry. Yeah.

Matt Wandzel  22:58  
I think Armstrong football just beat Cooper. I think I just saw

William Huffman  23:04  
when I used to work in the rich Dale mall, and it was game weekend. It'd be Armstrong in in in Cooper. Armstrong and then Cooper, just they just jacking up people. Riveting, compelling and rich. Yeah, all right. So High School. anything cool happened in high school? Like, we're playing baseball.

Matt Wandzel  23:26  
I mean, not necessarily. Yes. But I mean, it's more so like, it was high school. For me. It wasn't like the most memorable thing. Like you didn't peak in high school. No, no, I think I peaked like college after college. That type of thing. Yeah, but

William Huffman  23:41  
so I don't think you've peaked yet, man. I think you get I think that's a true compliment.

Matt Wandzel  23:45  
I appreciate that.

William Huffman  23:46  
I really do mean that. Yeah, that's that's not I don't think I've picked no Hell no. New New.

Matt Wandzel  23:52  
No one. The tricky thing is how do you even know we know. You know? It's like,

William Huffman  23:57  
trying after that. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  24:00  
I think I thought I peaked. And then I was humbled. Yeah. And it's like, oh, no, like, I there's a lot more to do and grow. Yeah.

William Huffman  24:08  
I like that. Well, I

Matt Wandzel  24:09  
think he's always should be to like, you always should be kind of reflecting and figuring out like, Oh, if I've picked now like, what am I going to do with the rest of my life? Yeah. Or what am I gonna even do like, tomorrow? Tomorrow, right? Yeah, no, it's so

William Huffman  24:23  
it's a Mic drop. I'm done with life. It's cool. Winning,

Matt Wandzel  24:27  
and now to just sit and do nothing. Because like, no, that's

Sarah Huffman  24:31  
not our personalities.

William Huffman  24:32  
No, no. Speaking of which, I'm the DISC profile. You're, you're an SI, right. I'm assuming I'm assuming. Or see.

Matt Wandzel  24:40  
I can't remember. I haven't taken those in so long that should describe

Sarah Huffman  24:42  
his house.

William Huffman  24:43  
Yeah. Tell us about your house. What about it? Tell me about your house.

Matt Wandzel  24:47  
Oh, we're so now we can jump forward. Okay, now, just 10 years now.

William Huffman  24:50  
Notice, tell me about your house. Like what does it look like right now? Tell me Tell me about your house.

Matt Wandzel  24:56  
Right now. It's a construction zone because I'm doing two different projects simultaneous See at the moment. So I'm trying to finish off a full kitchen remodel and a basement, finishing at the same time. So stuff is everywhere. Literally. Although in installation, I did spray foam, oh, red spray foam insulation in the basement. Like better. It's a lot more insulative. And it's also just, it's a vapor barrier. So it's water resistance, all those different things all in one CES.

William Huffman  25:23  
It's I think he's rare CES. We were trying to figure out that this,

Sarah Huffman  25:28  
I think you're a seat because you're more analytical. Yeah,

Matt Wandzel  25:30  
I definitely am a little more analytical, make

Sarah Huffman  25:33  
decisions quicker. So

Matt Wandzel  25:36  
for the most part, quick things like my house though. It's kind of it's slow until it's quick. I think it is like, I'll take a lot of time to figure out exactly what I want to do with the house. But then when it comes to the actual execution, like if I need to make a decision, it's quick, like picking out grout for for the kitchen floors. I picked out one I was like, This is gonna be good. They down like all of two square feet of it looked as like, nope, done this changing. I'm I'm not doing it. And so I went out and picked something else.

William Huffman  26:08  
Yeah, there's definitely some analytical we're not gonna have him take the test. Yeah. All right. High School. Yep. Do we go to college with a

Matt Wandzel  26:16  
gap year? went straight into college? Okay. Winona State.

William Huffman  26:20  
Warriors. Yep. Fighting lawyers. Yep. Yep.

Matt Wandzel  26:22  
So I think actually was a fine warriors. Yeah,

William Huffman  26:24  
I think so to actually. So. So worked at Ace Hardware. Do we work there throughout high school,

Matt Wandzel  26:30  
I stopped in beginning of my senior year and I went to home furniture up in Plymouth. Really, really? Yep. I was the I was the fiscal support was my title. So I was the guy who did things I lifted rugs. Specifically, I worked in the rug gallery.

William Huffman  26:46  
So physical support, physical support was the title.

Matt Wandzel  26:49  
Yeah, literally, all I did was flip rugs that are stacked in a pile and carry rugs out to people's door or cars. Like that's literally my job was just tearing rugs, put them like take them out of the pile, put them in the center for display for people to choose. Yeah. And these are all like the, like really nice handmade rugs, all those types of things. You know, so it's just all of that.

William Huffman  27:11  
So what was the most awkward vehicle you had to try and put a way too large of a rug into our on? Oh, good question. I

Matt Wandzel  27:18  
put in like a full on dining room size rug like a nine foot by 12 foot rug that basically was a large large suitcase into like a mini cooper once. Not even kidding. That was when like that was like what 2007 2008 When Mini Cooper.

William Huffman  27:35  
They were hot because capillarity Italian Job movie was just coming out and I

Matt Wandzel  27:39  
just watched that the other day. It's such a good movie it is. But yeah, it was like taking one one of those rugs plus the giant rug pad that goes underneath it and put them into a Mini Cooper.

Sarah Huffman  27:50  
Did you decide to work at home furniture?

Matt Wandzel  27:53  
Paid like four bucks an hour? Oh, yeah. So what I went from like, it was $3 an hour. I went from like seven bucks to 10 bucks an hour. Yeah, like overnight. So I was like, that's done. That's okay. Okay, that's not bad. I can do that.

William Huffman  28:09  
Any, any fun stories from the other fernet from the furniture store.

Matt Wandzel  28:14  
I mean, most of it was fairly repetitive. But I mean, it was it was fun. Because like there was some friends from high school who work there and stuff like that.

Sarah Huffman  28:22  
There was a funny customer stories.

Matt Wandzel  28:25  
The one thing I learned is when people are like furniture shopping and like working in for their house, you see really people's personalities and like you're talking like disc profiles and yeah, that you see some people who think that they know stuff about design or about their house or what they want and then they come in and actually start looking at something and your style or your opinion is way different than what you're what you think it is. So you just you got to see people in that perception, which was really fun. I loved seeing that. And then just having fun stories like back in the warehouse like all those guys back there like a bunch of my friends worked there and stuff so it was cool to see and just experience

William Huffman  29:04  
some shenanigans maybe if happened. Oh yeah, was there forklifts up back there where

Matt Wandzel  29:08  
there was a park this I mean, it was like the warehouse that you had there the 10 rows of shelving going up 3040 feet. Oh, you got the forklift that goes all the way up and down the aisles and everything and there was one time this is one I think is my may have been a freshman in college when I was working there still too. And one of the guys took forklift up and there was an unmarked so it's no no fault of the of the guy who's operating the forklift. But there was one sprinkler head that was like, oh no when further down so it was within reach. And the forklift was going up to reach them to like top shelf, sheared the sprinkler head and it was just black tar water like the the water had just been sitting stagnant and this whole sprinkler system the entire sprinkler system like flushed out through that one shirt sprinkler head right on top of him right on top of him. Luckily he's you know following safety request so he's got the harness and like he's he's lifted them by like he got pushed to like the edge of the the lift station. So he was in the skid. He was in the bathroom. The whole thing goes up. Yeah. Yeah.

William Huffman  30:11  
So it's like a scissors lift. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, he's

Matt Wandzel  30:13  
all the way up. And this whole sprinkler system like, is flushing out right on top of him shorts out the lift. So he's stuck up there. I mean, it was just, I wasn't working that day. But you hear the stories like I came in the next morning. Yeah, to all of the chaos. And it's like, oh, yeah, Jeff was up there on the lift. And this happened. And it was just like, oh, yeah, that so had to get like emergency like, figuring out all the protocols. Nobody knew where the shutoff valve is. At the time. All this type of stuff is like, I guess it turned into this absolute massive panic and pandemonium,

Sarah Huffman  30:45  
so of course it did. Excellent. Yeah. compelling. It was it was. So did you work in college? Or did you just,

Matt Wandzel  30:53  
I worked in college. I mean, freshman sophomore year was just odd jobs around campus. And then I was I was that guy who was the RA, like my my junior senior years. And then I took the five years took the victory lap, I like to call it so I worked on campus doing doing kind of like the next step above vra. So like supervising for that

William Huffman  31:12  
final year. odd jobs. Like first of all, what we go to school for?

Matt Wandzel  31:15  
I originally went to school for photojournalism. So I wanted to be like a newspaper, like a sports photographer and stuff. Yep. Yeah. Tell

William Huffman  31:22  
me more like what? Like, when did that become a passion of yours and have junior year of high school? Okay, did you get a camera,

Matt Wandzel  31:29  
I got cameras, I spent pretty much all of my money from working jobs and photography stuff. And I mean, and so I did sports photography in high school and into the beginning of college. But then, like, I loved kind of that, how much focus and attention it takes to like, I mean, in sports, you have 20 different things going on all at one time. And you only have one camera and one lens. So you're at like that you can use at any time. So trying to capture that specific moment. Like there's so many things that you could miss, but just focusing on what you can control. And I loved love that piece. Wow. It was so just fun. But then fast forward to sophomore year of college, I realized it was an overly expensive hobby. That is very tough to break into for a successful career. And so I changed it. So it's all fell into like the Mass Communications major with an emphasis on photography. I switched it to an emphasis on public relations and marketing. Cool. So I kept doing the same thing. But with that, I mean, I ended up doing a study abroad trip in Arizona, so not quite abroad study trip in Arizona to the Navajo Nation. And did three weeks on the Navajo Nation and doing documentary journalism on Navajo. Oh, wow. Yeah. Which was which was awesome.

William Huffman  32:47  
So this is why we don't just skip this is okay. I need to know more about Okay. Okay, compelling. Yep. And Rich.

Matt Wandzel  32:57  
very rich, very compelling. This.

William Huffman  32:58  
This is cool. So okay. Winona State, you know, just southern southeast Minnesota here. Yep. And all of a sudden, you're photojournalism. You're like this is not my thing. And then you do the the mass communications, you switch it a little bit. How do you get involved with the with the program to go out visit? So

Matt Wandzel  33:17  
that was still while I was in the photojournalism major. Okay, so it was like right before, kind of, I think it was like, probably three, four months after that. Bolton board is pinned up there. You're gonna see in our professors when we're in the photo classes, they're asking people who want to go on this and those types of things and telling the story. And this was our first year that this trip was a thing. So they were talking about in my advisor was the one who was kind of putting it on. So I was like, Yeah, this sounds awesome.

Sarah Huffman  33:43  
It's really cool. Yeah. Yeah. Because part of the class was also to get their stories.

Matt Wandzel  33:48  
Yeah, yeah. So that was that was the main piece. So it was it was three weeks on the nation on the Navajo Nation. And there were, I think, probably about 15 or 20 of us students, maybe 15. And so we had five I think Navajo elders, that were kind of selected through our partnership with the with the Navajo Nation. So there's there's actually a university on the Navajo Nation, specifically Danette college. And so we partnered with them to select these different elders. And so we were then working with students from the nation as well. Creating an interviewing getting to know these elders and those different pieces. Yeah, so we did like the first the first three or four days was pretty much like service projects for the elders gaining their trust and actually not just showing like, Oh, we're going to take your stories and leave like no, we actually are a part of we want to be a part of your community want get to know you and get to know your culture in your in your nation, first and foremost, and then start working on the actual hearing your stories and you're starting to film that documentary.

William Huffman  34:55  
So where where does that piece reside? Now?

Matt Wandzel  35:01  
So I've got a copy myself. But actually the kind of crazy thing is these stories. They got presented obviously to our university and they're stored in our university, and then they are somewhere away back in the archives of the Smithsonian. Not even kidding, I saw cool. While that's why like in Smithsonian native like American history, it's way back in there. I mean, the first thing I'll say is I had zero video, knowledge or skills like it's really just straight up film interview of Yeah, it's an original podcast, so to speak. Like that's just like absolutely, like, but that's all it was. I mean, like, well, there were some some videographers in our group that were really good.

William Huffman  35:48  
No, I mean, this is like 2000 Yeah, but like,

Matt Wandzel  35:51  
I knew like photography I didn't know video I didn't know how to edit video I barely knew how to operate like a high end video camera all those types of things. Our our story was more so like we got very lucky my group and who are who our elder was, because our Navajo elder was a code talker and World War Two

William Huffman  36:11  
Get the hell out of here.

Matt Wandzel  36:13  
Yeah. Are you serious served in Iijima has everything he was he was translated they call them

William Huffman  36:20  
they call the movies when talkers. Yeah. And

Matt Wandzel  36:24  
it says decent adaptation. Right? Yeah.

William Huffman  36:27  
Yeah, I whenever I watch a movie like that, I'm like, Okay, how real is this? Well goes deep. Yeah. What like Hacksaw Ridge? Oh, yeah. Well Hacksaw Ridge. They actually had to downplay how heroic he was. Because he was actually shot like neither here nor there. But I saw I looked up that wind talkers thing and yeah, I mean, there's some Hollywood whatever taken with it, but still, it gets the story across of how, how intricate.

Matt Wandzel  36:53  
The code was, yes.

William Huffman  36:54  
But I mean, it's, it's so simple. Yeah. But you that you also think about, it's like, Jesus, like we didn't even know the languages.

Matt Wandzel  37:02  
And the crazy thing is why it works so well is because the Navajo language before World War Two had never really been put in writing. That's, that's what I was trying to nobody outside of the outside of Navajo Nation really knew that language. So that's why that code became so yeah. fficult to to crack.

William Huffman  37:22  
Yeah, that's, that's insane. Yes.

Sarah Huffman  37:25  
Sorry, just explain a little bit more about why was was someone from the Navajo tribe. So we're in Iwo Jima, so is here. That's how they were communicating?

William Huffman  37:33  
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you will. Um, so in WWE two, there was no communication like in World War One, there was the Enigma machine that Germany had. And you know, it's all about being able to relay messages to safely Yes, your people. Yep. And what they found is the Navajo language was so unknown. Outside of this one area where they were, they actually took people from the Navajo Nation, and they brought them into the military. And when they thought, like, oh, we will have these code talkers, and platoons or whatever, were assigned a code talker, so that way, they could just talk to themselves in their native language over the normal radio waves. And the enemy didn't know what it was

Matt Wandzel  38:20  
they had, like a cipher like, battleship could be elephant, or like, Yeah, whatever corn could be like, a troop, or whatever it might be. So you're talking in these different codes and ciphers, and also on a different language that's known. Yeah. And so they were basically like, you'd have one person on the frontlines. Who's essentially like, that's the most dangerous spot to be you're on the frontlines. Yeah. And your job is essentially to get beyond the, the enemy territory, so that you can scout and, and see where everything is. And then they had another Navajo Code Talker, back at base, and you're relaying messages so that you can then tell people where the military strikes are going, like where you're going to send artillery fire, where the plane should go, like all those different types of things. And so my, my Navajo elder, his name was Sam so and he was on the frontlines. And so he was on the frontlines at a battle. I believe, if I remember right, it was in Iwo Jima, it was it was like two weeks before we dropped the bombs like that's when I mean he was there like right in the thick of things. And he helped create one of the iterations of the code all these types of pieces so hearing those stories like that was what our documentary was It was literally just us having having a video camera like right basically like if stairs, stairs or novels or like it's just playing right there. The editing, not the best, all those types of things, but it's just fun to hear that that story is now saved and archived for future generation

William Huffman  39:51  
that is that it's so bows. One of the one of the really somber disheartening are Real parts of that was I looked this up. There was a no capture. Blake, say I was the service member assigned to protect you and you're the speaker. And you were about to be captured capture was not an option. Yeah. Yeah. So like it's on a lived. Yeah. Yes. death sentence. 100%. Yeah. Because the code was so important that you weren't, you wouldn't be allowed to be captured.

Matt Wandzel  40:31  
Can't risk interrogation anything. Yeah. And Sam, he actually talked about that. He's like, Yeah, there's, there's he was he was basic. Yeah. You know, because they they announced that like later, and he's like, oh, yeah, that makes sense. There's this one guy. He was always super friendly to me and always, always staying close to me,

William Huffman  40:45  
because his job was to kill you if you were about to be captured. Like, there's no other way to put it. That scene. Think about that. And the Navajo person I didn't know didn't know that.

Matt Wandzel  40:56  
Yeah. Yeah, it was kind of, I mean, and it was, it was just incredible. hearing those stories like I mean, the Navajo Nation, their culture, everything. We're so rich and so incredible. Like, it's also some of the most beautiful scenery like North northern Northeastern Arizona, like that whole area is gorgeous country. So like we got we were privileged enough to spend three weeks there. And you know, we did basically two weeks on their stories and different things in the week traveling around the area, like we went into New Mexico into Chaco Canyon National Park, which is some of the oldest historic ruins in the country like that predate Christopher Columbus even coming here. Getting to see those areas going into like Kansas che in, which is this canyons through through Navajo country and ride horseback through there. Like the entire area. It's just, it was incredible. So I've spent thrash to that area, or we went back for the film. Film release, like six months later. And then I haven't really been back to the Navajo nation since then. I've been to the Grand Canyon, the backpack that a few years after that and different things, but haven't really been back to the Navajo Nation.

Sarah Huffman  42:09  
That's amazing. Wow.

William Huffman  42:10  
That's a that's a really cool story. Man. That's That's so incredible. It's

Matt Wandzel  42:14  
fun. Wow.

William Huffman  42:15  
Yeah, hard to top that. I mean, you're in the Smithsonian dude. Yeah,

Matt Wandzel  42:19  
I know. It's, it's it's pretty wild. Like, That's badass. I don't even know where to find it. But it's just knowing that there's kind of like

Sarah Huffman  42:26  
a librarian lady like, Hi. search my

Matt Wandzel  42:29  
name. Yeah. I have no clue

William Huffman  42:32  
who I am. But I'm kind of a big deal.

Sarah Huffman  42:35  
compelling and rich and peddling. I have money to do after college.

William Huffman  42:42  
After college, you graduated.

Matt Wandzel  42:43  
I graduated five years. Yep. As you mentioned that victory lap. Yep. And that was that was 2012 You know, and so we all kind of know what the job market what the job market everything. I mean, it was

William Huffman  42:54  
super easy to get a job especially in a field like Mark

Matt Wandzel  42:59  
Oh, yeah. And so I I went back to work at home furniture for a while, you know, I did, I did a few different internships and things like that at some nonprofits and various different things. But I was I went back into just doing that same thing while whilst scouring for jobs and then a sales job opened up at home furniture. And so I applied for it and got the sales position. So I was now selling the rugs are no longer physical are no longer physical support, I was now the personal issue. And so then I became a salesperson there. And that was my first ever job in sales, sales. And so in a way that actually that job is what got me the path into being a realtor.

William Huffman  43:48  
So from Ace Hardware to moving rugs to selling houses,

Matt Wandzel  43:53  
Yep, pretty much Hey, okay,

William Huffman  43:55  
it's a direct line. Yeah. How

Sarah Huffman  43:56  
direct what was the most expensive rug you sold? Oh

Matt Wandzel  44:01  
$15,000 Wow, give or take? Okay, yeah, I think we gave a discount to like 13 613 Five, but they ended up buying like $25,000 with the rugs that one day. So from

Sarah Huffman  44:13  
and you get a

William Huffman  44:14  
rug? Yeah, literally it was probably three rugs. Well,

Matt Wandzel  44:17  
and it's one of those pieces like you know, most of the rugs like we sold everything from the you know, it's the entry level. Easy machine made rugs to the like wool hybrid, like type of, you know, not quite handmade but st quality of materials to the true handmade rugs that take six months to a year to

William Huffman  44:37  
home furniture sells like that nice quality rugs.

Matt Wandzel  44:41  
Yep. Yeah. I mean, it was like, literally it was all those rugs. The rug industry is just a fascinating world, like we sold saying how many more? I mean, we sell same quality. Like when I was there, they'd sell same stuff pretty much that you'd see at at Siris at Nevaeh brothers at All the other rug manufacturers around around.

William Huffman  45:02  
Oh, yes, I know all the rug man. Yeah, I know.

Matt Wandzel  45:04  
I mean, you've probably seen them. I

Sarah Huffman  45:06  
mean, it's about Brothers is right and St. Louis Park.

Matt Wandzel  45:09  
Excelsior and Cyrus is right off a 494 and 100 in Bloomington then

Sarah Huffman  45:15  
there used to be run right on France Ave and not France. Yeah, I

William Huffman  45:21  
apologize for my outburst. These are obviously things

Sarah Huffman  45:23  
Yeah, I can't remember.

Matt Wandzel  45:24  
And then the ruse. I think I know where you're talking. And then there's like the gallery had like, a Cabrits. Yeah. Those types of things, which is now part

William Huffman  45:32  
of Hong Kong for sure. Yeah. See, I

Matt Wandzel  45:34  
didn't know that. Yeah, all these different pieces. But you know, so it's like, I was

Sarah Huffman  45:39  
like, especially when you know, the quality of the ingredients, but the materials, ingredients of a rock. It's incredible. It's really quite incredible. Yeah.

Matt Wandzel  45:48  
So like, for me, it kind of became a little bit of a rug snob and like people laugh at but I've got to, you know, I've got a few hands like one handmade rug in my house right now. I'm buying another one. It's like, why would you spend that much as well? Because I don't want to a year from now be like, this rug is torn, torn to pieces. Oh, it has worn down we have

William Huffman  46:07  
Amazon rugs and they get replaced every 16 months. Yeah, they really do does break down.

Sarah Huffman  46:12  
So it's also called Gertie and Francine

William Huffman  46:15  
hammock. I mean, but

Matt Wandzel  46:17  
I've got I've got a rug that I spent a small amount of money on. Luckily, I use my discount one. Yeah, but I've had it for I've had the rug myself for 10 years. And it was a 30 year old rug when I bought it really? Yeah. And it's it still looks good as new. Yeah. So it's just it's those types of things. Like you just get to understand the quality and things like that. And that's, that's where I like really strive in selling drugs as I started to learn just everything about the details and those types of things. So

Sarah Huffman  46:45  
you can educate people. Oh, guess what, then that's what they bought

Matt Wandzel  46:49  
and talking, like, explain to someone why they should spend $2,000 $3,000 on a rug versus this one that looks just as good for 400 You have to have some reasons to back it up. Yeah, you know, that's that's just the truth of it. Because there are the people who know rugs and who want to spend the money. But there's others who want that quality and you just have to explain to them like that's the biggest pieces. I loved educating I love doing those things. And that's kind of what I think helped me yeah, in real estate now

William Huffman  47:19  
I can see the direct path but yeah, that too. So oh, oh.

Matt Wandzel  47:24  
Oh Sara doesn't get to ask the questions.

William Huffman  47:30  
No, she does but I want to get ready. Do you watch any of the TIC TOCs where they clean the rugs?

Matt Wandzel  47:35  
I I've seen some of them and those are some of them are way too staged. But I've seen I know the process. Yeah, I

William Huffman  47:44  
don't care. I love it wherever they sit in the thingy and the water comes up and then the water drains down and like

Matt Wandzel  47:49  
in they have the basically the massive squeegees Yeah, yeah,

Sarah Huffman  47:53  
I have never seen a rug. You would love it. You would love it. I did see yesterday know what a carbon detailed?

Matt Wandzel  48:00  
Oh, some of those videos. Yeah. It is so sad. Yes. It's crazy. Like the vintage car has been sitting, like shed for 30 years here.

William Huffman  48:10  
Oh, they love it. Yeah, okay.

Sarah Huffman  48:13  
Okay. All right. So we're Yes, questions. But what? Why I feel like we're getting close to real estate because you said you said that selling rugs at home furniture actually introduced you to real estate. So how did that happen? Yes. Well,

William Huffman  48:29  
when did you become a bike nut? Is that happens? Yeah,

Matt Wandzel  48:32  
that's no that that hasn't happened. We'll get to that. Okay. All answer serious question. Thank you.

William Huffman  48:37  
So what was your question? Again, grilling enrich.

Sarah Huffman  48:40  
You didn't listen. But you said that, like some that you launched into real estate from the Home Depot or Home Depot, home furniture, furniture job?

Matt Wandzel  48:47  
Yeah. You know, it was kind of most things were even when I got started doing sales, like the managers, they all knew is kind of a stopgap so to speak. While I was looking for a new job, I was like, let's, let's see what happens. Let's see. And I realized I was good at sales. I loved that customer relationship that really focusing on what their needs are in those different pieces. And I had I think two different people, clients and co workers, parents told me I should get into real estate, like at that similar time. And so I was like, You know what, I know nothing about houses, but I can't know sort of like the general gist of being a realtor and selling and so I was curious on it, and just started kind of researching it a little bit and different things. And I kind of hit a point where I interviewed at Keller Williams and at Edina Realty and basically had this moment where, like, at that time I was nine months in that selling selling rugs doing this as a sales job. I was on track to make 50 $55,000 that year. Good money for 23 years old. That's good money coming out of college. But the crazy thing is like, I kind of looked at it, and it's a commission sales job. And it's retails, retail sales, retail, and retail hours. But the tricky thing, the thing with retail in the senses, the west side is that's my cap. I'm dependent on people coming in those doors. I am not the marketing department. I am not any of those types of things. This was before social media was huge. I can't I wasn't doing a case really self promotion, those types of pieces. Mainly because like it was just that's how the structure was like, it's a nine to five fit. Well, it was actually like noon to nine at night type of thing. Yeah. And I was depending on people coming in the doors. So that was good money now, but not good money when I'm 3035 Whatever. It's not a career. That's how I saw it. Yep. And so I got into it. And my my mom actually had a co worker, past coworker, who is a realtor now. And she introduced me to him basically hoping that he would talk some sense into me. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, we got some horrible idea. I mean, seriously, that's kind of how it was. Yeah, that's what she was hoping. We got coffee and I left being like, Alright, let's talk to the next person. Let's see. Let's see, I'm doing this. And so then I jumped in. And I pretty much looked at as like, Okay, if I fail. It's a it's a six months, it's a year setback, whatever it is. And but if I don't do it, I'm gonna sit here for the rest of my life. Start thinking whatever. So I basically said, eff it. Let's go. And I jumped in and went into real debt. When was that? That was June 2013 2013. So

William Huffman  51:55  
two years for me. Yep. So this you're

Sarah Huffman  51:57  
you're going into your 10th year?

Matt Wandzel  51:58  
I'll be 10 years in June. Yeah, that's amazing. It's wild. So easy.

William Huffman  52:02  
A 10 year No,

Matt Wandzel  52:04  
no, I'm not tenured yet tenured? I got the joke. Yeah. The look that Sarah is.

William Huffman  52:13  
Yeah, I was I was I don't think Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  52:15  

Matt Wandzel  52:17  
I think we can just like compile a clip it just slow motion stats between you two, that by the end of this year could probably be like a full episode justify that.

William Huffman  52:27  
There is a lot being said with

Matt Wandzel  52:29  
no word. Yes.

Sarah Huffman  52:30  
smizing I don't feel safe at home.

William Huffman  52:33  
All right. Gosh, we'll watch I just

Sarah Huffman  52:37  
okay. Quake nuts. Yeah, wanna hear? Yeah, as we'll call you a bike nut, but it's true.

William Huffman  52:43  
Oh, yeah. You're psycho. Yeah. Psycho cyclist? Yeah. Psycho cyclist? Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  52:49  
I could be a hashtag that could be a handle like a cyclist? Like my

William Huffman  52:54  
handle. Oh, I didn't get a good shot. That's a good. That was

Matt Wandzel  52:58  
a stretch by like, yeah.

Sarah Huffman  53:01  
Hey, so when I think about that same speed as you are, when I

William Huffman  53:08  
am good at this. When I think about Matt,

Sarah Huffman  53:09  
I think about a lot of different things. But two things that come to mind are Ooh, pills and biking.

Matt Wandzel  53:15  
I mean, I literally would have fell cycling is my cycling club. So yeah, that makes sense. Yep.

Sarah Huffman  53:21  
So how did you even like get your cycling? Was it the watch came first? Was

William Huffman  53:25  
it your first DUI that got you to not be able to drive anymore? You're just raging

Matt Wandzel  53:30  
on a DUI, but the great thing is, is I don't think you can get a DUI in Minnesota on a bike, you can get public intoxication,

William Huffman  53:37  
I think you can't it's called husbandry.

Sarah Huffman  53:39  
husbandry? Yes, I'm

William Huffman  53:41  
pretty sure this is a real thing. husbandry. Is it last? Are

Sarah Huffman  53:45  
you making things out? I

William Huffman  53:46  
swear to God, I'm not. Okay, well, we'll is researching

Sarah Huffman  53:49  
that we'll be able to get through a few things.

Matt Wandzel  53:52  
So I started biking, like, I mean, I always grew up riding a bike and stuff like that. And my best friend he got into mountain biking. We went mountain biking a few different times and stuff like that. And then I was it was just biking to the bars or to the breweries, whatever it might be. And so that biking pieces have grood naturally a little bit. Got myself a fat bike that I use for both winter and

William Huffman  54:16  
husbandry only refers to farm stuff. Nevermind.

Sarah Huffman  54:20  
So when you say fat bike, does that mean that's a

Matt Wandzel  54:22  
super, super big tires that you use, like basically?

William Huffman  54:27  
Are those douchey tires or do they actually have a purpose? Yeah, it's the wider that literally I'm asking

Matt Wandzel  54:32  
it's it's okay. It'd be comparable to snow shoes. Like okay, you walking in your regular shoes. That's what like a skinny tire would do. Like you're just gonna sit down yeah, the fat bike tires like those super wide ones they float they have a little bit more surface area so they're you're gonna float on top of the of the snow a little bit,

William Huffman  54:49  
but you shouldn't use them in the summertime.

Matt Wandzel  54:51  
I mean, you can it's all different perspective it just ficient it's not as efficient Okay, that's what I mean by the dinos. Jenks is no different. font and stuff like that, like it's different styles like each each type of bike has a different purpose. Some people like to use some bikes for the purpose of not necessarily intended for. Okay, but creates a little extra challenge. That's no right. Exactly.

William Huffman  55:13  
Okay, so yeah, I shouldn't call them dishes.

Sarah Huffman  55:16  
But when did you actually become like a cyclist as like a sport? Because you are more

Matt Wandzel  55:20  
than seven years.

William Huffman  55:22  
You are more than a hobby? Yeah,

Matt Wandzel  55:23  
probably about six or seven years ago. So best buddy Brandon, him and I started bootable cycling. Whoa, really? Yeah. And so before that, well, we had we had always had this idea of starting a cycling club out of a brewery. And so it started with us basically just like, cold calling some of the breweries and you know, it's seven years ago, like the brewery scene was still kind of just started coming and stuff. And so we did a year where it was, indeed, brewery, or certainly before that they gave us just some jerseys. Like they gave us some jerseys and said, Where are the jerseys? We'll give you maybe a case or two of beer, whatever. Right? Yeah, we'll get out of here. And so we did that for for a year. And then indeed, as well, I think sorry, indeed, may have been first. It's but what I'm not going to hold you to. So we went to those two and then we had always done Ms. 150. So Ms. 150. If for people who don't know is this incredible charity ride, raising money for multiple sclerosis research. It's 150 mile bike ride over two days from Duluth to the cities. With a pitstop in Hinkley. That's just one big party. And so we've I've done that since basically 2013 through the real estate riders, which is a real estate centered cycling team on Ms. 150. Yep. So I've done that since eight years ago now, probably. So we've always done that. And always had a fundraiser for it where you know, it's like, you have to raise $300 for this event to, to kind of do it like that's your fundraising minimum. So we've always done like three squares up in Maple Grove. Yes, we did bar trivia up there as a group of friends all the time. So it made for an easy spot. We knew the managers, we knew the bartenders and we were just like, hey, we bring 20 People 30 People in here into the bar and do a fundraiser. So we did did it there for a few years. Well, then most of our friends moved to like the St. Louis Park area, so it wasn't as convenient to go to three squares. And we were looking for a

William Huffman  57:34  
great turkey burger, by the way.

Matt Wandzel  57:36  
Their chicken and waffles also. Oh, delicious. At least they were like last time I had them. Very good steak and salad steak. impro I

Sarah Huffman  57:44  
do love a good steak. rogie there.

Matt Wandzel  57:46  
I'm hungry. Yep. And then. So we're so we're looking for a new brewery to do our fundraiser at and Gouda pills had opened like, February of this of what would that be seven years ago. So 2017. And we approached them. This was like in March. So they had been open for a month we approached him we're like, Are you up for like, Would you be willing to let us have some space and they were more than willing. They were phenomenal. They're like we'll give you space, we'll give you just kind of beers we'll give you some growlers to to give away like oxygen in the capital, raffle, whatever they were all in, they were all in. They were so supportive. And so we kind of we have always wanted to have a mountain bike group out of a brewery. Yeah. And Jeff McClure over at the brewery was like, Yeah, we love that. That's, that's chat. And in a few months, like, let's, let's get things rolling. And so fast forward to that July, we had our first mountain bike ride of the brewery. And it's kind of grilling, it was originally just mountain biking. And so that's where having the fat bike and those types of things like using that for that purpose was really came in. That's where me going from really the transition from just I'll just bike around at the bars and things like that really then created that cycling club. And so we really grew from

Sarah Huffman  59:06  
long as a typical ride when you go out with the SEC. So now it's

Matt Wandzel  59:09  
grown and we have there is no easy answer to that one anymore, because we've got five different rides. So I have stuff for every different person. We have. We've now grown into both road and mountain bike rides in the summer. And then once the snow flies and it's settled on the ground, we'll have fat bike riding in the winter.

Sarah Huffman  59:28  
But we have like beginner rides. Yeah, yeah, we

Matt Wandzel  59:31  
have everything from

William Huffman  59:32  
No, no, no. Naughty No.

Matt Wandzel  59:38  
I think Sarah's wine to join a Will's like, No, we have too many things we're involved in right now. Is that accurate? Is that happening? You know,

Sarah Huffman  59:45  
last year during COVID Will and I bought bikes. I know. Do you want to know how many times we've written them outside? 00 Yeah,

Matt Wandzel  59:52  
I remember. Twice.

William Huffman  59:54  
Remind twice. Okay, I've got it. You're crushing

Matt Wandzel  59:57  
the peloton. Yeah, like can we just give kudos on that. Yeah. And that's the great thing about biking in the bike industry is there's something for everyone. It's probably

Sarah Huffman  1:00:06  
a little safer. I do get a little worried about biking out in nature. Oh, yeah. Like biking with other. Like just like the road

Matt Wandzel  1:00:12  
cars. Yeah, cars are the most unpredictable thing.

Sarah Huffman  1:00:15  
I don't feel like I have like the car you're in my head is not on a swivel enough. Yeah. And will it be so painful? I would

William Huffman  1:00:21  
be I would be so worried because you just

Matt Wandzel  1:00:23  
you don't have a girlfriend. I just had this conversation like literally the other night like last night.

Sarah Huffman  1:00:29  
Like a perfect bike ride for me is like going around like carrying a bike path. Like a bike path. Yeah. And

Matt Wandzel  1:00:34  
so and that's kind of exactly like we have we have everything like for for the road rides. We have kind of our what we call our rec group, which is like, you're going eight to 10. Eight to 12 miles an hour. Yeah, you're in a massive group. You're basically staying on the on paths. Yeah. And it's a 15 ish miles that you're going Yep, nice little loop. The great thing is the fun thing with with this cycling club is it always started on Sundays. It's on Sundays in the morning, you meet up at the brewery about 939 45 You ride from 10 to noon, brewery opens, you have beer, and their back patio is phenomenal. You're sitting on the back patio with Bassett Creek in the background, everything you're in the woods. It's just, it's great. So you have these different pieces that really that's what is so fun about it. And then we have like three different sport group rides, which is more like that paceline peloton type of thing that you're used to seeing when you're watching Tour de France. We're not that that good, of course. But it's that same sort of more structured group writing

William Huffman  1:01:37  
somebody takes a lead for a little bit.

Matt Wandzel  1:01:40  
And working in that. So we have three different groups of that all the way from 15 ish miles an hour all the way up to one that average is like 2021 miles an hour. And everything in between. So the distances vary, but it's usually that two hours worth of riding time block that you that you have, and then we've got two or three different mountain bike rides as well for different experience levels.

Sarah Huffman  1:02:01  
So two hours of riding. Yeah, I'm assuming you do the bike shorts. Oh, yeah. And do the ones with the suspenders. Well, the bibs. Yeah. People do. Okay. Yes, I have been actually keeps

Matt Wandzel  1:02:11  
things keeps things tight and in place.

William Huffman  1:02:14  
In all places,

Matt Wandzel  1:02:15  
in all places. Yeah,

William Huffman  1:02:16  
that's a thing. Yep. Oh, I

Sarah Huffman  1:02:18  
know. Yeah. It's a thing for ladies too. Yes. I'm not disagreeing everyone. Because I'm telling you on these 90 minute rides that I've done on my peloton. Yeah, I do wear bike shorts every time I ride because it's the if you actually want to have a great ride and perform your best to have the proper tools

Matt Wandzel  1:02:35  
and the big thing to with with a peloton and like indoor riding in general. That's always the struggle is the bike isn't moving around. You can't really get up and serve stretch ways. Yeah. It's like the bike is static. So that creates different pressure points or whatever it might be. Yep. Yeah, we're talking. We're getting this detailed right now. Yeah, but static. It's just those different pieces that creates. So yeah, yeah, having those bike shorts, having

Sarah Huffman  1:02:59  
people upset because I just have the regular ones you just pull on but people have said get the bids IPs. They're significantly better. So I'm a little bit more maybe worth the upgrade. My most expensive pair of bike shorts. I want to say they're over $100

William Huffman  1:03:16  
Oh, yeah. With a little bit of padding in there. The other thing adding Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  1:03:22  
and here's the thing. Well,

William Huffman  1:03:24  
motion was that it's it's all in Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  1:03:28  
it's all shame on me because I used to be like, judging bikers. Yeah. Well, the bike shorts.

William Huffman  1:03:35  
Come Hard. Hard hard. You're like why you

Matt Wandzel  1:03:38  
like just wearing like spandex and everything you just like

William Huffman  1:03:41  
to people know that

Sarah Huffman  1:03:42  
you're a biker. Now that now that that shit is this? Yeah, it works. Actually, I should say now that I'm in peloton, because I've never really ran on the roads. Okay? But it's like no, you need that stuff. And I tell actually, I tell women this because there's just like, I can't get on. I can't get into the peloton. I just I can't it's just it's it's not comfortable. It's not for me and I'm like, Yeah, because your shoes are probably too narrow your seats probably not the right size seats. What? You can even go get fitted for a better yes, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Like we all have different bone like bones. It's like all their butts are a little different. So go get fitted for I don't even go to the seat route. I'm just like, go get your bike shorts. Yeah, and I don't get proper fitting shoes. Yeah. And my shoes. I actually I switch between two different pairs but but the peloton shoes were always too narrow. They were so uncomfortable. Yeah, it's there are controller

Matt Wandzel  1:04:36  
finder issues as huge. Yep. And getting them fit. Like I've gotten full on bike fitting like gone to someone who pretty much puts me on the bike and makes all the micro adjustment. Everything's mine because it matters. Every bit does. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  1:04:50  
To the microphone. If your shoes are off, your knees are going to be off. Yep, your hips are off. Now everything hurts. It's like no, you have to have everything like because you're a quarter inch off here and

Matt Wandzel  1:04:59  
Which goes up? I mean, I've done 100 150 mile bike rides like yeah, that's eight, nine hours on another bike. If you're on for that long, always biking. It's crazy.

Sarah Huffman  1:05:12  
My longest ride has been 90 minutes and I'm about done.

Matt Wandzel  1:05:15  
Kudos to you still like truly? Yeah, that's,

William Huffman  1:05:18  
that's a lot. My buddy doc Jason Hartfield. He just did a 400k Oh, wow. Yeah. Did this right and 20.5 hours, including stops cut off was 27 hours. You

Sarah Huffman  1:05:30  
and Doc would be friends. Yeah. Sounds awesome. Yeah, he

Matt Wandzel  1:05:32  
was it was the

William Huffman  1:05:33  
Arizona, Chandler, Arizona. Okay. He does a lot of extreme biking stuff. He's a weirdo and he does tough monitors and

Matt Wandzel  1:05:41  
my, my limit is like 150 160 miles it for one day. Okay, quick question.

Sarah Huffman  1:05:47  
I know that we've got to wrap up here eventually. I have a couple questions. Please hurry up. Well, you cannot rush me. Hurry up. I said at the beginning of the podcast that ladies This one's taken. How did you meet your nice girlfriend?

Matt Wandzel  1:06:02  
We met online. Online and and through the biking community biking? Did you swipe it off? We've all swiped Yeah. Well swipe out we will swipe,

William Huffman  1:06:11  
swipe, swipe. Swipe or no swipe it. Swiper no swipe. Yeah. What is that from? It's from Dori.

Matt Wandzel  1:06:18  
Dora. Dora. Yeah, yeah, I didn't watch it. But everybody knows that. Yeah. Yep. But no, we met online a little bit. And then she's a cyclist as well. She mountain bikes road bikes. Aiko cyclist? Not cool. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Basically. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. So we met come through that. And through that, what's

William Huffman  1:06:38  
your name? Her

Matt Wandzel  1:06:38  
name is Paige. Hi, Paige. I page.

Sarah Huffman  1:06:45  
I won't ask any more questions. That's fine. I've got more but well, actually do have. Do and I ask our restaurant question. Restaurant question. Yeah, I didn't give you any prep work. Yeah, no. So this is how we end Matt. There's so many more things because we didn't even hit Foundation. We

William Huffman  1:07:03  
didn't talk we'll stay. Oh, no. Whoa, I'm going to talk about real estate. That's boring.

Matt Wandzel  1:07:06  
I don't know. I don't know. I get I don't. Yeah, I came in cold on this.

William Huffman  1:07:11  
If somebody wants to talk,

Sarah Huffman  1:07:12  
because had you had it planned? Would we have talked about the Navajo Nation? No,

William Huffman  1:07:16  
that is such a cool story. That's why we do this. Like it's fun. We don't want people to prep because it's called life behind the highlight reel. It's uncurated life that people actually have. And if you would have came in ready to talk about this in this in this we wouldn't have talked about you know being a cycle biker, maybe we would have a little bit but wouldn't have found out about the Navajo Nation which is such a cool story that you're in the Smithsonian. So yeah, let's is this was an awesome spin off. I still don't like you.

Matt Wandzel  1:07:43  
That's fair. That's fair, justify

William Huffman  1:07:46  
rich and compelling him in rich. So what do you want to talk about?

Sarah Huffman  1:07:49  
Okay, so this is how we end every podcast. What are your top

William Huffman  1:07:53  
all your taking my thing but I like this go for No, no, you're doing great.

Sarah Huffman  1:07:57  
Although this is season two, we were gonna switch up our questions, but not today. Oh, no, we will.

William Huffman  1:08:03  
We should. What are we? Well,

Matt Wandzel  1:08:05  
I'll just sit back. Well, you too.

William Huffman  1:08:06  
Yeah. Just give us a minute here. Okay. Are we gonna change our questions?

Sarah Huffman  1:08:10  
No, not yet. Well, I

William Huffman  1:08:12  
think we should but we're going to change them to well, we can do this right now.

Sarah Huffman  1:08:17  
We know this out. I need to think about it. What's my original questions because I'm actually curious.

Matt Wandzel  1:08:26  
Are we ready? We're ready. Yeah, back. Okay.

William Huffman  1:08:29  
I'm just kidding. Leave all that in.

Sarah Huffman  1:08:31  
Okay, so this is how we end every podcast. Yeah, we ask our guests some questions. Their top five favorite restaurants. It does not have to be I know you want to juggle Well, it does not have to be local. And it doesn't have to be necessarily like a James Beard Award winner Are you kidding me? Whoa. gustine

Matt Wandzel  1:08:54  
My reaction is impressive and says disgusting at the same time. I mean, unexpected to

Sarah Huffman  1:09:01  
your ridiculous I love me. Okay, so we end every podcast top fashion recovers. This is not five restaurants. And they do not have to be like a James Beard Award winner they do not have to be local. They just the maybe it's like nostalgic. It's like oh, because we always went here. Yeah, so in no particular order. Yeah, well,

William Huffman  1:09:23  
yep. But don't screw it up. Number five.

Matt Wandzel  1:09:27  
See, I'm trying to think I don't eat at restaurants like all the time. You know, it's love to cook home at home whatever it might be. I'm gonna go with a few that I've gone to recently that are really good. Great. Perfect. Martina so good down on the hills. Okay,

William Huffman  1:09:44  
so what do you get there?

Matt Wandzel  1:09:45  
What's your I got the I got the flank steak. And the we did the scalps appetizer

William Huffman  1:09:52  
Okay, flank steak is one that when it's done right exact.

Matt Wandzel  1:09:56  
Oh, so there's that thing was like, pull apart with a fork.

Sarah Huffman  1:10:00  
Have you ever been to Martina for brunch? I haven't. I've heard it's really good. I prefer their brunch. Then dinner menu. Yeah. Hey. Oh,

William Huffman  1:10:08  
is that is that the place that we just went with? Italy and

Sarah Huffman  1:10:11  
Nick? Yeah, yep.

Matt Wandzel  1:10:12  
Okay, so I'm gonna go Martina. Okay. Yep. Okay, well, number four. I'm gonna go Oh, are these in order?

William Huffman  1:10:20  
No, but I'd like to say I will like to be a ham.

Matt Wandzel  1:10:23  
Yeah, go a lot. 14. Oh, thank you. Jean.

Sarah Huffman  1:10:28  
What do you like to order there?

Matt Wandzel  1:10:29  
I got the the duck ramen.

Sarah Huffman  1:10:33  
The ramen. Just talking about the ramen last last night.

Matt Wandzel  1:10:37  
Like brace duck rock was so delicious. Yeah, it was phenomenal.

Sarah Huffman  1:10:41  
Yes. Have you tried their fish? I haven't yet

William Huffman  1:10:44  
the whole red snapper. The whole red snapper

Matt Wandzel  1:10:46  
will hate comes like with with the whole with the head on. Yeah, yeah.

Sarah Huffman  1:10:50  
So if you and Paige ever want to go out to dinner and go there and get a variety of things like the fish, I would love it. And the reason why is well doesn't like fish. So anytime I go and I get the fish. Yep. It's like I hardly ever order it because it's too much for one person. It is a lot.

Matt Wandzel  1:11:05  
Okay, so the so delicious. To have the next three are gonna be a little bit different number three, I'm gonna go walk in the park. Okay, we have a gift card for that. Oh, it's so good. It is so good. And it's like it's the st Louis Park staple. Yeah tiny little place but and they like they don't do online orders like you have to call and hope that they pick up for an online order for like for like a pickup Order. Order. Yeah, seriously, like you're on hold for like 510 minutes sometimes. Yeah, just hearing their automated message, whatever it might be. Go in there for sit down. Whatever. It's delicious. Chicken Pad Thai is one of my go twos there, but they're like lunch special. Their egg rolls their summer rolls. Everything sounds delicious. So good. So good. So that's that's another one. All right,

William Huffman  1:11:51  
number 322. Hello, dos.

Matt Wandzel  1:11:55  
I'm a go to dos, another St. Louis Park staple burritos burritos.

Sarah Huffman  1:12:00  
Where is this?

Matt Wandzel  1:12:01  
Okay, tell me more burritos burritos is in Texas Tonka? Like yeah, right across from walk in the park. You know, like it's revival angel food and then a little bit further down that left side that West Side. Yes. Is burritos burritos. So delicious. It is like a hole in the wall authentic version of Chipotle. Like better. Like how

Sarah Huffman  1:12:22  
Chipotle wasn't the beginning. Yeah, like

Matt Wandzel  1:12:24  
chicken that is flavorful. Fresh. The they make the burrito? Like the dough. Like they've got the dough press. So it's made like literally fresh, right? Like 10

Sarah Huffman  1:12:35  
chairs. Yeah. I actually prefer black chairs because of that.

William Huffman  1:12:39  
Are you looking it up right now? Yeah, yeah. So

Matt Wandzel  1:12:40  
and then they're hot salsa. Like, I don't like just spice. Like if it's gonna be hot, like give it some flavor. Yeah. They're hot salsa. hits it out of the park.

Sarah Huffman  1:12:52  
Oh my gosh. Well, they have a 4.9 review. Yeah. 323 Wow,

William Huffman  1:12:58  
that's my it's so good. We might have to go there for lunch. Today. I brought lunch,

Matt Wandzel  1:13:01  
get a burrito bowl like it's there. Get a burrito, burrito bowl, whatever it might be. But like, everything is good. Everything is so good. And I've never been in there when it's empty. Like, I went there one time at like 737 45 at night. And it was packed. The line was out the door. Get out. Okay, this it took me like how do we never heard of this? It's it's a tiny little space, but it is so good. We've literally

William Huffman  1:13:27  
hatched that's like 60 or 70 people, their top five restaurants have gone through 350 restaurants. And this is the first time I've heard do this.

Matt Wandzel  1:13:34  
Get that place like once a week at least. Okay,

Sarah Huffman  1:13:37  
now I'm curious what your

William Huffman  1:13:38  
number number one in no particular order.

Matt Wandzel  1:13:41  
Number one. I'm going a little bit different. I'm going to food truck. Oh yeah, it's good. Brick ovens, food truck and bus. Where you've seen them. They I mean, they're all over the place. It's really a short school bus. Still painted yellow. With a brick oven pizza oven in the back of it with like a three foot brick chimney sticking out the top of the school bus. Okay, what is it called? Brick Oven, brick oven bus brick oven boasts and they have like three. They have like three different buses now that travel all around. So I had them at loose line brewery a few weeks ago. They've been an Omni. I've had them at like bad weather. There it is. Like all these places. It's following good pizza. That's

William Huffman  1:14:26  
awesome. Yeah, this has been a fantastic interview. Good. I really

Sarah Huffman  1:14:31  
mentioned okay.

Matt Wandzel  1:14:32  
Yeah, I know.

William Huffman  1:14:34  
I'm talking about you.

Matt Wandzel  1:14:37  
Yeah, I mean, six months or a year from now we could come back for a 2.0 Because we've scratched the surface

William Huffman  1:14:42  
almost every six months can be whenever we just might never release it because of course you don't like you.

Matt Wandzel  1:14:47  
I hear that. One of you doesn't. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  1:14:51  
I love you, Matt. Yeah, it's fine.

Matt Wandzel  1:14:53  
No, we didn't see here's the here's the thing like in in what a month or two. I'm going to have to sit in the same room with will Now instead of Yeah, no, that's true. Well, yeah, true. I get one year with both. I get one year with both of you. Oh, yeah,

William Huffman  1:15:07  
that's too much. Yeah. Too much for me.

Sarah Huffman  1:15:09  
What Matt's referring to is the Board of Directors now. Yes. Now on the Minneapolis area Realtors board of directors. He is past. He'll be past chair of the MAR foundation.

Matt Wandzel  1:15:22  
Yeah, I got lucky enough to serve a Sarah as my vice chair. And I'm just gonna say this. I'm so excited for you. Oh, like you and Leah are gonna do phenomenal work. Next year. The babies. I am happy to hear it. Oh, thank you.

William Huffman  1:15:38  
Okay, all right. Well, as always, thanks for coming on. We appreciate it. Absolutely. We out

Accouncer  1:15:43  
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