Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 33: There For the Big Moments Is What Counts with Scott Roiger

June 13, 2022 Sarah Huffman & William Huffman Season 1 Episode 33
Ep 33: There For the Big Moments Is What Counts with Scott Roiger
Life Behind the Highlight Real
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Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 33: There For the Big Moments Is What Counts with Scott Roiger
Jun 13, 2022 Season 1 Episode 33
Sarah Huffman & William Huffman

Scott Roiger is a St. Cloud State grad but, to Will's dismay, a HUGE Gophers fan. 

Beyond that, though, is a world of trust between Will, Sarah, and the relationship they have formed with Scott.

After college, Scott got a real lesson in what it takes to be successful in the car-sales industry, a taste of success he didn't enjoy. 

That's when a friend helped him turn a new direction, towards the mortgage industry where he's happily been for the last decade. 

What has made him the success he is today? It's about relationships. Relationships that form when you're there for their "big moments." 

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Scott Roiger is a St. Cloud State grad but, to Will's dismay, a HUGE Gophers fan. 

Beyond that, though, is a world of trust between Will, Sarah, and the relationship they have formed with Scott.

After college, Scott got a real lesson in what it takes to be successful in the car-sales industry, a taste of success he didn't enjoy. 

That's when a friend helped him turn a new direction, towards the mortgage industry where he's happily been for the last decade. 

What has made him the success he is today? It's about relationships. Relationships that form when you're there for their "big moments." 

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah and we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with REMAX results of Good Life Group and that's our legal disclaimer. Hey everybody, William here and today we're talking with Scott. I've known him for a while and I just realized why I don't like him as much as I thought I should because he's a gopher fan.

Scott Roiger  0:20  
I'm pretty plain Jane. Yeah, exactly. I do the chicken Thai fried rice. I remove the onions and add carrots. Oh yeah.

Accouncer  0:38  
Welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online. Join hosts Sarah and William Huffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel.

William Huffman  1:00  
Hey, everybody, volume here and Sarah and Jory N Scott. Welcome How you doing today, Scott? I'm doing great. Okay, we're doing fantastic. I was told to take it easy on you. So I should say I shouldn't. I shouldn't ask you what color underwear you're wearing.

Sarah Huffman  1:18  
That's awkward. Not today. I don't even know. Yeah. You know, we're

Jorie  1:21  
not gonna check that would make

Sarah Huffman  1:23  
it even more. Fun fact, though. If John Collopy is wearing a gray suit, he's wearing gray underwear. If he's wearing a navy suit, he's wearing Navy underwear for real? Yeah, he matches his underwear to his suits. You're welcome. See?

William Huffman  1:37  
This is already fantastic.

Jorie  1:38  
You know what, this is actually really bad. Because now anytime I see him in a gray or navy suit now I'm gonna be like,

Sarah Huffman  1:43  
Oh, we already know.

William Huffman  1:44  
I know. You don't have to think about it. We just let's be honest. I think we all assumed he wore whitey tighties I did. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. Sorry. That's, that's what we're talking about who can literally remove our licenses, you know, send them back to the state. And we're fired. That's fantastic. Well, welcome, Scott. We appreciate you coming in today.

Scott Roiger  2:05  
Thank you. Thanks. So

Sarah Huffman  2:06  
everybody, this is Scott Royer with Bay equity. He can fill in all the numbers and initials after his knee.

William Huffman  2:11  
Yeah, the Nmm LS.

Sarah Huffman  2:15  
What are all those numbers? Yeah,

William Huffman  2:16  
what does NMLS Yeah, what does that mean?

Scott Roiger  2:18  
It's your it's your God. I don't even know what is an MLS stands National Mortgage license. Yeah. Security System. Yeah. So once you get signed up and get registered, they give you an NMLS number.

William Huffman  2:31  
So does your brokerage have one? Or do you have one? We both we both.

Scott Roiger  2:34  
So the brokerage has one and then we also have an individual license. And so mine is 957114. And then it progressively just gets higher and higher. And now I think they're at like two and a half million. So Oh, my I'm an OG then right because my I got a low numbers my

William Huffman  2:54  
nerds ID number like I that same thing for agents. We have nerds at national real estate something something minus 502043509. And that's anybody can see that. And they just kind of keep going up. So that's that's I'm going to judge people now.

Sarah Huffman  3:11  
Based on their their their an MLS

William Huffman  3:15  
Yeah, sure. I don't know why not. Yeah. I just like to judge people because I'm a great human being.

Sarah Huffman  3:20  
Don't be a judge. All right.

William Huffman  3:22  
Stop it. All right, Scott. Tell us about you. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Like, you know, tell us that. Tell us about your story. Yeah.

Scott Roiger  3:31  
So I grew up in new home. I liked soccer. And by the way, that's a that's a

William Huffman  3:36  
nice purple shirt.

Scott Roiger  3:37  
Should have wore it for Easter. Right? Yeah, did you? I didn't, then I'd be wearing the same outfit. So two days in a row. So

William Huffman  3:44  
it happened? No. Yeah. As long as your underwear is different. Yeah, that's what matters. Oh, yeah.

Scott Roiger  3:48  
They're definitely different. So but yeah, I grew up in southern Minnesota new home. What's the brewery in New Orleans shells brewery? And they actually own premium. Yeah. Premium rainbow premium. So but yeah, I grew up there. And I went to St. Cloud State as CSU Huskies you're a husky? Are you?

William Huffman  4:10  
I drank like I went to school.

Scott Roiger  4:13  
Okay. Well, partied

Sarah Huffman  4:13  
like you did?

William Huffman  4:16  
What's the mascot for new home?

Scott Roiger  4:18  
Eagles the fight and eagles? The Eagles so and and the colors are purple. Really? Like so I can film school colors

Sarah Huffman  4:27  
today? Yeah.

William Huffman  4:29  
Not for St. Cloud. St. Cloud, black and red

Sarah Huffman  4:31  
and white. Yeah, yep. So if you pick St. Cloud

Scott Roiger  4:36  
you know I didn't get accepted anywhere else. Well actually it was the only place I actually what do you what do you call it registered? applied? I applied and it was close enough from home but far enough away and big. And you know, it's yeah, quite a bit big. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  4:54  
I don't know why. I thought you went to the event because you're such a gopher fan. I don't know. Many Huskies rootin for the gophers just go for football,

William Huffman  5:03  

Scott Roiger  5:04  
Actually hockey and I grew up a gopher fan. But you know, I thought U of M would have been just too big for me. I grew up in a smaller town, you know what I mean? So it was, I think my comfort level was was was better for St. Cloud. Yeah. So which it worked out? Because Is that where you met your wife, my wife there and got into sales through St. Cloud. And

William Huffman  5:27  
what do you go to? So you graduated high school? Did you did you have a job in high school like,

Scott Roiger  5:33  
I my first job ever was I was a car detailer at a car dealership out of here. And this actually makes

William Huffman  5:40  
sense to me. That makes sense to me. It really does. Why he's very particular. Yeah, he's very detailed.

Scott Roiger  5:47  
Well, that was the first and only job I've ever been fired from. So I must have not been too particular.

William Huffman  5:54  
Yeah, foot removed from mouth and you suck at that.

Scott Roiger  5:58  
I think it was more of I didn't really want to work when I was 16. You know? So? Because he knew everything. Yeah. Well, of course, it was a teenager and who wants to go to work when you can go party with your friends. Right. So but yeah, so did that I worked for Green Mill pizza. Oh, I do love good green mills.

William Huffman  6:20  
So what the question is,

Sarah Huffman  6:22  
what kind of pizza? What's your order at Green Mill?

Scott Roiger  6:25  
Well, it was mucho pepperoni or something. It was like double the pepperoni. Okay, so just basically pepperoni, pepperoni because I'm, I'm a basic. I'm a pepperoni guy.

William Huffman  6:35  
Oh, are you basic AF in general? Yes. Okay. Nice. Very nice.

Sarah Huffman  6:39  
Very basic. Coffee order.

Scott Roiger  6:41  
I don't I don't purchase coffee. I usually make whatever my wife has. We have the Keurig or whatever it is. I just put that in. And that's what I get in the morning. That's it. So

William Huffman  6:54  
this is going well. All right. Okay, what

Sarah Huffman  6:57  
kind of course did you like at? Oh, that's because at Greenville there was lots of different crust options.

Scott Roiger  7:02  
I liked the thick crust, the thick. Okay, you do like deep dish or like the Scara. The pescar Yeah, I'm not a deep dish person. Sarah,

William Huffman  7:10  
you are just coming in hot with the green meal. Well,

Sarah Huffman  7:13  
well, I've had a boyfriend once. Oh, where That's where he would eat pizza.

William Huffman  7:19  
And I don't like pizza. So you did well.

Sarah Huffman  7:23  
So like, there are things that I hate and like those things might include Applebee's.

William Huffman  7:28  
Yeah, you really hate Applebee's. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  7:32  
I mean, we've never been a circle was very small back then. Sure.

William Huffman  7:37  
I anyway, I used to get drunk at Applebee's

Scott Roiger  7:39  
that will be for another podcast. That's about all that's left at the Burnsville? Yeah, it's pretty vacant. So yeah,

William Huffman  7:46  
yes. Oh, we used to. We used to work there. And then we go in all of our bartenders would take we could go there. They had dollar beers and half price appetizers. And I could I would just put $20 down and I would usually get $10 back and I would have to walk home. Yeah, ideal. Yeah, it was fantastic.

Sarah Huffman  8:06  
So anyway. Okay, so

William Huffman  8:09  
think Mike Santos still works. There were Big Poppa pump came? No, that's not where that's No, but that is where I met Randy Moss

Scott Roiger  8:19  
at the Burnsville location.

Sarah Huffman  8:23  
They really want to go there. Well.

William Huffman  8:24  
I was just saying

Sarah Huffman  8:25  
it's time when Randy

William Huffman  8:26  
Moss was new to town and he was looking for something. One of my friends who worked at Applebee's also extracurricular activities and met Randy Moss that way. We are talking about

Sarah Huffman  8:43  
Oh, okay. Yeah, I'm like I don't even know like this could go down like prostitution, dopey workers blow. I mean, there's a lot of a lot of avenues that could have taken the gosh, I

Jorie  8:51  
do have stories from redstone about football players. Yeah, they,

William Huffman  8:55  
they typically I'm just saying whatever content this is about use guy. Okay, this is not about me. And my days at Applebees

Sarah Huffman  9:02  
Applebees that date night?

William Huffman  9:05  
Yeah, that's all you know. That's all I know. What's

Scott Roiger  9:07  
the what's their slogan? Some neighbor?

Jorie  9:13  
Food shit. much we love apple.

William Huffman  9:17  
They're not gonna be sponsoring.

Sarah Huffman  9:21  
Season two cents at this point. Okay, so let's just get back on track. Okay.

Scott Roiger  9:28  
Green Mill green. Okay,

William Huffman  9:30  
how old are you like still in high school?

Scott Roiger  9:31  
I was still in high school. Actually. I worked there until probably June after I graduated. I started getting into construction for a couple months before I was I was making more money I was making like double the money so the guy was like, You do you want to work full time versus I was I don't know if I was helping on the weekends or what it was but I ended up I don't think I gave a two week notice at Greenville. They're pretty pissed. So

William Huffman  9:59  
do not sir Have this guy. Yeah, because you passed a bad check because you're a jerk and just quit. Right?

Scott Roiger  10:03  
No two week notice. Yeah. But you know, as a kid, I was short. And you know, you're going to college and you need as much money as you can get, you know, before you go. And so that's what I did two

William Huffman  10:13  
weeks is like a month if it's you're making double the money, right? Like, logically, that makes sense.

Scott Roiger  10:16  
So it worked out good. But yeah, then I went to St. Cloud. And I worked a little bit. I worked at Porter

William Huffman  10:24  
ridge. And what you saw, did I did you really? I was a bartender there for a season really?

Scott Roiger  10:29  
So I did. Yeah, I did the chairlift and I probably did like two shifts, but I got my free pass. Right. Kind of the point. Yeah. So but that was pretty much my working here is this. This would have been

Sarah Huffman  10:44  
Oh, 50405. Okay. It might have been there

Scott Roiger  10:47  
would have been something small. We're telling Martin and there is even the chair there

William Huffman  10:53  
is a small possible I have to look back when I worked at Potter Ridge, because I Oh, that would be something. Okay. And why

Scott Roiger  11:00  
did you work there for the pass? Or? No, just to God knows for the money.

William Huffman  11:05  
Yeah. Yeah, it was. Have you ever skied? Yes, twice, and I fell off the ski lift the first time when I was like six or seven. That's one of my worst fears. It was. I was like, 25 feet up. Stop. Yeah, and I fell.

Sarah Huffman  11:19  
And things we learn down in Donald Walsch.

Jorie  11:22  
Ah, wow. Fun fact. Okay,

Sarah Huffman  11:25  
so So what did you graduate in?

Scott Roiger  11:27  
I have a BS in finance.

William Huffman  11:33  
Might be as a

Scott Roiger  11:34  
bachelor of Bachelor of Science.

William Huffman  11:37  

Sarah Huffman  11:39  
yeah. What is the difference between a BA and a BS?

Scott Roiger  11:43  

Sarah Huffman  11:45  

Scott Roiger  11:45  
Ba I don't I don't know. Or is it a associate's degree? You know, so I don't know. See? It's because I have my Bachelors of Arts. Bachelor of Arts is that ba? Ba Ba,

Sarah Huffman  11:57  
ba ba? Yeah. Okay. It's a fascinating

William Huffman  12:00  
with MBAs, a Master of Business Administration. Okay.

Sarah Huffman  12:03  
Do you have your MBA? I don't? Do you have any desire to go back to school?

Scott Roiger  12:07  
No. No, to go, you know, to pay for tuition. And actually, I mean, my wife, we're, you know, we're still working off her student loans from she got her Master's at St. Catherine's and, you know, private college, and it was a three year master's program. So I don't think we want to understand more debt. So

William Huffman  12:27  
we do understand, I understand to

Sarah Huffman  12:29  
what the fascinating thing is, like, I thought that was always like the next step. Like, you get your ba then you go and get your Masters and you just do it. And thank God, I sat there, I was started in a doctoral program, oh, boy, at St. Thomas. So more private school, and I literally started doing the math in my head, because I'm like, Gosh, why do I hate this? I really don't like this. yet. I am going to get myself more index, I started doing the per credit, and I needed like, 45 of them for my doctorate. And I'm like, I will never pay this off. And what was it? ProCredit? Oh, gosh, at the time was at $450. That sounds cheap. Maybe it was more than Reddit. It might have been I don't remember. I just remember sitting there doing the math 4500. Maybe it was 4500. That sounds about right. I don't remember. But all I remember is I thought I will be working for the rest of my life to pay this off. I don't think it's worth it. And then that on the day quit that program. I also went in and took a

William Huffman  13:29  
two year sabbatical stop being a teacher in 2008. stopped being a teacher in

Sarah Huffman  13:33  

Scott Roiger  13:34  
Well, and that's the thing I think about these kids, they go get their their bachelor's for teaching. And then they start out at 60 grand, but they got 120,000 in debt. So yeah,

Jorie  13:46  
six and the first team and 60 know is that high

Sarah Huffman  13:49  
performing started teaching my first salary at Eden Prairie schools was 31,000. Now I think it's probably higher, probably now. It's like probably 40. Yeah, but

William Huffman  14:00  
when your mom retired after 30 Some years she was like at

Sarah Huffman  14:03  
75 or 80. Yeah. And that was her Master's plus 60. Wow. So it's like, it's when you're in that career path. Like it's really hard to make money. And that's actually why I left is because I did start thinking about the student loans. I did start thinking about how many jobs I was working just to like, make it and I'm like, This can't be it.

William Huffman  14:25  
Okay, this is Scott's time. Yeah, we're way off track here. But thank you for sharing up top to leave me hanging. You're a jerk. Yeah. Oh, five. Well, five. Got it. Okay, so college, you have your BS MBA, which is a thing I guess I thought you were How did you meet your wife? Yes. Tell us the story. Her the Pink Taco.

Scott Roiger  14:47  
It was not at the it was at garden. It was a Garvey. Garvey Hall. Yeah. Commons.

William Huffman  14:53  
No court, isn't it? Yeah, that's

Scott Roiger  14:54  
the food court. It wasn't at the food court. It was at the cod what's the other building where They, there's a bunch of other food places, but it wasn't Garvey. I can't remember the name of it, but she was friends with a girl. I had one of my classes and we were leaving class walking through the hallway. And then she waved to this girl. And so what was that? Yeah. And so she told me she wasn't she's Oh, she's got a boyfriend. She lives with him. And so Challenge accepted. Four months later, she was out.

William Huffman  15:29  
Hey, if I'm big pop up that Scotty two hotty that's another that's another wrestler right there. Yeah, that's fantastic. All right.

Sarah Huffman  15:36  
How long after did you get married?

Scott Roiger  15:38  
So we saw I was 20 when we started dating, okay. And I think it was we got married when I was 2728. Okay, she kind of gave me the, okay, what are we doing? You need to either shit or get off the pot. Exactly. Yeah. Well,

Sarah Huffman  15:51  
I was nothing about this. So yeah. So

William Huffman  15:54  
we were months in not yours in when you gave me that.

Scott Roiger  15:59  
So yeah, so we got married. I was 20 was probably 2728. So and now I'm 37. So we've been together. Do the math. 17 years. 16 years. 17 years.

William Huffman  16:12  
Yeah. Okay, so you graduated college? You graduated? Yeah. Yeah. So what did you do right out of college. So

Scott Roiger  16:17  
I actually actually I had another job in college. My buddy Brad was doing trouble. I feel like Brad, Brad was kind of trouble. But he went to the tech school. And so he was done after two years or three, whatever he did, and he was doing a job where he was putting cars on the internet for car dealerships. So he worked for this company, you got this little pad and you just any new inventory, you have to go in there, take the pictures of the car and options and you upload it like for like auto trader it basically they upload to Auto Trader carsoup all these different places. And he got paid per car was like 12 bucks a car. And so I was like, okay, that'd be a nice little part time. gig. Yeah. And so I did that. And there was like four dealerships in St. Cloud that we did this at, and I got to know the owner of one of the dealerships. And I ran into him at the red carpet nightclub, which Oh, yeah. Well, you

William Huffman  17:10  
probably know I've been there been asked to leave once or twice. Yeah, yeah.

Scott Roiger  17:14  
And I asked if I could do kind of a internship, right. I'm in business. Let's Is there something I can do there? He's like, Well, you could sell cars for the summer. So I internship. Well, so I, the summer before my senior year, my second senior year, yeah. Five Year Plan, five year plan. Yep. I sold cars. And I just did it the summer. And like, October, November, I was done working there. And he reached out and said, Hey, do you want to do finance part time, like, Thursdays all day? So our finance guy can have his day off? And then one night a week? And I said sure. And so I did that and started doing that. And he ended up getting I don't know, DWI. And he was in jail. And and they they fired him. So they're like, well, it's you know, your full time.

William Huffman  18:08  
Would you like the job? Just kidding. Here it is.

Scott Roiger  18:11  
So basically, the rest of my senior year was me jumping, you know, from work to class, work to class. And I, as soon as I graduated, I just went there full time as a finance manager for five years. So Wow. That's a St Cloud Subaru.

William Huffman  18:28  
Okay, so that's not as important as how the hell you not Huskies man.

Scott Roiger  18:33  
Well, I am I mean, I'm a golfer. First and foremost.

William Huffman  18:37  
I don't know if we can work together anymore. You're killing me, dog. You're killing me. And

Scott Roiger  18:41  
so if that's go go first.

William Huffman  18:43  
No, it's not go first. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  18:47  
But okay. So

Sarah Huffman  18:49  
stayed up there for five years after graduation.

Scott Roiger  18:52  
I lived in St. Cloud for nine or 10 years.

William Huffman  18:55  
I am not done with this. I am not done with this. So did you go to hockey games? The Absolutely. Okay. So when you were doing the Dogpound you were wearing St. Cloud State stuff, right. Unless the gophers were playing you. You were that guy. That guy. You were that you are a brave or stupid son of a bitch. A little bit of both? Yeah. Oh,

Sarah Huffman  19:15  
wow. Okay.

William Huffman  19:17  
All right.

Scott Roiger  19:18  
And actually fun fact. We took my girls who are in hockey and skating. Their six, six and four. We took them to their first I guess, college hockey game, and I think was in November. The gophers played St. Cloud State, so it's kind of kind of cool. That's

William Huffman  19:34  
kind of fun. Yeah. No, that's that's pretty cool. Actually, it was glad you I mean, I mean, I root for anybody besides the gophers? You know, I know that's okay. You know, just just hockey just hockey.

Sarah Huffman  19:46  
So how was life in St. Cloud after college? Is that a hard transition to stay and not be in college? Yeah,

Scott Roiger  19:52  
that's kind of why I kind of bounced it's kind of will lived up there. Yeah, kind of knows that air. Yeah, they're, they're kind of it's kind of different up there. It's yeah. And actually, so my wife was going to grad school at St. Catharines. And she was commuting from St. Cloud. Oh, my gosh. And so that's when we ended up, we moved to Maple Grove and kind of split the commute so that at least I wasn't hanging out in St. Cloud. And that weekend, you know,

William Huffman  20:21  
yeah, there's not a lot to do up there. That's productive. Unless you're in college. Yeah. Bars. Yeah. And like I said, productive, right. And then those are, those are good. I mean, get the taco bars and stuff for two drinks and stuff, but no one ever here nor there. I hate the gophers. All right.

Sarah Huffman  20:35  
Now, what is your, what is your wife do now?

Scott Roiger  20:37  
She's an occupational therapist. What does that mean? So she, I look at it as more like upper body like somebody has a stroke or they're having trouble, they broke their arm, and they lose functionality of that part, they need to kind of relearn how to use a spoon to eat their food or whatever it might be. So yeah, she kind of does. She in home, she does. Well, it's she works for well, they got bought out. They she worked for Fairview health systems, and then they got bought out last year. But she still goes to those facilities. There's like three or four of them. Edina Bloomington savage. So it's senior care facilities. So she's kind of going and helping people and their transition. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  21:26  
She's had to be really patient. Yeah.

Scott Roiger  21:28  
And, and they're, they're overwhelmed. They're just like anything. They're understaffed, oh, man, and

William Huffman  21:34  
just a special breed of person, for sure that that can do that job and not hate life. Like,

Sarah Huffman  21:40  
but I also think it's their passion. Because that's what that's what I mean, yeah, like that. It's something they they really are doing something that they love. It's

William Huffman  21:47  
something deep inside of them to do. It's kind of why you got out of teaching. It wasn't deep inside of you. It wasn't your core. It wasn't your calling. It wasn't your purpose, and to be doing something like that, especially with the hardships that the healthcare industry has seen in the last several years. Is That's amazing.

Scott Roiger  22:05  
Yeah. And she's so like, with COVID, and all like they had to go into these facilities. And like they make them wear, you know, of course, the mask, but they also have to wear a visor, the like, Yeah, well, if they have COVID, they have to do the whole hazmat suit or whatever. But normally, they still had to do the mask plus the shield and like so it's hard to even like, I guess community. Yeah. You know, and so yeah, it's definitely challenging. definitely challenging time. So,

Sarah Huffman  22:32  
so with with you going, Okay, I'm gonna bounce back to you for a second. Thank you, Brittany, for letting us have your moment, your moment. But talk to us.

William Huffman  22:42  
You tried to give her a white claw when she was pregnant one.

Scott Roiger  22:45  
That's right. You did? Yeah. One of the events you had you

William Huffman  22:49  
think it was? Second baby was in the belly? And yeah, this is. I didn't know white claws had alcohol in them. You can't make this up. I am dead serious. You

Jorie  23:01  
did a David.

William Huffman  23:02  
I did he do that too.

Jorie  23:03  
Oh, he was drinking those at work for like weeks because he thought they were energy drinks.

William Huffman  23:09  
I had no idea that had alcohol. Yeah. Oh, these are really good. And I feel I feel I have a couple of lunch. So this might have been actually baby one.

Scott Roiger  23:18  
I think it was I don't want to why was it? Yeah. Okay.

William Huffman  23:23  
And she's like, Oh, would you like a sparkling water? And she goes, Yeah, so I handed her away clot and looked at me and laughed. And I'm like, yeah, and she's like, there's alcoholism. Like, No, there's not. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, yeah, I had no idea. There's alcohol in them.

Scott Roiger  23:37  
And there's a lot I mean, right. Yeah. And that's it does the trick,

William Huffman  23:41  
right. It's like a beer. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  23:43  
Yeah. So Well, anyway, there's, there's my story. So yeah, yeah. How did you go into mortgage?

Scott Roiger  23:53  
Interesting, so I got kind of, so where I worked, there wasn't you had a day off, but you didn't have a day? Right? Right. So get your ass chewed out if you didn't show up for your day off? Oh, my day was Wednesday. Right? And so I'm down here in Maple Grove. And so like I do the, alright, I'll go up in the morning. I'll go work on my day off. And then I'll come home at leave it like two or three. So it really wasn't

Sarah Huffman  24:17  
someone always walk in at like 245 Well,

Scott Roiger  24:21  
there was another finance guy. So that wasn't the issue. Okay, but so basically, you know, you're working Monday through Saturday. Yes, you do get Sundays off. Thank God because all dealerships are off the law. Yeah. So and then it was like my birthday or something. And the the my boss called me and was like, Why aren't you at work? And I was like, Well, I was going to do some fun today. My birthday is on Friday. I want to go golf maybe go down to the Mall of America. I don't know. You know, I'm gonna go on the flume. Yeah, by myself because you know, it's Wednesday or whatever and

William Huffman  24:54  
gopher fans do exactly.

Scott Roiger  24:57  
But yeah, I kinda got you chewed on I just, you know, I just at that point with having to drive two hours a day, and you're right sometimes I'd work eight in the morning, eight at night. And if somebody showed up at 755, and was like, Oh, we want to go test drive that car, I might not leave till 1010 30. So I just got kind of burnt out

William Huffman  25:17  
and just a rule of thumb, don't be that asshole. If the restaurant or the if the if the people that are working at a place that you're going to service you. And it closes at 10. If you show up after nine o'clock, you're being a jerk. Just put it out there an hour before is when they're closed. That's it. There's just for those of us that have been in the service industry. Any sorts, don't do don't. Don't be that don't be a golfer fan,

Scott Roiger  25:44  
right. So I ended up I don't know if I would say I was burnt out, but I just had enough, you know, so 10 years is a hell of a run. It was six you I was lived up in St. Cloud for 910 years. Okay, but the dealership I was at for six, six years, still a good product college great. And I just said, You know what? I went to college. I mean, I shouldn't be doing I could go do something else. So I'm kind of brainstorming, I was talking to my friends. And he's like, Hey, my brother. He does. He does mortgages. And I was like, okay, that might be something cool. You know. And I remember I had like, one of my classes in my my BS degree finance was. It was like, I can't remember, basically, mortgage origination. So I kind of had a little bit of a glimpse of what this would would look like, and just started talking with him. And, you know, actually was pretty easy. I didn't even have an interview. They're like, yeah, you can just you got to take this 20 hours, and then take a couple tests and you're good to go. You're in and you're in. So I ended up I just said, Alright, I'm done. And they hired me. I wasn't licensed yet. So I was just kind of studying those 20 hours to take the test. And it was a good it was good start because the rates were super low at the time. This was 2012. And so that's kind of how I built

William Huffman  27:07  
my didn't know we started right around the same time. We did. Yeah, okay. We did, because I know we met very early in both of our careers. Yeah. 2015 I think we yeah, we were introduced. Yeah, well, that was the beginning of my career. Yeah. So I mean, you were 15 or 16. Yeah, you were just a few years older than me. Okay. You know,

Scott Roiger  27:24  
I don't what was I talking about? You got licensed 20 hour class and then I said yeah, the interest rates were low. So it was really kind of easy to kind of hit my own network of family friends and try to Hey, rates are low should we look at refinancing and which was good because you know, getting into the purchase business is a lot tougher, you need to you know, you need referral partners and you need to kind of really, really grow your business. So I was pretty fortunate. At that time rates were low and I could kind of get your teeth Yeah, feed myself through you know, family friends and then kind of build my once they

William Huffman  27:58  
knew your numbers finance guy anyway, so it wasn't a huge shift to be like all of a sudden having to trust you with math, right?

Scott Roiger  28:04  
I mean, I have the bs, ya know, in finance, so Well, I'm

William Huffman  28:07  
truthful. I like that. It's called the BS.

Sarah Huffman  28:10  
Really to be in the car industry for five years. It's like okay, it wasn't like that was just like a one hit wonder. No, like you proved yourself I was Yeah, I was like that with a good brand. Yeah.

William Huffman  28:23  
So okay, cool, man. Tell me a deep secret from the car. Oh finance manager BS crap coming like I talked to my finance manager. Yeah,

Scott Roiger  28:35  
so you know that's part of why I got sick of it too because it was like you're there to help people but you're also there to like I call it like ripping their head off right like you learn to sell them all the stuff Yeah, that's how I got paid Yeah, so it's like I'm I'm I feel almost guilty like I just got a five pounder you know, which meant you just made five grand on somebody and I feel shitty about it like but I'm feeling shitty about making more money for myself you know so

Sarah Huffman  29:04  
I just have like the extended warranties and all of that

Scott Roiger  29:07  
gap coverage they love all times higher and will you get the protection package is all

William Huffman  29:14  
I'm I'm a unicorn when I walk in I literally say you don't have to sell I'm gonna buy it all just give me the price that's what I say

Scott Roiger  29:21  
give him the payment he'll take yeah yeah, that's what I know exactly you're you're what they call a laydown late yeah

William Huffman  29:26  
definitely laid out

Scott Roiger  29:28  
well the lay downs here so get get the

William Huffman  29:31  
lead that's to lay down yeah to lay down sale that is gonna lay down and take it Yeah, yeah, absolutely. A unicorn. Well,

Scott Roiger  29:37  
you should be tougher on your next one. I don't really care it's not worth my time. saves me a couple of three grand I think it's the others bring you

Jorie  29:44  
know what I need you know, I need a Kia tell you right so

William Huffman  29:47  
they see this here we go.

Jorie  29:50  
I need a certain payment for somebody

William Huffman  29:52  
else. That would be way more of a hard ass right. But for me, I'm just like, I just want that. Yeah, I'm just done. I don't want to shop. I just wanted the opportunity cost so you You're tired? Yeah, I just can't do it. I just can't do it. Okay, thank you for sharing the deep dark secret that you are all jerk faces in the industry. Is that what I'm picking up? How

Sarah Huffman  30:09  
do I have one more question on car industry things? How do they wash the cars after a snowstorm?

Scott Roiger  30:15  
Well, you get the you have like a foam broom. And you're just I was out there to I was out helping rake in the car. This is like an all hands on deck thing. And then you do a lot. Yes, the whole crew and then you do a lot, right called a lot rodeo. What is your venture cowboy hats on? Because we're gonna be breaking the snow off these cars. And then we're gonna be moving them all over the lot. So you start moving the cars? Well, yeah, cuz you're gonna plow where those cars are. So you rake them.

William Huffman  30:43  
So that's why cars have like 9.3 miles on them. Right in the winter. Yeah. Yeah, it's fantastic. I've

Sarah Huffman  30:49  
always wondered, because it's like I'm anytime I drive by a car dealership on a snow day. They're like, perfect.

William Huffman  30:56  
Do you gotta come in early for that?

Scott Roiger  30:59  
Well, they want everybody there when it opens to get the lot rodeo going. So if it's your day to come in at noon, yeah. And you miss the first half of the lot rodeo, you might get shunned

William Huffman  31:11  
randomly. So what do labor laws not exist in the auto industry? Because it sounds like you were expected to be a salaried employee and work 90 hours a week. But you were a commissioned employee. Correct?

Jorie  31:24  
Oh, that sounds like hospitality. Yeah. Both the same?

Sarah Huffman  31:27  
How what's the life expectancy of someone in like, career wise? Yeah.

Scott Roiger  31:32  
You know, I don't know that stat. But I do know, like the divorce decree rate or divorced divorce decree. Okay. Real Estate. Yeah, that comes later. But

Unknown Speaker  31:42  
does the divorce decree say

Scott Roiger  31:44  
the divorce rate is really high? So that's another reason why I was like, Well, you know, when I was doing it, I was still I was just dating my wife. We didn't have kids, but I can't imagine. You got kids with sports and events, and you can't, you can't do it all. So

Sarah Huffman  32:02  
well. I say this for real estate. Like the reason I think my passion. I know our passion is deep for real estate and helping others. It is so much easier to be passionate about it because we work together. Like can you imagine if we were doing this schedule with no out each other, it would be really hard as Edmond would be real. And as a as a it helps us. It's gonna say, Yeah, I was like, resentment is something that I worked on, because I can help and help and help until I'm pushed too far. And then it's like Game over.

William Huffman  32:34  
You know, what helps with resentment, what not being a gopher fan.

Scott Roiger  32:39  
To see and you're right, you get to spend your whole day with will for the most part. I mean, I know sometimes you go different directions, you have different things. But like for me, I'm pretty much my asses in the seat at my desk from eight to six. And then I go home and I get to see my kids for a couple hours. My wife, my wife goes to bed by nine. So I see her maybe three hours, you know, and so it's it is different. But

Sarah Huffman  33:01  
But what because then you have us calling that certainly

William Huffman  33:04  
because your industry is still I don't want to say demanding, but it's still to be extremely successful, which I you are we you know, you've posted your numbers and stuff. But to be as successful as I think we I know we are in real estate as you are in the mortgage side. You do have to be more available. Now see, I know, on Saturdays, Saturdays is game day, that Scott's time you'll still get back to me, but I tried not bug you on game. That's only

Scott Roiger  33:33  
777 Saturdays a year. So yeah, you got me on the other 52 and I will respond still. Yeah, yeah. And here's the

Sarah Huffman  33:41  
other thing is on on days when you can't usually have a backup in play somebody so it's not shocker. What that's not prepared. Prepared. Yeah. Because that's

Jorie  33:49  
what golfer fans do.

William Huffman  33:50  
Yeah. That was that was well played Dre. Dre was waiting. You can leave now.

Sarah Huffman  33:59  
Thank you for thank you for coming. I know you've been in mortgage for how long?

Scott Roiger  34:03  
So August will be 10 years. Wow. Yeah, it's so what is it a decade?

William Huffman  34:07  
Yeah, I'm April. Oh,

Scott Roiger  34:11  
I think is it today, your anniversary?

William Huffman  34:14  
Um, hold on. Contacts.

Jorie  34:17  
So 10 years? Are you still crazy gung ho about it? It was yeah, as you were at the beginning,

Scott Roiger  34:24  
I was so green at the beginning. So it's just kind of get my feet wet. But like, I'm still very, very passionate. You know, as my referral partners know, my clients know, you know, and that's why I do answer the phone whenever and I know it's important to you know, this could be somebody's you know, the average person might only buy two three houses in their lifetime. So this is a very big moment for them and for you not to be there and support them and be there for their questions or their concerns. You know, that's so

William Huffman  34:53  
any good to not feel shitty afterwards. Isn't that great? Yeah, yeah, one of them.

Scott Roiger  34:57  

Sarah Huffman  34:58  
Yeah, that I do love working. with you is like, how many clients of ours are repeat clients of yours? like, Nope, this works. This is like the right. Team. It's the right everything.

William Huffman  35:09  
My it was we missed my anniversary. It was 410 of 2015. So eight days ago,

Scott Roiger  35:17  
so seven years, congratulations. Yeah, going into my engineer have really come a long way. I mean, you I mean, really

William Huffman  35:25  
trying to say that because I'm a Saint Cloud State fan.

Scott Roiger  35:27  
No real. I'm just sure. No, it's true. It's true. I think about that. Seven years, right. You went from you started out on a team. Yeah. Yep. And then you figured out you know, you do your own thing. And you've built an incredible team, and you have a credible co pilot with you. And so yeah, you've really, you've really grown and now you're doing other things. You're doing coaching. Yeah. Doing so. I mean, that's, it's, it's, it's cool to see the growth in such a short period of time.

William Huffman  35:55  
Thank you. I appreciate that. And because we met, I mean, I was only I was still on the Doyle team. No, no. Or was it right after that, when we were at Twin Cities home group was his home group. So that was only that was my second year.

Scott Roiger  36:08  
Yeah. So it was probably 2016 is yeah, we Yeah, yeah. I still remember it was at dancers. Josha centers. Will Sara and another gentleman. Yeah. And you were still working at JC Penney? Yeah, just CP and I think you said, Hey, I'm making the move to full time age. I remember that. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  36:28  
Do you no one really crazy down memory lane today? Yeah, I gave at the today was my last day at Target nine years ago. Wow.

Scott Roiger  36:37  
So you went from target to JC Yep.

Sarah Huffman  36:40  
Yeah, so I was at Target and I was really sad to quit, but it was the only way to get back to Minneapolis like to Minnesota

Scott Roiger  36:46  
as you were like in South Dakota or Iowa or something. I

Sarah Huffman  36:48  
was in Sioux Falls. While I was like, as I was climbing the ranks, I was here in the Twin Cities. And then when I got promoted a store team leader. I was moved out to Sioux Falls. That's

William Huffman  36:59  
STL for all you on target people. STL Oh, sir. Team Lead. Yeah.

Scott Roiger  37:04  
I said how you met Cara.

Sarah Huffman  37:06  
I met Cara in Sioux Falls from a Craigslist ad. She and her husband were doing right. Like personal training. Okay. And I went to their garage on New Year's Day. Okay, if

William Huffman  37:21  
I didn't know you and know them, I'd be like, What the hell were you thinking? I was

Sarah Huffman  37:25  
so over everything in Sioux Falls. And I'm like, Well, this looks I'm just gonna go to somebody's garage. On New Year's Day. Yeah. But that's like, it's so weird. Like how like, life kind of intertwines. And people from your past. Like, no, your trainers on your team. Yeah. And now here she is. Yeah. So but yeah, nine years ago, today is when my last day was with target. That's fantastic. Yeah. Which means nine years this summer, we will have met. Yeah, wow. August 6, like so when you think about your career. 10 years and mortgage will and I haven't even met yet,

Scott Roiger  37:59  
right? It's just amazing.

William Huffman  38:02  
I probably still like to Applebee's like

Scott Roiger  38:04  
you guys. Like you guys hit it off. Right away. You did the Kmart thing where Kmart for first day? And then

Sarah Huffman  38:09  
like what was it like day two was the next day date three was the next day that

Scott Roiger  38:13  
you were like engaged within months, right? You you wished you were you're probably

Sarah Huffman  38:20  
well, when you have a shared bank accounts, and you are each other's beneficiaries on your life insurance. Okay. And yes, you're right. Maybe like, crazy. Two to three months. Like it is nuts. Yeah, you kind of really want some bling, but it took took some time.

William Huffman  38:37  
Sorry to disappoint you. Sorry, it took 18 months from the day we met to get married.

Scott Roiger  38:44  
I think that's pretty good. Yeah, that's

William Huffman  38:47  
I signed a two year lease and that damn lease wasn't up before I got married. That's pretty good.

Sarah Huffman  38:52  
But you know, goals. Yeah. When you know, you know what, right. You know, you know? Yep. All right. Okay, so hang on. I have a couple more questions. Oh, I do. So you've been in mortgage for the last 10 years? Correct. And you've seen things? Gosh, man, you started out in the lab out really? Right after the last crash?

Scott Roiger  39:11  
Yeah, I think you know, 2012 is when things started kind of going up again. That was kind of like, Okay, we're back to kind of normal. I think statistically, those were the lowest that was like the lowest point Yeah. And then it started rising from very slowly go to the right

Sarah Huffman  39:27  
with the with the like, during the housing crash before you were in car finance.

Scott Roiger  39:32  
I was and I remember when like the world was, you know, falling? Because Absolutely. What if your money was in the stock market? You know, you had all this stuff going on. But thank God I was in college. I didn't have anything. So

Sarah Huffman  39:44  
it didn't matter. Right. So when I'm in the ask this question of thinking back on the last 15 years, and right now the market is what the market is, you know, it's just an interesting time. It doesn't mean it's good or bad. How do you look forward in this market that we're currently in with the housing industry? How do you are you gonna do business any differently? Are you preparing differently?

Scott Roiger  40:04  
Well, you know, I try to mostly focus on purchase business. And I think there's always gonna be that need, right? There's always people moving changing jobs or are having babies where they don't you know? Exactly. And so there's plenty of like loan officers that are refi. Guys, right? They just take that easy, you know, the easy money just dangling on the tree. And now they're kind of panic Sol.

William Huffman  40:30  
Yeah. refi is just went the wrong way real quick.

Scott Roiger  40:33  
Right. Right. So I've always kind of focused on purchase business. And I think as long as you continue to do that, you're always going to be busy, you know? So

Sarah Huffman  40:44  
I like that. America. And this is why Scott's one of our partners.

William Huffman  40:48  
Yeah, if you're listening to this, you've probably talked to Scott, or you've heard his name. Yeah. Yeah. He talked to this one, this one or this one blow you choose. So awesome. I do tell everybody that you're a horrible gophers handler. That's okay. Yeah. And some people are like, Oh, well, this is not a city called State fan. And I'm like, and you're fired. We can all agree

Scott Roiger  41:09  
now. I am a St. Cloud State fan. I'm just I grew up passionate about the golfer. So they're my number two team.

William Huffman  41:17  
There we go. That's like a kissing cousin. Yeah, that's

Jorie  41:21  
fine. No, no.

Sarah Huffman  41:23  
Okay, my question, what do you like to do for fun?

Scott Roiger  41:26  
Well, God, what do I like to do for fun? That's a good question. I mean, I used to golf, I used to do a lot of different things. And with having kids, and they're so young, you're you're just you're really tired. So, um, I guess, just spending time with them. I am. My oldest. This was her first year hockey, and I was a hockey player, and I'm really passionate about it. So like, it's been fun for me to watch her growth and kind of to help her and push her along and kind of do those type of things. I think, you know, that's kind of my fun right now. Yeah.

William Huffman  42:03  
What position in hockey? Did

Scott Roiger  42:04  
you play? Left wing? Okay. Left wing. So

Sarah Huffman  42:08  
how do you pick right wing or left wing?

Scott Roiger  42:13  
Well, typically, you pick the side where your your stick is, right. So if you're Yeah, if you're right wing, typically, you're right handed. I was a left handed I was I was a right handed left winger. Wow. Yeah. That's interesting. It was Yeah. So and I did a little bit of center. But yeah, offense was my thing.

Jorie  42:35  
That's the one sport I've always wanted to play because you get to fight on the on the ice on the ice. They don't break it up.

Sarah Huffman  42:40  
Seriously, I grew up at Braemar. I Serena. watching hockey. Oh, yeah. So it's like to me like it was I don't enjoy hockey. As much as maybe Mike Cooper.

William Huffman  42:54  
I enjoy hockey. I know you do. I do.

Sarah Huffman  42:56  
What did we just purchase? Well,

William Huffman  43:00  
quarter season tickets

Sarah Huffman  43:02  
we did for the Whoa, nice.

William Huffman  43:04  
Yeah, we both get a quarter of the games to go to which is perfectly three other groups.

Sarah Huffman  43:08  
So we'd like to wrap up our podcasts with your top five favorite restaurants. Yeah. And when you? Yeah, look at that. Yeah,

William Huffman  43:17  
come on. I don't know if I have five will help you. Yeah. All right.

Scott Roiger  43:21  
I can name a few. He don't suck.

William Huffman  43:22  
All right. I'm doing so good the entire time. And then like we asked you five simple wrestlers like well, you know what, I think it was gonna go and quit right now. Yeah, no, no.

Scott Roiger  43:34  
I should have wrote it down because well, I'll give you number one. Okay, we're ready to start there. All right. So sawasdee really tight. I really like Saudi. And a fun fact is I heard their St. Paul location has the robot that brings you the food. So if you'd like somebody and you want to check out the robot, what's your order? Well, I'm I'm pretty plain Jane. Yeah, exactly. I do the chicken Thai fried rice. I remove the onions and add carrots.

Sarah Huffman  44:08  
Oh, that's cute.

Sarah Huffman  44:18  
I've never asked to remove the onion. Can you can

William Huffman  44:20  
you tell me pick I love carrots. Can you just hook me up with carrots?

Sarah Huffman  44:25  
I don't like onions. So like to me. I don't know why.

Scott Roiger  44:28  
They're both and I've actually added broccoli before. They don't they don't it doesn't come with broccoli. So yeah.

Sarah Huffman  44:33  
What's your spice level?

Scott Roiger  44:34  
Well, that's, it's tough because I used to do medium like three. You know, it's one through five, five being the hottest. But I've literally had a one before and it was like fire in my mouth. And what sucks about that is you can't do the leftovers. You can barely eat well you have so I usually do a one and then I get some on the side. Yep.

William Huffman  44:55  
So what do you send? We should ask people this going forward. Well, this is a car you One that will send food back.

Scott Roiger  45:02  
No, I don't do that. No, ever I feel I mean, unless there was like a hair in it, I probably would. But like, I'm not going to be like, Oh, it's too It's too spicy. They're gonna be like, Yeah,

William Huffman  45:13  
I would, I would, I would send it back in a heartbeat. But you kid me. I like jalapenos raw. This is ridiculous. But okay. See, we aren't going to ask that. Yeah, going forward.

Scott Roiger  45:22  
All right. Well, and so this is another type of thing. I've actually I met a client there about three weeks ago. So I'll just bring it up because I really liked it. It was a kind of a mom and pop shop in St. Paul. It's called East Side tie. So you walk in there and literally like Mom Pop Shop. Kind of looks a little you know, kind of little rundown a little bit and but the food was amazing. And I've been such a fan of Swati. I really could care less about going anywhere I places right so but it was phenomenal. So I would definitely recommend Issei tie What did you get there? What do you think did the same Did you really the same thing with no audience? I care a damn thing. It was great.

Sarah Huffman  46:06  
This is Oh god. No, this is amazing. Is a third

William Huffman  46:09  
one gonna be a Thai restaurant. So if it is

Scott Roiger  46:13  
not Thai, but it is Asian. So like, there's a it's called. Shogun in Burnsville. It's a hibachi. Oh, and I've and I've done Osaka Sokka. Yeah, Scott likes Sokka. You know what's great is you can go there for lunch. And I'm kind of a cheap, cheap ass. So you can go there for lunch. And you can get the filet mignon. And it's like 17 bucks for lunch. You go there for dinner. It's like 40 bucks a play. And it's the same amount. It's the same thing. Yeah. So I just you know, if I do a meeting with a client or an agent or whoever referral partner, let's let's hit up a hibachi for lunch.

William Huffman  47:00  
All right, I'm glad you're gopher fan. Like

Sarah Huffman  47:04  
okay, number four.

William Huffman  47:07  
Number four. So

Scott Roiger  47:07  
I do like I'll bring bringing the rusty taco. Oh. They have a nice variety. And yeah, I think you can get your taco fix there. They have plenty of different kinds and Kamath favorite.

Sarah Huffman  47:20  
I really like a gringo there, the gringo

William Huffman  47:26  
or anything in the grandmother texts can I like to Texican Yeah, I knew that was yours. I just knew. I don't know. You'd like the flower the ground beef. That's toxic.

Sarah Huffman  47:35  
Okay. Texican Alright, number five. Oh, geez.

Scott Roiger  47:38  
Okay, now you got me really thinking? Oh, yeah, it's

William Huffman  47:41  
really hard between Thai and tacos. Okay,

Scott Roiger  47:43  
I got a good one. I gotta go

Sarah Huffman  47:44  
virtually. So Ron, here we go. Lakeville brewery.

William Huffman  47:47  
Okay, see now now we're listening.

Scott Roiger  47:49  
Okay. What's your order? I'll do I actually prefer to go there for brunch. Because they have amazing breakfast. Really, really? And what's really cool about that place is so it used to be a like a Legion or VFW. Yeah, they bought it redid it. There's a huge yard it's fenced in, they got kids playground, you bring your dogs in, really? I mean, it's like, the whole family. But the tough part is with them is they're always packed. So you either gotta get there early or start day drinking start day drink. And if you don't start in the morning can't drink all day. Exactly. So we'd like to go the beers Good.

William Huffman  48:32  
What's your beer choice?

Scott Roiger  48:34  
I'm kind of like a sour beer kind of guy. Just like one just one or two. I'm not much of a drinker anymore. So if I have a beer, like goes to a brewery, I'll try St. Claude.

William Huffman  48:44  
We'll take that out here real quick. One or two things. You're either going to continue that for a very long time like me. I'm good. I'm good.

Scott Roiger  48:51  
Yeah, yeah. But no, I mean, that would be a high recommendation. And actually they own I think it's called in Inver Grove Brewery to over hill Inver Hills.

Sarah Huffman  49:01  
I haven't I just searched it because I was curious.

William Huffman  49:04  
So brunch. That is Sarah's kryptonite. She doesn't like no, she loves like, yeah, so Oh, they have to have a brunch. She's like, Oh, I'm in

Scott Roiger  49:13  
see but you she could have her breakfast there. And you could have their lunch. So let's

Sarah Huffman  49:17  
see. This is why it's very important because we'll doesn't like eggs, or Brunchy food. And so if we do go to brunch, it needs to be a place that has both

Scott Roiger  49:26  
definitely to have a burger. So I would highly recommend if you're in the dirty south metro. Yeah. Yeah, check it out. The Dirty South.

William Huffman  49:35  
Like leak like you're in West St. Paul or something.

Sarah Huffman  49:43  
And you work still

Scott Roiger  49:45  
He comes every day actually. So yeah, before we came, I dropped my house. I thought about maybe he's put a service vest on me would have been just hanging out so you don't need to put that on him. So he's my he's my The yin to my Yang, I would say he's with me every day.

Sarah Huffman  50:02  
So and what is his name? Real? Real real? Like the movie?

Scott Roiger  50:06  
Yeah. So he actually he just turned eight in January. So going back to so 2014 remember like that was when a roughly of the Rio Olympic Games are me and my wife got married in Jamaica, Ocho Rios. There and then that movie Rio. Two so read. Do you know what that is in Spanish? No. River. Oh, that's cool.

William Huffman  50:34  
Yeah. Why is that cool?

Sarah Huffman  50:37  
I just think it's cool. Why wouldn't it be?

William Huffman  50:39  
i If I would have taken a few more seconds of the Rio Grande? I would have figured it out real River. Well, now

Sarah Huffman  50:44  
you know, quicker. Yeah. Now you'll know. Yeah,

William Huffman  50:47  
that's the not being a Saint Cloud State graduate, are we?

Sarah Huffman  50:51  
Wow. Well, this was awesome. We're so glad that you came on our podcast today. I just love learning more about people and

William Huffman  50:58  
was it as bad as you thought it would be? No, it seems pretty easy, right? But you guys make it easy. It's it's pretty easy. Just gonna take the piss out of here and just have a good time. Right? It's a British expression. Take the piss out and make fun

Sarah Huffman  51:10  
of really? Yeah, thank you for clarifying.

William Huffman  51:14  
Why don't want to repeat on me. That'd be weird.

Jorie  51:16  
Well, on that note, yeah. We're gonna wrap

William Huffman  51:20  
this up. All right. Thank you so much for coming. We appreciate you. And as always, we out deuces.

Accouncer  51:29  
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