Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 42: The Secret to Living a Bold, Successful Life with Artemisa Boston

August 15, 2022 Sarah Huffman & William Huffman
Ep 42: The Secret to Living a Bold, Successful Life with Artemisa Boston
Life Behind the Highlight Real
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Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 42: The Secret to Living a Bold, Successful Life with Artemisa Boston
Aug 15, 2022
Sarah Huffman & William Huffman

Sarah met Artemisa met after both were nominated for Female Realtors of the Year. 

During that ceremony, Sarah realized that she knew nothing about the other nominees, so she set up a lunch, and the two have been friends ever since. 

"You can see and experience people online, but until you meet them in person, it's different."

Artemisa is a heavy hitter in the real estate industry selling 300 homes last year. 


That's huge. 

Getting to this point was hard work, though. After juggling 3 jobs at the same time, she was in search of a career that would give her a life. 

That's when she discovered real estate. 

For Artemisa, getting to that goal wasn't easy. She had to do two things: Get her real estate license and learn English. At the same time!

In this episode, she'll talk about the challenge of passing the real estate license test and how an emergency trip to the hospital was the biggest gift she could ask for. 

She'll also talk about why her birthday is unknown, her upbringing in Mexico City, and how she met Mark. 

Ya know, Mark from Wisconsin. 

The man that, after three wedding ceremonies, would go on to become her husband. She'll explain. 

Then comes the real estate team, starting a family, and surviving fluctuations in the real estate market. 

Her secret? 


It is recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and doubling down on your talents. It's a lesson we can all learn.

This great episode is about being fearless, finding success, and living a purposeful life. 

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Show Notes Transcript

Sarah met Artemisa met after both were nominated for Female Realtors of the Year. 

During that ceremony, Sarah realized that she knew nothing about the other nominees, so she set up a lunch, and the two have been friends ever since. 

"You can see and experience people online, but until you meet them in person, it's different."

Artemisa is a heavy hitter in the real estate industry selling 300 homes last year. 


That's huge. 

Getting to this point was hard work, though. After juggling 3 jobs at the same time, she was in search of a career that would give her a life. 

That's when she discovered real estate. 

For Artemisa, getting to that goal wasn't easy. She had to do two things: Get her real estate license and learn English. At the same time!

In this episode, she'll talk about the challenge of passing the real estate license test and how an emergency trip to the hospital was the biggest gift she could ask for. 

She'll also talk about why her birthday is unknown, her upbringing in Mexico City, and how she met Mark. 

Ya know, Mark from Wisconsin. 

The man that, after three wedding ceremonies, would go on to become her husband. She'll explain. 

Then comes the real estate team, starting a family, and surviving fluctuations in the real estate market. 

Her secret? 


It is recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and doubling down on your talents. It's a lesson we can all learn.

This great episode is about being fearless, finding success, and living a purposeful life. 

Learn more about Artemisa

Email address:

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah. And we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with REMAX results of Good Life Group. And that's our legal disclaimer. Hey everybody, William here, and today we're talking with Artemesia. Boston. She is obviously a fantastic real estate agent. And the story from Mexico City to Wisconsin, is you can't make it up. Oh my gosh, I've never heard of somebody getting excited for appendicitis. Oh, yes,

Artemisa Boston  0:27  
yes. When you have three jobs, and somebody's going to beat you three times per day, and you're going to be in a bed and you're going to be able to study? Of course, yes, I was excited.

Accouncer  0:37  
Welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online. Join hosts, Sarah and William Huffman, as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel.

William Huffman  0:58  
Everybody, William here and Sarah and

Artemisa Boston  1:01  
out of Cammisa Boston. Oh, right. This

William Huffman  1:03  
is taped to everybody. Because that's what we do on the show we did we just start over if we don't like it. All right. How did you guys meet?

Sarah Huffman  1:12  
Okay, so we all went to the real producers awards show. I don't even know if it's award show. We were You were nominated for female realtor of the year, both of you were which is so cool. Yes. And so after that night, I looked at the other female realtor of the years. And there were just so many. There's so many so much awesome talent, just from the so much awesome talent in our marketplace, but also just like the people that were nominated. And I'm like, I don't know, any of these women that were nominated. And I remember it was, it was a weird feeling. I was nervous. I'm like, I'm just gonna send an email to everybody. And let's do lunch. Why not?

William Huffman  1:51  
I was I was really shocked when you did that. Well, I wasn't because I know you. But I'm like, oh, like, those are some heavy hitters. You're just like, let's go. Let's be friends.

Sarah Huffman  1:59  
Well, it's like, you can see and experience people online. But until you actually meet people in person, it changes. Yes. And I didn't know you like I'd seen your name I had seen offers come through. But I didn't know. And all I knew is well. Artemisa does a ton of business. I don't know how she does it.

William Huffman  2:17  
A titan like gangster level.

Sarah Huffman  2:20  
So ski aren't, this won't this podcast won't be about real estate. Because really, we just want to get to know you more. But real estate is a big part. And I would love to just hear the highlights of like last year, how many families did you or how many people? How many homes Did you sell last year?

Artemisa Boston  2:37  

Sarah Huffman  2:39  
How many homes? Oh,

William Huffman  2:40  
300. Yes, you must have? Yeah, I know a little bit about your systems. But you really incorporate like the showing agent model? Yes. And at an extreme level, like, unheard of personally, how did you?

Sarah Huffman  2:57  
How many people are on your team? Yes,

Artemisa Boston  2:59  
I probably we are like close to 20. So I have six assistants, and there are like maybe 12 or join agents. And I feel I have a group in Mexico that they take care of my database. So they call my clients just to be sure that everything is fine every day.

William Huffman  3:20  
Wow. So you have a pretty well oiled machine. It sounds like yes, that is is that's incredible. I can literally spend hours talking about you and your systems and how you do things how to start.

Artemisa Boston  3:32  
Okay, so I was my husband was in law school, and I have three jobs. Okay, so I was like, trying to like find something that made me the money that I need. And I don't have to. I don't want to I didn't want to work three in three jobs anymore. Right? Yeah. So I was like talking to someone. I was the office manager of a law, a law office. And I asked him, What do you do? And he says, I am a real estate agent. This was like 22 years ago. So he was like, okay, so how much money do you make? And he said, like, like $2,000 Every time that I sell a house, I got like $2,000 While I can do that, and I was so good selling stuff since I was like a little kid that I went to Mumbai. I started there real estate Lakers. Obviously I didn't speak English, so I have to translate the book. At the same time that I was like learning real estate. I was learning English. Oh, wow. So

William Huffman  4:41  
yeah, let's let's let's Yeah, okay. Wow.

Artemisa Boston  4:45  
But so I was in my three jobs but I was lucky because one of my jobs was like Saturday and Sundays 10 hours, but we didn't do too much. So I had time to read the the real estate book. So I try like so many times because every time that I tried to pass the test, they change one word. And I have memorized the book. So now, I didn't pass for seven times

William Huffman  5:12  
when you you had to memorize. You memorize the book, or you memorize

Artemisa Boston  5:17  
the book, but if you change one word, you don't know where it is. Exactly. So I have to like, try to make them the tears, I I tried to pass the test seven times. But the last time was awesome, because I went to the hospital because I have appendicitis. So I was like, yes. So I'm going to be able to start in the hospital.

William Huffman  5:42  
You are excited.

Artemisa Boston  5:45  
Excited? So excited. So actually, I did a study and when I went out of the hospital my husband says let's go to the house and I said no, to they have the appointment for the test. So it was like walking like they're like trying to get to the

Sarah Huffman  6:01  
to the discharged out of the hospitals on you're going to take your real estate license. Guess what happened?

Artemisa Boston  6:07  
I boss

William Huffman  6:11  
that is oh my gosh, and podcast over because that is amazing.

Sarah Huffman  6:15  
And this is why Artemisa is the badass boss. Yeah.

William Huffman  6:19  
Yeah. Oh my gosh, I've never heard of somebody getting excited for appendicitis. Oh,

Artemisa Boston  6:29  
yes, yes. When you have three jobs, and somebody's going to get you three times per day and you're going to be in a bed and you're going to be able to study? Of course, yes, I was excited.

William Huffman  6:40  
Okay, now, now we need to bring it back. Now. We have to go back to where were you born? Where were you raised? What did your parents do? Do you have any siblings? Let's start way back where?

Artemisa Boston  6:52  
Okay. I'm from Mexico City. I was like born in a little town because my mother was on vacation. Really? Yes. So I was born there. But they forgot to register when I was born. And they like a few days pass. And when they went to like, register the baby, they forgot what day I was born. So they decide to put the they have the town party, the little town party. So I that was in November 8 25 years ago.

Sarah Huffman  7:28  
Got your license when you were free? Yeah. Alright. It's also really fun. Finding that out. Yeah.

Artemisa Boston  7:34  
So after that, we we weren't from Mexico City. So we I grew up where my father?

William Huffman  7:42  
Did you just tell me that your parents forgot what day you were born? Yeah. So they just picked the day that the big party was

Artemisa Boston  7:50  
just because i That day was really really bad. So they didn't go to the hospital. I was born in a little room.

William Huffman  7:57  
So you can't be leaving out these details. This is the stuff with you were born in a little room that little

Artemisa Boston  8:02  
room. Back Okay, super bad. So they didn't want to go to the hospital because the weather was super bad. So I was born in that little room. They pass so when they went to live to the place termI they forgot the day.

Sarah Huffman  8:19  
And your mom like were you the first child?

Artemisa Boston  8:22  
No, it was a third one that's why you don't care

William Huffman  8:32  
third ones that I got this

Artemisa Boston  8:34  
yay. You we use they they use closer and yeah. That yeah,

William Huffman  8:40  
I was like, No, I don't know how that is. Oh, you mean like the in the third kid? Yeah. Okay,

Artemisa Boston  8:45  
nobody cares. We don't have pictures. The third kid they have pictures of the first one and the second one like crazy. This is

William Huffman  8:52  
actually kind of true. Sarah has brought

Sarah Huffman  8:53  
this up. It's not my baby book. Yeah. Has my name in it. There's no There's no pictures because she's

Artemisa Boston  9:00  
He's nobody cares. I mean, yeah. Okay, baby. So that happens. Okay, so they didn't even remember the my birthday. That is funny. No, yeah, that is very funny. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  9:11  
So What day do you celebrate your birthday on?

Artemisa Boston  9:13  
November 8? November 8? Yes, but I don't know exactly what they but I don't care. Yeah, either.

William Huffman  9:20  
That's embracing life right there. That's so cool. Okay, so

Sarah Huffman  9:23  
you were born in a little room because the weather was too bad so that you didn't go to the hospital? Yes. And

Artemisa Boston  9:28  
so on after that, the vacations and and we went to Mexico City. So I have two brothers and one sister.

Sarah Huffman  9:39  
two older brothers

Artemisa Boston  9:40  
to know is one older brother, my sister me and the youngest one the Junkers one is 10 years younger.

William Huffman  9:47  
Does he even have a name? We were the kids school.

Artemisa Boston  9:53  
So um, we have like a childhood my my father was a really smart person. He was like ah, I'm a journalist, okay, but also an adviser of politicians because he had read a lot and he was really smart. And my mother was a really hard worker. She had a beauty salon, okay. And by the way, I was like cutting hair for 10 years, because I started, I want to like make money since I was a little kid. So I went to the school, the beautician school when I was 14 years old. So after high school, I went to the school. So every day, I come back to my house at 9pm after this call, so I started like doing hair when I was 15. I was like a perfect because now I don't have to ask for money I and I have enough money to pay my school with a call is my food, everything that I needed.

William Huffman  10:50  
So you you discovered at a young age that maybe you didn't know the word entrepreneur, but at a young age, you're like, I'm going to be an entrepreneur, I'm going to be self sufficient. If I need something. I'm going to go out there and I'm going to get it. Yes.

Artemisa Boston  11:05  
And it was like that. I was like, probably eight years old. When I started like working in the beauty salon. That in that time was my own calls beauty salon. So I was like, I like the clients pay me I was the cashier. Yes. Okay. And I watched the hair of the clients and I tried to like listen, because I discovered that people like to talk. Okay, so I was like, super liberal, but I listen, like those ladies know, you're like doing the hair and I was changing. I was watching the hairs. And they were like talking and I tried to like agree with them. Or whatever. So they they tip me. Yeah.

William Huffman  11:49  
Give me that money. Yeah. Welcome,

Artemisa Boston  11:51  
buddy. Yeah, so, but also I enjoy it. Okay. Yeah, I enjoy being around people and listening people and advising people I am like, and also Yeah, okay. It's like, I was like a little kid. But I was like an old lady inside.

William Huffman  12:06  
Yeah, our neighbor girls kind of like that. She's Yeah, she's 15. Now I

Sarah Huffman  12:10  
think I'm like that. Like, I just remember as a young kid, I felt like I got a longer I had more fun with adults. Like hearing their story learning about life.

William Huffman  12:20  
That's awesome. Yeah. So so. Okay, so growing up, you went to school, you middles? Did you enjoy school? Were you good at school? Did you hate school?

Artemisa Boston  12:30  
I probably I was good. The thing is, I was thinking in another store in order to stop I wasn't the client in the class, but I always like I was dreaming and thinking. So you, you have me for 30 minutes after that you'll lose me. So the way to pass the classes is I went to my house and I learned myself. Okay. I actually was not paying attention. Never ever. Okay, I was like always dreaming about something. Worry about something. Trying to figure it out. Yeah. Life

William Huffman  13:02  
at eight,

Artemisa Boston  13:04  
eight? No, actually, when I was five, nobody wants to take me the schools. They didn't want to take me because I need to be six years old. But I convinced her and the school to take me. Okay, when I was five. So I was like that kind of tile.

William Huffman  13:22  
Okay. All right, that

Sarah Huffman  13:24  
Well, I mean, that's why I love hearing about people and how they grew up. Because literally when you think about that five year old self and where you are now yeah, it's not by accident because

William Huffman  13:36  
somebody just seeing you now would not put together what you did at that age. We did see this super successful. Well put together person and it's really cool to hear at five years old. You're like, I'm gonna figure this out because I'm going to school even though I'm supposed to be six. Let's go.

Artemisa Boston  13:53  
Yes. I don't know if they think if the way they were thinking that I'm going to be really successful. The only thing that I think is my life is the splits into when I was in Mexico. And after that I got here is like, everything that I learned there is like, was like sometimes so to have that maybe teach me what I need to be here. The thing is a difference is you have more opportunities here. If you work hard, and you do your best every day. Everyone can be successful in this country.

William Huffman  14:32  
Yeah, yeah.

Sarah Huffman  14:33  
Okay. When did you hold on? Oh, yeah. Okay,

William Huffman  14:36  
we got we, because you love to jump ahead. You love the stock you like that? I want to hear okay, hold me back, holding back. So, okay, so we're five we're convincing everybody we're old enough to be six. But we don't really want a birthday is we were born in a little room. We're eight o'clock or Washington we're eating yet. We're eating our washing hair. We're at the salon. We're getting tips. We're learning how to communicate with people. We're building some fantastic social skills. You're 14 you're like, I'm gonna go to a beautician school you're staying until nine o'clock at night. Now 14 Until when like, when did you finally get your? When did you finally start cutting hair and doing all that stuff? 15 So at 50 Okay, so it took forever. Yeah.

Artemisa Boston  15:17  
So I was able to work every day. And, but I have also a lot of fun. Okay, because also my life change before to be a more that I was another person. Okay, I was super fun. I don't know I have a baby and after the baby's like another person.

William Huffman  15:37  
Okay, well, when did you have your baby first?

Artemisa Boston  15:39  
I was like, 30 years old.

William Huffman  15:42  
So we got 15 years to cover. Yeah, hold on. Yeah. Okay, so 15 We're cutting here.

Sarah Huffman  15:48  
And how long are you still going to school?

Artemisa Boston  15:49  
Yeah, yes, I was going to the school every morning. And when I arrived from the school, I started putting it here. So it was Monday to Saturday. Saturday, I worked the entire day in the beauty salon, and I have Sundays, but was good because I party on Saturdays. I've done live work. And I have like Sunday to like kind of, like have my clothes ready. And my stove ready. And I was going over. So yeah, of course. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. So I was doing that after that. I went to college.

William Huffman  16:22  
When I was working, okay, what do you do at university? What you do college?

Artemisa Boston  16:26  
It's, I was international relations in the University of Mexico. Okay. And is that in Mexico City, Mexico City, one of the most important universities in Latin America.

William Huffman  16:38  
Okay. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  16:39  
And how big is Mexico City is huge. Yeah.

Artemisa Boston  16:44  
Yeah, sometimes I have dreams. And I wake up really scared. Because when you are in the subway, if you like some people is walking one way and you're walking the other way is like a lot of people is coming. So I have that feeling that people is coming in the other way. And I am the only one like that is going to the other way. So it's so many people. Yeah. So and he's always someone that is more like, brilliant than you or have like, more influences than you or more beautiful, more intelligent. So even that you are trying to be successful is so hard to be successful there. And I was kind of successful. I always had money, because I was cutting care. But also I went to a little town, like every couple weeks to buy shoes and and they were like, they sell leather shoes and stuff like that. So I was like selling those to my friends too. And I was like my mother Like Me perfumes from Texas. So it was like selling perfumes. So I was trying to I always have money, but was like a little harder. You're always working something. Yes. Always. Always. And I was like sometimes I did castings to like for a model or like, stuff like that. So I had that job too.

William Huffman  18:06  
So Mexico. I did not know this Mexico City is the largest city in North America. Yeah, it's Mexico City, New York, then Los Angeles. Yes. Holy bananas. It's massive.

Artemisa Boston  18:17  
She is we were like 60 kids for every classroom. Wow. 6074. Can you

Sarah Huffman  18:25  
imagine? Like if your kids experienced that? Yeah.

Artemisa Boston  18:29  
Because you figured it out. Somehow. You figured it out?

William Huffman  18:32  
I can't get i 21 almost 22 million people in Mexico City. It is the sixth largest metro metropolitan area in the world. Yeah. Oh my word. Wow. That's that's a massive place. Yeah,

Artemisa Boston  18:46  
it's a beautiful place is life on two because we live in a streets and like a long street. But all the houses are together. Okay, like one next to the other one. So obviously, we were like 100 Kids in the block. Okay, so we play Super hard the entire day. Okay, so it was super fun. And we didn't have too much, but we have like so much fun. I was from a neighborhood that they were like, medium class. And so I think we pretend to have more than we actually. Yeah. So but let the half of the kids they went to the school. And they like they went to college. And the other half they did or they stop and they may reassure their lives between them. And they stay there only like a few balls. We go to other places. But I knew that I was no I didn't want to stay there was a beautiful, beautiful place but no for me

William Huffman  19:47  
what at what age did you realize that you loved your neighborhood but there was more out there for you.

Artemisa Boston  19:54  
Maybe like 1617 Okay, so

William Huffman  19:57  
when did you act on that? When did you who leave the nest? When did you leave? The block?

Artemisa Boston  20:02  
is big. I marry Mike. I started dating Mike.

Sarah Huffman  20:07  
It all starts with love.

Artemisa Boston  20:10  
Just so we started dating when I was like 22. Okay, so we they for two years he was from Wisconsin Rapids, a little town in Wisconsin.

Sarah Huffman  20:19  
Okay, wait a minute. So you're right. Yeah. Hold school in Mexico City College.

Artemisa Boston  20:25  
And you graduated. Noisy then because I'm Mary Mike.

Sarah Huffman  20:28  
And how did you meet Mike from Wisconsin? So

William Huffman  20:36  
I made some assumptions that I was totally wrong. I this Yeah.

Artemisa Boston  20:40  
I was there in a mall. And I made a lie. So Mike and Wisconsin are in Mexico City, Mexico City. I was working in a mall. But I was like, in a campaign for a Sheraton Hotel. So I have my, my little outfit of my tennis, tennis player outfit and sell in line with the Sheraton hotels, because that was my other job. And Mike was in the mall. So I met Mike there.

William Huffman  21:06  
So he was just visiting or as he was laid

Artemisa Boston  21:09  
there, because he was in a mission. Okay, okay. He used to be like, I'm not going to talk about the religion, but he used to be like that religion. Yeah, he was there. Glide, like as a missionary. Okay, so all really Yes. But I didn't know what was that. Okay. Because in my house, we didn't have like that. No, we were kind of Catholics or something like that. But my father didn't have a religion. So when he says, Yeah, missionary, I'm from these religion. I say cool. I mean, yeah, I didn't have a clue.

William Huffman  21:43  
So how did he catch your attention? Like, are they there? Did you get his attention? Or did he get your attention?

Artemisa Boston  21:49  
I remember that I saw, like, a lot of people always like, come to ask questions know the guys, they were like, who we have interest. Another guy. But these guys come back he this guy come back like three times to ask me about different destinations. And I got like, these cables didn't have any money. Missionary? No, I didn't know him. Okay, he didn't know. So the third time that he comes back, I said, What do you exactly one where do one? Okay? He says no, I'm just like asking about the day, the trips now. The Sheraton hotels and whatever I say, Yeah, whatever. So we start talking and I say where do you live? He says, Oh, by that part of the city. No, I told him where I was leaving. And he says, Oh, I will I live in the same light area. Lit later, I learned that he was like leaving in the older side. But he wants to come with me to the other side. Yes.

William Huffman  22:56  
You guys could have seen the eyeroll which she just said he came back a third time. What do you want? It was? It was a professional brush off of men. Iraq. It was fantastic. I've seen I've seen it before.

Artemisa Boston  23:10  
Yeah, so and we started dating and was really good. My kids had the Rankine Oh, guy. We have like super different, like a story that he's from Wisconsin Rapids. Yeah. And I am from Mexico City. You can see the difference. Yeah,

William Huffman  23:26  
I think the population of Wisconsin could be in Mexico City like five times over like the whole state. Yeah. So

Artemisa Boston  23:32  
he's from here. I was from there. We speak different languages. We have different believes. We are so different. But we love each other. So how to make it work.

William Huffman  23:45  
Absolutely. Love will conquer all things. Absolutely. How did you communicate though, because you didn't really know English at the time. Did he know a little bit of Spanish? Yeah,

Artemisa Boston  23:53  
he did. Okay, that so who we communicate? I didn't speak English. Okay. And also, we communicate in Spanish. Yeah. Good job, Mike. So but okay, so you need to know that, like a few years ago, a few a few years ago. When you were like junk in Mexico, if you are a lady, you the only way that you are going out of your house is if you get marry. Otherwise, you can no live with your boyfriend. You can no go alone to live in another place. Really? Yeah. So but I can bend so I want to like come over here to to meet the family. I just want to be sure that they weren't aware those are something What about they were serial killers

William Huffman  24:41  
or Wisconsin? There are a lot of them. Yeah. So I

Artemisa Boston  24:45  
told my parents that I was coming for an exchange student exchange. But I would like if they call they are not going to be able to communicate now because even that they have the phone number of the house. They are going to call and nobody's going to be able to tell them what I am doing here. Okay, hold on,

Sarah Huffman  25:04  
hold it. So remember when rd was 506? Yeah, now she's going on. And I'm Eric cool. Yeah. Exchange.

William Huffman  25:13  
Okay. From how long until you met Mr. Mike at the mall when he asked you three times about destinations until you're telling your parents this wonderful story that you're gonna go to Wisconsin and visit his family like one tear. Okay, so there was some time there. Yes. And he was still living in the city at the time.

Artemisa Boston  25:34  
No, no, no, he come back. And I had like, okay, whatever. No, I'm never going to see this guy anymore. No, he was so intense. So the phone was super expensive. So he sell his plasma to call you to call me because we have like, $300 per month. 20 some years ago. Oh my God. So he was like selling his plasma. And he was able to call me and he was super intense. Because the day that he arrived here, he called me right away. He says, I arrived. And I was like, Okay. I hear satellite calling me every single night. Wow. So and we use that lie.

Sarah Huffman  26:14  
Having a long distance relationships. Yes. And

Artemisa Boston  26:17  
we'd like to write a lot of letters. Wow. So we write letters. And we still have the letters. Do you really? Yeah. Yeah. So you can read the entire life? Story? Yes. Yes. So maybe I should like make a book for my grandkids?

William Huffman  26:34  
Yeah. Oh, my God. Yeah. Not only the first two, not the third 1/3. One, nobody cares. So after so he was in Mexico City for a while he goes back to Wisconsin. I can see why you two fit together. I don't even know him at all. But you're also intense if you don't know that. Maybe not in that way. But you're very motivated, driven. There we go. So after talking for a year on the phone, that's when you decide to create the story that you're going to do a student exchange in Wisconsin. Yes. How did that go?

Artemisa Boston  27:10  
Oh, like I was so in love with the family. Because they were like so beautiful with me. They didn't. I was the only brown people in the town. Oh, yeah. Okay. So like people, we were like passing by like the red lights. And they stopped us to like see the difference? Because everyone was worried. So and they didn't care because sometimes going you are different. Are you you are like kind of embarrass or? No, no, they were like so supportive. They didn't know me, and they were so carrying the light. I was in the house and they allow me to his leave with the little daughter without knowing me. Okay, that now that I am adult, I'm like, I don't know if I can allow someone that I don't know is living with my father. Yeah. No, but they would lay so caring. And I was I fall so much in love with the family. Wow.

Sarah Huffman  28:07  
So then when did you and Mike get married?

William Huffman  28:09  
Hold on. Oh, my gosh, you're right, sir. We're skipping ahead. I must say got married the next day. I don't want to hear about it yet. There's too many great things here. Okay, so how long did you stay in Wisconsin the first time we need to hear all the details.

Artemisa Boston  28:24  
So I think I stayed there for one or two weeks. I don't remember. And I was like, super good. Everyone. Everyone was like, working and I was staying in the house. But remember that I always always, always be see, we do three jobs working at the school and whatever. So was like, I never have the time to stay in a house alone. Because the entire day without anything. And we didn't have cell phones or anything? No. Okay. So it was like, enjoying the time because I never like have the time to do that. So I was watching TV. And before they arrive I was like, trying to clean the house a little bit. So to pay the bills, I was staying and eating their food or whatever. So I was trying to be nice too. But it was like a really good time.

William Huffman  29:17  
So did anybody else speak Spanish besides Mike? No.

Artemisa Boston  29:20  
So I communicate with the smiles.

William Huffman  29:23  
Oh, okay. So you stayed for a week or two? Then you go home? Yeah. And what is going through your mind now that you're back home?

Artemisa Boston  29:33  
Lay the confirmation that that Mexico city is beautiful, but I was no from there. That was a confirmation that no I think is this is no my place. Okay, I need to go into a different

William Huffman  29:49  
go somewhere else. Wow. And how old you were 2222 22 and that that's a I would call that a life changing event right there. Like it's just you take time I'm confirming that you know, you're bound to do something else somewhere else. Yes. And now you know that so, how long from when you get back to Mexico? What happens when you get back to Mexico City? So what do you do? Do you just like, pack your bags and tell your parents that you're leaving?

Artemisa Boston  30:15  
When I come back? Yeah, no, no, no, because I wanna like honor my parents like getting married with my wife race and whatever. So I we were debating Mike was BCT in IBS at one more time. And we were like, they didn't like that. And after like, I want to live give my mother the gift to glycemic with the why that is and whatever, yeah, I didn't care too much. So I she was like, Oh, she was so excited to see in the fabric for the dress and, and I was no excited about that. So I was excited for my new my new life.

Sarah Huffman  30:52  
Okay, and it wasn't about the wedding. It was about

Artemisa Boston  30:55  
exactly, but she was so excited with the wedding that I want to give her the gift. Very cool. So I act like I was so excited and whatever that I didn't. Yeah. So how

William Huffman  31:05  
did you tell your parents that? Oh, by the way, I'm marrying this guy from Wisconsin.

Artemisa Boston  31:10  
So my father was like soap and mine and my mother. Also, like really easy woman really see person. So I don't know. Like they weren't a big deal. Just but they they knew me. So they were expecting something different.

William Huffman  31:29  
Yeah. Okay. There was no surprise.

William Huffman  31:33  
That makes sense. Yeah, that's that's the tie. I needed to bring it all together. They didn't do that. You were gonna be that kid. Yeah.

Artemisa Boston  31:38  
So they were prepared.

William Huffman  31:39  
And they're like, Hey, this isn't as bad as maybe it could have been so we're okay with this. Yeah. Okay. So did you get married in Mexico City, then?

Artemisa Boston  31:48  
I marry Mexico City and here to so I married three times. With the same guy.

William Huffman  31:57  
Why are you married three times because

Artemisa Boston  32:00  
we marry in December 1999. Okay. And by the law, okay, in a little town in Monterrey, the first of January, because we have to travel over there. Because nobody was working. But my father kept connection. So he sent us to Monterey to get marry. Because we were thinking for immigration purposes is going to be easier. Yeah, we found out that was not the case. Okay, so and after that we married Mexico City. And after that we marry in Wisconsin Rapids.

William Huffman  32:36  
Did you wear the same dress? Yes.

Sarah Huffman  32:40  
You got your use out of that drive? Yes.

William Huffman  32:42  
You did. Yes. Yes.

Sarah Huffman  32:44  
So Monterey, California. Monterrey, Mexico. Monterrey, Mexico.

Artemisa Boston  32:48  
Close to McAllen, Texas. Okay.

Sarah Huffman  32:53  
So you got married there? Yeah. Then in Mexico City and was the max were these big weddings?

Artemisa Boston  32:57  
Yes. The ones really big. The one in Mexico City. Really beautiful wedding. And yeah, it was really nice. And when I came here, we have a big wedding too. In Wisconsin Rapids. Did your parents come to Wisconsin? Yes. And his parents going to Mexico City. Wow, this.

William Huffman  33:15  
So I do. You said something about that. You found out that it wasn't easy for the immigration purposes to get when you got married and stuff. At this time? What was Mike doing for work when you were getting married?

Artemisa Boston  33:27  
I think he was working. I don't know, like, remodeling company. Okay, he was preparing to go because when we married we went to Utah. Okay to like, he got on a scholarship there for two people to do the college. And after that he got another scholarship to for William Mitchell. The lowest score. Yeah. So we came back here. So but he was like to be doing jobs was nothing serious. We didn't have a lot of money. Okay. Like we try to, that's why I had three jobs. Because I had to like figure it out the rent for the next month. You were working to pay the rent? Yes. So when we arrived here, we were waiting for some money, some scholarship money, because we were in youth. So when we came here, we didn't have furniture or anything. So we rented an apartment in Lexington, Paraguay, so we have only the money for that rent. But I didn't have a car. So I was thinking how I'm going to make this happen. So I saw a bakery in Randolph. So and, and I went to try to talk to the guy and say, you know, I need to work. So he says, like, but you don't even speaking, they say but I promise you I'm going to work hard. And I convince him he says Okay, so see you tomorrow. See you tomorrow at 4am.

William Huffman  34:59  
I'm going to start a bakery just to hire you. I mean, that's what's gonna happen.

Artemisa Boston  35:03  
Yeah, so I took a shower at 2am. And I was super like you that 4am in the bakery, and you were ready to go. Ready to go. I lost only one month there because I found that reception is you're okay that I convinced the guy that I speak English and I didn't. And he hired me to be the receptionist. And I didn't speak English, but I convinced him that I did. Okay, because was her Hispanic, please. Okay. And after three months, I was a manager. I just want I just need a chance and they come through. Yep.

William Huffman  35:39  
And I'll prove this is fantastic. All right. So Mike's going to school for law school at this time. Yes. Your your, your, for lack of better terms. You're lying your way through careers at this point in time. Correct. But doing it very well.

Artemisa Boston  35:55  
Yeah. Excellent. It might be an extra

William Huffman  35:58  
convincing lying whatever you want. So now you have one job and what were your other when you had three jobs at one time? What were those three careers? What those were three jobs.

Artemisa Boston  36:09  
Okay, so was I work in them in the law office, okay. And I have another job in the afternoons. And I have this Saturday and Sundays. Job. Okay, so but I don't remember. Bring your tie. Remember my job. So I have three three jobs, but I got the jobs in in a mall. Okay. So, obviously, even though you have a career in Mexico City when you arrived here, you are nothing. Okay. So I went to they hire me to clean the foot course. Okay. And I in the same mall, they have a beauty salon. So I was like working in the beauty salon. And also I work in Costco, the foot lady. Okay. Yeah. So I have my three job. So I have my big suitcase. So every day, every day, so I used to like change uniforms. No, and I was able to, but the good thing about me is I never feel bad. Cleaning the foot corps. After that I came from a different life. Because my life was like, with my father, sometimes we had a lot of money. So we eat in the best restaurants and have the best things. And sometimes we didn't have any money. Because he was no organized. That's why I want to have my own money because I want to don't leave that kind of situation. But I knew the two worlds really good. So some people they can know, figured it out when they came here and they are engineers or teachers in Mexico, they feel really bad that you need to clean a table. I was No, I was super happy because I was like learning something and was a challenge. I want to like work hard because I saw the possibilities in this country. I would like if I weren't like I was working in Mexico. I'm going to like make it.

William Huffman  38:08  
Shocker you have. Right? Okay. So I mean, your work ethic is obviously unparalleled by almost anything. And now you were said you were working in a law office when you asked him What did he do? And he told you real estate? Yes. And he told you that you make $2,000 selling a home and you're like, oh my gosh, $3,000. And but then you said that you had to memorize the book? Yes. Like, okay. Working hard and cleaning tables and working at the salon and Costco and like, I understand that, like, I understand that to working hard. The concept of memorizing a book in a language, I don't know, to pass a test that I really can't read. Like, that just kind of blows my mind. How did you do that? Like, what was your thought? I mean, obviously, you were like, you're just driven. You're like, you don't have another choice or that's how it maybe you felt. But like, how long did it take? What was your process? Like? I want to hear about that?

Artemisa Boston  39:13  
It took like a year. Okay, so was like a long time. But like I say in my job in Saturdays and Sundays we work in American security corporation that was like the company that they have like the money for all those stores are the companies and they bring with the trogs Yeah, and you just need to work one hour over the 10 hours, but you need to be there and it's like full of cameras in a basement. Okay, so nobody wants to work there because was a little stinky, and lonely and boring. But I was like yours. They are paying me and I can start now I can study Wow. So Mike and me he was we were together. So he was like studying his books at the law school books and I was studying real estate. So those times were like, go No. Yeah. And yeah, so we we have a really good life because we work hard. But we have a lot of fun too. Yeah. It's just like, is all these his life follow sacrifices? No, because they say like when they asked, they say like, how is possible that you have a family, and you didn't lose the family in your way to where you are? Well, first of all, Mike is like a super good partner. And obviously, he is helping with the kids. And he loves his kids really much. And he's the good like a good person, instead of like saying, Oh, your mother is never here. He was like, she's working for us. So when she come back, maybe you like to, like use your robe, carafate or something like that. He's a good partner. He's like someone that is known as the mall. Because when you're like, you have like, a woman that proudly is really successful. Sometimes you start like really being jealous. And you can lie, like poison your kids know, against the person to make her pay. But he was known as more he was a really smart man. And he gave me the opportunity to be here, because he tried to like, put the family together always like, he's, he's just like any smart person. And he's full of love. That's why we were able to make it. But the thing is, like, they will call you the that. So I remember that when you go to other estates for the tournaments of baseball. So the way that I was doing because in that time, I didn't have too many assistants. So I have to do all the purchase agreements, all the emails, or the phone calls or everything. So in the time that they were asleep in an undisclosed during the vacations to, I was working. So when they weren't ready. Oh, yes, we are ready to go. I got like, Oh, me too. So I'm telling you that I didn't sleep too much in the last week in the last 15 years. Because I was like, trying to be there. Yeah. Okay. But I was like doing a lot of stuff.

William Huffman  42:15  
Okay, so we're gonna bring it back a little bit.

Sarah Huffman  42:20  
That seems to what you'd like to do. I'd like

William Huffman  42:22  
to bring it back. Because we just skipped ahead and skipped ahead. 15 years. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  42:26  
But like,

William Huffman  42:26  
I'm just in awe. Like, honestly. Yeah. And I, what I took from that is, you didn't do this on your own? You did this. You did it. You did it. But you had a fantastic partner with you, who was understanding and studying with you? And he obviously has that same drive that you have, and he was going to law school for on a scholarship. I mean, that's no slouch. So I don't know, scholarship, you have to keep a certain grade level and all that. So he's going through college, and he's still in college when you start your real estate stuff, right?

Artemisa Boston  43:03  
Yes. And he was also working Saturdays and Sundays and part time in the laws in the law office.

William Huffman  43:08  
Yeah, I mean, just really just taking it

Sarah Huffman  43:09  
easy. Because law school for many is their only and full time job. Yes. And so he's doing law school

Artemisa Boston  43:17  
time and another part time. So he worked 40 hours per week.

William Huffman  43:22  
Yes. Last close. Okay, yeah. When did he graduate law school, and when did you get your real estate license

Artemisa Boston  43:29  
was in 2006 when he graduated from law school, but I was already in 2001 or 2000. I started like, I got my license. Okay. So I remember that he graduated in 2006. Because I told him Okay, so now I'm going on a baby. Like,

William Huffman  43:50  
concentrate, skip this part, because we want to hear you

Artemisa Boston  43:53  
concentrate that week. And I got pregnant that week. That he was like, Yes, he was so super stressful. So I have to lie. I am pregnant. So he was more stressful. Yeah, so while it's in a normal, well, that was in 2005. Because the baby was born in 2006. Okay.

William Huffman  44:14  
So it's 2005 You've had your real estate license for a few years. Are you doing real estate full time this?

Artemisa Boston  44:20  
Okay? Yes. Because, like, I quit my my job in the afternoon. So I used like, is still working full time in the law school and going to my job Saturdays and Sundays. So in the afternoons, I did real estate. So But the surprising part is I started selling for houses, in my part time real estate. Okay, so somebody says, If you sell three houses per month for three months, is you need to quit. So but I quit. I didn't quit. I quit my job, Saturdays and Sundays. So I have more time to do real estate but you still had your other job? Yes. Okay. And after that, I read part time until I was able to like feel secure, then you wouldn't

Sarah Huffman  45:05  
have enough. Yeah. Yeah.

William Huffman  45:07  
Wow. All right. So 2006 graduate, he graduates law school, what is he do in 2006? So he when are 2005 kids born in 2006, he started working full

Artemisa Boston  45:21  
time in the law office. And after that, he quit and he opened his office.

William Huffman  45:28  
Wow. Wow. A bunch of very cheap. How

Sarah Huffman  45:31  
did he? How did he pick his area of practice? Because he does what type of law

Artemisa Boston  45:38  
immigration was because they bent the immigration process with me was so traumatic. Yeah. Because we we were trying to do everything fine, but we were advising correct.

William Huffman  45:50  
So and that's why he chose the professionals and now yes, because

Artemisa Boston  45:54  
was that event was terrible. Yeah.

William Huffman  45:57  
So he's doing that in, you're doing real estate 2008 happens? How did how did that affect you in what you were doing in your business?

Artemisa Boston  46:07  
Okay, so I have up a lot of employees because in that time, the telemarketing was like super good for Hispanics. Now everyone is sick of that. But I have like a bunch of telemarketers and I have assistants and I always have someone to drive for me. Okay, because I figured it out that I was able to work faster. Like if someone like driver me, so I have to like fire everyone. Okay, because yeah, my files they starlight, no closing. So I fire everyone except one, my one assistant. So I use that assistant stay with me. But I have to figure it out. Because I have a lease for three years. And the monthly payment was 1500 in that time. So I say, I don't know what I am going to do. But I can no break the list. So one friend introduced me with Kurt to crack Morphe that was like a big are your person

William Huffman  47:09  
bank owned reo? Is bank owned properties for those who don't know? Yep.

Artemisa Boston  47:12  
And so we were asking him what he was doing with the leads, because he has like 300 listings or something like that. He were like, I'm not doing anything. I was what about you, like, send me the phone call? My English guys like so. So, still so so but but he sent me all the phone calls. So I was able to sell 40 houses in 2008 when nobody was closing only they are your agents. So

William Huffman  47:43  
let me get this straight. So you're you're successful, you have some assistance, you have a driver, and then a 2008. The crash happens. Yeah. And you have to let everybody go except for one person that's still with you today. And in true already fashion. You're just like, I can either complain about this, or I can just figure it out. So you get a hold of one of the biggest agents has 300 listings on foreclosures bank owned REO properties. And you're like, What are you doing with the people who are calling about your listings? And he's like, I'm not doing anything with them. So you're like, how about you just send them to me? Yeah. Wow. I mean, that's ingenuity right there that says I'm gonna figure this out. So then everybody else, not everybody else. But a lot of people are. I mean, there was a massive exodus of agents like 40 50% of agents left, and you decide to go ahead and sell 40 houses in a year. Yep. Wow. Okay. Yeah.

Artemisa Boston  48:39  
I have like the motivation to start over. Yeah, it's like now that the market is changing. Everyone is super scared. Yeah, I am kind of excited. To be honest. Yeah. Okay, because he's like a new now he's going to like, I'm going to figure it out

William Huffman  48:54  
and change again. Yeah. attaint again. Wow. So 2008 You're you're doing 40 houses.

Sarah Huffman  49:00  
We have a three year old at this point.

Artemisa Boston  49:03  
Yes. Three year old.

William Huffman  49:04  
Okay. Yeah, so super easy. Once again. No big deal. You're making me feel lazy. I'm just putting that out there. I'm I'm 42 and I had a hard time getting back from Puerto Rico and I'm exhausted Here you

Artemisa Boston  49:18  
are. And I was pregnant. Oh,

William Huffman  49:20  
of course you already when my second kid? Yeah. Okay. So nine in total Wow. We need eight the story believable. Can you tone it down a little bit? I totally believe you totally believe you. So and then Mike has his law firm at this time. Yeah. How was that going? is going

Artemisa Boston  49:37  
good okay, so that like I was not making too much money because the Commission's they were low. Yeah, they have to pay the rent and my salary but we have enough money to pay everything. Okay. But, but I was like, okay, because Mike was making money. So we still have that. Okay.

Sarah Huffman  49:57  
Good. We were okay. Are you living in risk? Ansan No, I was living in Maplewood. Okay. And his office is located where was simple? And is it still in West St. Paul? Yes. Okay.

Artemisa Boston  50:08  
But now like is we purchase a little house and we have the offices together.

Sarah Huffman  50:13  
Oh, wow. Okay, that makes sense. Yep. Totally cool.

William Huffman  50:18  
And then I don't want to say the rest is history, because how many children do you have? Do you have to Okay, so then you're pregnant with your second one in 2008? You know, no big deal. You already have a three year old? Then how does 2009 And like, what are the next few years look like for you?

Artemisa Boston  50:33  
Okay, so I have the baby. But also, like, I was like, I didn't have the maternal thing, like those super women that they carry the baby and they shower, the baby and they lay, breastfeed the baby, I didn't have those skills. I was like, I love my kids with all my heart, but I didn't know what to do with the kid. Okay, so I was in charge of the third shift those years. So I have a nanny in the morning to clean my house a little bit and take care of the baby and shower the baby. So after that Mike arrived at 5pm. So he was in the Navy. And when I was nine, I was like this, the third one, so I didn't sleep to Module during the nights because I was like checking the baby. So hungry, the that with the second baby.

William Huffman  51:26  
So you are a master of leverage this, like, that's what I'm picking up here. Like you. I could talk for hours, I can listen to you for hours on this seriously, like not exaggerating, you find what you are super good at this, I'm guessing here, I don't know. But this is what I'm picking up. You find what you're super good at. And what you know is the best use of your time, and you go all in on that activity. And anything else that you don't need to do, because it's not the highest and best use of your time you leverage out Yes, like you have a driver you have showing assistance even though you said it's really hard to let go. Because you are obviously a super achiever, like an ultra high achiever. And you know, you can do that, at an amazing level, you know, you can service more people and live your unreal life by using leverage and helping those people also live a good life.

Artemisa Boston  52:29  
Yes. And that in the beginning was like, different not because I was growing a business. And I was like trying to like, like find people to do the job. No, to help me. But this change, because now when you are there, you you already grow the business. You already have some money. Now you need the time. Yes. Because your kids are growing and you are not going to miss that part. Okay, so I was noisily pinned, so I you Starlight needs to be another way to make this. So he started like somebody else who started writing the purchase agreements in that time didn't exist. The transactional coordinator. That was something that I invented before the Okay, yeah, so somebody started doing the offers. Somebody started checking my email and passing the important emails to my folder. So somebody started doing different things. So I have the time to be with my kids. Because I figured it out. That I need balance. Yeah, so and I think I got there. Okay. Don't because I was feeling burn an empty Yeah,

William Huffman  53:48  
yeah. Wow. I mean, that's thank you for sharing that because somebody would like I look at you, I mean, you have a driver. Fantastic. I consider myself saris driver. And what I found super interesting, is that you gave your phone both of our phones are right in front of us like ours are right here. And what you've mastered the art of you gave it to her. Yeah. And your assistant, you haven't you haven't even looked for it. Because yeah, she's like, No hurts. You can see on his face right now, it's stone cold, like no, because you were not you were successful, but not feeling fulfilled, like you were just burning out

Artemisa Boston  54:25  
is for like, some time. So I figured it out that I need to, like, have the balance. And I say okay, and something happened. So obviously you don't get there used to get there, right? Yeah, I have like an event in my life. And they were like, Wait a second. Okay, so is so I started like looking for, for balance, just to be sure that I was in the present. Yeah, because sometimes you see pictures. I don't know if that happens to some of you guys. But I saw pictures and I don't remember that I was there. Wow. So if figured out. My body was there, but I was not there. But your soul wasn't there. So I was like, so scared when that happens when I was like checking the pictures and I say, maybe I have bad memory or maybe I was not aware. So I'm not going to do that anymore. I'm going to leave the present. And I'm leaving this moment with you guys. Okay, like I I am seeing outside, like the airplane. I'm really living in this moment. I figured it out that the past, I cannot change it. The future is going to be okay. Because I work really hard every day. So I have to live these moment.

William Huffman  55:38  
I could like cry. No mic drop, right? Like, I want to throw my phone away. I'm like, let's just skip it. I

Sarah Huffman  55:43  
hate that. But no, no, I actually wrote to a friend of mine before we went on vacation last week that my goal for vacation. I gave myself a goal for vacation. And it was to actually be in the moment every day. Yeah. Because I didn't want to look back at the vacation and think oh, I wish I would have I wish if I didn't do this or I looked at the photo and not remember it. I wanted to actually be there. Yeah. Wow.

Artemisa Boston  56:10  
Wow, actually feel that like maybe like it's still better than maybe romantic but the air, there's males, the moments the eyes, the souls they everything is like super, super interesting. These like, face that I am leaving. This started like a few years ago. And I'm really happy.

William Huffman  56:32  
Well, I can I believe you when you say you're really happy. So this is amazing. I would love to have you back some time to just talk about real estate and like you normally you don't say that. I

Sarah Huffman  56:43  
know. I really don't like about like bringing someone back just to like, state Yeah, no, I

William Huffman  56:48  
mean, I'd love to have people back but like you're it's it's just unparalleled to somebody I've had time to spend with I know other successful people. And but to sit down with you and just hear your story and see your face and see your smile. I would love to just to have you back and just talk shop maybe not even on the microphone, maybe I would, who knows. But that's okay. We'll have some drinks. You'd like the vodka here. So, you know, we're gonna have some vodka tonics, I'm looking fresh, but it'd be all super good.

Sarah Huffman  57:17  
I think this is just like such a great what I learned after our lunch in May. I'm just gonna, I want to circle back with this first section is so often we can just assume how other people are. Or we can make up a story in our own mind about oh, what their life must be like, Oh, they have it's so easy. They've never had to work a day in their life bobble in here. Yeah. Right. And I just think like, one of my favorite things about lunch that day was meeting you. Because I feel like there is you have such a story. And you are so giving. And you are. I mean, you have a packed schedule. But when you're when I'm with you, I truly feel like I'm with

Accouncer  57:54  
you. Gifts. And I what I want. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  57:58  
And I think that is a lesson in life that so many people don't ever understand. Or don't ever get to you want to we want to understand it. Right? Well, I think we're on that journey will where we're actually putting things in place to get there. I think we could just wait a second. I'm sorry, me. I

William Huffman  58:15  
know. I apologize. I'm excited.

Sarah Huffman  58:17  
But I think while we're at 42 Yeah. And I think for so long, it was always let's get to the next goal. Let's get to the next level. Let's get the next household. The next the next the next. And it was a probably about a year ago, where we started having the conversation of okay, well, what does success look like? Like what do we actually want success to be? Because we can define it? It's not what is out there? Like, oh, I've got to sell this much. I've got to make this much. No. It's like what actually do we want. And that's how we can then measure success. It's not about the money or the transactions. It's about taking the week off and putting our phone down and breathing and listening to the rainforest. That was my favorite part of our trip. Yeah, he did say that several times. Because we finally gave ourselves the space to enjoy it.

Artemisa Boston  59:07  
That is successful. zoo says please know what you have in material things is not how much money you have, is like, be able to have the necessary money to enjoy life. But having a balance having everything. Don't like lose your family in the way to get there. Because you're not going to be able to have it back.

William Huffman  59:31  
Wow, okay, well, there's no good way to wrap this one up. So I'm gonna say, I just hope

Sarah Huffman  59:36  
that wait, before we go. I just want to make sure that the world gets to know Artie and how she runs her life and the way you treat people. Like it's truly incredible. Thank you and I just like you didn't really have a choice. I'm glad that we're friends.

Artemisa Boston  59:52  
No, no, I'm happy. You are like a super beautiful person. Thanks for the opportunity to be your friend.

William Huffman  59:58  
Absolutely. That was very polite. Very nice. Now can I wrap it up? Yes. Okay. We like to end every podcast by asking our guests to name their favorite restaurants and it can be anywhere in the world it can be for any reason. We have one guy who said all of garden because he used to go there with his mother all the time. So it's very nostalgic for him, and he does like the soup and breadsticks come on me. Come on, but breadsticks are delicious. So, let's go ahead and start with yours. We'll go we'll go from five on up. So number five. Okay, so

Artemisa Boston  1:00:27  
I like Lake Elmo in okay, I've

Sarah Huffman  1:00:31  
never been there.

Artemisa Boston  1:00:32  
Yes, it doesn't matter what you eat. It's always good.

William Huffman  1:00:36  
Like Elmo and where's that can we delete that out? That was a silly question. All right, we'll go to number four

Artemisa Boston  1:00:47  
monies but I need to be prepared to eat a lot like I did I don't need for two days yeah, I can eat

William Huffman  1:00:56  
they slap the steak

Sarah Huffman  1:00:57  
fish yeah, what's your order at Manny's?

Artemisa Boston  1:01:01  
I don't know I always like say as my husband ordered whatever you want Yeah, yeah money there's no I don't care.

William Huffman  1:01:08  
I talked about before you got here she's not really picky when it comes to that. No. All right, we're gonna go to number three. El que

Artemisa Boston  1:01:14  
bonito English simple. Okay, they have like, this kind of what is the Dominican? like food or Puerto Rican? I don't know what country but he's Delicious. Delicious. Okay.

Artemisa Boston  1:01:26  
And what is it called that Koba Nieto? Okay? I love Cuba.

William Huffman  1:01:32  
Yeah. All right, then we go to number two.

Artemisa Boston  1:01:35  
So besides in Mexico City, you can have like business in your house. So besides my house was like a taco place. But instead of like the normal tacos in the streets was like a guy that had experience in a restaurant. So he made the most delicious tacos in the grove.

William Huffman  1:01:51  
So your neighbor growing up? Yeah, that's rude. I want to I want to know your neighbor growing up because that sounds amazing.

Artemisa Boston  1:01:57  
You need to go fast because he's old.

Sarah Huffman  1:02:05  
Does he still make tacos

Artemisa Boston  1:02:06  
is steel. Wow, your steel. He's super old. So I went up two weeks ago to Mexico City and I use Coker Coco Coco. I'm sorry, call him and they say Oh, thank you. I have a really good memories.

William Huffman  1:02:20  
That's That's awesome. Yeah. And number one

Artemisa Boston  1:02:24  
so forego the towel. Okay,

William Huffman  1:02:26  
yeah. Because you just like to eat. Yes.

Artemisa Boston  1:02:28  
I just clicked when I eat that needs me there. Know that the certs are good.

Sarah Huffman  1:02:34  
Yeah, and they just come in. Yeah.

Artemisa Boston  1:02:36  
And now they they CEF he knows that we like jalapenos with onions cook. So going do it like a little piece of meat with the before we have to eat our own papers. Now the chair they make that for a few Mexicans that

William Huffman  1:02:53  
we need to go there with you because that sounds fantastic. Yeah,

Artemisa Boston  1:02:56  
now we're gonna eat

William Huffman  1:03:00  
a peanut butter cup breakfast. Yeah, okay. rd, rd Musa. It's been absolutely fantastic. Get to know you. Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to knowing you for a very long time and going out to eat nicely. Yeah. Awesome. Well, as always, thank you so very much and as, as we always say, We out deuces.

Accouncer  1:03:23  
tune in each week. For more in depth conversations about life behind the highlight reel. Follow us on your favorite podcast platform to make sure you never miss an episode. For today's show notes head over to LV