Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 34: The Radical Choice of Following Your Intuition with Kelsey Erickson

June 20, 2022 Sarah Huffman & William Huffman Season 1 Episode 34
Ep 34: The Radical Choice of Following Your Intuition with Kelsey Erickson
Life Behind the Highlight Real
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Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 34: The Radical Choice of Following Your Intuition with Kelsey Erickson
Jun 20, 2022 Season 1 Episode 34
Sarah Huffman & William Huffman

Today we really get into the WOO WOO, and we know, after listening to this episode, you'll reconsider what you thought was WOO WOO, and actually give today's topic a try. 

And we're talking about dialing in, and really listening to, your intuition. 

Kelsey Erickson blends spirituality with strategy to find your purpose. 

How do you combine your passion and your day-to-day career?

How do you get your brain to take action?

Prepare to connect with your highest self. 

Prepare to see things differently

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Magical Quotes:

The logical mind wants to know exactly the logic behind everything and why this is happening and why I would take action on this. But you really don't. It really doesn't matter.

Sometimes about WOO WOO stuff it's just like when in the hell am I going to do that? Like what am I doing to do with my crystals? Am I supposed to take those out in the middle of a conference room and put them on the table? Yes, the answer is yes!

Just following intuition is the path of ease vs. me just trying to be controlling and figure out everything, problem-solve everything, and force everything. 

If you think this is WOO WOO, you're at the exact moment where you need to stop and open your mind up to what it is that you're learning because you're experiencing resistance. This is the key to unlocking whatever is next for you. 

Show Notes Transcript

Today we really get into the WOO WOO, and we know, after listening to this episode, you'll reconsider what you thought was WOO WOO, and actually give today's topic a try. 

And we're talking about dialing in, and really listening to, your intuition. 

Kelsey Erickson blends spirituality with strategy to find your purpose. 

How do you combine your passion and your day-to-day career?

How do you get your brain to take action?

Prepare to connect with your highest self. 

Prepare to see things differently

Connect with Everme + Co

Magical Quotes:

The logical mind wants to know exactly the logic behind everything and why this is happening and why I would take action on this. But you really don't. It really doesn't matter.

Sometimes about WOO WOO stuff it's just like when in the hell am I going to do that? Like what am I doing to do with my crystals? Am I supposed to take those out in the middle of a conference room and put them on the table? Yes, the answer is yes!

Just following intuition is the path of ease vs. me just trying to be controlling and figure out everything, problem-solve everything, and force everything. 

If you think this is WOO WOO, you're at the exact moment where you need to stop and open your mind up to what it is that you're learning because you're experiencing resistance. This is the key to unlocking whatever is next for you. 

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah. And we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with REMAX results of Good Life Group. And that's our legal disclaimer. Everybody, William here and today we're talking with Kelsey and Eutr. Kelsey, just just hanging out, it's gonna be awesome.

Kelsey Erickson  0:19  
I think to me, just following intuition is like, it's like the path of ease versus me just trying to be in control and figure out everything and problem solve everything and force everything. And it's just like, Oh, my God, like my back is like hurting just articulating that out loud.

Accouncer  0:31  
Welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online. Join hosts, Sarah and William Huffman, as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel.

William Huffman  0:52  
Everybody, William here, and Sarah and Kelsey. Yay, Kelsey.

Sarah Huffman  1:00  
I'm really excited about Kelsey today on our podcast because Kelsey and I met probably four or so years ago, maybe five years ago at my very first Mary our oh the Mary our All right, so Kelsey, just bring everybody up to speed. What was the Mary our

Kelsey Erickson  1:19  
a magical networking event and I struggled even call it a networking event because it just was so casual and open natural. Yes. Organic. Yep. Yes.

Sarah Huffman  1:30  
So the marry hour was a play on words for like happy hour. And it was for like women in business that were either thinking about like, remember, like the buzzwords were like side hustle. And what were some of the other things it was like

William Huffman  1:44  
dreamers rising? Try was a big word. Yep.

Sarah Huffman  1:48  
Yeah. But it was kind of like way back in the beginning, when a lot of that gathering of like, especially females was happening. It wasn't really an option much before that for just like a female only. Networking Event. Yeah,

William Huffman  2:02  
I can't speak. I wasn't there. You weren't. But

Sarah Huffman  2:04  
how did I come home from those events will?

William Huffman  2:10  
Usually, like jazzed up,

Sarah Huffman  2:12  
that's actually what I was going to say. We're gonna say jazzed up.

William Huffman  2:14  
I really? Really you remember those words jazzed? Up? Yeah. You're like there was so synced in cute. Yeah. Oh, gosh. All right. Well, let's get this rolling. Yeah. So here we go. All right. Well, so tell us about yourself. Where did you go to school? Where did you grow up? Like all that stuff? Let's start from the beginning.

Kelsey Erickson  2:34  
The very beginning, very beginning. Okay, well, I have to start with a story then. Okay. I sent my mom to the hospital five times before I actually entered the world get out of here. So that tells you all you need to know about Yes. Me. Yeah, I do things on my own time. Yeah. So once I decided to make my debut into the real world, we lived in Illinois for a hot second and then moved to Minnesota. So I grew up in Woodbury East Side.

William Huffman  2:58  
What's what's what's the word? Barry's mascot?

Kelsey Erickson  3:01  
We were the Woodbury Royals.

William Huffman  3:02  
Royals. Something like I don't know. Well, it's a well,

Kelsey Erickson  3:07  
yeah. The Royals yet showed up in a raw Gari. Oh, yeah. And then I went on to,

Sarah Huffman  3:15  
I don't know,

Kelsey Erickson  3:16  
when to get Davis for college down in St. Peter, Minnesota. bestie. Yeah. Amazing experience. And I met my husband in high school. We both went to it very well. Hold

William Huffman  3:27  
on, hold on. Hold on. We skipped okay. There was a cheer going on there. Did you do cheer in high school?

Kelsey Erickson  3:32  
No, at one point I considered being a hockey cheerleader. Because I was into Dane he played hockey, okay, how to skate. And I've never cheered in my life. But I didn't end up doing it. Oh, yeah. It all worked out. We're married. We celebrate five years married this year.

Sarah Huffman  3:45  
Cool. But how many years together? 14. Wow. Yeah.

William Huffman  3:49  
Did you have the hockey here?

Kelsey Erickson  3:50  
Sort of. He has nice hair just in general. Oh, okay.

Sarah Huffman  3:54  
But just per Facebook. He doesn't have hockey here. Now.

Kelsey Erickson  3:57  
It's on the shorter side now. Yeah, but you can do it. If he wants to do it. He can pull

Unknown Speaker  4:02  
that flow. Yeah. Yeah. It doesn't the locks. Yeah.

Kelsey Erickson  4:04  
He says he likes to keep it long in the winter. So he can like feel it in the breeze when he's skating.

Sarah Huffman  4:09  
Really? Yeah. Interest. Like there is a hockey lifestyle. Oh,

Kelsey Erickson  4:13  
something? Yeah. Style is like. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  4:18  
yeah. Yeah. I grew up in a hockey house. That big, like the smell of the hockey bag. Oh, hockey gear is does nothing worse. stays in the basement. Yeah, like it can't come in. Okay, so you wouldn't deign to Dane. Gotta guess Davis or no.

Kelsey Erickson  4:35  
Yeah, he played hockey there. And he was actually a year behind me in school because of junior hockey. So I graduated entered the real world. And then he came out a year later after. So

Sarah Huffman  4:46  
on his timing, I love that. Yep. So then how did he ask like, Okay, if you dated when you got married five years ago? How long were you engaged?

Kelsey Erickson  4:53  
Um, about a year and a half. Okay,

Sarah Huffman  4:57  
so you were just like together forever. Yeah. And then It was just the right time. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect timing. Did you ever put pressure on him or no,

Kelsey Erickson  5:04  
I'm probably a little bit. But I never wanted to force anything. That didn't seem right. I didn't want to be with somebody who was forced

William Huffman  5:12  
you that baby. Oh, I

Sarah Huffman  5:13  
was forcing Well,

William Huffman  5:15  
yeah, yeah, I

Kelsey Erickson  5:16  
didn't. I don't know. Sarah, I don't like to be forced. So I didn't want to force him.

Sarah Huffman  5:21  
Yeah, I was like, Come on, dude. It's been three days.

William Huffman  5:25  
That's about it. That's about it.

Sarah Huffman  5:27  
And here we are. was nine years later, man, that wild? That's awesome. But it's almost like when you know you are with your person. There's a different feeling where you're like, I think that's where I was. I just knew. So it's like, let's just get this going.

Kelsey Erickson  5:43  
Yeah, yeah. And well, and that was different for us. Because we knew. I mean, we were 18 years old having conversations with one another on like, we knew. Yeah. So we're known for a long time. Yeah. I love it. And I made it official.

William Huffman  5:55  
All right. So you went to Gus Davis, not gustibus. And you went to the college or Rooney? Did you get a degree?

Kelsey Erickson  6:03  
Yes. In management? What does that mean? I don't know. I actually spent a lot of time just doing like, internships for credits instead. So I just really had my own experience, I guess, Davis versus like, in the classroom all the time in the textbook, which is also a reflection of who I

William Huffman  6:19  
am, right? Yes. Okay. Um, okay. Management. It's open

Sarah Huffman  6:23  
ended. It's,

Kelsey Erickson  6:25  
it wasn't even business management. It's just literally management. It was in the business department. But I love it. So I took like, some accounting classes, some finance classes, some leadership classes, some, you know, it's like strategy class created

Sarah Huffman  6:36  
your own because really, it's like, would you consider it management? Or would you can like, now, if you had a name IT WAS IT management? Or was it more like leadership?

Kelsey Erickson  6:47  
More just business? I would say, okay, yeah. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  6:51  
Fascinating. Well, because it's so interesting for me to hear this to know like what you do now? So tell us, can I speed this up? Well, let's go. Okay, so what do you do now? There's a couple things I'm sure. Yes. Let's talk about like, what do you do for your career? And what do you do for your passion? Okay, this

Kelsey Erickson  7:12  
is a, something I've been reflecting on lately. Career and passion, how you talk about them. So I was having this conversation with Dane, actually, this month, where he was saying, you know, we're talking about what I do for like, my, I don't know, normal job and what I do with my business, and he kind of was like, challenging me a little bit to think like, why aren't those two things like all on one? Like, how come you don't see that as your entire career? Like, I would consider my nine to five like a career and I would consider my business a business. But why don't I see it is like a full umbrella. So we like to have philosophical conversations like that. And so now I'm like, this is just context, I'm in the process of like, making them more fluid together and seeing that as like a big picture, one painting versus like separate things. So by day, I work for a financial services company doing strategic planning and projects, which is like, totally in my wheelhouse. Management. Yeah, basically, very much a reflection of that. Yeah, not a lot of numbers, a lot more strategy pulling teams together, moving things forward. cautionary, yes. Nice. Yes. seeing things differently is kind of my tagline. And then I have my coaching business, which is called ever me and CO, which is an intuitive life coaching company. So I do a lot of teaching, coaching, obviously, writing, and just in general, trying to help people connect to their intuition into like, their highest self in their life. And my business has gone through an iteration, my career has gone through many different iterations. But that's what I'm up to now. And it's so fun, because they all are so connected now. And to see them interconnected, as well as like, yeah, I have a certain title and things like that in my nine to five but like, I am a coach, and that is what I'm here to do. Regardless of it's in here. Or there. Yeah, wherever it doesn't matter. So I feel very liberated right now with that new

Sarah Huffman  9:04  
because was your was your ACE said, we're

William Huffman  9:05  
a part of this year. And this is this is exciting times.

Sarah Huffman  9:08  
Actually, like I have followed Kelsey and what she's been up to, but was it always ever me and Co?

Kelsey Erickson  9:14  
No. So when I first started my company, it was ever me coaching and it was very much like traditional life coaching, like setting goals, setting your vision for your life. You know, you want to go from point A to point B, how are you going to get there, that sort of thing. And now I'm diving way deeper into intuition leadership. More in that realm than just typical life coaching.

Sarah Huffman  9:38  
And how did you make that transition? Because that's a good comeback.

William Huffman  9:42  
Okay. I have some questions here. Okay. Well, all right. Okay. Okay. So, I we're into the hippie stuff, so I totally get it. For people who are listening. They might all of a sudden be like, What the hell is a life coach? Like why would somebody do need that? So kind of, like, sell me on it, even though I understand it, and I see the value in it. But there's skeptical people out there, there's a lot of us what what is what what would you say to that? Like, what's the what do you mean I don't need a life coach, I get up I eat my Cheerios or whatever.

Kelsey Erickson  10:17  
I think the the passive way that some people might think about a life coach is like your, you want to work with somebody who's gonna give you a bunch of really good advice and almost like, tell you what to do. Because a lot of times, I would say a common thread in a lot of coaching clients is they're starting from a place of indecision, or they're stuck, or that's kind of like what even would maybe first make that phrase be something you would cling on to? For me, the way I see coaching is, it's a lot of eliciting from other people like what is going on in their heart and what is going on in their world and how they can take that out into the real world, instead of doing that thing where we just stay inside our brain and overthink everything and not take any action on it. I think coaching has evolved throughout the years, definitely for sure, for sure. Because I think it used to be more on that advice side, it used to be here's my formula, here's exactly what you need to do follow my steps and your life will be golden. Well, I cannot prescribe anyone what to do in their life, what worked for me is not what's going to work for anyone else. There are elements of that sure flavors, things like that. But to be prescriptive in it, I just don't think is possible, which is why I'm leaning so much more into the intuitive space of it. Because your own intuition is your own inner compass. And if you can be connected to that, then you can kind of do your own coaching, you can lead yourself, you know, in that way. So maybe in a sense, I'm working myself out of a job. But that'd be a great thing, right? If everyone was right to their intuition and leading from within, but

Sarah Huffman  11:42  
I think back to the good sell, good sell, by the way. I think back to the times they didn't listen to my intuition. And then I'm like, yeah, like you.

William Huffman  11:54  
There's usually some tears involved in that. Maybe I'm getting yelled at or

Sarah Huffman  11:58  
Well, no, but I mean, it is something where just like for me personally over the last, I would probably say four years, really the last two, like I think my journey started four years ago, but really was solidified the last two years that it's like, Listen to your intuition. Like those little pings or nudges. You don't always know why. And that's kind of the beautiful thing is you don't need to you just go

Kelsey Erickson  12:23  
we think we need to Yeah, like logical mind wants to know, like, exactly the logic behind everything and why this is happening and why I would take action on this, but you really don't, you don't, it really doesn't matter.

Sarah Huffman  12:33  
And it's like just follow those pings. Or like even if you're going down through some hard stuff, the hard stuff doesn't mean stop, don't do it. The hard stuff may be the test to be like, are you going to push through? Like there's, is that too much for you? Well,

William Huffman  12:49  
we're just we're going down the woowoo train? Oh, yeah.

Sarah Huffman  12:54  
But it's not really. It's just it's interesting, once you really understand, like, what intuition is, and really listening and trusting. So

William Huffman  13:01  
so give me an example. Like, what do you mean by trust? Your intuition is that say trust your gut or like, like, if you could put it in words, or either of you. I'm just curious, like, what I mean, I know it's intuition, it's probably hard to describe, you know, like this little feeling inside of you, like, you shouldn't be going left. But for some reason, the GPS is telling you to go right. And the GPS turns out to be wrong, because you should have went left because the road was closed on the right.

Kelsey Erickson  13:31  
That's a perfect example of it. I mean, and that's like really closely tied to I think a lot of people think of intuition immediately as like that survival instinct. That's just trying to keep you safe. But if you look at it now, like more in our advanced culture, and where we're at, like your intuition is speaking to you because it's trying to take you along the path of your highest self versus like the path that's following. Oh, you know, my parents wanted me to do that. Or society's telling me I should do that. Yes, it's telling you to keeping you safe in the like, safe toward your highest self way versus following, you know, the path of least resistance and what everyone else is doing sea of sameness is the thing I like to call you

William Huffman  14:08  
same. Okay. Good one, I

Sarah Huffman  14:09  
think like different times that I've trusted my intuition. Well, it has been, well, let's just use this podcast for as an example. Like this podcast was built off of my intuition of we need to have a podcast, and even the title because we're called life behind the highlight reel. And it's because I wanted to have a platform where it was safe for people to like, tell their story, because there's a lot to celebrate. But you've we've also had people on our podcasts that have really worked through some really tough times. And they've, they've kept going and they've gotten out of it, but it's not all the stuff that you see on like, the social media world that we live in. And it's even like you Kelsey, today like I had this feeling I had to have you on the podcast. And as you can see, we're not scripted. It's like let's you love

Kelsey Erickson  14:54  
but you're so excited for this. I was like, This is me just I get to show up and just speak intuitively and this is like I could do this all A lot. Yeah, that guy didn't You didn't give me any pre work. I know, I have to, like, plan a bunch of stuff to say, this is, oh, my love language.

Sarah Huffman  15:07  
And this is where that intuition comes into play. Because like some people will say like, well, who are you going to be your guests? And I'm like, I don't always know, I just reached out to my mom's friend from high school. Because I really like mean, they're, they're 75 years old. And I love how she lives her life. And I reached out to her and I'm like, would you come on our podcast? And why? Like, it was just like, these little pings, but because I trust my intuition. I'm gonna listen to the pings and be like, Okay, if that comes up more than once, I've gotta pay attention and act on it. Because I don't want to not act and miss an opportunity. Not like a FOMO missing of an opportunity. But I just think so often, we can just like get in the midst of a lot of clutter. And like brain chatter. Yes. And it's like, for me intuition is like, turn the chatter off. And just do it, like, just take action.

William Huffman  16:03  
That sounds like it'd be really easy to do, but it's probably not.

Sarah Huffman  16:08  
Well, I think it all depends on what you want. Like, if you're, if you trust your intuition, it's semi easier. Sometimes you might question it be like, What in the world am I doing this for? But I think if you just keep going, and you keep trying different things that your intuition might like guide you towards, and you see success, or you see like something positive or learning out of it, you're gonna keep going that direction.

Kelsey Erickson  16:32  
You have to also like be connected to your own, like, intuitive brand. So I liken it to like different fabrics. So like, my intuition might feel like velvet, and like my Eagle brain might feel like cotton. So I'm having all these like creative thoughts, but they're like that cotton texture. If you're writing with me on this one. I know that that's not necessarily my intuition, speaking. But if I had that one, like velvety thought, creative moment, I'm like, Oh, that was an intuitive thing. That's the thing for me to follow. So you have to be able to like, understand the different voices that serpent. Yeah. And then the trust piece for sure. That was a big part of my experience, like 2020. I feel like everyone went through a whole, like, rebirth been through some stuff. Yeah, that was a big thing for me was that trust factor of I've always been so intuitive, but I had this a call with a woman I was working with. And we were going through this intuitive development exercise. And I realized, like, while we were going through it, how little I was trusting myself, like, I was questioning everything that came up like it was very eye opening. But it's like that trust piece of it. If you can trust on what's coming up for you and take action on those things. Like you said, I think that's where a lot of unlocking happens, where things just, you know, people talking about manifestation and right time, right place, I think it's just a matter of like being in tune with that and following what's being laid in front of you, because those are the best breadcrumbs to follow.

Sarah Huffman  17:54  
Okay, can we talk about the word like manifestation? And these things like Are these like the buzzwords of 2022? Or these like things that are going to stick around? And that maybe that's more of an opinion question. But it's, I've just heard so many more like, I'm going to manifest this. I'm like,

William Huffman  18:14  
well, let's let's first of all, manifesting it's this is not like, what's like the secret the book, The secret that came out a long time ago. That's kind of that's what that book is kind of talking about, like, wheeling something into existence. You, yes, there is something about putting the energy that you're wanting to attract something out there. But you still have to do the work. Yeah. It's you can't just sit in a room. And maybe I'm wrong. But in my, my understanding of the word is, I want to manifest. Let's just say a boat, right? Okay. I'm just, I don't want to boat we're here to have a boat. But that was us a boat, I owe us a tangible of a physical item that you can go out and purchase and say you don't have the means at that time to purchase the boat. If you keep your mind intent on reaching that goal. It doesn't just appear one day, but it might feel like that because all of a sudden, you've kept your eye on the prize. And some people might say, well, that says working and saving money. So much more. I know both maybe not the best example. But that's, I'll be quiet now.

Kelsey Erickson  19:26  
Yeah, I think so. I definitely do think it's a buzzword because even in 2016 When I started my company, like setting goals, like working toward your goals, like goal setting was a form of manifestation to your point. It's like, this is what I want, here's how I'm gonna do to go get it. I think the thing that's happening with bringing in more of that, like, I'll call it like spiritual language is that it's teaching people to get at the essence of what they really want. So you're like when you're diving in your intuition. When you're diving into emotionally how you want to feel around these things. I think that's what's shifting and changing that will that'll last beyond just the buzzword of it. It's not just the boat that you want. It's the you know, freedom on the weekend to spend time with my family. It's like on earthing, the real layers which find what you want and having that intuitive path lead you to what it is that you're gonna get. I think there's always going to be something though within manifestation that's we are humans having a soulful experience. And I think we get caught up in the wrong thing sometimes. So you like you think it's a boat, but it's like that journey to getting the boat really matters. I think there's a lot of content and things like that around manifestation right now. And I I don't have like a huge manifestation process, what I'm more focused on is like, leading myself following my intuition. And when I'm following my intuition, I know that those things that are best for me and my highest self are going to manifest in front of me. Yep. The more and like I talked about the forcing, like, if you force all the things that you want, well, that's what you've created. That's what you're gonna get forced things. Yep. So

Sarah Huffman  21:07  
that's fascinating. Okay, so as you've gotten on this process since 2016, like how have you trained yourself? Like how have you immersed yourself in this mindset to like, continue moving forward?

Kelsey Erickson  21:20  
Well, I think naturally, I'm just wired like that. I love learning. I'm very curious. Which curiosity, creativity, intuition, they all kind of go together, they play in a nice field together. But right away, I did a coaching certification. And that was huge for me, because that was that that helped me feel better credible. When I first started my company, because I started it relatively young, you know, I wanted people to take me seriously. And it was a huge learning experience for me like that is a gift that will carry into the remainder of my life is very intensive, but I was so proud when it was done. So I learned a lot of just like the foundational coaching skills, which I'll do a tangent on coaching skills. If you are going to coach I think you should do some sort of coaching class coaching skills, building something like that, because that's that is the buzzword right now is coach,

William Huffman  22:08  
yes. Oh, yeah. everybody and their mother all of a sudden, is coaching. Anything like we're in real estate, real estate coaches are popping up everywhere? Oh, yes. Sorry.

Kelsey Erickson  22:21  
Yeah. Which I think a lot of times they mean consultant, because I think they're more than that. Here's my process. I'm going to prescribe this to you. Here's what's worked for me. Anyway, I have a lot of reverence for I

Sarah Huffman  22:32  
just had a conversation today with my real estate coach, about the differences between coaching and teaching. Yeah. And like, I come from a teaching background. And so to switch gears and be a coach is, for me, a little bit more challenging, because teaching I want to be like, This is what you do. This is how you do it. This is the end of the result that ended up here's the prescription go. Like that is teaching. Coaching is like, asking the questions for the person to self discover, giving them time to fail, giving them time to succeed, it is not instant gratification. Nope. And so it's like, oh, you come with this, like, teacher heart that that you want to see them succeed right away. But like coaching, it's not like that. It's practice. It's again, and again. And I think back to like, the miracle movie, where it was like, run the drills again. And again, let's talk about hockey, run the drills again. And again, that's coaching. Yep. Like it's doesn't happen overnight.

Kelsey Erickson  23:32  
Oh, yeah. And sometimes not at all, if you want to practice the art of letting go become a coach, truly a coach, because you have to be you have to approach every client with such non attachment. And the second I want something more than a client, I've failed that client. And it's hard to set those boundaries because I I want people to be successful. I want them to level up. I want them to meet themselves at their highest selves place.

Sarah Huffman  23:57  
Yes. Yeah. That's actually quite profound. Because

William Huffman  24:02  
also hold on, you keep saying highest self. Okay, what the hell does that mean?

Kelsey Erickson  24:09  
There's a lot of different ways you can look at it. Let's see what comes.

William Huffman  24:14  
She said it like twice I may know what it means. No. So that's a good question is the it's kind of like shop talk like this is lingo that we use all the time. We have these conversations all the time, but how would you describe that sorry.

Kelsey Erickson  24:28  
So for me that how I personally understand highest self is there is a version of me 20 years from now that just as wiser they know stuff, they're living this life that I'm currently creating today because all that really exists is right now and your highest self has that intuitive wisdom. It has guidance for you it has you know all the things that you want to be want to succeed at. It's like your, your perfect day self or your future self or your whatever adjective you want to describe that is just like that bigger vision part of you. And when you can connect to who that person is, it gives you that like source of truth it gives you like that Northstar thing to follow when you're lost in all the noise, the chatter, the keeping up with the Joneses, the I got to do this, I got to do that the scramble, when you have that connection to your highest self, you're able to, again, that self leadership piece of it, know where you're going, why you're going there, what's important to you. And for some reason, my highest self always has a really cute outfit on. So there's also that

Sarah Huffman  25:37  
I like that. Do you have any other questions about higher self? Well, I will later I actually liked how you gave that context of 20 years from

William Huffman  25:45  
now. Yeah, that that resonated with me. I don't think I've heard it explained that way before. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  25:49  
Because I think about myself today. And what I would have told myself, my 15 year old self, like 15 years ago self and how the things I was thinking then were very, like short term and very, maybe more self centered. If that makes any sense? Where like, if I were in that position today, with the knowledge I have now, I would absolutely do things differently. And with more much more maturity, yes. Okay, like, let me give you an example. Kind of give an example. We'll give an example. When I worked overnights at Target. I was sounds

Kelsey Erickson  26:28  
terrible. It was.

Sarah Huffman  26:32  
But I was the overnight logistics ETL executive team leader, and I would get to work about eight o'clock at night. And I would maybe leave nine in the morning ish, maybe later, maybe earlier. But that let's just say that was the average. I was so miserable, because all I could think about were the things that I was missing out on how the schedule was terrible, like all these like things, but like now I would go back and be like, Hey, this is just a moment in time. Give it your best that people that are working here deserve your best self. Like I didn't show up as my best self. Like I was a victim. Even, like so many things. Yeah. And it's like, I didn't listen to that, like, higher like that higher wisdom.

William Huffman  27:16  
It was happening to you. It wasn't happening for ya back then. Like

Sarah Huffman  27:19  
now I if I were in that position today, I still don't think I would enjoy the hours. But I would make the best of it.

Kelsey Erickson  27:27  
your highest self is a lot more gracious than your day to day self. Yes. And spacious, I would say. But that wisdom factor. That's the thing. Like that's the you can borrow from your highest self at any time to do whatever it is that you need to do in this current moment. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  27:43  
it was interesting. I just Whoa, whoa,

William Huffman  27:44  
whoa, whoa, no, don't you're just gonna breeze by the fact that she just said I could time travel to my future self and borrow from me. Basically, that's what I heard. Yeah, no. Okay. She's

Kelsey Erickson  27:56  
just right on board. Yeah.

William Huffman  27:58  
No, I get it. But I'm metric. What is? How do you tell me more?

Kelsey Erickson  28:06  
Okay, first thing, let's go stick, take a step back. Okay, well talked about what high self is, yep. If you want to connect your highest self, I would recommend finding a future self highest self meditation, guided meditation that you can follow. To meet that person and start to put a name, start to build that relationship, that's part of it is building a relationship so that you have that direct line of anything with that entity. The next thing is you can borrow from your future self because they have that wisdom you whether that's borrowing the wisdom, borrowing the courage, borrowing the audacity from your future self, because in theory, they have done already the thing that you are trying to do. So when you're talking about like facing your fears, or going after what you want, or manifesting the things that are most important to you, when you have that relationship, then that door is open to be borrowed from but that relationship piece is key. You can't just like ignore your highest self for five years, and then go knock on their door and be like, Give me all these things. Like that's rude. You wouldn't want someone to do that to you today, right? I don't want that either. I mean, they will be very gracious and generous and probably still help you out. But the relationship piece is key

Sarah Huffman  29:12  
that I've actually never really thought about the highest highest self relationship building process.

William Huffman  29:18  
No, I'm picking up some good stuff here. There's some good stuff. It's out there. That's okay. Like when I say hippie shit, that's a term of endearment. Like we like that stuff. Yeah, no, I love it. Yeah. Because it's, it forces you doesn't force you. It allows you the opportunity to think at things differently. And somebody who might be listening to this us for the first time maybe hearing some of this woowoo stuff for the first time. This allows this allows them to maybe approach a certain a singular situation, maybe just a little different this one time, and that can start the journey to finding out who their highest self is.

Kelsey Erickson  29:58  
I have thoughts on the woowoo phrase, I think if you're someone that's listening to this podcast or anything, really, and you're thinking, Oh, this is so woowoo, or you're like having that reaction, you are at the exact moment where you need to stop and open your mind up to what it is that you're learning because you're, you're experiencing resistance and nothing creates change, like resistance. So you are immediately turned off against it, or it's just rubbing like, that is the moment to dive into something woowoo whatever it is, there's something there for you to learn that is going to be a key to unlocking whatever is next for you. But those moments of resistance we want to avoid, we want to just, oh, it's we will, I'm not going to deal with it. I'm not going to talk about it.

Sarah Huffman  30:42  
Yeah, anyway. Well, but I lost how you've

William Huffman  30:45  
approached there. It's good soapbox, you got this?

Sarah Huffman  30:49  
Well, I but I like how would like if people want to resonate with you and your approach to like talking through the highest self intuition, these pieces like how would they? Like do like have classes? Like what how do you work with people to like, dive in deeper?

Kelsey Erickson  31:06  
Yeah. Classes I'll do on occasion, intuitively inspired always. I have one master class right now that's free to download, you sign up with your email address. And that's all on intuitive leadership. So you're talking a little bit about human design, which we could go down that rabbit hole, if you want to go down that you're learning more about intuition and how it speaks to you, you're learning about self leadership and what that means. So that's the first place to start, that's evergreen that's always open. And then I work with people one on one where we go through, it's a six month container, which is pretty hefty for a coaching container. But it's really learning the again, like I said, the fabric of your intuition, listening to it, trusting it, going deeper on who you are. I'm big on self reflection, self awareness, self understanding, and using that to integrate it into your daily life. Because I think what happens with a lot of people is woowoo becomes this thing that's happens in a closet. It happens. You know, you guys talk about this stuff all the time. But you might go to a dinner with another couple friend and like not say anything about like, don't say the N word. Don't say yeah, infestation. Yeah, yeah. But my belief is to integrate it into your daily life. And like I was saying in the beginning about my job, like, if it happens at home, I want it to happen in work. And I want to be authentic and open about the things that I'm passionate about and care about. And that's a big part of my program, too, is just integrating those things. Because I will say about woowoo stuff. Sometimes it's just like, when the hell am I going to do that? Like, what am I going to do with my crystals? Am I supposed to take those out in the middle of a conference room? And like put them on the table? And like welcome my co workers to the yes, the answer is yes, the answer is yes. But it's like, how do you actually integrate into intuitive stuff into your?

William Huffman  32:46  
That's a really good question that I like, I want to talk about this. So how do you so we're sitting here in a podcast or headphones on and, and we have crystals in our office? And Sarah sprays her sprays? And like, all this stuff we'll get right now. Yeah, of course you do, of course. And, but Okay, that's all good and dandy in our bubble that we've created for ourselves. And our bubbles expanding? And Sarah actually would in the middle of dinner with somebody, she'd be like, you've manifested the hell out of that. And they'd be like, what? But how do you how do you integrate the use of the word integrate fantastic use? For this? I'm rambling. How do you take what you're doing on your coaching stuff? And how do you personally bring it into your nine to five, quote unquote, business professional life?

Kelsey Erickson  33:35  
Yeah, two ways come to mind right away. First one was just around language. So I will, in meetings, I'll say, you know, I have a gut feeling that this is going on. Or I was reflecting on this over the weekend. And I think we should go this direction. Like, I'm very intentional with my language that I use with my coworkers, because I think it opens up a different space. I'm also not afraid to ask personal questions at work. I think a lot of people leave personal stuff out. But for me, the type of team I want to be on is it just goes to a different level might not go immediately to woowoo. Right? Yeah, but that's what I want to cultivate. So that's how I lead in that space. The other way is, like through that bridge of trust, so you have intuitive stuff going on. And then you have daily life. And people can't see me right now, but I'm putting them in two different buckets to my left and to my right. And that trust bridge is how you integrate. So if you're getting this intuitive ping that you need to sign up for a watercolor painting class, like the trusting thing to do is to take action on that and all of a sudden find yourself sitting in a watercolor painting class, because maybe you're gonna meet somebody there who has a connection for your next job or who knows what you're going to find on that next thing, but as Sarah was saying earlier, like following those things, following those different clues, like taking that trusting action is integrating your intuition into your everyday life.

William Huffman  34:54  
That was a very specific example of like the watercolor painting class like it can be that at random, like, like, you're like, Oh, I really feel like I should. I don't know, I should really go fill my gas tank up right now even though I'm still half full. I just really have this urge to do that. Like, you should follow that.

Kelsey Erickson  35:14  
Yes. Okay. Yes. And it's not,

William Huffman  35:17  
it doesn't make any freaking sense logically to go percent, okay? Yes. Okay. It's not,

Kelsey Erickson  35:22  
here's the thing, it's not a like, one for one thing, and it's not something you're gonna get punished for. So if you do have that thought, but you're like, What the heck, I'm about to go on a date with air, I'm not gonna go fill up the gas tank right now. You're not gonna get like negative points or like, punished for not listening to your intuition. It just doesn't work like that. But if you can get into the habit of following those, like an experiment for a day would be I'm literally only going to do the next intuitive action that I receive, and just see how that feels like, see what it feels like to give over the trust to your intuition in that way. Because we're so you know, we want to be in control. That's almost like the enemy of intuition, right? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. I actually just a recent story, my little sister was texting me. She woke up the other morning, and she goes, she all of a sudden really wanted to go play pickleball and she's living down in Austin, Texas. And she's like, Where have I seen pickleball courts is over by this place that she stayed when she first moved there. Well, they go over there playing pickleball she's having so much fun. When they're leaving, they see an apartment building, and she's looking for a new apartment and it's just being built up. They're taking tours, all this stuff. So like her intuition led her to

Sarah Huffman  36:31  
that apartment buildings or pickleball.

William Huffman  36:35  
Okay, when okay. So how do I skeptic coming here? Um, they Okay, no, it was just a building being built. And she felt like playing pickleball.

Kelsey Erickson  36:46  
But how did it get to the one place where she knew in all of Austin, Texas, where pickleball courts were? Who wakes up thinking about pickleball?

William Huffman  36:54  
Right. I mean, that is a very specific random thing like watercolour painting. Okay. All right. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That

Kelsey Erickson  37:02  
we can't You can't try to understand it.

Sarah Huffman  37:04  
Right. Okay. Make like, it's not like linear sense. Yeah.

William Huffman  37:08  
No. Okay. See, there that's

Sarah Huffman  37:11  
like this, because of this, because of this is what it sounds like.

William Huffman  37:15  
Maybe at the end, though, you can back trace it. It just sounds like you can't predict it. But it sounds like if she moves into this apartment, it's because one day she wanted to play pickleball and woke up and followed her intuition. And then now she's there. And who knows, maybe when she's at this apartment, she's gonna meet this person who has a cute puppy and this puppy is going to be somebody. I don't know. Yeah, so yeah,

Kelsey Erickson  37:38  
yeah. So she's thinking about right now in the lens of where am I going to live next. But it might not even be that. You know, that's just her logical mind understanding of what she thinks is unraveling. But it could be again, that it's something with a dog and something you know, and she's actually looking for a dog. So it's cool. You said that? Maybe she's gonna find a dog there.

William Huffman  37:57  
See, look at this.

Kelsey Erickson  37:59  
You can't predict it. You can't force it and you can't be attached to where you think it's taking you.

Sarah Huffman  38:04  
Okay? That sounds actually magical. It sounds it's you let it you let it be magical. Or it can be

William Huffman  38:12  
can I allow it to be scary? Because it's honestly like to, to somebody who likes to be in control of things? Um, you know, that'd be let's, I'm terrible. I'm asking for a friend. My friend got a

Kelsey Erickson  38:27  
call in user. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  38:30  
Thank you. Caller. Go ahead.

William Huffman  38:31  
Yes. Um, hi. My name is not William Hoffman. And I have a question. That seems scary. That's more of a statement.

Kelsey Erickson  38:38  
The thing is that we think we're in control when we think we're in control. And for me, what following my intuition does is it takes off that burden of me having to know everything, do everything, be everything and just be? It's like that. I've talked about a lot about self leadership. But a lot of it is just followership, and knowing how to follow something greater than yourself. People find that in a lot of different ways, but it takes away that pressure for me of having to do that. And like I said, we think we're in control, but you don't know what the hell is gonna happen.

Sarah Huffman  39:08  
No, no, you're fine. Oh, yeah. PG 13.

William Huffman  39:10  
We just don't say the F bomb. Okay.

Sarah Huffman  39:12  
And then we have to go explicit. Okay, yeah,

Kelsey Erickson  39:14  
what the heck, I'm gonna say, heck

William Huffman  39:15  
no, we're gonna say hell, hell no, hell.

Kelsey Erickson  39:18  
No idea. Right as well. Yeah. I think to me, just following intuition is like, it's like the path of ease, versus me just trying to be in control and figure out everything and problem solve everything and force everything and it's just like, Oh, my God, like my back is like hurting just articulating that out loud.

William Huffman  39:35  
I like how you said, actually, like,

Sarah Huffman  39:36  
I like had like, it almost.

William Huffman  39:38  
It just takes away the pressure of having to know because nobody knows. Nobody, nobody know. I mean, you never know what's going to happen. You never know who's going to do what. And it almost sounds like a relief when you give that up. And you just go with the flow. Go with your intuition. Go with the next right field.

Kelsey Erickson  40:00  
Yes, and it's a it's an inner relief. But I will say, it is a very radical act, because even Sarah, what you were describing about the podcast, like not really knowing like who your next guest is or whatever, like, if you went to go talk to some like podcasting consultant, they'd be like, that's a problem in your process. That's wrong, you're doing it, man, how do you, you know, they're gonna just diagnose the crap out of it. And that's what society does to you to all of us whether we're taking the path of being in control or the intuitive path. So it is a very radical act, and you have to be able to weather that storm and be, you know, respectful of your own decisions amidst a world that's telling you to do something different. There's just not a lot of time and space for people to follow their intuition. Yeah, I don't have this big strategic plan, I don't have this whatever. Like, that's just not. And it doesn't allow things are changing. But that's just not how society is.

Sarah Huffman  40:52  
And it doesn't mean that if you're living through your intuition or following your intuition that you're not strategic, or like, planful, you're just willing to open the possibility, like, just open possibility.

William Huffman  41:05  
So just say it like that. It doesn't have to be like that show. Yes, man. What wasn't? Where he just did it? She says yes to everything. So it doesn't have to be like that. Or does it?

Kelsey Erickson  41:18  
It can be if you're saying yes to the intuitive things, okay. It's like that thing of knowing like, Okay, do I want to do this thing? Because like, I'm trying to compete with somebody, or I'm comparing myself to somebody, or am I doing this thing? Because, you know, I feel like it's a connection. It's a stepping stone to my highest self.

William Huffman  41:34  
There's a lot of layers here. Oh, yeah. About strategy

Kelsey Erickson  41:36  
to like, I am a very strategic person. And that is a big part of my company is like spiritual strategy. So how do you lead with intuition and with that spiritual space first, and then use that to build out your life strategy, your business strategy, things like that? So they're very tied in my mind. But I think if you're all strategy, you're missing out on a big part of what could be magical about what you're doing? And if you're all spiritual, you're missing out on maybe more active things or connection. Yeah, yeah. To what you were saying to earlier? Well, like, it's not just a matter of like, you just sit down and do nothing. And yeah, and you get a million dollars. Yeah, like, that's not it. So like, they have to be connected. But I put spirituality before the strategy piece of it. Because I think that creates the most beautiful expression of what it is that you're here to do within your purpose and within your work and things like that, because it's just fun. And it's more magical that

Sarah Huffman  42:33  
it's Can I just go back to the whole

William Huffman  42:35  
painting? Yes. But I want to know, where can I download that class you're talking about? Because Because now I'm now I'm bought in? No, I'm not like, okay. All right. She's all happy and has speaks very well. And has now explained this to me. And I'm sold. So what's the website?

Kelsey Erickson  42:54  
It's ever me and Okay, cool, right. When you get there, there's a little pop up, you can put your email in and you get instant access. Sweet.

Sarah Huffman  43:00  
All right. And well, the if I think it's just so fascinating how you were like, Hey, you just talked about a dog and your sister's looking for a dog? I have been told for a couple years to take a watercolor painting class.

William Huffman  43:11  
Yes, you have. I didn't want to bring it up. See that?

Kelsey Erickson  43:14  
And like, how would I have known that? How would I you know, that's yeah, that's again, this is my love language, because they show up and say stuff. And that's okay. That's like an intuitive moment for you to say, right? Like, it's like, just like a reminder of Yeah, because it came up again,

Sarah Huffman  43:28  
it's about the creative outlet, and letting yourself be creative. And it's also very funny. I was in a bookstore, in when were

William Huffman  43:39  
you in a bookstore?

Sarah Huffman  43:43  
In Park Rapids, okay, recently, and what is that book that you talk about? Like you've done the artists way? Yes. And I'm walking down the aisle. And what's the one book I see the artists way? And I'm like, I'm gonna have to buy that book,

Kelsey Erickson  43:57  
which is interesting that he had it out on display. Yes. I don't know if I've ever seen it in

Sarah Huffman  44:01  
Park Rapids, Minnesota, to sign. So that's like an intuitive like, ping Yes. To be like, hey, remember? Like, yes. Doesn't mean you have to do it right this second, but it's coming up again. Come in. Oh, my God. To see. All right, Kelsey. So what's next for you?

Kelsey Erickson  44:21  
Right now, I'm really excited about a couple things. So I just within the last year, I did a whole rebranding of my company, again, leaning more into the intuition, self leadership, things like that. So that's a lot of recent things that I'm still really excited about and still executing on. For the rest of this year. We just got off a two week vacation to Hawaii. So I'm feeling a lot more renewed and energized than I had been as of lately. And I'm really excited. I have been writing a book for the last four years and that is on the homestretch super pumped about that. Just yesterday, I started building out a prototype of a I guess you could call it like Oracle car. cards or something like that, but they're I'm calling them like mystical motivators. They're just like that, like, kind of, like, pump of energy that you need. So that's still in early phases, but I'm just feeling very creative and trusting. Whatever is gonna unravel in front of me is what's next. But I love it.

William Huffman  45:17  
I heard Hawaii

Sarah Huffman  45:20  
and then you stopped listening.

William Huffman  45:21  
Oh, no, I was I My intuition is saying we need to go to Hawaii. Oh, yeah. Actually, we miss

Kelsey Erickson  45:28  
Hawaii. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  45:30  
I would love to go there. I just think like, it's very lush and green. Did you have ocean like, did you have beaches?

Kelsey Erickson  45:38  
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We were on the beach most of the time, mostly every day. But it is like the mountains are just like lush, green jungle. Then there was rivers, but there was the ocean there. Oh, my gosh, it was amazing.

Sarah Huffman  45:50  
And where did you say it?

Kelsey Erickson  45:51  
We stayed on the north shore for part of the time. And then we stayed in a town called COPPA, which was beautiful and cute and small. And

Sarah Huffman  46:00  
it was perfect hotels or like Airbnb.

Kelsey Erickson  46:03  
The first one was like a villa like apartment. And then the second place was a hotel.

William Huffman  46:08  
Well, we want to say thank you for coming on. And we finish this by asking our guests a simple question. What is your top five favorite restaurants?

Kelsey Erickson  46:17  
Oh my gosh. Okay. First one is a local one. We live in St. Paul. We always go to Highland grill in Highland Park. What do you get so good. Oh, the breakfast bowl. Okay, we're done with extra avocado. I love their breakfast burrito. Yeah, that's a Dane usually gets so good. Yeah, yeah. Um, where else we went to really good place in Hawaii called bar A CUDA. I had one of the best bites of food I've ever had in my entire life. Oh, a bite of that. So that was like tapas style. And it was just like I had it. And I was like, I wanted to start crying. I was like, I think I could die right now. And just like that, was it? Is it that yeah, that was the moment. I like to try a lot of different places. So we're loyal to Highland grill for sure. Um,

William Huffman  46:58  
and it can be for any reason doesn't necessarily have to be because of the food was fantastic. It can be because we had one gentleman who says Olive Garden and it's because he went there with his mother all the time.

Kelsey Erickson  47:08  
Oh, that's sweet. I like going out for sushi. So any sushi place?

William Huffman  47:14  
What's your sushi order?

Kelsey Erickson  47:16  
Oh, I love the salmon roll. And love avocado roll. Like I'm really simple. Okay, I like the fancy ones,

Sarah Huffman  47:22  
too. Sometimes the simple rolls are the best ones. Like when we go to Billy sushi. The Veggie roll. Oh, so good. Yeah, it's mind blowing. Yeah. And it's so simple. Yeah. But it's so delicious.

Kelsey Erickson  47:33  
Yes. I really like Estelle and St. Paul. That's a newer place. We sat at the bar, which we like to do. Sometimes I just like kind of like to be in the mix and see like what the workers are doing and see what people are ordering that sort of thing. And what else and then actually a past guest of yours, Eva Bilski. She recommended Colita and we were with her actually a few weeks ago. And that was awesome too. Because all gluten free. And I've been gluten free for a few years. So that was

Sarah Huffman  47:57  
like nice. It makes ordering so easy. Yeah, it's

Kelsey Erickson  48:01  
like I don't have to think about anything. You don't have to put in a special order. ask all these questions. Just simply

Sarah Huffman  48:05  
Have you been to Olivia's not yep, that's on my Oh, my word. It's bomb is fantastic. Well, and I go to Olivia's you think we're eating for about five people? Because

William Huffman  48:17  
we do. We literally ordered three four entrees because he's want to try

Sarah Huffman  48:20  
it. He's Yeah. Like, I just really want a taste of that. But there's only two of us. Yeah.

Kelsey Erickson  48:26  
Would it be a good for like a group of people? It's so good. Okay. Yes. Sometimes we'd like to do that. Especially with Danes family. We'd like to just sample a bunch of different things. Yes.

Sarah Huffman  48:34  
Yeah. But their chicken sandwich it like 20 bucks the best 20 $20

William Huffman  48:38  
chicken so

Kelsey Erickson  48:41  
good. So yeah, have a chicken sandwich. Yeah, that is gluten free is like

Sarah Huffman  48:45  
and the buns are taste normal. Like everything about it. Just like it doesn't have that gluten free taste to it. It's like no, this is delicious. Like my dad thinks gluten free is like poison.

William Huffman  48:57  
A lot of people do. He does. He's like Oh, my guts.

Sarah Huffman  49:03  
And I'm like, we just don't tell him and he thinks it's amazing. Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Kelsey Erickson  49:08  
I'm gonna have to try that.

William Huffman  49:10  
One more. One more.

Kelsey Erickson  49:11  
I'm thinking like somewhere in Stillwater. Got married in Stillwater. That's what I'm thinking.

Sarah Huffman  49:17  
Where did you get married in Stillwater? The JX

Kelsey Erickson  49:19  

Sarah Huffman  49:21  
Yeah, yeah.

Kelsey Erickson  49:23  
That's a great spot. Right below there is the Velveteen which is last speakeasy cocktail bar.

Sarah Huffman  49:28  
I love Stillwater. Yeah, I took my mom there yesterday. And we just walked. Yeah, and had a coffee and it was perfect. Yeah,

Kelsey Erickson  49:35  
that's all you need to do. Yeah.

William Huffman  49:37  
Awesome. All right. Well, thank you so much. And if somebody wanted to get a hold of you, what's the best way to do it as your website and email address

Kelsey Erickson  49:44  
website email, Kelsey at Evergreen or Instagram is probably where I'm most active from a marketing perspective. So that ever

William Huffman  49:53  

Sarah Huffman  49:54  
And we'll have all of that for our show. No in the show notes in the

William Huffman  49:59  
show notes. I don't know what those so there's magically happen. They do. It's awesome. I love it. All right everybody. Thank you. Thank you for coming. As always we out deuces.

Accouncer  50:09  
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