Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 36: From Crackin' Backs to #CaptainHomeFinder: Ryan Fischer's Story of Struggle and Success

July 04, 2022 Sarah Huffman & William Huffman Season 1 Episode 36
Ep 36: From Crackin' Backs to #CaptainHomeFinder: Ryan Fischer's Story of Struggle and Success
Life Behind the Highlight Real
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Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 36: From Crackin' Backs to #CaptainHomeFinder: Ryan Fischer's Story of Struggle and Success
Jul 04, 2022 Season 1 Episode 36
Sarah Huffman & William Huffman

Ryan Fischer's journey from high school valedictorian to leader of his own very successful real estate team was anything but smooth.

There were many bumps along the way. 

Carrying heavy student loan debt out of school, this new chiropractor found out the hard way that establishing himself was going to demand patience. 

As he describes in today's podcast, the load of student debt along with a mortgage payment was too much for a starting chiropractor. 

But with hard work he slowing built a practice, and business that extended outside of the Cities. 

Through this journey, though, he discovered real estate. He explains the pressures of carrying two careers at once, and why he made the transition to full time real estate agent. 

He has since married the woman of his dreams, started a family, and built one of the most successful real estate teams in Minnesota. 

Today, the story of Ryan Fishsticks -- um, sorry -- we mean, Fischer.

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Ryan Fischer's journey from high school valedictorian to leader of his own very successful real estate team was anything but smooth.

There were many bumps along the way. 

Carrying heavy student loan debt out of school, this new chiropractor found out the hard way that establishing himself was going to demand patience. 

As he describes in today's podcast, the load of student debt along with a mortgage payment was too much for a starting chiropractor. 

But with hard work he slowing built a practice, and business that extended outside of the Cities. 

Through this journey, though, he discovered real estate. He explains the pressures of carrying two careers at once, and why he made the transition to full time real estate agent. 

He has since married the woman of his dreams, started a family, and built one of the most successful real estate teams in Minnesota. 

Today, the story of Ryan Fishsticks -- um, sorry -- we mean, Fischer.

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Ryan Fischer  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah and we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with REMAX results of Good Life Group and that's our legal disclaimer. Everybody, William here and today we're speaking with Ryan Fisher. We're talking like, chiropractor school. Captain Homefinder. Like, just amazing. Don't worry. He's always got your back.

Sarah Huffman  0:23  
Did they call you Dr. Fisher was a Dr. Ryan.

Ryan Fischer  0:26  
Mostly Dr. Ryan is in Cairo like Dr. Fish Dr. Fish Dix doctor. I still ever tell everybody I got their back. Yard my house, I got your back.

Accouncer  0:39  
Welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online. Join host Sarah and William Huffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel.

Ryan Fischer  1:00  
Everybody, William here and Sarah,

Ryan Fischer  1:03  
me. This is take two and before he said this guy. Oh, I forgot what he said.

Sarah Huffman  1:12  
And who is this guy? This is Brian.

Ryan Fischer  1:13  
This guy is Ryan Fisher. I'll do this real quick. If you don't know who Ryan Fisher is, and you're in real estate, he must be living under a rock because he's the captain Homefinder. He is the starter of the pro team and all around real estate badass. But like so we're not going to talk about that today. I mean, it might come up in conversation. I'm not going to avoid it. But I want to learn we want to learn more about you. Like Where'd you grow up? Where do you go to school? Any siblings? You know, your favorite food? Your worst favorite food? Like you know, so start their worst favorite food? Yeah. That's a great way of saying my least favorite food. Yeah, my worst favorite.

Sarah Huffman  1:49  
I know mine. That sounds

Ryan Fischer  1:50  
very disgustingly awesome. Yeah. The same time. Love it. Yeah. All right. So go ahead. Born in West Bend, Wisconsin. Okay. Is that where it all begins? Well, yeah, West Bend, Wisconsin.

Sarah Huffman  2:03  
West Bend. I was just thinking West End. Rhymes with it.

Ryan Fischer  2:07  
Unless you're like staring you know where you were conceived?

Ryan Fischer  2:09  
It might be equally cool. Equally fine. Yeah. I don't know.

Sarah Huffman  2:13  
I mean, why not?

Ryan Fischer  2:15  
Yeah, Western

Sarah Huffman  2:15  
West Bend, Wisconsin, which is a suburb of Milwaukee. Yep. You gotta know that. My friend Kristen teaches they're

Ryan Fischer  2:23  
super random.

Ryan Fischer  2:24  
She Brian and I spotted that I do that. Yeah. Okay, so I've only been there. When I was born. Just the baby. Yeah. Yeah. And then where do you go after West Bend. So I was there until I was three years old. And then I moved to Neenah Wisconsin. Did your parents come with their parents?

Ryan Fischer  2:39  
Did you just move there yourself? I

Ryan Fischer  2:40  
mean, they're in a box. Yeah. And then USPS me. They're nice. And then they caught up with me later. Yep. Course. Yeah. It's easier than renting a U haul. Yeah. Yeah. That's a lot of work love. Load a kid in a U haul. You know, good luck. Yeah. But then my dad took a job up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which is right by Neenah Wisconsin, and that's where we move to Nina. And I N A like, not like the Nina Pinta and the Santa Maria but Nina as a Nina foundry, which is the steel mills there. And n e n h. O. Now I have I have every time you walk down the street and you see a sewer cover. Look at it, and that's where they're made in there and you'll be like Ryan Fisher right there.

Ryan Fischer  3:26  
Wow. Hey, that's a great market. You should spend that yeah, like on fact every time I think you have a manhole cover think of this man right here. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  3:33  
Think of this Crap. Crap underneath. Yeah, yeah, she she honestly we love it, man. Live in downtown here. Yeah. So then how long did you live in Nina?

Ryan Fischer  3:45  
I was there until I graduated high school.

Sarah Huffman  3:47  
So you were a Nina grad? Nina grad. And what

Ryan Fischer  3:48  
was their mascot?

Ryan Fischer  3:50  
A rocket? The fight and rocket rockets rocket? Yeah. Yeah, I

Sarah Huffman  3:54  
like that. It's not like we were the Hornets.

Ryan Fischer  3:57  
That was my middle school. Hornets. Horace Mann Hornets. Horace Mann Hornets. Right. Very literary Nina rockets. Horace Mann. Hornets. I don't know. I don't remember my elementary school

Sarah Huffman  4:08  
elementary school. I feel like we were like the

Ryan Fischer  4:11  
Wilson. No cooledge comments.

Sarah Huffman  4:16  
Maybe it sounds right.

Ryan Fischer  4:17  
It sounds good. Go with it. I might be right. We're just gonna answer

Sarah Huffman  4:20  
good. Family Feud. Alright, so

Ryan Fischer  4:23  
you went to school? Do you have any siblings?

Ryan Fischer  4:25  
One sister, okay. Her name is Chrissy. She lives in Plymouth, Minnesota. Okay, cool. So I bribed her to move up here. After she graduated college. Did you basically bribe your whole family to move up here? Yeah, I was like, Alright, if I get my sister to move up here after college, my parents would come shortly after. If my sister moves to Chicago, which he was wanting. She wanted to go there that I was going to lose them all forever. And then you would have had to go to Chicago and had to move.

Ryan Fischer  4:51  
So how did you bribe her to come to the cities? Oh, wait, wait, wait. Oh, and

Sarah Huffman  4:55  
how did you get to the cities? Oh, yeah.

Ryan Fischer  4:56  
Well, okay. Now what was he Okay, let's go back to high school. Hold on You because we can't go from

Sarah Huffman  5:01  
like rockets to Plymouth Minnesota

Ryan Fischer  5:04  
because there's probably a lot of between there maybe okay so in high school like what what did you do are you like and are you really like a jock Are you nerd like what softball player

Ryan Fischer  5:16  
I would say more nerd nice yeah mostly nerd dabbled in some sports

Sarah Huffman  5:21  
nerd as in like, gamer nerd as in like doing puzzles.

Ryan Fischer  5:25  
Nerd is in valedictorian. Oh, smart like,

Ryan Fischer  5:28  
oh, you're a genius guy.

Ryan Fischer  5:30  
Okay, like one of 10 valedictorians in Neenah High School. So I studied a lot. And but I was like, like the nerdy goofball, I guess you could say, Oh, yeah. Like to goof around. That Yeah. Okay. Very cool. Like have got to have fun still. Right.

Ryan Fischer  5:48  
So then, hi. So

Sarah Huffman  5:49  
when you studied, we both have a lot of questions, you know, man, but like when you really think about this, like I was the procrastinator, so I was totally fine with B's, A's, A's or B's because I didn't care and I didn't work hard at it. But like I was also because I procrastinated did you get your homework done like right away early, so then you could relax,

Ryan Fischer  6:09  
try to do okay, but there's some homework that I like I was like, math I would do right away. science stuff. I was like on it. But then you get like the Hey, write an autobiography.

Sarah Huffman  6:22  
Row mean by this weird statement. Procrastination at

Ryan Fischer  6:26  
its finest. Got it. Like thank you for throw it together hated that stuff. If they would say read this book. I don't read. Like I won't read a book. Like Ashley asked me to read a book to Ella. I'm like, Oh my gosh, like this.

Sarah Huffman  6:42  
She's a nightmare.

Ryan Fischer  6:43  
She's like, cow, you know, there's like five sentences of that entire book. And you're still like the worst ever. It's fives and

Ryan Fischer  6:51  
what's what's the return policy on children? This is horrible. Yeah. For the book.

Ryan Fischer  7:01  
Yeah, unless he doesn't sleep all night or something. Yeah, I went extreme then. Maybe both.

Ryan Fischer  7:06  
Alright, so high school. That'd be touring. Didn't know that about you? That's incredible. Like we're gonna learn so much. I'm so excited. After high school. What did you do?

Ryan Fischer  7:16  
Then? I moved to Madison, Wisconsin. And that's where I went to undergrad. Go badgers go Badgers, Wisconsin. You robbed robbed Wisconsin. Yeah. It was super fun. So I got there for engineering and pre med. And so I started in like all science. Math. So went there for that and stayed in the nerd dorms. Chad born, which is the really good location dorms. Location, location, location. Yeah. carries over that. Yeah, it stuck with me

Sarah Huffman  7:50  
like Location, location, location to the library to the bars, all

William Huffman  7:55  
of the above all the

Ryan Fischer  7:56  
above? Yeah, it was like Center of the University. So I was like, Oh, I'm staying there. Yeah. And it happens to be the nerdy kind of like, tutoring like like dorms like, cool.

Ryan Fischer  8:09  
Okay, what did your parents do when you were growing up? And what do they do now? Are they still with us? Like, yeah, yeah,

Ryan Fischer  8:15  
they're right down the street. Nice. Dad worked for Oshkosh bogash Little kids clothes. Yeah, he was with them for like 20 years. And then after he left that job, he got into a little bit of real estate got a little bit into some franchise businesses. Like a Tires Plus franchise, right and sold some cars kind of dabbled in a bunch of stuff, but very entrepreneurial, which is kind of what real estate is. And what your mother My mom was in a lot of customer service roles. Okay. She was in like a advertising role when she was in West West Bend, Wisconsin. And then once she had my sister, then she put that on the backburner for a little while and did some customer service stuff? So doesn't want

Ryan Fischer  9:01  
to bend heaven? West Bend insurance? Yeah. Yeah, that's just came to me. I don't know why. Yeah, but

Ryan Fischer  9:06  
I didn't I didn't even know about that. When I was born. Well, yeah, they didn't tell me about that. When it came out. Like a ride like you need somewhere to spend insurance. It's made down the street immediately. Yeah, we write those policies.

Sarah Huffman  9:18  
We're gonna go to Nina where you're gonna know all about the manhole covers.

Ryan Fischer  9:21  
Yeah. And insurance for that in case you fall in one. That's

Ryan Fischer  9:25  
there. Yeah. Full circle. So we're after Madison won't even get into Nina is like the capital of paper where Kimberly Clark makes like toilet paper. No, we do want to keep going. Yeah, so they so not only do they make the steel that covers the sewers, where the paper goes, oh, you know, they they make the stuff that kind of soft on your tissue. You kind of

Ryan Fischer  9:45  
this is an absolutely the stuff we want to know. Yeah, pretty cool.

Sarah Huffman  9:48  
How big is Nina? It's like

Ryan Fischer  9:49  
20,000 people. It's good size. I mean, good size,

Sarah Huffman  9:54  
smaller town in Wisconsin. So we had a lot of like

Ryan Fischer  9:57  
rural Holmes I would come in to Nina. So it was a big high school I had a graduating class of 550 people. Oh, wow. So it was the second biggest high school in the state. Believe it or not.

Sarah Huffman  10:10  
Wow, first of all town

Ryan Fischer  10:12  
25. That's probably just right behind Milwaukee.

Ryan Fischer  10:15  
Yeah, yeah. I mean, second biggest one is Stevens Point, or first biggest one was Stevens Point. Oh, wow. Okay. Ash High School. Stevens Point area Senior High. Yep. And they need a high school is number two always. So they were very, like, competitive and words and electric. So

Ryan Fischer  10:29  
yeah, that's awesome. All right. So all right. So now our our engineering or badger, we're back. Alright, what's going on in college, but what's what's life like for writing? College?

Ryan Fischer  10:40  
Life is awesome in college. I wish today should have just stayed there forever. Keep taking out student loan debt. And he's planning to emulate that as much as possible. Yeah. And then until then, so baby. I mean, you don't have to repay on until you stop going to school. Right. Keep going to school. Yeah. Seems like a good I mean, it seemed like a good plan. It was

Sarah Huffman  10:59  
my plan until I started to do the math. like wait a minute,

Ryan Fischer  11:03  
you needed a ride Fisher in your life, a little bit of math play hold. That's a horrible idea. I

Ryan Fischer  11:08  
do my math.

Sarah Huffman  11:10  
Math is terrible. I'm done with this program. I'm going to switch careers.

Ryan Fischer  11:13  
Yeah, once it came out with like the ti 83. Calculators I was like, alright, Matt. Yeah, it's easier now. What did you What did you graduated? I graduated in biomedical engineering. And then like had a minor of pre I don't know if it's biology or pre med. But

Sarah Huffman  11:30  
how does one pick biomedical engineering? Like what was your career? Yeah, for that?

Ryan Fischer  11:35  
Yeah, I like math and science. I kind of I mean, I wanted to go to med school. So I was like, alright, what are the paths to med school? But if I don't want to go to med school, if I changed my mind, could I get a job in biology? It'd be harder than biomedical engineering, getting a job in that. So it's like, okay, if I decided to call it quits on school, like your I can find a job.

Sarah Huffman  11:57  
And what was the hardest class? Oh, gosh, probably something like organic chemistry. Yeah, probably.

Ryan Fischer  12:03  
Yeah. Either that or like upper level math classes where they're like, you're taking an integral of an integral of an integral to like, a third degree or something. You're like, you're like, Okay, so I just computed like the volume of the volume of acceleration of due to something, you know, it's like, doesn't even make sense. It's so Okay,

Ryan Fischer  12:25  
act nerd alert. I don't even know what any of the you just make me feel not smart.

Ryan Fischer  12:30  
William, what's the integral? Have no idea. No idea. Not a

Sarah Huffman  12:34  
girl. That when the President was president, yeah.

Ryan Fischer  12:38  
Math, Math has never been a I'm, I'm quick with some math. But like, once, once you got into pass algebra, like, my brain does not work that way.

Sarah Huffman  12:48  
I would have to disagree with you. Well, I actually think if you went back today as an adult, and did those classes where you actually cared? I think you would, that's probably worth a lot more

Ryan Fischer  12:58  
effort. Your mana shits I gave about you didn't know that was negative. How many to know, I don't even have any ships to go ship. No shit. So they're all on the sewer underneath the manhole covers.

Ryan Fischer  13:09  
Foundry cover? Yeah. Cover that shit up.

Sarah Huffman  13:12  
I honestly think if you were to actually go back and apply yourself, you would have a very different

Ryan Fischer  13:17  
schooling. A hard pass.

Sarah Huffman  13:19  
I'm good. I'm not saying

Ryan Fischer  13:21  
go back for a couple days.

Ryan Fischer  13:22  
Give her how Tommy was. Was it? Billy Madison?

Ryan Fischer  13:24  
Yeah, your teachers would be like,

Sarah Huffman  13:26  
wait a minute, I thought you were gone.

Ryan Fischer  13:28  
I need to graduate high school. Yeah. Yeah. It'd be a nightmare. absolute nightmare. That would be wild.

Ryan Fischer  13:33  
So you so you graduate. And you are thinking about med school? So what are taking

Sarah Huffman  13:39  
those hard tests?

Ryan Fischer  13:40  
Yeah. So I took the Kaplan courses and took the MCAT twice. My scores are so my test scores. Always were just average, you know, average on AC T's for high school average on MCAT scores like oh, he's like, you know, just middle of the road. Not a good test taker. Just add, like looking bird. You know, whatever. Looking all over the place. I

Sarah Huffman  14:06  
can talk myself into any answer on the multiple choice test. Yeah, like, oh, yeah, that's cool. That's good.

Ryan Fischer  14:11  
Yeah. That sounds good enough. Yeah. Like, that could work. Yeah, the optimist. Yeah. You're like, you're like, Yeah, that's a good one, too. Yeah. That's what both of those are good. Let's just fill them both out.

Sarah Huffman  14:22  
Yeah, all of you. See, out choose see

Ryan Fischer  14:25  
choose one. Both of our good let's just do that. For sure. We'll get one of them. Off credit right there. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  14:31  
What did the MCAT you know, you scored average. So is that like, yes, for med school? Or is that like, Hey, pick a different path?

Ryan Fischer  14:37  
That's like, you can't get into med schools. You want to go to you. So you can go into like, the low grade med schools. Oh,

Ryan Fischer  14:45  
hold on. What do you mean low grade med schools?

Ryan Fischer  14:48  
Yeah, there's like Costa Rica. No, and there's like some Washington DC med school. There's one in New York. There's one in Chicago. There's like three med schools in Chicago I think I don't

Ryan Fischer  15:01  
know. And you can become a doctor by by going to one of these quote unquote low grade med schools. Yeah.

Ryan Fischer  15:06  
Like an old doctor and all you got to do is get a D and graduate. And you know D is for Dr. Rap so you just anybody can be a doctor, he just might take longer to get through this stuff.

Ryan Fischer  15:19  
But I mean that's taking C's get degrees to a literal plate. I don't want to see

Sarah Huffman  15:25  
DS get doctorate.

Ryan Fischer  15:26  
Oh my gosh.

Ryan Fischer  15:28  
I don't know. I mean, okay, so

Sarah Huffman  15:29  
what did you do then? The Yeah,

Ryan Fischer  15:33  
so then I kind of pivoted, I was like, Alright, I don't want to go to I want to go. I wanted to go to Madison's med school. I wanted to stay at the party school. Yeah, like, I really liked it there. I was, like, I, this is my spot. I want to go to Madison did the did the the application stuff there didn't get in. I was like, Okay, now I am gonna kind of take a pivot and go in different directions. So I was like, Alright, I like business. I like kind of clinics, medical stuff. So then I went in to interview at chiropractic colleges, where I can talk to them about different options with that. And I was like, okay, I can still be a doctor, but I can run my own clinic and I can help people and I really just want to help people. And so I went to went to the orientation there. And I was like, Oh, this is pretty cool. Like, I don't have to do surgery blood. You know, is it my favorite? Like, I don't like, you know, I'm not the kind of past me the scalpel guy. Okay, so. So went there. I was like, Oh, this could this could work. So I went to Cairo school. I applied there where I got accepted in Bloomington, Minnesota. Okay, and that's what brought me to Minnesota. So

Ryan Fischer  16:47  
now you're immersed in,

Ryan Fischer  16:49  
I got in in and I didn't. I wasn't like, bottom level. You were like, and I was like, I was like it. I made it. Boss. Barely, barely made it. So that's what brought me to miniapp I just

Ryan Fischer  17:04  
have a real hard time of you like, I can understand the test taking thing but you just you just don't seem like a haphazard to me. So like, like, if you just made it it's just because you didn't meet their standards for entry. But I guarantee when you got in how did it go?

Ryan Fischer  17:19  
Oh, yeah, just crash? Of course. Yeah. I mean, I was like, I don't know. But I was like a 396 in college. Like it was a wow. Like, I mean, I always I always did great in grades, but like standardized tests, terrible, terrible, because they put that time clock on you. And there's some part of me that just gets rattled every time a clock at 10am A little slower at evaluating situations because I think I'm through a little bit more.

Ryan Fischer  17:47  
More methodical. You're not slower you more methodical, complete different. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  17:51  
because you're probably a see on the DISC profile,

Ryan Fischer  17:53  
probably. But I could never finish that profile, because I would get distracted too fast and work on something else. Slow on those tests. Never finished. We're gonna have to have you

Ryan Fischer  18:04  
meet Dan Blackburn. He is amazing, man. Okay, cool. So now you're in Bloomington How old are you right now?

Ryan Fischer  18:10  
39? No, no,

Ryan Fischer  18:11  
I'm sorry. In the Bloomington world.

Ryan Fischer  18:13  
Oh, good question. That was 2005 Okay. I don't know how old I was. 2283 To 2005 So

Ryan Fischer  18:22  
you're three years younger than my 22? Yeah. 20 Whatever. We just titled how great we were at math.

Ryan Fischer  18:28  
Yeah. 83 to 2005 was Yeah.

Ryan Fischer  18:32  
22 Yeah,

Ryan Fischer  18:33  
yeah, let's go with that. It feels right. 22 I moved up here for grad school

Ryan Fischer  18:37  
to hell with it. Alright, so now now we're going to Bloomington we're going to

Sarah Huffman  18:41  
like badger friends come with their over you like exploring Minnesota on your own.

Ryan Fischer  18:45  
So a lot of people did move up here for jobs right after. So what am I a biomedical engineering buddy's got a job up here. And so he was my roommate my freshman year up here in grad school. So got to live with one of my bad your buddies up here. So he was working and I was still in school. It's kind of like seeing him make money. And yeah, I'm like, here, like spending money. Yeah. Oh, it's painful. So

Ryan Fischer  19:09  
do you root for the Badgers? Yeah. Okay, so yeah, you're not a sky you monotype guy.

Ryan Fischer  19:13  
I don't even know what that means. Oh, wow. Okay, I do but I yeah, I know. What are we talking? Yeah, that's like a curse word. Okay, well,

Sarah Huffman  19:21  
how about this Vikings are that's a tough one. I can't even say the other one. packers.

Ryan Fischer  19:25  
Yeah, it's tough. I'm about 5050 I'm really I'm fair weather fan for sure. Oh, like you only to leave for a matter Vikings game. I'm like cheering for the Vikings. If I'm at a backpacker game and cheering for the Packers if I'm at both I'm wearing yellow.

Ryan Fischer  19:40  
Really? Well, because yellow is old. And yeah, we have a shared goal goal. Yeah, kind of what I see what you're doing. I

Ryan Fischer  19:47  
see. It's really tricky. Yeah, safe. Like yeah, because I'm always just like, who's having the most fun? Both we're having fun. Yeah, I'm just going both. You're just you're there to live your life. Yeah, yeah. Like, my whole life. sports like following other people playing sports not my thing. Yeah. Like I'd rather play them than watch him. But I'm there, but the environment of the sports I like that. Like I like the socializing. I like the having a beer with your buddies. I like I like the food and I like the lifestyle of it. But watching the sports like barely ever sit down and watch. Yeah, and we couldn't name one player on the Packers right now or the Vikings. Oh, yeah, bad.

Ryan Fischer  20:27  
I could name a couple. Thielen? Yeah, you got me beat Aaron Rodgers.

Ryan Fischer  20:31  
You got maybe like, is he still playing?

Ryan Fischer  20:33  
I think he is. Well, I Well, who knows? I don't know. He might be

Sarah Huffman  20:36  
Matthews. He

Ryan Fischer  20:38  
had really bad hair. Clay Matthews hasn't been around for a long time, but he had that hair. Clay Matthews is a god. Oh, terrible. He's He's a really nice humor.

Sarah Huffman  20:47  
That's what our listenership has just dropped off on Wisconsin.

Ryan Fischer  20:50  
I was I always recognize the names. Yeah, but that's yeah, I can

Sarah Huffman  20:54  
see a couple of days. Okay, so now we can circle back to like, you're here and your sister Christy.

Ryan Fischer  20:59  
Christina, we're still in Bloomington. We're in college. Oh. Kira, because she moved through college. When did she What year did she move here?

Ryan Fischer  21:06  
She moved here. must bend my I would see 2005

Sarah Huffman  21:15  
seems to be early on. 2008.

Ryan Fischer  21:20  
So it was like, because she's three years younger than me. So when I graduated college, grad school, she moved up here.

Ryan Fischer  21:27  
So you graduated grad school and you're now a Kyle. You're a doc. Yep. Still a doc Fisher

Ryan Fischer  21:34  
you can still a doctor. I still renew my license every year you renew forever. You know, so hard to get it so expensive to get my license that you got to keep that I kind of gotta keep it. I don't. I'm not like insured anymore. So these hands are an insurance if people it's kind of like get adjusted at your own risk time. Yeah, if you want to catch his hands. Yeah. So it's a little more risky. But I do keep my license active. And so I do the 20 hours a CEE every year and pay the fee to do it like this. Because I don't want to lose it. It just in case. You never know I ever want to help somebody out and like cover their practice for a couple days. I got this capability. That's cool. I don't know if I'd be able to do it anymore. That's awesome. Yeah. Stairs, like, what's my feeling like? You're getting a headache right now. Those headphones, and on the pressure, you're low massages and neck,

Sarah Huffman  22:25  
all the things. All right. So

Ryan Fischer  22:27  
you graduate. Now you're a doctor. Dr. Fisher, That's badass. Um,

Ryan Fischer  22:32  
I kind of did it for the title. I'm like, How do I just get that doctor? Yeah. Okay. You know,

Ryan Fischer  22:36  
that's cool. I mean, I would, I would do the same thing. I'm not gonna lie. I don't know if I'd become a doctor. Like, I just get a doctored book reading or something. I don't even read. You don't even read. I don't read.

Accouncer  23:00  
25 minutes. That's fantastic.

Ryan Fischer  23:01  
All right. Cool. So you graduate and then you know, you're you're You're a smart business. You're a smart young man. You have all these fantastic letters in front of your name. Now you're actually in the real world. What do you do?

Ryan Fischer  23:15  
Yeah. And when when I got a job in being a chiropractor, so I actually my first job out of college was working at Lifetime Fitness in Plymouth. So I helped with like three other guys to launch life clinic inside Lifetime Fitness.

Sarah Huffman  23:34  
Why? On their W Yeah. But Louis Park Louis Park.

Ryan Fischer  23:38  
Nice. Nice. Yeah, that that was. So I was at the Plymouth location and kind of like, helped with the other guys to create these programs to put together for starting the all the clinics inside all the locations. And so Dr. Reza was one of the guys that was kind of pounding it. And then Dr. Mike and Dr. Terry and myself. So yeah, it's fun. Like everybody's like, Oh, Dr. So and So Dr. So and So and you're like, Yeah, that's cool. I'm hanging out with them.

Ryan Fischer  24:09  
Yeah, those are my homies. Alright, so now you're starting that and how long did How long did you do that?

Ryan Fischer  24:14  
I did that for two years. Okay. So is that Lifetime Fitness for? From 2009 to 2011? Somewhere on there? 2008 to 2010. Okay, somewhere around there. And that

Sarah Huffman  24:27  
was like, right during the recession time. Yeah. How was that at lifetime? Did they feed you remember if they felt that there

Ryan Fischer  24:34  
was busy? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, didn't really feel it was just people were in and out. And I would say, yeah, it just was cranking and as you'd love it, that location. Plymouth was super busy. I loved working inside a gym, because you're surrounded by people taking care of themselves. And I met amazing people. I mean, I met the most amazing people hanging out in the club. The trainers were Great, the staff was great. The, the, I mean, the people working in the cafe and the hair salon and I mean, some of my greatest people I've ever met or working with me then. And I feel like I've still maintained like, like one of the agents still works with me or worked with me on my team. And he was a trainer. And from those days back from those days, so a nice breeze. Yeah. Crazy how many people I met, then it was, it was great. But the being a chiropractor is tough. Yeah, it's hard work.

Sarah Huffman  25:32  
Like, is it hard work as in like, physically? Because you're physically? Yeah, I'm probably all the documentation, the billing the insurance. So I

Ryan Fischer  25:41  
gotta be honest, right? When I when I hear somebody who's a doctor complain about their job, but I'm just gonna think from like, a scarcity mindset for a second, I'm thinking, aren't you making bank at this point? You're a doctor, right? Like, isn't the money going to outweigh any of those concerns that you may have?

Ryan Fischer  26:00  
Yeah, you would think so. Right. And I would have, you know, they always say, like, what you spend on student loans should be equivalent to what you make your first year on that job. Okay, so I'm going to school I'm like, Okay, I'm spending like, $150,000 on student loans to get my doctorate. My first year, I should make like, $150,000. And I look back, and I think I made like, $36,000 my first year as a doctor. And I was like, Yeah, I was like, Okay, I just worked like 60 hours a week.

Sarah Huffman  26:31  
I mean, you can hardly make a payment at that rate.

Ryan Fischer  26:34  
Like, barely, yeah, the only way I could, like was thriving, then was I bought a condo for $108,000. And I got my sister to move up here and live with me. So you were roommates. And so she kicked in like $300 a month to live in the second bedroom. And like that, and then I once you moved out, like I had other roommates and whatnot. But you know, how the market crashed. And so I got a really cheap place to live. That was the only way I could afford to buy a house.

Ryan Fischer  27:05  
So you're telling me that it? And like, I would have assumed that you'd be you know, making bank? Right, you know? And, like, $36,000 a year is not like, it's not nothing, right? I don't want to downplay anything. But when you just have so much in student loans, yeah. Like holy crap,

Ryan Fischer  27:24  
your minimum payment on student loans, we didn't come out of school, I was like, $2,000 a month.

Ryan Fischer  27:29  
So you lose $24,000 A year right there. So now you're at 12 grand to live off of $1,000 a month, this is before taxes and everything. What

Ryan Fischer  27:38  
doesn't add up? No. So basically, you have to not pay on your loans and loans has grown grow, you know, they get bigger and bigger. Are they in deferment? Or are you like, like, there's all these income based repayment programs, they call them IVR programs that are out there. And so you apply for these programs, they see your tax returns, you upload those, and then they give you a monthly payment that's reflective of that. And you're like, Okay, well, I'm paying $200 a month on my student loans. Instead of instead of paying the, the required amount, because it's IVR. But then, every month, your balance goes up, goes up by like, you know, a percent every month. So you make $200 payment, but your balance goes up. So by the time I actually got to the point where I was making enough money to make full payment, my student loan debt was at like, $227,000, holy just from grad school, because I had a full ride for undergrad. So I was like, holy smokes, like, now the payments are even higher. Yeah. So it was unbelievable.

Ryan Fischer  28:42  
I mean, how did you? That was, that seems like an overwhelming amount of debt. And for somebody who is a math person, or just You're a very intelligent person in general, how did you handle that while you were working? And not like, freak out?

Ryan Fischer  28:59  
Yeah, I just worked really hard to try to outpace the system and try to make more money faster.

Sarah Huffman  29:06  
Do you think like, because we I graduated from undergrad in 2002. And then I went to grad school from 2003 to 2005. So it's kind of similar timing. Yeah. Back then. Student loans weren't addressed like they are today. Like, I feel like students today. Although they're still taking student loans. I feel like they know the consequences of student loans more than when I took my loans back then. I didn't know the consequence of them.

Ryan Fischer  29:32  
Yeah. I mean, I didn't even think about it. I was just like, Oh, I'll figure it out like a year. Cairo's make good money. I'm going to be a doctor. I'll make good money. Like I work hard. I'm not lazy. I'll be able to out hustle and make enough money to make Panama fast. By non but very hard. Yeah, very, very hard. It was fun job got to help a lot of people. Yeah. But But very difficult to Grow your business because there's a lot of chiropractors in the cities because the college is right here. So yeah, a lot of competition supply demand.

Sarah Huffman  30:08  
So when did Dave Ramsey become your? What did you What did you call him earlier?

Ryan Fischer  30:13  
Oh, he's he's his philosophies. He's my homeboy. Yeah. When

Sarah Huffman  30:16  
it when a Dave Ramsey become your homeboy? No,

Ryan Fischer  30:18  
I just, I really, I wouldn't say like, I follow every thing, but I think like, he has some really good nuggets. And I'm like, um, you know, I think is nuggets are, are are fun to follow, too, because, you know, following a budget, sticking to a plan that gets you debt free. is awesome.

Sarah Huffman  30:43  
Did you follow his steps to like, get through your student loans?

Ryan Fischer  30:46  
You know, I feel like my, the steps I took resemble very closely to what his paths are. Yeah. And I still kind of follow the same stuff. But you know, the small deviations and stuff and whatnot. But I would say very closely,

Sarah Huffman  31:00  
what I love about because during grad school is actually when I went through the Dave Ramsey program, what it meant Total Money Makeover, and it was get your $1,000 emergency fund. Really like work on the envelope system. Like I did that because I had to be so conscious of like, where my money was going. Yeah. And when you're very conscious about where your money is going, it can grow, right? And all of a sudden, it's like, oh, I don't need that. I want that.

Ryan Fischer  31:26  
That's when you have to pull out the dollars out of your wallet out of your envelope. Like it makes you think about it. Yeah. And so I was very, I would I downloaded an app called mint. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's a Intuit software app. And I linked up all my student loans, all my bank accounts to that app. And I would track like, where, where's my debt to the world? Every month? Like, is it getting better? Or am I getting worse? And I'm like, okay, if I'm getting worse every month, I need to pick up a second job. Or I need to figure out a new job, or I need to shift my current job something like you shouldn't be getting more into data. I should be getting better. Yeah, getting smarter. You know, like, I'm not. I'm getting older, I should be getting making more money. Yeah. So

Sarah Huffman  32:14  
did this start, like, this type of like tracking that you do? Or because you're just like, we know you now. Yeah. You're very savvy with this, did this start? Because like in childhood, this is how you were raised? Or did you learn from? Like, oh, crap, now I have this student loan debt. I've got to figure this out.

Ryan Fischer  32:31  
Yeah, I think I mean, I think is a bunch of things. I mean, I think the, I think my dad lost his job when I was in, I think middle school. And that like, resonated a lot with me, because it was like a big financial switch for our family, you know, went from kind of, like, you know, middle class comfortable to now, like having a plan in the future and then having to pivot and, and whatnot. I think it taught me a lot of lessons that like were, you know, I had, I saw firsthand through my parents, and I was like, in their prime very valuable things to see firsthand getting to be right there and watch that. Just because it, it's tough to tough to see anybody go through financial issues. And then when he got to, then it made me kind of think twice about everything I spent $1 on. And Ashley will tell you today, actually, he's my wife. I'm still like a very, like, Budget Savvy, like stick to the stick to the plan kind of thing.

Ryan Fischer  33:34  
You've taught me things just in the last few months that yeah, that we talked about prior to this jumping on on the recording here. And it's the your Yeah, you just do you do a very good job. And I'm very thankful that you just you're very sharing as well. Like you're very open to sharing that knowledge and all that stuff. So that's super cool. I want to keep us on point here.

Sarah Huffman  33:56  
Oh, I didn't know I was off. Oh, yeah, I guess you're always on

Ryan Fischer  34:01  
my man.

Sarah Huffman  34:04  
But I was actually really glad we went out to dinner a few months ago with Ryan and Ashley. And it was awesome because we didn't reveal. Oh, yeah, baby barrel. Yeah, Ella bear.

Ryan Fischer  34:12  
She had she had the most fun.

Sarah Huffman  34:13  
Yeah. Does she mean she is the party she she's my friend on Facebook. But it was awesome that you popular profile that you shared some of just like your life hacks. Because if anybody were to tell will to do something, he's probably going to do the opposite because he never wants to be told what to do. But if he has, if he respects the other person, he will actually like think it through and think how he can like implement some of those processes or ideas in his life. And after that night at dinner, I have noticed we're thinking differently about money and how making money work for you. And, um, that that was just a really cool thing that we got from you in that tiny bit of time. And

Ryan Fischer  34:54  
even even John copy said he said, Give me this look, and one of our previous podcast John Coffey said, I have a hard time. He said, I can't work for somebody that I feel that I know more than. Right, right. And I understand that and I respect that. That's why I love working with John and Brenton Bob Awad, and I don't take advice very well from people that haven't aren't where I want to go. Right. And so when you share that, I'm like, well, he's obviously doing a very smart thing over there, I should probably just suck it up, buttercup, and take a view of what he's doing and kind of take that mirror into my own life. So

Ryan Fischer  35:29  
I think that's huge. I mean, I think finding somebody that you want to resemble your life, and it's, it's a lot easier to imitate something that's successful than it is to create something new. Yes, absolutely. And so following, especially in this business, is find somebody that's doing it, right. Follow that do what they're doing, and you're gonna knock it out of the park, just like they are.

Sarah Huffman  35:52  
So you're like someone that's higher up at the top? Right of the

Ryan Fischer  35:57  
like, are you talking checkers or chess,

Ryan Fischer  36:00  
the real estate food Chico State

Sarah Huffman  36:02  
food chain? Because like, no pun intended, but it kind of is like you are a true professional, true pro, and the pro team like, but like, Who do you look up to, to keep your business driving forward and keeping your business where it needs to be?

Ryan Fischer  36:17  
Yeah, I mean, that's a good question. I mean, I think I pull from a lot of stuff. So I'm not like, I'm not a big, like, I have one coach, right? One person, but I go to everything. So you'll see me at, you know, Dave Ramsey, but then you also see me at Brian Buffini. And then you'll see me at Tom Ferry.

Ryan Fischer  36:37  
Yeah. I've seen whenever, whenever our brokerage put something on, you're always there learning that, you know, we see you there, and you see us and because we're involved, um, but I would have guessed that about you, that you you're a Constant Learner. And knowledge is one of my personal core values of extra my number one core value. So I would assume that yeah, you're going to, like myself, I'm going to read different authors, I'm going to read different gurus and, and I'm going to pull from now what we'll be able to implement into my life or my business.

Ryan Fischer  37:10  
Yeah, that's exactly exactly what I do. I just tried to, I'm not a reader learner. Now there, so I attend a lot of stuff. But I try to attend at least one thing a week, you know, for seminars, to podcast to whatever it may be, um, like, like, so I just came from my event at Wells Fargo, right before this, because I was like, like, I want to, you know, I want to learn what the what's going on, you know, like, want to learn from others that are doing it that are in the mix, and it's fine. It's like, knowledge is power. I don't care what business you're in, the more Yeah, the more you know about that business, the more you sink in, so call that information. And the more powerful you're going to be at advising whoever you're working with. And so, never stop learning. And I think that's part of the reason why I didn't stop learning after undergrad, went to grad school. I could have stopped right there after I didn't get into Madison's med school. Like, could have been perfectly happy. But that knowledge was just really fun to keep absorbing.

Ryan Fischer  38:13  
So we go we go from lifetime to you're there for a couple of years. You do start your own practice eventually Correct. Yeah. I'm just curious. How Why did you decide to get into real estate like what what I mean, whatever you're willing to share along that career path, like why Med School Dr. Fisher, two years not to

Sarah Huffman  38:38  
call you Dr. Fisher was a Dr. Ryan

Ryan Fischer  38:40  
Mosley. Dr. Ryan is in Cairo I feel like Dr. Fish Dr. Fish Dix doctor I still ever tell everybody I got their back. You want to buy a house? I got your back you know? Yeah. Oh, okay. Try to crack people up once. It works. Look at us. We just got your back. Oh, man.

Ryan Fischer  39:06  
So how did you know what happened there? Your your your own clinic and then real estate. So fill in some blanks. You want?

Ryan Fischer  39:15  
Yeah. So I was in Plymouth for the lifetime for two years that I have down to open my own clinic in South Minneapolis kind of partnered with a doctor there only for a few months and then another doctor in a Dinah needed some relief work is wanted some help in his office. I went in there and and worked with him or with him for a couple of years. Which was great learned a lot. Then they launched my own clinic in uptown, and then launched another one in Ferragamo and then another variable Variable.

Ryan Fischer  39:51  
Variable is correct. We know Yeah, we know you're talking about like we went from town to Pharaoh. Yeah, it

Ryan Fischer  39:56  
was just like a satellite clinic. Somebody had his space there. It wasn't being used and I had a doctor that wanted to out there was like, Oh, we can open one that's going now. Yeah. And then move from one clinic to another location in Minneapolis found a great spot to buy and then merge my clinic with surgery center. So then we had a physical therapy, chiropractic and back surgery center that did back injections and oh my gosh, different like injection therapies. Wow. We had like the big CRM imaging. Yes. Yeah. You know, super nice equipment and whatnot. Had that and I was like, okay, like, this is still this business is still growing, but they're still not money. You know, it's still like, hard to make more than this. And I was like, when I was launched my first clinic and uptown I was like, Alright, I'm gonna start renovating my my condo. So I started renovating a condo, really liked it and I bought another condo to renovate. So were you doing the work yourself? The first time. Okay. And then I was like, Alright, I'm gonna do all the work myself. I'm gonna learn how to renovate a condo, tiled floors, ripped out the tubs. You know, installed cabinets, like, didn't lay the granite like, you know, right? Yeah, just too heavy. didn't have enough muscle.

Sarah Huffman  41:28  
I mean, come on. Dr. Fish. Yeah. Do

Ryan Fischer  41:30  
you want to throw up my bag? My bag. But then, then, yeah, I mean, the Mark was good. started investing in properties that flip and try to do one or two a year. And by the second property after the second property, I got my real estate license. And it was like a good. I was like, Oh, I got this like, renovation thing going. I can do that as a side hustle. On top of doing doctoring, doctoring, running clinics. So you got your license, like 1314 1414 January 1 14. Okay, yep. So I was like, kind of learning earlier than that, you know, trying to learn before I got my license. Yeah, I'm not going to jump into I'm ready. Of course, of

Ryan Fischer  42:16  
course. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  42:17  
I mean, that would make sense. Yeah, shocker on

Ryan Fischer  42:19  
that one, right. Yeah.

Ryan Fischer  42:20  
Yeah. But yeah, just evaluate when to do it. life decisions.

Ryan Fischer  42:26  
Yeah. See, so you got your license in 2014 where we Hain and then that was REMAX results. Okay, so right off the bat started here. Okay.

Ryan Fischer  42:34  
I'm like the OG REMAX results is my OG Yeah, company Yep. Been here ever since.

Ryan Fischer  42:41  
So we that's how we upgrade to 2015 for us Yeah,

Ryan Fischer  42:44  
I'm so ready to go.

Ryan Fischer  42:47  
So 2014 you get your license? D Are you RSS? Are you straight Legion? Are you like? So you're actively REMAX results all the way? And then do you start thinking as real estate as going to now be replacing your Cairo stuff was trying

Ryan Fischer  43:03  
Okay, so starting to post my flips online and people are like, Oh, I'm thinking about flipping a home. I'm thinking about buying an investment property and like, I can help you. I'm work for REMAX. And you know, they always say like, fake it till you make it. So yeah, nobody knew I hadn't sold any homes that year. They thought, oh, yeah, he's been flipping homes for a couple years. Yeah, he knows what he's doing. What's up? I'm like, I'm like I'm the best like, work with me. I know what I'm doing. How do I set up this showing? I'm showing how do I unlock the door? How do I use this lockbox? I don't know

Sarah Huffman  43:36  
what where does half the trouble is just getting in the door.

Ryan Fischer  43:39  
Yeah. Isn't that the China that codes finding the lockbox? Yeah. I can't find the lockbox at some days. Yeah. Like we're the agent hide it like on the roof. It's snowing outside. I'm not going up there.

Ryan Fischer  43:50  
So 2014 Are you a solo agent? Are you on a team at the time

Ryan Fischer  43:53  
on the team? Okay, so I was on a team with called the Twin Cities property team.

Sarah Huffman  44:00  
Is that how the captain Homefinder came about what kind

Ryan Fischer  44:03  
of so I was on that team. And like the first year I was on that team, they rented a boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka. It was like a client appreciation thing. So I invited a couple of friends that had bought houses with me. brought them out there. And and then another Nick teason with us with liter one I don't know if he still is or whatnot. He was like, hey, hashtag he took a picture of me on the boat with a captain's hat on. And he gave me a hashtag Captain Homefinder really? And ever since then it kind of kind of stuck. Well, I mean, you you wrote that hard for a long time. Yeah, that was like nine years. Yeah. Eight nine years. Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah. All right. So so that's from that that boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka.

Ryan Fischer  44:47  
That's awesome. So when I started I started on a team as well. The oils are still here. Yeah. Fantastic. want love them? So what's your progression in real estate if you don't mind sharing so you're on a team and Then how long until you started your own thing? How long until it replaced your income? Like, kind of like what point were you like? Okay, this is it.

Ryan Fischer  45:10  
Yeah. Well, so, on that team for the first year, I was doing both I was part time while doing cracking backs and doing real estate. So that year I sold I think 18 homes. Okay, thanks. I was like, kind of a like, turned into more than I thought it would my first year. And I was like, holy smokes, like, what if I do this full time? So then I was like, Alright, I'm turning the crank. I want to go into it full time and, and stop practicing. Stop seeing patients, which is really hard when you got all these people are like, hey, yeah, you in the office today. I need my back adjusted. You're like, it's not like that was today. Yeah. It's pretty hard to do. Yeah. So yeah. Second year, I jumped out did went full time. Don't. Don't tell John. I was part time. My first year. He loves to hear that.

Ryan Fischer  46:02  
Yeah, yeah. He's standing literally right behind you. And my kids.

Ryan Fischer  46:06  
Give you the look. Yeah, no, he can't block it. Out. I was part time I've rosier Yeah, you told me. I wasn't gonna make it.

Sarah Huffman  46:14  
Yeah. No, give me no

Ryan Fischer  46:17  
business planning. Give me the glare. Yeah, the copy. Look, he would say Ryan, don't post those. Those pictures on Facebook anymore. They're not. They're not good for your business. I was like, Oh, I guess it worked out. Yeah. That's okay.

Ryan Fischer  46:36  
That's awesome. So you're to jump in full time.

Ryan Fischer  46:39  
Jumped in year two.

Sarah Huffman  46:40  
And how many houses? Did you sell your 253? Boom, wow.

Ryan Fischer  46:44  
Yeah. It's a good year. It's a good year. And then, you know, like, tripled the income. Second that year. And it was like I was like, all smokes. Like, that's a big difference if I do it full time. Yeah. So made the right move. Yeah, that's awesome. Man, like, helped a lot? Like,

Sarah Huffman  47:01  
when did you find like, when did you make the protein?

Ryan Fischer  47:05  
That was I want to say, like, four and a half, five years ago? Yeah, I think it was four years, three and a half years and maybe in the business. And it was like, Okay, I think I've got this dialed in. I'm kind of like, got these systems in place that are really working well. Sat down with John. And I think I think I sat down just with John. Or maybe Cindy might have been there too. I can't remember. And I was like, alright, what, you know, what does this look like? Like, is there? Is there a progression plan? Like, what, what's next? And I was like, I don't know if I'm ready for that. But let's do it anyways. And then launch the team. And, and, yeah, that was,

Sarah Huffman  47:48  
and how many agents are on your team out of the gate?

Ryan Fischer  47:52  
There. So when I was on the other team, my first team, I was recruiting agents to that team, okay, I was like, Oh, you'd be a good fit for this, you know, Twin Cities property finder team. And, and I had to, I was like, recruiting guys that I could mentor on that team. And then when I started my own team, a couple of them came with, so I think I had like, three right from the gate that came over and followed me to the pro team, and then then then, and then probably added, like, one every two months. And just, you know, you lose a few along the way, and you gain a few along the way. But, you know, doesn't matter. The biggest thing is just making sure that people are happy that they're growing their business, that they're thriving, that they're not struggling agents. And you know, it's fun to see people, like grow their business. And so the whole intention of the pro team is not to, not to see people struggling to like, give them the opportunity that one of the, you know, the systems to grow. Yeah, but they still have to work and still to plug in.

Ryan Fischer  49:03  
Yeah, I mean, the reason I wanted to talk about this timeline is because started the protein five years ago, when did you meet your now current life? Oh, yeah, that's

Ryan Fischer  49:13  
the best part of my life. Right. So

Ryan Fischer  49:15  
I mean, this is Protein Protein schmo team just top 10 in the nation, or whatever. I mean, you're just amazing. But like, so then this real estate's going well, yeah, you're absolutely crushing it. Then all of a sudden, you meet this girl.

Ryan Fischer  49:28  
Yeah. So was she tell us about her? Yeah, so my funny story, so my good friend's wife. One of my guys I flipped homes with his name is Nick. His wife Jean was like, you need you need to meet somebody special. Like hey, you know, you should go out to dinner or you should go on a date with with Ashley. I was like, Oh, who's actually like, obviously on Facebook stalking and I'm like, oh, actually. Like, I do need to go On a date with her, okay, while I was like, right in the crazy busy season, like beginning of the I was like, June I was

Sarah Huffman  50:07  
gonna say, end of spring. Yeah, I

Ryan Fischer  50:09  
think it was like, May or June, like, like, right about now, you know, it was like this time of year. And, and like, I texted her like, she like set us up on like, introduction, and then it was like up to us to like, set up a time to go on a date. Right? And I was like, alright, like, let's go out let's grab cocktails sometime or grab dinner some time. And I'm like, I'll get back to you when I when I see a night that works. You know, kind of like probably bad, bad. Bad to put it on me right now. Yeah, busy season. Yep. I can't even think straight. Like, can't even find my own socks. At that time be like next. Yeah, yeah. And Lois. Most women would be like, like, I'm not putting up with it. He obviously doesn't want to go on a date with me. You know? And I was like, yeah, that's my life. Like, just chaos at that time. And my friend Jane reaches out again. And she's like, totally do it actually ever go on a date. And I was like, Ah, I got a message. It's like two weeks. Like, I like I gotta messenger again. And I messaged her again. And she's like, Yeah, anytime, you know. She lived a couple doors down like couple blocks over and, and I was like, Oh, that was a good answer. Like, not like making me feel bad for you, Ben. Yeah, what happened? Yeah, you're worthless. You didn't even call you don't call? You don't know. She was like, super upbeat about it. And that was like, Oh, I really want to go on a date with this girl now. Like, then we went to a county sushi in uptown, for for dinner. And it was awesome. It was like the best first date I've ever had my entire life. And I was like, Oh, I think Jane did a good job at matchmaking. Yeah, like, very. I was like, oh, when are we going to like to? When are we going out again, like two days later, we went on another day tonight. So that was like all history from there. Like so we'll come a bad cold. I holds a big spot in my heart. You know, it's just like first date on the patio.

Ryan Fischer  52:25  
We have first Valentine's Day there.

Sarah Huffman  52:27  
We actually had one of our early dates there too. Yes, it was. Yeah,

Ryan Fischer  52:31  
we went there. Back when they had their happy hour still at nine o'clock, nine o'clock because we were at crave. And then we had some sushi. There wasn't good. Monsters. Like let me bring you to some decent sushi. We went there. Yeah. Nice. Yeah. And then to good. Good. Sushi is fine. Yeah, not bad at all. That's for sure. So you guys meet you fall in love. Yeah, get married. There's a baby. lots of moving parts. I mean, that's just the last couple of years,

Ryan Fischer  53:00  
right? We had like a 350 person wedding. Yeah. planned. And then COVID happened. And then that got reduced down to a 17 person wedding. You went from 350 to 17. Cut out everybody besides like, closest family. Yeah. And we're like, Yeah, let's, let's keep it on the books. Let's do it. And like,

Sarah Huffman  53:23  
wow, I didn't realize it was like such a. I thought you guys had just planned a smaller wedding.

Ryan Fischer  53:27  
No, yeah, we were had huge plans that list like this long. And we're like, oh my gosh, like, this is a lot of work. Yeah. And we were kind of getting burned out by it. And then the pandemic hit. And we're like, oh, like we can't have a big wedding. Even if we want to.

Ryan Fischer  53:43  
The universe is like, there you go. But yeah, that's exactly

Ryan Fischer  53:47  
what happened. Like happen for a reason. We're like, we're not gonna change the date was just

Sarah Huffman  53:51  
because it was always New Year's Eve. Yeah. With the big with the big wedding. Yeah, same place.

Ryan Fischer  53:57  
Yeah, same place, but we were supposed to have the wedding in the reception hall. And then they wouldn't allow events in the reception hall. They wouldn't allow massive gatherings. The hotel was just, it was a Hilton Hotel and the canopy hotel downtown Minneapolis was like a newer plays. We're going to be the first wedding. They're, like first wedding to use a reception hall. And we're my sister's company had like, kind of designed it. Like did all the decorations and stuff for the for the building. They did some commercial architecture stuff, okay. And I was like, Oh, this would be perfect spot. Like nobody said wedding. It'd be a cool venue. Well, then we ended up having the wedding in the lobby of the hotel instead of in the reception hall because they would allow to have it in the reception hall and allow it so we had in the lobby of the hotel with probably the same amount of flowers that we were going to have for the 350 person wedding. Just awesome. 17 people's there was like people would walk in the hotel and be like New Year's, you'd be like, what's going on here? Yeah, flowers everywhere. Yeah, it was really he just went hey, Am I love it? Yeah, it was cool. And then 17 people having you know, surfing tour for dinner, you can go a little high end. Dinner and 17 people versus

Sarah Huffman  55:10  
350. Yeah, you get the rubbery chicken.

Ryan Fischer  55:12  
We know that bill we had we had that 350 bill.

Ryan Fischer  55:15  
Yeah, it's not and then rubber chicken. So we can do it. Yeah. And then they wouldn't allow us to eat in the dining room, or in the hotel dining thing. So we had to rent to have our dinner in a suite. So that it wasn't in a dining. It was a private setting. And so it wasn't in the restaurant. It wasn't in. So we went in a hotel room and set up the table that took up the whole room and had everybody in there and decorated that. That is awesome. That was our wedding dinner. That is awesome. That's

Ryan Fischer  55:45  
I absolutely love that. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  55:46  
So did you guys have a first dance? No.

Ryan Fischer  55:50  
No, no.

Sarah Huffman  55:51  
Had you planned one? Oh,

Ryan Fischer  55:52  
I'm sure like if we had a DJ, but we didn't even Yeah, there was no no, yeah, no,

Ryan Fischer  55:59  
none of that. Yeah. One more time.

Sarah Huffman  56:03  
Well, we didn't have that at our wedding either. But see, so we're our 10 year anniversary isn't to 20,025 25 and we're actually going to have like an anniversary, but we're gonna

Ryan Fischer  56:16  
have a baller party. Yeah, yeah, it's gonna be gangster. People are gonna

Sarah Huffman  56:19  
make well, like we're gonna redo vows. I'm gonna get a dress. Oh, crap. Come on. Now, wait for the invite. It's common.

Ryan Fischer  56:26  
It's common. Yeah.

Ryan Fischer  56:27  
If she wants it, it's gonna happen. Yep. So that is awesome, man. I mean, you are just, you're, you're a great friend. I'm glad we've got to know you over the last. I mean, we've really got to know each other, like the last 66 months to a year. So yeah. Or we go out to dinner and stuff. But just being around you see at events, I appreciate everything you bring. You're just you're just you're fun to be around. You and your family are amazing. With that being said, we end the podcast the same way every single time. I want you to tell me your top five favorite places to eat. Doesn't have to be in the United States doesn't have to be in this planet. I

Sarah Huffman  57:02  
mean, it can be wherever you want. This planet might be helpful.

Ryan Fischer  57:05  
I mean, if he's going to the moon, it'd be cool. Yeah, but

Sarah Huffman  57:08  
I really liked the crater cafe

Ryan Fischer  57:09  
and moon pies. Yeah. Wow, you

Ryan Fischer  57:12  
guys are really quick on that one.

Ryan Fischer  57:13  
Got Your Back. Just don't make me read it. Yes.

Ryan Fischer  57:20  
Menus. No, bring me rubber chicken.

Ryan Fischer  57:24  
Give me a podcast. With a little demonstration. What's on the menu? Oh my gosh. So

Ryan Fischer  57:29  
I give us five places that you said we love to eat. It doesn't have to be because the food is so fantastic. It can be because we had one gentleman say up all of garden because he used to go there with his mother all the time. Yeah.

Ryan Fischer  57:38  
So what do you Yeah, that's awesome. All right. Punch Pizza. Oh, wow. Awesome. You order a pizza? Pepperoni. Yep. Pepperoni something

Sarah Huffman  57:47  
like the punch salad.

Ryan Fischer  57:48  
I do. See. I

Sarah Huffman  57:49  
think the punch salad is so good. Yeah,

Ryan Fischer  57:51  
yeah, I like salad and comes with the bread. Yeah, and all that good stuff. Yeah, yeah. I'm big fan. Like everything punch related. Nice. Obviously. What Cami? Yep. Big place my heart national place. Absolutely. Place for sure. Yeah, and this is good. This is top Chipotle. Like, I'm very large Chipotle. I'm a low maintenance guy. Like I like fast food. Yeah. I would prefer a date at Chipotle over like a sit down date. Really? Yeah. Or sit down meal or whatever. Just because like, I like to keep things moving. You know, actually feel the same way. Well, I mean, I still appreciate you, Sheila. She likes to sit down. And I appreciate that if she appreciates it. And she appreciates it. We have fun together. Yeah. So it's like, you know, we make we still go out to nice dinners a lot. Very cool. Yeah. I think that's a big part. But yeah, yeah, I think that's three. Yep. Oh, man. I don't know. He got me.

Sarah Huffman  58:48  
No, we didn't get you. There's still time. I don't know.

Ryan Fischer  58:54  
Let's come on. Yeah, that's

Ryan Fischer  58:55  
that's really tough. I mean, I like I like jersey. Mike's for sandwiches. I'm a big sandwich guy. And then let's see here. Another nice one. Probably Hazelwood. Oh, yeah. Got a big heart big. Yeah. About my heart too. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. I love it. Absolutely. Love it. But pizza. It's all about pizza. Sorry, as Yeah, that would place a bomb. There. Little pepperonis Yeah, that was like hard to beat. And especially if you get extra pepperonis

Ryan Fischer  59:23  
Yeah, okay, we're messing around. Pepperoni. Let's go. Yeah, you

Ryan Fischer  59:26  
remember that? Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  59:27  
absolutely. Didn't you get pepperonis in a cup?

Ryan Fischer  59:30  
We had extra pepperoni on the side to

Ryan Fischer  59:31  
go. Yeah. We did. A thing pizza. Yeah. I'm just as happy with Domino's as I am.

Ryan Fischer  59:42  
Ryan was like, I love these pepperonis and like cake meet some of these girls.

Sarah Huffman  59:46  
One more question. Can I finish with one question? Oh, yeah. How's go? We haven't closed the loop on one thing. Have you paid your student loans off? Yeah.

Ryan Fischer  59:56  
Congratulations, man.

Ryan Fischer  59:57  
Yeah, yeah, I got those. I think those are paid off. About four years ago, and then actually just got our MBA a year ago. We got that paid off to how amazing. Yeah, so we're like, okay,

Sarah Huffman  1:00:09  
sorry, we just I wanted to close that one. Because it is possible.

Ryan Fischer  1:00:13  
Yeah. Yeah, it's super possible. But sometimes you got to work those extra hours. Yeah. And I found that working 40 hours a week doesn't always get you there. Yeah, you know, you got to work a little harder before you can work smarter. And so I've kind of like followed that mindset. Like, I'm going to work overkill over hard. And then trickle that down and work smarter as a get better at my trades.

Ryan Fischer  1:00:38  
That's great advice. All right. As always, thanks everybody for listening. We out deuces.

Accouncer  1:00:46  
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