Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 44: Celebrating Five Years of Living an Unreal Life

September 05, 2022 Sarah Huffman & William Huffman Season 1 Episode 44
Ep 44: Celebrating Five Years of Living an Unreal Life
Life Behind the Highlight Real
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Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 44: Celebrating Five Years of Living an Unreal Life
Sep 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 44
Sarah Huffman & William Huffman

This episode explores the past five years of A Good Life Group. The good, the bad, and the hilarious. 

The story begins at the Minnesota State Fair of all places, 5-years ago. The day Will and Sarah were forced to find a new direction. 

And they don't hold back as they share the details of the call and the stress that followed over the next few days. 

Today you will find out how they landed on their business name A Good Life Group, how they found their team, and how leadership is a learned discipline. 

"Leadership is hard"
-Will Huffman

They'll also cover critical business lessons learned the hard way, like:

The differences between surviving as a business and growing as a business. And it takes looking in the mirror.

Learning the impossible like not taking things personally. 

A deep dive into living the concept of an unreal life. What that means, and how it has come true for Will, Sarah, and their team. 

And how an unreal life can lead to some pretty funny stories, including a few shared from their team getaways to Florida. 

A Good Life Group's Fifth Anniversary Party is September 10th at the Brew Park in Plymouth.

Show Notes Transcript

This episode explores the past five years of A Good Life Group. The good, the bad, and the hilarious. 

The story begins at the Minnesota State Fair of all places, 5-years ago. The day Will and Sarah were forced to find a new direction. 

And they don't hold back as they share the details of the call and the stress that followed over the next few days. 

Today you will find out how they landed on their business name A Good Life Group, how they found their team, and how leadership is a learned discipline. 

"Leadership is hard"
-Will Huffman

They'll also cover critical business lessons learned the hard way, like:

The differences between surviving as a business and growing as a business. And it takes looking in the mirror.

Learning the impossible like not taking things personally. 

A deep dive into living the concept of an unreal life. What that means, and how it has come true for Will, Sarah, and their team. 

And how an unreal life can lead to some pretty funny stories, including a few shared from their team getaways to Florida. 

A Good Life Group's Fifth Anniversary Party is September 10th at the Brew Park in Plymouth.

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah. And we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with REMAX results of Good Life Group. And that's our legal disclaimer. Everybody, William here, just want to let you know that we have a birthday party coming up, Sarah one is that

Sarah Huffman  0:16  
September 10, from three to seven at the brew Park in Plymouth.

William Huffman  0:20  
And we're just here just kind of just talking about the last five years what we've learned in leadership, what we've learned in business, and you're gonna find out we have a lot of fun in Florida.

Sarah Huffman  0:29  
Okay, so one of the things I was saying on back out of those early days of the team, we had really big egos.

William Huffman  0:38  
Oh, Mike, I was unbearable. If you think I'm bad now, Brad.

Accouncer  0:44  
Welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online join hosts Sarah and William Huffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel.

William Huffman  1:03  
Hey, everybody, William your N. Sarah N. N. Hey, what's your trade talking close to the microphone? Brendan? There? Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  1:15  
Well, today's topic, and I'm actually really it's, I mean, there could be tears. There could be moments, there shall be no tears, and I'm excited for it. today. We are just going to do a five year recap of a Good Life Group.

William Huffman  1:30  
Number five.

Unknown Speaker  1:31  
Oh my gosh, yeah, that

William Huffman  1:32  
was pretty good. Right.

Sarah Huffman  1:33  
That was actually pretty good. I

William Huffman  1:34  
crushed that.

Sarah Huffman  1:35  
So when you think about it. Matt, you've been with us? How long? Two years? Like literally like next week? Practically? Yeah, yeah. Next week. Yeah. And Brendan,

Brenden  1:47  
will be nine months next week, actually. Yeah. Isn't that

Sarah Huffman  1:51  
wild? And then, yeah, I mean, it's just been such a journey. And it's been a journey with the people that have been on our team. It's been a journey on mindset. It's been a journey in our finances. It's been a journey. It's just been a journey.

William Huffman  2:08  
I mean, I related to Oregon Trail, like some people have definitely died of dysentery. I mean, we chucked the wagon and tried to forge the river and we shouldn't have we lost it all.

Sarah Huffman  2:24  
I mean, we've survived COVID As a team, we have dysentery. Yeah. Modern day dysenteriae. Yeah.

William Huffman  2:32  
So it's kind of wild. And nobody's been bitten by a snake. So that's good. The reason why

Sarah Huffman  2:37  
we have a, you could call it an anniversary party, but really like this team was just kind of birthed out of like, necessity. appetize

William Huffman  2:47  
out of fire. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  2:48  
Yeah. So well, let's just take it back. We'll give a quick recap of how this team came to be. Yep. Oh, okay. And how we named it. We always think that's interesting. It's super interesting. So five years ago, we were at the state fair. And some things had changed in our previous team, social media. And all of a sudden, I'm like, something is not right. And it's a Friday night. And I call our former business partner and I'm like, what's going on? And he's like, this isn't working. We're gonna separate the team. Like that is how much notice we got. It wasn't even something where I thought it was coming. It was like, shock, shock and awe at the State Fair. In the trailer area. You were looking at buying an enclosed

William Huffman  3:33  
trailer. Yeah, I was. I was about to buy a trailer to have it wrapped with the team logo and all that stuff. And we Good thing we were timing is everything.

Sarah Huffman  3:41  
Timing is everything. And so that was on. I want to say it was a Friday that we were at the state, the Friday of the State Fair, Saturday, Will and I business as usual. Because you have to go on we're at an open house. It was

William Huffman  3:57  
was an embezzler. Burnsville. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  3:59  
And we were at the open house on Labor Day weekend, because that was a good weekend for them to be out of the house. It was a good weekend, we were in town, let's have the open house then nobody hears about this part of the story. And Will and I are literally like rug has been pulled out from under us. Yeah. And it's like, holy crap, we have to figure out how to create a team on our own, like we weren't.

William Huffman  4:24  
And I'm gonna be honest, if I would have known then what I know now about, I'll use I'll use the word hassles, headaches, joys and triumphs of running a team. I don't know if we would have actually started a team. Okay, so

Sarah Huffman  4:39  
one of the things that was seen on back out of those early days of the team, we had really big egos.

William Huffman  4:47  
Oh, my I was unbearable. If you think I'm bad now, but I'm actually quite humble compared to myself of five years ago, like I had been put in my place a few times. and I have learned that wow, there is so much. You know, in this world, we say there's people that we have met and have not met, and there's a larger portion of have not met. And in, in business, there's a portion of what you know, and what you don't know. And the portion of what you don't know is significantly larger than what I think I know.

Sarah Huffman  5:18  
But if you had told that to the young will home mix, please. It just was like, and even like me, like, oh, yeah, I know how to do this. And this and this. Well, okay. Yeah. Like we knew how to handle our transactions. We knew how to handle our small little marketing that we did. Yeah, we knew how to handle just the tip of the iceberg.

William Huffman  5:39  
Yeah. Yeah. And it wasn't the tip that sunk the Titanic. It was the, you know, stuff that you don't see. Yeah, that's my analogy.

Sarah Huffman  5:47  
I think when I go back to your one, our egos were way too big. Yeah,

William Huffman  5:55  
and I already wait for validation on that. Like, I think I just admitted that a second ago. And I

Sarah Huffman  5:59  
also remember, I used to think, Oh, if only we could get to certain GCI levels

William Huffman  6:05  
only we could do 10 million only if you do 15 million only if you did 20 million in volume,

Sarah Huffman  6:09  
only if we can get to blah, blah, blah. GCI. Like, everything will be solved. No. More money,

William Huffman  6:17  
more money. Problems. just gets bigger. The bigger the money, the bigger problems. Yeah. And all that little shit that I thought five years ago was like, end of the world. Nothing. Not even close. You got to be close to the microphone, Brandon. Nothing. There you go.

Sarah Huffman  6:32  
There we go. So anyway, that is how our team started our team name. We were in this open house, and will and I were literally writing down everything we could think of to name our team like what we did.

William Huffman  6:45  
That is such the most important thing. Yeah, what we did out of

Sarah Huffman  6:49  
the gate was it was not going to be Huffman, holmes. It was not going to be the Huffman group. It was not going to be the Huffman team. I

William Huffman  6:55  
tried that already.

Sarah Huffman  6:58  
Oh, you did

William Huffman  6:59  
it. That's what you came with Huffman Holmes.

Sarah Huffman  7:01  
I that's what it was for about three seconds and I got in trouble with legal Yeah, you did get in trouble. You had to get rid of all that swag. Well, with this is why we're always like, is it approved? Did REMAX sign off on it? Because you're gonna want to get that approved before you spend? I don't know. 3500 bucks and swag that you could not I could not promote? Why? Oh, it forgot REMAX results. Oh, that's

William Huffman  7:24  
one of the reasons. Yeah. Moving on.

Sarah Huffman  7:27  
So many things. So okay, so you're one we create the team at the in the dining room of this person's home. They had a sign and what did the sign say? Well,

William Huffman  7:38  
it's not the it's not the life and the years is the years and it's not the it's not the years in the life. It's life in the years. All anybody wants is a good life. Yep. And it's attributed to Abraham Lincoln. But that's it's not his just quote or saying this, you know,

Sarah Huffman  7:52  
so we, I was sitting there at the, at the dining room table, and I'm like, our name is somewhere in this sign. Like, it was a weird moment, because I was like, this is a sign. But um, yeah, you got my funny funny.

William Huffman  8:06  
You're so funny. So yeah, we will be punished,

Sarah Huffman  8:11  
you'll be punished. And so we literally went home and do not worry. And we'll have min style will pop open. His laptop was like being in over there on the keys. And he's like, got it. And I'm like what you get? I got her name. I just bought it for 10 years.

William Huffman  8:26  
I did I bought a domain name for 10 years.

Sarah Huffman  8:29  
And I was like, Well, what is it and he's like a good life group. And why is there an A

William Huffman  8:35  
because Good Life Group was taken.

Sarah Huffman  8:38  
And I think so was the

William Huffman  8:40  
Yeah, the good live group. Yeah, the good life the good live group. Yeah, they're actually they're not very active, whatever websites but moving on, but so

Sarah Huffman  8:47  
we'll bought the website domain for 10 years, got our emails all signed up. And then remember, this was on Labor Day weekend. So on Tuesday, is I think I did not check

William Huffman  8:59  
with the State to see if it was available. I did not check with anything to see if it was available. I didn't make sure it was okay with our broker. I just kind of went ham on it.

Brenden  9:08  
Shocked. Are we shocked? No, not at all.

matt  9:12  
Cunningham Are you shocked? Shoot first aim later we'll Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  9:17  

William Huffman  9:18  
just buy enough bullets. Yeah, right.

Sarah Huffman  9:21  
And so there we were. So as of like, literally Labor Day Monday. We work with Life Group. Ah, thank you, Brendan. I appreciated that. Holy crap. You know what I just realized, no, this is like the perfect podcast. Will's A D. Oh, do we have the full Brandon

matt  9:47  
we've got the full disk here that we're in i The entire circle I met

Sarah Huffman  9:51  
as and Matt. Yes, this is a C. So if you know the DISC profile, we're perfect disc right now.

William Huffman  10:00  
Alright, keep going. You're leading this. Okay,

Sarah Huffman  10:02  
so that was your that was like weekend one. I remember day one, literally day one I called Cindy badness. It was the first time I ever called her. And I'm like, Hi, my name is Sarah Huffman, I work out of Edina France, and I need your help. I never talked to her before that point. And she's like, Well, hi, Sara, what can I do? And literally, Cindy has been like one of our guiding lights over the last five years. When people say, Oh, come on, you gotta leave REMAX results come join us at this brokerage, that brokerage, this brokerage, this idea, this concept, I want to be like, I know the people that have stood with us over the last five years, I have no desire to leave, like they they've helped us win. It's been our lowest. And they have celebrated us, but it's been our highest. So well, when you think back to your first year of real estate, what is one of the biggest things you'll learn or that you remember from that time,

William Huffman  10:51  
my first year, our first year as a team first year as a team? Leadership is hard. Leadership is really, really hard. I don't want to go into it too much. But there's a difference between telling people what to do and showing people what to do, and earning the right to tell people what to do. And you're not earning the right by your actions that you've done. It's by earning the right the actions that you've done with the person you're trying to communicate with.

Sarah Huffman  11:24  
And you learned that and you're one? No,

William Huffman  11:27  
you said looking back Oh.

Sarah Huffman  11:32  
past present future, like team members that we've worked with, they're gonna be like, What are you talking about?

William Huffman  11:38  
No, you said, looking back. Yeah, looking back. That's what I that's what I feel like, if I could like, you know, blah, word vomit from year one to now. That's something I've learned.

Sarah Huffman  11:50  
And did you ever anticipate this much leadership in real estate?

William Huffman  11:54  
No. It I thought it would just be Brendon make your damn calls and use the script. And that does not work for an eye on the DISC profile. That does not work for a lot of people actually, not just Britain, I pick on Brennan cuz he's right here.

Brenden  12:11  
So we've got our troubles. We've had our fair share. Yeah.

William Huffman  12:14  
You hold on here. You've had your troubles, I had to learn how to adapt to me not communicating with you properly. Does that make sense? Yeah, totally. Because I didn't have any trouble talking to you like that.

Brenden  12:28  
I had trouble accepting that. And therefore I

William Huffman  12:31  
had to learn that that was not the right way to communicate with you. And that's where I had to grow.

Sarah Huffman  12:36  
I've said it once. And I'll say it again. January fourth 2022 has changed the trajectory of my leadership going forward for the rest of my life.

William Huffman  12:46  
January 4 of this year, yep. What was that day,

Sarah Huffman  12:50  
that was the day that we had Dan Blackburn into our team meeting and he will have him on the podcast that

William Huffman  12:55  
was a start absolute. I mean, that's not started it but that significantly.

Sarah Huffman  13:00  
That was like the momentum curve, you know, where you're working, you're working, you're working, you're working, you're working, you learn something, and it like literally changes. Just how you operate. Because to me, everyone on our team, our communication with each other, with our clients with the industry, I think it has all changed for the better, because we learned how to better communicate. Brendon, you've been with us for the last almost year,

Brenden  13:27  
yeah, about 10 months now. And I gotta say, like, from, from my experience with other organizations, organizations, I will say like, the growth that I've experienced on this team has been like barbed on it. It's gone from like zero to hero really quickly. And you know, where I was before I was accepting leads and paying 30% For them, or whatever I was paying. And now I'm learning how to bring these leads in myself. And I'm able to build my own business, which is always what I thought real estate would be about. And it wasn't it was about managing other people's business for a while. And I learned that that doesn't have to be that way. So I was very fortunate that that we met when we did, because that was definitely changed my whole trajectory of my career.

Sarah Huffman  14:12  
And it's not an easy change to make.

Brenden  14:14  
No, no.

Sarah Huffman  14:18  
That was an emphatic new well, because it's like you're you're used to real estate in one direction or that but not even real estate. Just you're used to managing business in one way. And now it's like you have someone who's like will who's like, No, you that's wrong. And then it's like wait a minute, but it's how I've lived for however long before you so it's like it's a huge and I

William Huffman  14:43  
do not sound like Skeletor by the way. Just putting it out. Moving on.

Sarah Huffman  14:52  
Sometimes we need to be the mirror. Keep going. But I just think like especially Unlike your short time, it would have probably been easier at some point to be like, hey, deuces, I'm out. This isn't the right team for me. And here you are, you know, come in 910 months later, you're a different person than you were last year.

Brenden  15:13  
And I want a productive person I'm making, I'm making strides. And in doing things, I'm not just trying it out, you know what I mean? It's it. There's a lot of results in my actions. Now.

William Huffman  15:24  
Yes, I do know what you mean.

Sarah Huffman  15:27  
It's 100% you see that, like, in your professional life and your personal life?

Brenden  15:32  
I do. I do. I feel a lot more confident. And just my own ability. And whether it be Jason allied, you know, managing your own household or getting ready to have a baby or animals. And I'm doing a lot more in, in taking responsibility for those items prior than you because before I wasn't where I, you know, you handed me a project to do, I could probably do it. Now I can take on the project, I'll execute with excellence, and go on from there.

Sarah Huffman  15:59  
And also initiate, like your initiative, just from the beginning to now is completely different. And a great way like, you're not just like showing up like, Oh, we got to get there so we'll doesn't yell at me. No, I still.

William Huffman  16:15  
Absolutely still a motivating driver. 100%.

Sarah Huffman  16:19  
But like, you're actually you are consistent in like when you prospect you are consistent.

Brenden  16:26  
Interesting, because I don't see that all the time. Do you see that?

William Huffman  16:29  
Well, not enough. But more, more and more every day. And this is why your

Sarah Huffman  16:34  
DNI man S Yeah. Oh, yeah. Awesome. Thanks. Well, so Cunningham, you joined us at a time so I'm kind of jumping around a little bit. And that's okay.

William Huffman  16:44  
You are It's driving me bananas. But I'm wanting you lead this. You got this?

Sarah Huffman  16:47  
Well, where would you like to go next? In the year 2000. So Matt Cunningham joined us two years ago. And it was actually a really scary time for me, because we had just come out of our like, personal financial recession. And we were about like, six months out from that low point. And everybody paid back. And all of a sudden, we started working with our real estate coach, Matt Sutter. And he's like, Okay, where's the cog gonna be in the wheel? And we like, named off all these things. And he's like, You guys need to hire. And I'm like, Hi, do you remember just like 678 months ago? Like we couldn't even pay ourselves? How are we going to like, have the responsibility for someone else? Magic? Oh, my gosh. So I just went with it. I'm like, Well, I'm going to trust Well, we're not going to ever be in that situation again. And we are going to hire so we always joke will flips open his laptop. Yes, really loud key typing noises. And

William Huffman  17:58  
that's, you know what I'm getting stuff done.

Sarah Huffman  18:00  
This was also right. During the COVID pandemic during the

William Huffman  18:04  
Rona. My Corona. So where did you post that? Well, Craigslist.

Sarah Huffman  18:10  
And you remember what you said, do?

William Huffman  18:14  
What did I say Cunningham?

matt  18:15  
I don't I you know, I have it at home. I have it saved somewhere. I said it was because it was so bizarre. Yeah. That I mean, that's why I answered the ad. I mean, I knew I had worked in restaurants for over 20 years. And this is real estate, which is obviously something completely different. And I see this ad and I mean, basically, the gist of it was, I have to I have to give this a shot I have to meet see if I can meet the man behind the curtain. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  18:45  
This knowing

William Huffman  18:46  
you now I am so surprised. But I had nothing to lose. That's true. I have nothing to lose and

matt  18:53  
everything to gain. And there was this ad on Craigslist, which has been a real consistent provider of jobs for me. In you know, in in for a lot of people. It's it's good. And so I saw this ad and it was I there was some cartoon character I don't recognize was like, green frog. Or, you know, I don't recognize it because

William Huffman  19:21  
I don't know, man. I just put some random graphics up there. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  19:25  
Was that like you're like, like, you're, you're blinking light, like pick me.

William Huffman  19:30  
I don't know. I just I might if somebody's gonna, if somebody is going to actually click on this and like, they're cool with what this craziness on this photo is these I had a bunch of photos up there. One of them was a joke, a joke like, hey, a realtor or CrossFit or vegan walk into a bar. Don't worry, you'll they'll tell you, you know, like there was one. It was one of those memes up there. You know, and I'm like, Well, whoever can you know, enjoy this pic of CrossFit. That's funny now because then

Sarah Huffman  19:58  
you had people come to our House to interview. Yeah, that was also different. Yeah. But that's what we do, like we hang out at our house. And so I think there were like four or five people that came to an interview at our house. Yeah, right outside on our patio. And I remember after talking with Matt, and when Matt left, I had thought about, like, different clients that we've had. And I was like, Okay, who could handle this person? Who could handle this? Almost, we

William Huffman  20:25  
almost didn't do all the interviews, because remember that one girl was first. And we were like, Oh, she said, she's the one. I blacked that out, I guess. Yeah. No, like, you were not the first interview. And we had somebody first like, Oh, she she said, she's the one and then Sarah said, Well, could she handle this client? Should could she handle this client? I'm like, maybe not. Like, but certainly, but no, I like her. And I'm like, Well, no, not you mentioned that we should probably

Sarah Huffman  20:53  
was one of those things where it was like, we couldn't make it work. But I'm not in the I don't want to make things work anymore. You know, I want to make sure that we get the right person. And so after Matt left, I was like, Will Matt Cunningham can fold the napkin?

William Huffman  21:10  
Yep, absolutely. All the napkins. Yeah. What

Sarah Huffman  21:13  
is the what is the napkin story?

William Huffman  21:15  
So we went to was at our Anniversary Gala core Bellacor. Donna was no longer there. But it was our anniversary and spending way too much on fantastic food and drinking wines and ports and having a great time. And I got up to go to the restroom. And I came back and my napkin was folded. And it just hit me in my that's what we frickin need. That's what we need in our business. We need somebody to Fold the napkin. And that's when the listing concierge, you've morphed into so much more than that. I don't we don't really have a client care a boss man. Like, I don't know what it really looks like concierge services was on my mind and then says like, Matthew can fold the napkin and I'm like, yeah, yeah, that's true. He can fold that damn napkin. I mean, literally and figuratively, like, you know, so that it was just a no brainer.

Sarah Huffman  22:05  
I mean, it was a no brainer after that, because it's like, when you start putting people to like, the clients that we've had. You have to be like, okay, in a stressful situation. Can this person handle them? In a stressful situation? Can this person communicate well, in this dress, and maybe it's in a joyous situation, you know, all the emotions? It's not just stress. And Matt You were it?

William Huffman  22:29  
Or maybe the client is absolutely divine and wonderful, but slower than snail shit. Who's gonna have the patience for that? It's not Brendan and I, not the not the DS in the eyes. Is the season the SS? Yep. The lower half of the DISC profile, the better half. Ruud? Kinda kinda true.

Sarah Huffman  22:51  
Well, if you know, there is no better spot in the disc. And here's the thing that like, I've been thinking back to this, like, we are freaking, it's a freaking miracle that you have stuck with us. Because we had we had no idea.

William Huffman  23:07  
We're like, hey, we have this idea. Now.

Sarah Huffman  23:11  
Figure. Can you train yourself? Yeah.

William Huffman  23:13  
Yeah, it was definitely a

Brenden  23:15  
tough spot to be in. I've been that person. Yeah,

William Huffman  23:17  
definitely trial by fire on that one. I mean, seriously, we didn't have all the right people in the right seats at that time when you came on board. Right. You know, we were just like any true business, you know, flying by the seat of our pants. People come people go, we have, you know, people getting off the different levels of the elevator. And it wasn't until somebody left the organization totally fine, that we were able to really let you step into your role and just own it, own it, create it, take it over and just full, full ownership of it. So that was, but that took some time to get to. That was not overnight. That was not overnight.

matt  23:58  
No, it was not drinking from it was drinking from multiple fire hoses. Yeah. Yeah. Used other analogies, which I don't think are appropriate for this family podcast. But I mean, it was a lot. It was a

Sarah Huffman  24:13  
lot. Yeah. And that's why I think it's miraculous because a you have the ability, but as a see, like you'd like the details. Like you'd like to know how it all works together. And we were like, Hey, Matt, you got to actually put the puzzle together. So we know how it works. Yeah.

William Huffman  24:31  
And what I think is different in this role as well is I think you're giving pretty, pretty full autonomy to do whatever needs to be done. Like you've you've took in Yeah, you've taken on the responsibilities was knowing hey, if I need to pay for this by this, order, this say we're doing this change this, you know, especially the last six months, you've really just taken that on as like, No, I know what I'm doing. I'm trusted to do this. Just get it done. Yeah, that's that's, that's, that's pretty powerful.

Sarah Huffman  25:03  
And when you think about like value propositions from a team like, Matt, you are a huge value proposition for the entire team. Absolutely. And our clients feel it the, like all agents feel it. Yeah, I feel it like,

William Huffman  25:16  
Pivotal probably should probably shouldn't, he might ask for a raise. Don't tell me is that pivotal, or irreplaceable? Please don't leave us.

matt  25:26  
I have no plan. And everybody's replaceable. Right?

William Huffman  25:29  
Is that that is true. I mean, they do say everybody's replaceable, but I don't want to deal with that shit. Fair enough. You know, and here, this is this is we've, we've, we've been talking about the last two years, because I would say the first three years. I was we I was like a toddler in a candy store, just thinking everything was ours. And we could just take whatever we wanted, and not in a stealing way. But you know, what I mean, is like, you know, the world's a candy store. And you know, we had the credit card and running around doing whatever we wanted. And then we had our, you know, our situation happened to us and 2019, beginning of 2020. And the last two years, is what I'm really proud of, like the first three years really shaped what was going to be possible for us. And there's, there's a couple ways we could have done it, we could have said, Oh, that was a fluke, and just kind of kept doing things the way we were. Or we could really buckle down and change our habits, our attitudes, our trajectory. And that's what I'm the most proud of, you know, when we say last five year review, I would I would just I'm very proud of the last two years, the first three years. It's I don't want to say the redheaded stepchild. Sorry, Brendan. But it's definitely I really want to talk about you know, because it's Brendan has red hair. I know. That's why it says Well, yeah, people that they assumed, okay, they know, I've already said I'm gonna pick on him. So I mean, but our last two years, I mean, we've we've had people come and go, we've had some some very, from business decisions, some, I would say poor ones, we've put some personnel in the wrong positions. And it's, it's, you know, and some of those people might be listening, and it's not anything to their, their fault or our fault. It's growing a business is incredibly difficult. Growing successfully and profitable, is almost impossible. That's why so many people in this business and so many small businesses fail, is because they're not willing to look in the mirror, as you said earlier, to be the mirror and say, I really fucked up, whoa, like, we just went explicit, it's fine. I mean, but it's true. Like, you need to be able to own that. And in, I fucked up because I didn't set the right expectations, or I didn't put in enough time, or I didn't do this. And it truly does fall on Sarah and myself. Because all the good things that happen are our fault, and all the bad things that happen on our fault. And we've been able to the last two years to really be that mirror for each other, and have some of other people along the way. Help us out and learn from those opportunities.

Sarah Huffman  28:13  
Yeah, and I think too, like, sometimes when there has been like a change, or like a team change, or sometimes,

William Huffman  28:20  
I mean, last year, we had 24 people on the team right now we're not we're not down to we're at 11. You know, so we've had a lot of change in the last 12 months, the tune of over 50% of what, who was on the team. So there's been some there's been some shakeups, some were better for the team, some still may be hurt a little bit, and some never should have happened in the first place. And that's okay. But what I was gonna say, is, before I rudely cut you off, you're gonna know yeah, sometimes you

Sarah Huffman  28:50  
need to get like distance in between those changes. Where it's not so emotional or personal. You know, and I think that's something where I've learned as a leader, gosh, I took a lot of things personal and I still probably will. I'm not saying that

William Huffman  29:11  
absolutely. We still think a person because this is a personal business.

Sarah Huffman  29:14  
I don't think that I don't know how that could necessarily change like down the road. But what I think one of the things that I have not mastered yet is that if people like are living their unreal life and that leads them off the team, how do you still maintain a relationship where you are cheering for them? You are x you are excited for them? You are

William Huffman  29:40  
because we say we say this bullshit line and it's not bullshit but sometimes it is. You show them love with the door, right? Like, oh, show love the door. We wish you all the best. Well, sometimes I don't wish you all the best. Sometimes. I mean, let's let's be real. If we're talking, we're being vulnerable here. When some people have left or there's very few people that I would say attitude. But nobody recently when they've left, oh, I wish them all the best to hell with that. I mean, I don't want anything bad to come to you. But I don't want you to prosper because I'm salty. And I don't like you. I just come on. Wow, that's, that's been we're being honest here. But then there are some people that leave and you want to show them love the door and you do. But then the moment they leave, it's it's human nature to be like, was taken advantage of was, Did I do something wrong? Like? Is it possible to still have that friendship or that that relationship when they're no longer on the team? And over time, I think it'll become much easier. But I don't think it'll ever be easy.

Sarah Huffman  30:47  
Yeah, I think that's one of the my pain points of running a team is that transition of people on and off a team because I do truly care about people. And I don't know if it's always seen as that when they leave. That's one of the things they're thinking that has really truly changed us is when we is coaching. When we started our team, we were coaching with Brian Buffini. And that was a pivotal point in our business as well. Because we learned during that coaching that are the style of real estate company that we are and we still are to this day is relational, we are going to build our business based on those relationships. And it shows throughout the team, because we have our one of our biggest points of businesses from our sphere or past clients, referrals. We want to take care of people the way we would we would want to be taken care of. Then we went then we transitioned trying to drive more business to Tom Ferry where we did coaching with Tom Ferry, the Tom ferry company, I should say. And that was a good stepping stone. But it wasn't us. Can you tell me a little bit? Well, on the coaching company that we are currently with Glover, Glover, you and how that has impacted our life?

William Huffman  32:11  
Oh, man, our life or business or both? Or because I think it's both? Yeah, I think it's really hard to talk about one without the other. But I'll talk about okay, I might go down some rabbit holes here. So feel free to shock. Yeah. Okay, not everybody wants assholes. So, with Jeff Glover and Glover, you and Sutter, and Kate and everybody over there, right? I could name them all. One, not one thing? How do I say this? This is such a big question. How has it changed our business? And it's touched every single aspect of it. It has taught us that 90% of the stuff we're doing is fantastic. And 10%. What the hell are we doing? Right? Doesn't mean we were fantastic at that 90% It means that we were on the right path because they also run a very relationship builds based business, they also do tons of prospecting. So it's taught us in our business that even though I think I'm always right. I'm not. And because I can look at a Greg or a soup or a Nick and I can see how they're running their business. And they're just as successful, if not substantially more, and they're doing things that I would never do. So I've brought that into the way I coach is just because this is how Brandon wants to do something, doesn't mean it's wrong. Just because I wouldn't do it that way. What I can coach to is this, and then what we're going to learn together is this. So that's been pretty impactful.

Sarah Huffman  34:01  
I would say Glover in January of 2020. That is when you legitimately finally stepped into a leadership role. And finally, yeah, I didn't stutter. I watch what happened at the Glover you that conference, your first conference with them? All right, that's,

William Huffman  34:24  
that's a very I can give that answer. I want to talk about the financial parks. Most people have heard that but I was in this big conference room. And I'm like, What the hell's going on here? Here's this rah rah rah stuff, right? And there wasn't a lot of that but you know, I'm used to other conferences where they started just a bunch of you we can we do it? Yes, we can Bob the Builder type stuff. And I hear turned to a clean sheet of paper number one, and to start listing off all these actionable items about database and I'll make this a suite. I have a database, a very large one. Now I can utilize it. And this guy up there this smooth talking, well dressed some biscuit named Matthew Sutter got up there. And he started talking about literally, it on stage was talking about splits, was talking about commissions, not specific numbers, not like Rigo act type shit, what a p&l is what your ROI should be and using all these fancy words, and I'm like, What the hell is this man saying. And then he had a breakout session. And I went to that. And it was something about teams team building or something like that. And explain to me how not me but two people in the room, just business acumen in numbers in how they add up and how they affect your bottom line. And I'm like, I don't know what this dude is talking about. So that's what I want. I want that because this man makes millions of dollars, runs 1000s of agents. And here I am in a room with him and 13 other people, and I have the ability to learn from him. And if I don't take action on this, I am wasting the opportunity of my business career. And luckily, I did act on it. I

Sarah Huffman  36:11  
but I just think it's really cool, because it was you that really decided that that's the direction we were going. And I'm grateful for it. Because at that point, I had actually started sending out resumes to get out of the business.

William Huffman  36:25  
Yeah, how'd that work for you?

Sarah Huffman  36:26  
Well, I'm still here. Yeah, good,

William Huffman  36:28  
good job. We all know I have to come to the realization myself, if I'm going to be if I'm going to do something, I do not. If I do not respect someone or something, I'm never going to listen to them. And in a very brief amount of time, Glover, you and Matt Sutter specifically, earned my respect in a incredibly high level, like, immediately, like, he just has that presence. That just you just like, this dude knows his shit. And they had just joined forces. And they just started working together. So I was I was one of the first breakout sessions that he had with Glover, you and it's the stars aligned, whatever you want to call it in, I was able to take action. And it was awesome.

Sarah Huffman  37:11  
So this is really cool to think too. And I've actually gone back and looked at it but my, the entire time that we've been a team, I think we've talked about like our personal life or professional life, our mindset and all that, but it really did change. A few years ago after you went to Glover you because you we were introduced to the whole concept of living your unreal life. Yeah. And what does that mean?

William Huffman  37:36  
All life so amazing. It's almost unbelievable. So when I first heard about the unreal life, I mean, I've heard I've heard it once or twice. A few times. I don't have the hat right here anything. Yeah, we

Sarah Huffman  37:47  
are swag or any of them. But yeah. When when I first heard that line of life, so amazing. It's almost unbelievable. Coming out of trauma and tragedy. It was kind of hard to believe that I was ever going to get there. Oh, it seemed like complete bullshit. Yeah. Like, I remember my unreal life back in 2020. Early 2020 was like, dinner on the table. I can buy gas, like it was very like basic needs. And it's interesting, because probably two to three, gosh, two to four times a year. We update our unreal life journey and what that looks for each of us individually. And it's fascinating to see how it changes. Yes. Thank you for that. You're welcome. Brendan and Matt, you've been with us and you've done some unreal life activities. Like have you seen a change? Absolutely. Like what was it like in the beginning versus now?

Brenden  38:49  
I think in the beginning, I didn't have any confidence in myself and in my ability. I've always been someone who I can I've always been someone who could have assist somebody else or help them get to where they needed to be but I couldn't do that for myself for whatever reason. You're and I know a lot of it's mindset. Yeah. And I think that you being on this team, especially like January fourth where we were having meetings that helped us develop ourself was so incredibly growth minded for me or it helped me grow to to really see my potential and I feel like I'm tapping at potentials door because I've always been told you'd be so great if you could reach your potential. And I'm doing I'm knocking at that door right now. I feel like I am and I'm like that's that's living unreal to me. Yeah. So at least at least in this in this definition of it. I'm sure it will change and more from grow into something different.

William Huffman  39:42  
Absolutely. Well, yeah, this version of you is just now Yep. You know, and here's cutting him over here like all this hippie shit you guys do. Like it's ridiculous and but you you you're a good sport. You're a good sport and whether or not you show it I think you listen To this unreal life stuff, and I think you, I, you almost you really do live your unreal life. I mean, I think you do a really good job of putting yourself first, which is very important. From your trips to your Legos, to your to your family time. Um, that's really important. And that's really cool. But like to Sarah's question, like, what have you seen over the last couple of years?

matt  40:25  
I do by the unreal life concept I do, I really do. And I don't know, I'll be driving to work and, or, you know, driving across town to, you know, do something work related. And I'm like, God, you couldn't have told me two years ago that this is what I would have been doing. You know, and not that I'm old age is a state of mind. But in your mid 40s, you know, learning an entirely different business. You know, and everything from your, you know, like, your personal schedule. And you know, because I lived one way for so long, you know, the restaurant world, it's just a different, you know, and this is just, I don't know, everything is you couldn't have told me two years ago that this would be what I was, what I would be doing, and enjoying it. And yeah, and it does still allow me to do those things in my personal life. I mean, it's true. I know what I like, and I know what I don't like, and I know what annoys me. And I know what makes me happy. And I go after certain things and avoid others. And I don't make any apologies for it. You know, awesome. So it's just, you know, it rubs some people the wrong way, and others don't understand it. And whatever. It's my life, you know? I mean, really? Yeah. All right. Well, yeah, but you know, um, so.

Sarah Huffman  41:54  
But I think like, when I think about the unreal life concept, as a team, our culture is the unlike we are out to live our unreal life. Yeah. And I think that just that alone, and building a team that alone, like, I think about it, well, like had we had that concept in 2017. Like,

William Huffman  42:19  
I wasn't ready for it. We were

Sarah Huffman  42:20  
not ready for it. We did not have the support for that. We did not have each other's backs for that.

William Huffman  42:26  
No, no, it did take did take our does take tragedy to typically it takes a lot of pain in order for a big change to happen. And for us, it was our personal thing. And then this big change happened. Yeah, I would not have been ready for this, I would have I would have thought it was freaking dumb. Five years ago, if we were going to Florida as a team, I would say everybody's taking this flight. Everybody's going to this everybody's doing that we're all doing this together. No one way about it. Bla bla bla bla bla. Now when we go to Florida, Oh, you want to do this cool. You guys are gonna have a beach day cool. We're gonna go do this. And I'm okay with that. Because I thought a team meant we had to do everything together. And if we're not together, and we're not doing it the way that I want it done, I'm not the leader. And it's not the team that I want.

Sarah Huffman  43:19  
So outdated. It is. But that's how I thought five years ago 100% up till two, two years, two and a half years ago. And you're still learning.

William Huffman  43:27  
Yeah, painfully, I get told. But the wonderful thing is though, the entire team has bought into this unreal life. We've caught we've built into the trust pyramid, to productive conflict, to results to holding people accountable. And we've all bought into that. So now Brennan's not afraid to tell me maybe he is but he will still tell me. He will tell tell me like, Hey, William, I prefer to do this, or I think we should try this or whatever. And to say that to me, now. Sure, may piss me off at some times, but at least I have the with wherewithal. wherewithal is the word I'm looking for? To make? There's a reason he's saying that. I need to listen to that. And if I still disagree, I'll tell him. But I need to listen before I just say no, it's still really hard but

Sarah Huffman  44:13  
I just think like just like mic drop like you have in business maturity and rude. People maturity

William Huffman  44:21  
Hey, we still have white claw and fireball in the I'm not talking

Sarah Huffman  44:25  
about like, like, like, there's still lots of fun to be had.

William Huffman  44:31  
I'm just saying like you there's a compliment, I should say thank you.

Sarah Huffman  44:34  
I just think well, like the journey that you personally have traveled over the last several years and how you've adjusted and adapted yourself is quite like you should be commended because you have a strong personality.

William Huffman  44:50  
Yeah, I'm a pain in the ass. I get it but that's fine. i That's a self that's a term. But

Sarah Huffman  44:55  
we I also need that because like that is going to push me and so Oh, but I just think like the way you've grown and people say, like changed, like, oh, well, you've changed. Well, will you've really grown? Yeah,

William Huffman  45:08  
I'll say changed. I don't you call whatever the hell you want. I'm happy. We're climbing that 35,000 Mountain, like, we're going all in like this is it like, I don't give a shit what anybody outside of the team calls what we have going on in here. We got a good thing going on. If they want to call it change, they want to call it a cult. I don't call it whatever the hell you want, right? I mean, send me a check. And you can join to have it's called I don't whatever that works. But I'm just saying I'll take your money. But I just I don't care what other people say. So when you say that, thank you, but you can call it change. You can call it grown. You can call it shifted. You can call it whatever you want. pivoted, pivoted, matured. Like, I don't care. It's awesome. Thank you. Okay,

Sarah Huffman  45:51  
so don't you

William Huffman  45:53  
I didn't. I didn't want to. I just wanted to make sure that we all knew I could still burp.

Sarah Huffman  45:59  
That is disgusting. You're welcome. Like it was like,

William Huffman  46:03  
it was good. That was a good one. Yeah, that was a good one.

Sarah Huffman  46:07  
Okay, we can

William Huffman  46:08  
edit that out. Oh, that has to stay you Colton mature. I had to burp. Okay,

Sarah Huffman  46:13  
so let's just think back to like some funny moments over the last several years. So like, everyone can chime in. Were there. Are there any moments that stick out?

William Huffman  46:24  
I think I'm gonna go to Tyler. Because Tyler is a weird son of a bitch. Like, he is just he is Tyler. Right? Tyler is Tyler. And when he gets in these funny moods, he says these Tyler isms. And I found out that Cara actually writes them down and dates them to what reference he's talking about. I didn't know that. Yes, she has a spreadsheet of Tyler isms.

matt  46:49  
Are you serious? Yes. It's

William Huffman  46:50  
hilarious. So like, It's hard out there when he was talking about the scratch lottery tickets. crying because he was a It's hard out there. Because we sent him to buy a scratch off lottery tickets for St. Patrick's Day and he came back with fall leaf ones. It was so funny. Yeah. That that was those are never gonna live that down. No, never because Cara has it literally written down in the spreadsheet. It she was like, yeah, so good.

Sarah Huffman  47:21  
I've got one that I will forever remember. And that is last year at the golf tournament. When Jonah was hilarious. We had golf. We had golf tournament Jonah and she tried to do the well number one she like chess bumped Jake and like Jonah is like four foot nine like and Jake is like six foot four or five? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Huge. And to see the two of them chest bump like Jonah went flying back and like landed on the ground. That was really funny. And then the other thing that Jonah did was she had you will try to do a lift.

William Huffman  48:01  
Yeah, she wanted to run and jump like and lift her in the air like a swan or something. It was

Sarah Huffman  48:05  
like the Dirty Dancing move. Yeah.

William Huffman  48:09  
I could probably do that. Now. I'm a year. Year stronger. Yeah, cuz I've been working out with Georgia do it then. Probably but I was a little tipsy and quite concerned. Am I dropper?

Sarah Huffman  48:19  
Yeah, that didn't work. So yeah, but it was just like really funny. You're welcome.

William Huffman  48:25  
How about Deena walking into the class door?

Sarah Huffman  48:29  
Oh my gosh.

matt  48:30  
How about that first trip to Florida. At least my first Yeah. First trip to Florida the whole week. I felt like I was living in the dorms in college again.

Sarah Huffman  48:45  
All shenanigans. Yo. Yeah. All the things right. And Deena did walk into a closed sliding glass door. Definitely. she I think she was having a good time. And the next morning you could see the forehead. The greasy

William Huffman  48:58  
forehead print on the door. Yeah,

matt  49:00  
I was gonna say there wasn't any Deena the next morning it was didn't wake up till the next day there wasn't gonna happen until after Yeah, but yes. The forehead print was

Sarah Huffman  49:11  
that is hysterical.

William Huffman  49:12  
That was the same trip you got pulled over by the five. Oh,

matt  49:15  
no, that was last trip. That was this last trip. Oh, you've been fired twice now. That's

William Huffman  49:19  
right. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay,

matt  49:21  
no, this last trip to Florida with the exception of me being pulled over was much calmer. Thank you yours. All right, right. Things things. Boat day.

William Huffman  49:36  
Both days. Always a good day.

matt  49:38  
Florida. The trend seems to be toward calmer. Yeah. That could change at any moment. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  49:49  
You know, it is funny though, because it's like, like boat day and Florida and whatnot. It's like, we work well as a team but we play well even Yeah, we do things

William Huffman  50:00  
Do we do hang up? Because Deena Oh, was it last trip that Dina put Tyler in his place? Yes. Yeah. What did you do?

Brenden  50:09  
Cars got written down somewhere.

William Huffman  50:12  
I don't remember. Tyler was doing something. And Deena the next day was like, listen, like productive conflict. Like, totally let them have it. What was it? I can't remember. But it was But see, that's the cool part. We don't remember because she handled it so well. Because, like you said, we truly are a team, which means you pissed me off. I'm gonna tell you.

matt  50:31  
Yeah, she was pissed. But Dana being Dana, she knew that she had to cool down before she addressed it because I mean, Dinas, she won't let things slide. No, not at all. But she knows that there's a time and a place and maybe when she's, you know, yeah, I forget what it was. It was something. Yeah, he was he was mansplaining. Or I don't know what it was. There was definitely some adult beverages involved. Oh, no, for sure.

Sarah Huffman  50:56  
Yeah. Cuz that was in Florida. It was in Florida. Yeah. All right. Brandon, what is the funny moment that you can think of?

Brenden  51:02  
Gosh, I don't know. There's been so many. And I don't even know if like the one I can really think of would be appropriate to share on the podcast. But let's just say I took a picture and I was told to delete that picture. Really? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Another It was another team member, relieving themselves. Who was peeing where? Jory in the parking lot?

Sarah Huffman  51:30  
Was that was that in Florida? Yes.

matt  51:35  
We were over by Tampa and Florida is gonna ban us. Yeah. You have to try pretty hard. I mean, if we're going to do this stuff, I mean, Florida is definitely the place because they let a lot of things.

Brenden  51:49  
car went into the Publix with her her. Not Chardonnay. Her champagne glass? Yes. Which was a plastic cup. And she

matt  51:56  
was this last January. It was yeah, that's when Cara made the Mimosa Mimosa bar in the back of the SUV, right? Well, I'm in Georgia was hitting it and you know, well, we got to we all had a good week and got to Tampa Florida was was Yeah, Jory was, you know, she needed to take care of some business and decided that.

Brenden  52:19  
Anyway, the parking lot was the space to do

Sarah Huffman  52:21  
it. I mean, sometimes things happen. Right? Sometimes things. That's the

William Huffman  52:25  
same trip where you guys got Tyler to say if you will on video. Yeah,

matt  52:29  
yeah. Yeah. And he didn't know he was being recorded. And he was mortified when he found out that because he's like, Oh, my God, I'm gonna get he was afraid he was it was. Yeah, it's hilarious. Yeah. No, it's definitely hilarious. I mean, you know, Tyler, yeah, that's Tyler, this is gonna come back.

Sarah Huffman  52:50  
One of my other favorite like, we seem to go back to like, the fun times, because honestly, like that's the rocket fuel to keep going. But when we were in Florida, this last time, specifically, we were playing board games. And we played dominion. And that has actually come through to the back to the office where like, we'll call like, a random game afternoon on a Friday, maybe play some Dominion after this and be like, Hey, we're gonna play game a game day Friday, or, Hey, we're ordering pizza as a team. Like, I think just building that community while we're working is helpful. So you can keep going when it's time to be productive.

matt  53:27  
I think that's very, very fair to say.

Brenden  53:30  
Yeah, I agree with that. For sure. Yeah,

William Huffman  53:32  
we all know, we all know when it's shut the hell up and get the work time. Yep. And we all know, okay, let's congregate the bullpen and kind of shoot the shit and you know, have a good time.

Sarah Huffman  53:41  
So this is funny. I was thinking back to our first birthday party. Do you remember what we did?

William Huffman  53:46  
Was in a crock pot tacos.

Sarah Huffman  53:48  
We had crock pot tacos at Loring Park. I think maybe 50 to 70 people came? Yeah, it was a great time. We had such a great time. Did we

William Huffman  54:00  
bet 75% of those people, if not more will be at this birthday party too. I bet so when is that?

Sarah Huffman  54:07  
September 10. From three to seven at the brew Park in Plymouth the the crackpot tacos. I don't know if

William Huffman  54:14  
I crushed them. They were good tacos I make I make good tacos.

Sarah Huffman  54:17  
But it was like so like, at the office smelled like tacos for days.

William Huffman  54:22  
It was amazing.

Brenden  54:24  
It was awesome. Tacos wage. All we ate in the first three months. I was here was the taco. Yeah.

William Huffman  54:29  
Yeah. We haven't had tacos in a while. We were gonna do that soon. Yeah, but it was just like eat a lot of food together.

Sarah Huffman  54:35  
We do. Yeah, no one needs a hangry Huffman. No. And so then our second year, we had

William Huffman  54:50  
I grilled you

Sarah Huffman  54:51  
grilled. That was the start of that and that we also have the donut wall, the donut wall and then our third year. You grilled cheese Grilled again again.

William Huffman  55:01  
So they had a couple grills this time. Yeah. It was still at Loring Park. Yep. And that was super fun. We did bacon and stuff like that.

Sarah Huffman  55:09  
And then our

William Huffman  55:12  
fourth was last year here. Okay, we missed

Sarah Huffman  55:15  
a year. Our third year was actually at the winery out.

William Huffman  55:19  
Oh, that's I grilled out at the winery. Yes. That was a pretty dope. That was a pretty dope birthday party. Yeah, that was really awesome. It was because it was mid COVID. Labor outside tons of space. Yep. It was awesome. You You were freshly with us at that point. I

matt  55:34  
didn't. I had been around for like a week. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  55:36  
yeah. You want his grill? Who's good sous chef?

William Huffman  55:39  
Well, yeah, I

matt  55:40  
was the sous chef. I knew to stand back and let you know when to have the grill to himself. Yeah, that's my jam.

Sarah Huffman  55:47  
And then this last year, we had it in our fourth birthday party. We had it here at Maple Grove where we had a big parking lot party.

William Huffman  55:54  
We need to have a giveaway if you've been to all five of our birthday parties. Wow. You're gonna be entered into a drawing for something cool. I don't know what it is. But something. How cool is that? That'd be cool. It'd be sad if nobody could enter it though. Someone is

Sarah Huffman  56:09  
going to enter? Yeah. Taylor and Nina.

William Huffman  56:13  
Had they been all five? I've had they have food served at all of them. So Tonina probably would

Sarah Huffman  56:18  
have been there. Yeah. And then this year at the brew Park. So we're really excited. This is our first year where we are not going to be the ones hauling tables and preparing the food.

William Huffman  56:28  
Which I don't know if I'm okay with but we're doing it anyway. Yeah, we're doing it because I like to control things. Shocker.

Sarah Huffman  56:34  

William Huffman  56:36  
Interesting. Tell

Sarah Huffman  56:37  
me more. Tell me more. Yes. So those are just any other funny memories that anyone wants to share?

Brenden  56:42  
I think what we were doing, we were doing something at your place you you're cooking burgers and bacon and you sent me to Costco to get tons and tons of shit. So I came back with everything and you were like, Alright, I need you to put everything in the fridge every single like can a beer or bottle we had I want it in the fridge. 10 minutes after I got done putting it all the fridge you're like Okay, put it in the coolers. Good job. Was like what was the waste of time to stack them all in there?

Sarah Huffman  57:10  
I remember you were wearing a green shirt.

Brenden  57:13  
That was Yeah, we were sweating. Oh, I was sweating like orange shirt.

Sarah Huffman  57:17  
Yeah. It was. Yeah, sweater.

William Huffman  57:21  
Yeah. Oh my gosh. Or how about anytime an Amazon box arrives? Oh, God in the office. What is it this time? It's amazing.

Brenden  57:30  
It's finger lights.

William Huffman  57:32  
That was that. That's one of my most embarrassing purchases.

matt  57:37  
Backpack umbrella.

William Huffman  57:39  
That one's pretty amazing. That's that's an amazing, amazing purchase. But the finger lights are pretty freakin stupid.

matt  57:46  
Everything else is great.

Sarah Huffman  57:48  
Oh, my Lord,

matt  57:49  
my first week with with the company. You know, my office, I think was closest to the wherever the UPS driver. The Amazon driver came in this is back in Loring park a couple of years ago, that first week it was right before the third birthday party. And it was just nonstop boxes into that office. I remember that. Yeah. And it got to the point to where Cindy badness came in. She was just you know, on a visit, I'd never met Cindy. She's like, hey, you know what, you're really gonna want to hear this from me then, you know, certain other people. The bar, you got to do something with the boxes. They're really kind of getting out of control. And I'm like,

Sarah Huffman  58:29  
it's a problem. Like, my name is Matt. I've been here like, two days.

matt  58:33  
Yeah. And I just moved them downstairs and no big deal, but the boxes haven't stopped since. I guess is the point. I'm trying to make that subject.

Sarah Huffman  58:44  
Well, I'm gonna go spray some spray and I'll calm myself down here. Oh,

William Huffman  58:49  
how about how about meditations in the office and be honest, like what the hell is going on? You're welcome. Oh, my gosh.

matt  58:57  
You're weird. Sarah. You haven't? You haven't had your potions out in a while?

Sarah Huffman  59:02  
I I should go spray the room. Well, yeah, I mean, shoot now that you mentioned it.

matt  59:08  
You used to use to spray quite Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Sarah Huffman  59:12  
It's good place. Maybe

matt  59:14  
things have been so good. You haven't needed to.

Sarah Huffman  59:16  
Alright, should we make our before we wrap up? Let's make our predictions. Oh, what

William Huffman  59:21  
are you predicting?

Sarah Huffman  59:23  
Where are we going to be in five years?

William Huffman  59:26  
No idea. That's not possible to predict. Right behind

Brenden  59:29  
Jonah. In production.

William Huffman  59:33  
That might be all of us at this phase.

Sarah Huffman  59:36  
Okay, where are we going to be? Two years. And I was just gonna say in a year.

William Huffman  59:40  
I'm like, what are we talking like, wherever you guys think?

Sarah Huffman  59:44  
I'm gonna be a dad. You're gonna be a dad. Like

Brenden  59:47  
Fingers crossed.

William Huffman  59:50  
Any year? Yep. From now? Yep. In August. Sure. Gonna be 43 You're right. Yeah. Hopefully having another A podcast like this and just loving life. I don't know, things are going very well. What about you?

Sarah Huffman  1:00:07  
I would like to either have written or be in process of writing a book.

William Huffman  1:00:13  
Okay. Okay.

Sarah Huffman  1:00:17  
Because I think there's just like, I don't know what the I don't quite know what it's going to be or if we're going to jointly write it. But I'm going to if we don't jointly write it, I will write it on my own, because I think I've had a journey that I think others could relate to and learn from

William Huffman  1:00:34  
others was written by Sarah Hoffman. That's in the bottom, just add me to it. Like in little letters. Yeah. And I'll just write the end. That's what I'll read.

Sarah Huffman  1:00:45  
Honestly, I think I think the topic of the book is actually going to be about health and wellness. The other thing I'm going to say is next year, summer of 2023. Will and Sarah are going to go to Europe

William Huffman  1:00:57  
in the year 2023.

Sarah Huffman  1:01:00  
Wow, that was weird. Thank you. All right. Well, everybody, we are going to wrap up this podcast. There's so many more things that we could have dived dove, Devon, Devon into. But you know, I'm just really proud of the way that we have just kind of worked through business not coming into business, knowing a lot about business. Definitely having failures, definitely standing back up, and definitely keep going. I think that is what we will be known for is that we will always keep going.

William Huffman  1:01:33  
And this amazing podcast, which is super onpoint all the time and never veers off

Sarah Huffman  1:01:39  
yeah, just like this. It looks like it will be a podcast of one party coming up. Oh, rude. Oh, well, you were just saying like, your dog in the podcast. No, I wasn't. I felt like it.

William Huffman  1:01:56  
Cuz you're an S and you read into my words All right.

Brenden  1:02:03  
Kinda even the I knew what he was saying. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  1:02:07  
Thanks, Brendan. For the for the help. Yeah, I've

Brenden  1:02:10  
sat you down a few times. Yeah. God never the intention. Never.

William Huffman  1:02:14  
Alright everybody. Thanks for joining us. And as always, we out deuces.

Accouncer  1:02:20  
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