Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 31: Will's Health Journey - One Year Later

May 30, 2022 Sarah Huffman & William Huffman Season 1 Episode 31
Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 31: Will's Health Journey - One Year Later
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May 24th is Will Huffman's workout anniversary! It's also the day he started hating his trainer, Jordan. 

And by hate, he means...well, hate, but in the most loving of ways. 

Today Will and Sarah go back a year to why Will started down the fitness road, and what he's experienced since. 

Sore buns, new shirts, and a new appreciation for healthy eating. Not because it's good for you, but rather because it just tastes better. 

Then a deep conversation into how Will and Sarah's childhood experiences influenced their self-perception, and how they carried those experiences into adulthood. 

This is a funny, inspiring, and deeply personal episode of Life Behind the Highlight Real! 

Magical Quotes:

"I remember being called fat and it crushed me. I remember not feeling accepted. I remember feeling left out."

"I have butt muscles. That's a real thing, no joke. My bum bum has muscles."

"I've always known that I can do hard stuff. I've never really made myself do something like this...that I despise."

"Once you get clear on why you're doing it, the excuses will go away."

"Nobody has that power to waste my time accept me. Only I can waste my time. If you're allowing somebody to take up your time, you're wasting it, they're not."

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah and we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with REMAX results of Good Life Group. That's our little disclaimer. Everybody with me here today, Sarah bombards me with questions. I'm kidding. We chat about what we've been doing the last year.

Sarah Huffman  0:19  
What are some of the physical things that you've noticed about yourself over the last year?

William Huffman  0:23  
I have bought muscles. That's a real thing. Like that's no joke. I I have muscles sleep. Bom Bom has muscles.

Accouncer  0:31  
Welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online join hosts Sarah and William Huffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel.

William Huffman  0:52  
Hey, everybody, William here and Sarah, N and Jory. Let's go.

Sarah Huffman  1:00  
Alright, today's episode will is coming up on a one year anniversary of the heater Jordan. What in the world

William Huffman  1:08  
is that? It's May 24. May the 24th be with you?

Sarah Huffman  1:12  
So we're we'll be releasing this episode towards that date. I

William Huffman  1:15  
think it is actually may 24. I was just kind of making that. Oh, we

Unknown Speaker  1:17  
need to change that. Hashtag. I hate you, Jordan.

William Huffman  1:20  
I did have to change it because tic tac toe down for speech. So now

Unknown Speaker  1:24  
we just say you know what I'm gonna say?

William Huffman  1:28  
Yeah, you know what? I'm gonna say Jordan. Right. Jordan, the rest of you, Jordan.

Unknown Speaker  1:34  
We're gonna get Jordan.

William Huffman  1:37  
Do that. Because what we're doing is I guarantee that he's a cool cat like,

Unknown Speaker  1:42  
doing it. Yeah, but I don't want to make sure you send me an email right now.

William Huffman  1:45  
You just shut your piehole jury. Like, yeah, May 24 Is my workout anniversary with hashtag I hate you, Jordan. No, I don't know if I could do that. I can. I can. I think I'm scheduling it. You don't have his email. I have your Facebook. There we go. It's so true.

Unknown Speaker  2:08  
And there we go. All right.

William Huffman  2:09  
So where are we get where we're going with it?

Sarah Huffman  2:11  
Well, I really I just wanted it because you have been on the internet's really talking about your health journey. As have you. i Yes. And you can ask me questions as well.

William Huffman  2:22  
You have Yeah, gangster?

Sarah Huffman  2:25  
Actually, let's, let's start with me. Let's because I the reason you got into your health journey is not because you willingly, what you did willingly go kinda tell me why you got with Jordan.

William Huffman  2:41  
Because you're a jerk, and you started destroying the peloton bike. And I did not want to get left behind. So I made the very grueling decision to hire a personal trainer.

Unknown Speaker  2:58  
And how did you do that?

Unknown Speaker  3:01  
And Will's world.

William Huffman  3:02  
Okay, let's, let's, so

Sarah Huffman  3:05  
we'll, anytime we'll need something in life in all facets of life. Yeah. He takes it to the internet.

William Huffman  3:16  
To specifically Facebook. I do. Absolutely.

Sarah Huffman  3:20  
And the Facebook post was probably like, I'm looking for a trainer. I don't want them to talk to me. I don't want them to come here. I need to go there. I want it. 30 minutes. 30 minutes only. And don't talk to me.

William Huffman  3:36  
Okay, okay. I even said Joey, I think Joey owns the gym or whatever. I should send him a thank you. Hi, William, how are things going with Jordan? So this is June 24. So May, June. So one month, one month after he started working out together? No complaints. I would let you know if I did. We don't chit chat. He puts me to work. I don't care what I'm doing. He just make sure it doesn't ask with my shoulder needs very efficient workouts. He doesn't explain things. He doesn't ask me how my weekend was. He says hello. He says get on a bike and then we get to work. When done. He says See you next time. I give a waiver a head nod and leave. It's perfect. He knows what he is doing is extremely capable. Do I enjoy it? Hell no. I hate it. That's how I know he is doing his job. That was he didn't respond to that. Why would he? Our relationship has not changed since you

Sarah Huffman  4:48  
well, and I used to go to Discover Strength and they're great. They're fantastic. People, but we would go and I'm too chatty. So I would chat probably to avoid Wait.

William Huffman  5:01  
Yeah, cuz you can talk and then maybe not work out as much

Sarah Huffman  5:04  
and will doesn't want to talk at all. And so he like HERE I COME IN THE like the spot and it's like I'm chatting it up and I know all the trainers and stuff about their lives and whatever will goes in the same time or right after me and he'll show up silent do a head nod, do the workout, do a head nod and leave. Yeah, that's, that's my jam. One time a guy clapped for him. I could probably guess what was doing like a really tough rep. And I just remember hearing, you got to stop. And when will tell them me to stop cheering for them. And then I think after that time, will get in the truck and was like, you know, I just don't think this is the right thing.

William Huffman  5:47  
It's not it's not fantastic program. Very, very informed personal trainers with strength training. Awesome. But there was just too many times where you be like, come on, William, you got this. Let's go. Then he clapped, and said, You like clap. And I said, You need to stop clapping. You need to stop cheering for me. You just need to count, please. And I was not meant to be mean. But I know how I come across. And I'm very direct and to the point

Sarah Huffman  6:17  
and as the in house as I actually felt kind of bad. Yeah, I felt

William Huffman  6:21  
bad once I had a time to process what I said. But it was it was a response to what was going on in the moment. Yeah, it was not rude. You were not

Sarah Huffman  6:29  
You're not You're never rude, very direct, just direct. And sometimes it just can be like, shocking. Okay, so back to anyway, so keeping us on track. So you are now coming up to one year of working out with Jordan. Yes. And why did you start a hashtag? That was hashtag I hate you, Jordan.

William Huffman  6:47  
Because I do it, though. No, I don't. So I am very thankful for all of you, weirdos who like to work out. I am grateful for you. I'm glad you exist. I'm glad you're in this world, to take my money to hold me accountable to get me to a goal that I want to get to. But I'm not wanting to get to it by myself. Because one. I don't know how to do it efficiently, too. I really do not like working out. I don't. I'm not one of these people who at the end are like, Oh, I just love how great I feel like the endorphins and this is like shut up. Shut up. I don't care. I don't get that. I just I'm done. Boom, on my day. Yeah, I don't know. I just want to I blacked out there for a second.

Sarah Huffman  7:38  
Literally, your first one like you've ticked talked since day one with Jordan.

William Huffman  7:43  
Every workout I've ever had with Jordan. I've done a tick tock after. Yep. And what

Sarah Huffman  7:47  
is Did you know what you were starting back then almost a year ago,

William Huffman  7:51  
kind of one. I do like to be the center of attention at times. So I like to have people like, focus on me at times. Not all the time only when it's convenient for me. But I also wanted to kind of document what was going on, and I knew it would hold me accountable if I started doing something like that.

Sarah Huffman  8:12  
Okay. And what have you learned about yourself from doing them?

William Huffman  8:16  
I've always known that I can do hard stuff. Like I can do the tough shit. I've never really made myself do something like this that I despise. And I've tried to reframe it. I've tried to say I get to go work out. Like I'm so like, I've tried to do that. Okay, and I understand that works for a lot of people, including myself in a lot of things. But if you hate broccoli, and you're not gonna say, Oh, I get to eat broccoli today. Yay, you're gonna be like, I hate broccoli. Broccoli is disgusting. Nothing about that is ever going to change. No matter how many times I say something different about broccoli. I still hate broccoli, because you do I hate broccoli. Broccoli is disgusting. I would rather eat broccoli than workout with Jordan. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so but it's not going to get but eating broccoli is not going to get me the results that I want. So I have to work out with Jordan to get the results I want.

Sarah Huffman  9:16  
Yep. And what are the what are your end goals? I

William Huffman  9:20  
don't just to be healthier. I really don't have an end goal with this. It's just, it's not like I'm going to go do some CrossFit Games or I want to be able to freakin bench 500 pounds or something like that. I want to be able to walk up and down stairs without my knee hurting. And I want to just be healthy. That's I mean, we eat out pretty healthy, you know? So gotta move the body as well. So it's kind of the whole darn thing. He

Sarah Huffman  9:44  
hasn't done anything for your mindset.

William Huffman  9:49  
Gosh, some people might say yes, I'm gonna have to say it has to effect it's had to have affected in some way or another. There's just no way that you're going to do something this long. That you really don't enjoy Way, and have some type of mindset growth around just anything in general. I can't pinpoint anything specific though.

Sarah Huffman  10:06  
Okay. Tell me about your morning routine. Do you have one?

William Huffman  10:12  
Yes. Very, very specific.

Sarah Huffman  10:16  
Can anyone interrupt it? You can try? The answer

William Huffman  10:20  
really is no, no. No, you don't. People don't like when people say, I don't want to waste your time on responses. That's cute. You think you have the ability to waste my time I and I alone? Hold that

Unknown Speaker  10:32  
instead of Star Wars reference? No. Okay, who said that?

William Huffman  10:36  
I don't know. I've just heard I've heard it before. I think somebody said I don't want to waste your time. And I'm like, a long time ago, I would say oh, yeah, you are wasting my time. But now I don't nobody has that power to waste my time except me. Okay, because I'm not going to give it to anybody unless they think they deserve it. Or it's going to benefit them or myself or there's, you know, whatever. So only I can waste my time only you can waste your time. If you're allowing somebody else to take up your time. You're wasting it. They're not Yep. My morning routine. My alarm goes off at 455 I have one set at 455 and 505. I don't need the 50514 55 that goes off. I get up go to the bathroom. I put my knee pads on I put my shorts on I put my hoodie on I put my hat on. I make my juicy juice 530 I do a Facebook Live between five and 530. I do whatever I want. I can sit and stare at the wall. I can watch a tic tock I can play my stupid game that I have on my phone. I know it's very stupid, but it's it's just a blink. send out an inspirational what I think is inspirational, sometimes demanding slack to the team. By six o'clock I am in my truck. I am driving to the gym at 617. I am pulling into the parking lot from 617 to 627. I am typically either listening to a book or a radio. I don't listen to the music very rarely 627 I walk in I go to the bathroom, I wash my hands. I put my keys down. I put my phone I leave my phone in the truck. I started working on at 630 between seven and 702. I leave the parking lot by 709. I've uploaded my Tiktok I've shared it if I want to share it with seven or 9am I'm only at home. I get home by about 726 727 Every day. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and I this my routine is Monday through Friday. Go to the gym. I'm still up at 435 Monday through Friday. I'm back by 730 I'm in the shower, the three S's and I'm on a phone call with a team by 8am. So by 8am I've been up for three hours and five minutes. Minutes very regimented. It's it's it's awesome.

Sarah Huffman  12:54  
We've recently had a question from one of our fans. Yeah, what is in the Juicy,

William Huffman  12:59  
juicy juice? It's a concoction. It depends on what I feel like sometimes I add Tumeric sometimes it's dehydrated greens. Sometimes it's electrolytes. There's always some type of pre pump workout in there. I have several that I rotate through because some I don't want to I don't know they're most of them are like an organic type based you know, they're B vitamins little not as not as much caffeine, caffeine, I have a caffeine sensitivity. So give me a headache if I drink too much caffeine. And I just I kind of rotate through the three workout powders I have the pre workout powders I have and then depends upon what I'm feeling like sometimes Hamada, which is a green got health stuff like that. So just depends on what I'm feeling like. Cool. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  13:46  
What are some of the physical things that you've noticed about yourself over the last year?

William Huffman  13:50  
I have muscles. That's that's a real thing. Like that's no joke. I I have muscles like my Bom Bom has muscles, squats suck. But you know, power squats and deadlifts and stuff like that. My back is significantly stronger. Like my core core workouts, they all suck. But they like when my stomach hurts these days. It's because there's muscles forming there. And when my back hurts, it's not because like it's weak. It's because the muscles hurt because I worked them out properly. I can lift a lot more really easily without worrying about throwing my back out like lifted 100 pounds worth of pellets the other day and just nonchalantly threw it over my shoulder and I'm like sweet, so I am physically significantly stronger. I've always been, I would feel very capable and strong human being, but to have specific things that I could do without worrying about throwing my backup which is a legitimate thing that I've had to worry about for quite a few years and be able to take stairs because like my knees are significantly better, significantly stronger.

Sarah Huffman  14:59  
Why? It was actually really cool to see this metric, which is not why you work out or do any of this, but you recently had to buy a new suit.

William Huffman  15:12  
Yeah, I have to. Yeah. A lot of new sports coats and why the other ones are just too big. They're not too big on the shoulders, because I just have broad shoulders, my shoulders aren't gonna shrink. And my chest isn't gonna get much smaller. There's there's nowhere to go there. Yeah, but my stomach is has gotten significantly smaller several, several inches. A lot of my jackets can't be taken in anymore, because there, there's just nowhere to take a bit after, like redesign the

Unknown Speaker  15:39  
jacket. Yeah,

William Huffman  15:40  
yeah. At that point. It's, yeah, no. So I have a bunch of jackets that I have to get rid of.

Sarah Huffman  15:45  
And it's fascinating to see like, your shirts, and all the things and it's, it's you don't do this. So like clothing fits better. No, I'm

William Huffman  15:53  
extremely comfortable with who I am. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Like, if I'm not kidding, I'm glad that of the results and the success that I've had because of working out. I would not have started if you hadn't started first. It's not on my it wasn't on my radar. You and

Sarah Huffman  16:09  
I have completely different viewpoints when it comes to like, Wait, image, all of that. Yes. How would you describe yours?

William Huffman  16:20  
I am extremely comfortable with who I am. As we've just heard. Yeah. In my skin. I am not bashful. Like, I'm, I'm super comfortable with my size and everything.

Sarah Huffman  16:32  
Have you been that way your whole life?

William Huffman  16:34  
Um, yeah, I think so. I mean, I don't. I've never been like, I would say yes. Yeah. I just am who I am. And I just don't have time for anybody who cares to see me differently or wants me to change like, they can just pound sand.

Sarah Huffman  16:55  
Like, where does that stem from? Like first like me? I don't have that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  17:05  
Doofus laugh? Who? Yours are mine. A little bit of both. Gets you don't want me to like,

William Huffman  17:11  
I don't know. What do you mean? Where does this stem from?

Sarah Huffman  17:12  
Like, how did you get that type of confidence where you didn't care what anyone else thought?

William Huffman  17:17  
Well, I Okay, not Oh, woe is me. But I mean, we've all had, we will have gone through something right. But like, we were homeless, and it's just a bunch of stuff growing up as a kid, like, you know, wasn't the best home life and all that whatever. And at a very early age, I just realized I am who I am a Popeye. You know, I is who I is. And if you don't like that, I find I don't know. I just don't need I don't have to spend my time with you. Yeah, I can just go in the woods by myself. Noted. Yeah. So I like I literally, I don't I don't know I don't want to there's no like, oh, one defining moment. Yeah. And shine you

Sarah Huffman  17:55  
I think the reason I asked these questions like this is because like, I'm literally in my head thinking back to like my childhood. And I remember being called fat and it crushing me. Yeah, I remember not feeling accepted. I remember feeling left out. Like those aren't things that you appear to have experienced, experienced. No,

William Huffman  18:16  
I did. I just got in a lot of fights and beat the hell out of people.

Sarah Huffman  18:20  
And were like me, instead of actually being able to communicate how I felt at that point at that age. Yeah. What did I do? Stuffed it? Yeah, I'm gonna pretend it didn't hear it. I'm gonna pretend it didn't feel it. So, I mean, what's gonna make me feel better? At that point at that stage of my life? Yeah. Probably. Eating. Probably like watching TV not being active like going inside. Because it was too hard to like, face those emotions. I've never actually said this out loud. Yeah, you're doing great. So I don't really know what how, why this is coming out now. But it's just fascinating to see like, how you as a kid and how I as a kid might have handled these things different will we? Not? Might have we did

William Huffman  19:08  
I mean? No. I don't want it to seem like I acted out like I was not a good student. I was not a I was not. Yeah, I got in some shit. And I caused some problems. And I've done stupid stuff in my life. Like, I don't want to be like, Oh, he was just he was so he was just so so self aware. So self aware and just oh my gosh, she's so woke. No, I was not a good person. Like, I was an aihole. Like, I remember one time in when in Albert Lee. My neighbors wouldn't let me swing on their swing. So I cut it down. What? Yeah, like I wasn't like that was bad things like that was stupid. And how what you were like under I was 18 years old, like eight or nine. I just grabbed the kitchen knife ran over there and cut the rope. I said if I can't Got it wow that's not a good that's not a new emotional that's not a healthy response to something

Accouncer  20:10  
wasn't some woke

William Huffman  20:11  
Tony Robbins guru at time?

Unknown Speaker  20:15  
Can you imagine like little will have men like out there?

Unknown Speaker  20:19  
Absolutely. Oh, I can't. I can't Oh, you can't? Yeah, you swing yeah always gonna use your buddy. Yeah. Oh for sure super mature.

Unknown Speaker  20:29  
Yeah, crazy. Well, the thing is it's like oh man motion

William Huffman  20:44  
puts no no but and then, you know then, you know obviously as a teenager I had everything under control you know

Unknown Speaker  20:56  
all those things in the world yeah

Unknown Speaker  20:58  
tell me more Yeah.

William Huffman  20:59  
Oh come on please like Yeah. Perfect Did you graduate high school? Yes, yeah graduate from an alternative high school that was? Yeah, actually I did once I focused on my studies I did I think I had a 3.6 GPA or so that's

Sarah Huffman  21:17  
the thing well, like, you are no dummy. No, thank you. It's really trying to like, get you into like what you're interested in. Yeah.

William Huffman  21:27  
Yeah, tarps, tarps, Canvas. Yeah. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  21:31  
Whatever you have an interest in, you literally dive deep. Go deep,

William Huffman  21:36  
I guess, you know, people like talk about like, ADHD and stuff like that. And I think it's an overused term. But I don't know, I'm not a doctor. Right. Like, I get it there. There are people who truly suffer from ADHD with hyper disorder and all that stuff.

Unknown Speaker  21:53  
I don't think you have the H I have the H Yeah. Yeah.

William Huffman  21:56  
I think I have attention deficit disorder. Like when I went more so there's the one of the one of the side effects or one of my strongest traits to that would be the hyper fixation side of things. With your face a little bit there. It's, it's annoying, and I don't like it. But when I when I need to answer something, or I need to solve something. That's the only thing I can focus on for days or weeks at a time like it's it's really weird.

Sarah Huffman  22:33  
I don't know why that got brought up. But I don't know. Yeah, that's okay. Yeah, I think we were just kind of like looking at like our childhoods because, like, I can pinpoint, like, knowing that I was, I started down an unhealthy path. Third and fourth grade.

William Huffman  22:47  
Yeah, but I didn't know like, if you want to talk about unhealthy like physically or emotionally from a very young age, like I think I've been pretty emotionally sound doesn't mean I wasn't a jerk face are handled them wrong. But I realized that, like, I'm going to have to take charge of whatever I want to get done. And nobody else is going to be able to affect me adversely or adversely. Adverse, good or bad. But from like, the food side of things like out, please, I didn't realize food was actually meant to be like, more than McDonald's for 25 years of my life. For that, that it came up with a real food doesn't come out of a box. Like, then if you're hearing that, like, yes, it does. No, it doesn't. You're wrong. So whatever, that's fine.

Sarah Huffman  23:37  
You can that can be an episode don't like go back and listen to Kristen's episode. Yeah,

William Huffman  23:41  
well, yeah, yeah. And yeah, so but food, but I had an unhealthy relationship. Not I wouldn't like eat to, like hide emotions or feelings or something like that. I just eating was just let me get the biggest, nastiest burger I can for $6. And that's what I'm going to eat. Yeah. You know, because it was inexpensive. You know, didn't have a lot of money. It got you through. Yeah, it was what it was. It was your fuel.

Sarah Huffman  24:13  
Yeah. Yeah. No, I think I think it's just interesting hearing like how like, we've each handled like our things. For me, like I've, I've struggled with weight or whatever, since we're, like I said, fourth, I would put it on like since fourth grade. And that was just after some medical years of being in a cast, where I was in a leg cast for 18 months. I think I had 13 Cast during that time. And really, I lost my ability to like play and be a kid. Like I wasn't dance. I was in gymnastics, I wasn't soccer, and then all that went away. And then when I was off the cast, I just I, I don't know. I just never got back involved at that point. And then it's almost like you missed some of those pivotal years. So where it's like, oh, I don't have a sport. Nope, I'm not good at that. I'm not good at that. Like, I can just remember like, No, I don't want to try that anymore. Like, all of a sudden movement was punishment. Oh, yeah. And now it's like movement is a gift. But holy crap. It took 3435 years to get to that. Yeah. Like, I couldn't even tell you in college where the gym was. But I could tell you where the bars were. Yeah, where the friends were. I could tell you where the restaurants which happy hour had the cheapest tacos. I mean, I could I can like plan the weekend. You know, for all of the fun things like that. But like,

William Huffman  25:42  
what's one of the first things when we go to a hotel? What's one of the first things we do

Sarah Huffman  25:45  
now? Yeah, where's the gym? And what kind of equipment do

William Huffman  25:48  
they have? Yeah, it's, it's, it's pretty crazy, right? Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  25:51  
Yep. And people be like, Dude, you're on vacation or, you know, take a couple of days or even more. So reason to hit it hard. And I really like, we've built such a routine around moving our body. And when that routine isn't sad, and that I get a

William Huffman  26:05  
pitch about it, because that's my part of my routine. It is what it is.

Sarah Huffman  26:09  
But when that routine isn't satisfied, it's like it does set your day different.

William Huffman  26:13  
You were a pain in the ass on Saturday.

Unknown Speaker  26:16  
Sunday, Saturday,

William Huffman  26:19  
Saturday on Saturday.

Unknown Speaker  26:21  
Okay, Saturday,

William Huffman  26:22  
we went to Top Golf. Saturday we got in? Yep. Yeah. Yep. It just it messed up your entire day.

Sarah Huffman  26:28  
Which part? I can tell you which part my mind. Yeah,

William Huffman  26:32  
yeah. The whole day. You were just you were spicy.

Unknown Speaker  26:35  
To you? No one else.

William Huffman  26:38  
That's what I'm concerned about. self preservation is still a thing here.

Sarah Huffman  26:45  
Most of the time, yes. Yeah. Yeah. And we are no experts on this. We are not trained in fitness. You're not close. We are not trained in nutrition, we can just tell you that. Once you get clear on why you're doing it. And once you can get clear on why you're gonna stay committed to it. The excuses will go away. I literally had given myself years and years and years of excuses. Why couldn't lose weight, why my body didn't move properly. Why I'm too busy to do things. You're

William Huffman  27:17  
not making time. And it wasn't a priority. It wasn't a priority.

Sarah Huffman  27:21  
And the crazy thing is when you don't put yourself first yep, that's actually the most selfish thing you can do. How can

William Huffman  27:28  
you show up for others? Yeah, like if I'm gonna, if I'm gonna get on if I'm gonna get on Tik Tok or Facebook in the morning, it talks about living my unreal life. And then I'm gonna go just not take care of myself. Like, what type of shit is that? Like? What type of fraud would I be? If I'm gonna go out there and start preaching? Live your unreal life a life so amazing. It's almost unbelievable. And then I don't do anything to get to my unreal life. That's just some BS. And I wouldn't follow me. I wouldn't listen to me. And I want you to answer this. My y has changed. It's the major why is I want to be healthy. I love you. I want to live a long life with you. You're my driver for this. But my why hasn't changed has been added on to when you get those messages. Hey, I went to the gym because of you today. I'm just like, you jackass. Like, how dare you put that on me? Yeah, like what? I mean, thank you, of course. Right. Thank you. And I'm glad I can help you live your unreal life. But now, I have these on unforeseen consequences, that people are now looking to me as inspiration. And I would not look at I don't look at myself as an inspiration when it comes to health and wellness and fitness. Just because the people I look to I hold them at a higher state, I hold them in higher regard. Does that make sense? And that's me putting them on a pedestal. But I also at the same time, I'm not putting myself where I belong. And that's not fair to me. Because these other people are choosing to put me on that pedestal for them. Yeah. So now I have to live up to I get to I will rephrase this, I get to live up to the expectations that they're putting me to. It's an honor, it is a it's a it's I don't want to say burden. But it is burden is not the right word. It's something that's thrust upon me that I didn't ask for. And I didn't necessarily want This is sounding like a burden. But I'm grateful to have. Does that make sense? Yeah. So I have my cousin reaching out that I haven't seen in probably 20 Like I remember last time I see her in person. She goes you're an inspiration to me. I mean, thank you.

Sarah Huffman  29:52  
Jerk. You know, I think the thing well is like we're we're, I mean I don't know if we're normal, but let's just Say we're normal. Here's the thing like, and I don't mean to go like society based here, but no, I don't, I don't know what I'm going to say is like growing up, I remember being inspired by the people magazines when people lost 100 pounds. Right? And how did they do it? I remember, like going into weight watcher meetings when I was young, younger than I think I should have been there. That's yeah, there's so much seen. I mean, there's a lot to unpack on a lot of this. And we don't necessarily need to go down to that that route. But what I'm gonna say is like, I remember going into those weight watcher meetings, I think I was in high school, and being number one embarrassed to be there, but like, oh, that lady did it. I can do it. I just need to lose the pound a week or whatever it is. And then I remember we're comparing a constant. Yep. And it's actually something that I've had to consistently work on is to not compare. Like, because compare, like, comparison is a thief of joy. Like if you but I was gonna say one more thing. We also grew up in the culture of like, The Biggest Loser. If I only worked

William Huffman  31:07  
out stuff, is that show? I mean, wow. I mean, come on.

Sarah Huffman  31:11  
And so I think what we have done on our kind of parallel health journeys, because they're different, they are different journeys of minor. Oh, yeah. But I think what we've done is we've given people in our life that may or may not know us, but say on social media, an option to see how you can be accessibly success, like we provide accessible success. Does that make sense? Yeah,

William Huffman  31:35  
hour and a half hour and a half a week? That's 3330 minutes three times a week. Yeah, that's that's how much I work with Jordan. Now I do fill it in with the bike ride here or there. And I do not want to downplay those bike rides, because they're a nightmare. I probably shouldn't say that. They're wonderful. You'll love them.

Sarah Huffman  31:52  
No, you don't love. I don't love them. But what I love is the routine I've built Yeah. And for me, like for you, you are consistent three days a week, 30 minutes a time. For me I'm consistent. 20 minimum of 20 minutes a day. Seven days a week, seven days

William Huffman  32:10  
a week your your your average is over six.

Sarah Huffman  32:13  
The times that I've missed I've either been sick out of town. peloton hasn't been accessible or

William Huffman  32:18  
but when we're out of town, we still work. We still do we still do your peloton. But I

Sarah Huffman  32:22  
think that's the biggest thing is for the people listening that maybe have gone on a health journey and failed. I can't even count on two fingers and all of my 10 toes how many times I've had to start and restart because I failed. And I used to think oh, I that that diet didn't work for me. That program didn't work for me. No, like, let's get real. You gave up. I gave up. I got bored. I wasn't committed. I wanted the quick and easy. I wanted the People Magazine. Yeah, I wanted the biggest loser to lose all my weight. I'm like, whatever. When instead what I needed to do was start with my mindset. Yeah, get really clear on my why Oh, yeah. Commit to my routine,

William Huffman  33:02  
like all in 100 effing percent. And that's

Sarah Huffman  33:06  
actually why I took it to Facebook and started posting my daily rights on Facebook. I remember I would sit there and be like, I don't want to be annoying. I don't want to put this out there. I don't want to be accountable for it. This is no one's business. But mine. But then I would hit Send or post Yep. Because I'm like, I'm not I have to like, I would have to embarrass myself to not show up for myself, for me like to stay consistent. Yeah. And that's how I built it. And now I don't post every day, I'll post maybe when I hit like every 10 rides or like if a ride was hard or one I want to remember you don't need that external accountability. Right? No, but I still post because I know what helps other people. That's awesome. That's fantastic. Yeah. And then without one thing, and I want to wrap this up shortly here, but I just do want to put this out there. What you put in your body is so important. Yeah. Actual nutrient, yeah.

William Huffman  34:02  
If if you've never looked at a label, or if you've never looked at what the for the beginning, your produce or the five on the beginning of your produce means do that. If you don't know how to find net carbs, you know, carbs minus protein equals your net carbs and what you should be, what type of carbs and what type of protein like they're just do that. Really being do give a shit about calories. No, don't don't count calories. Once again, we're not professionals. I don't ever look at the calories. You eat until you're satiated until you're full. And but what you put in you is incredibly important and I'm a huge believer in organics as much as possible is eating as whole as possible. That doesn't mean like vegan or something like that. But I've

Sarah Huffman  34:49  
literally eaten the same meal for like the last like three and a half weeks.

William Huffman  34:54  
Yeah, yeah. And it's not because you enjoy it. It's because food is fuel and you're putting the right fuel On your body to make sure we keep kicking ass now does this mean that we'll never have dessert? Oh no, we had a bomb ass cheesecake last night. Cheesecake funk. Oh, that was so good. Crushed it.

Sarah Huffman  35:10  
And did you feel bad about it after hell? No. Did you feel like you'd wake up this morning and workout extra hard? No, no, not even close. This is where like the relationship with food has changed. There's no more guilt or emotion attached to it. Yeah, it's Food is fuel. Oh, you want to have a sweet or a treat? Go for it. Just do it. Because guess what, I'm not going to be kicking myself afterwards. There's no more shaming. There's no more consequence. Like, Oh, I better workout

William Huffman  35:37  
and indulge in that have that sweet, enjoy and enjoy it. Otherwise, if you just avoid it for long the next thing you know instead of having a Reese's Pieces, you're going to eat the whole bag of minis. Yeah. Right.

Sarah Huffman  35:51  
So find yours. Your swaps. What do you love? I love

William Huffman  35:55  
the almond milk or dark chocolate peanut butter cups or like quest in the morning. Those are like those are one of my things I eat in the morning. They're high in protein. They're high in fat, low in carbs. Yeah. And it's peanut butter and dark chocolate. It it's really good for you and it hits that sweet spot. If

Sarah Huffman  36:11  
you have a sweet tooth. I honestly have a sweet tooth. But it does taste go to the more we found some like really good alternatives. Yeah, absolutely. And we're prepared. We usually have snacks in our car. Because if you're hungry it doesn't like if you're hungry. Eat. Yes. Like almost it's after seven o'clock at night. And then it's that I don't eat them. We'll doesn't eat but I'm in bed by nine. Yeah. So we've definitely been on a journey working. I'm excited for you. Well, I'm really proud of you that you've made it to your almost.

William Huffman  36:39  
Thank you and I'm wondering your mark, you're the reason so big kudos to you.

Sarah Huffman  36:44  
Thank you. I appreciate that. One thing I will put out there for people if you're anything like how I was in life, if you're all in or all out. What I mean by that is if you get started and miss a day now you better like I that didn't work for me. I failed. Y'all just started getting next month. I'll just start again next month. Like you do not need to wait for the first of the month. You do not need to wait for the first of the year. Monday. You do not need to wait for Monday. I

William Huffman  37:08  
hate that. Oh my god.

Sarah Huffman  37:10  
I'm gonna wait the beginning of the month. So you're not a trucker. You do not need to wait until your vacation is over.

William Huffman  37:17  
You know, when you start right after you're done eating the Big Mac once you like you know what? Okay, that's when you start again. Immediately. Just go for it. But okay, yeah, I indulged. I did it. I crushed it. I had a case of white claws. hungover. Big Mac Heisey orange noise that's on a large fry. And guess what? Orange noise? Yeah. Yeah. And then I haven't had that years, but I'm just saying immediately is the time to start it. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  37:41  
And when you go on vacation, what like, how do we vacation, eat? Well,

William Huffman  37:47  
whatever we want, whenever we want wherever we want. I don't care. But we're gonna look for the healthier option. Yeah. But if I want a

Sarah Huffman  37:56  
deep naturally, naturally most of the time though, we go towards the healthier option not because it's the healthy option because that actually is what tastes good and tastes better. Yeah, way better. Yeah, so like give me a steak and vegetables all day long. Wasabi. Yeah, it means sushi. Or like

William Huffman  38:11  
if you order salmon, sometimes you'll get two pieces of salmon because you're prioritizing protein. Yep, you're gonna carefully fill with carbs so less potatoes and stuff like that. And you're still gonna have dessert

Sarah Huffman  38:20  
I know when the ladies like you want to salmon Yeah, I have to charge you for to

William Huffman  38:25  
cool Yeah, okay. Yeah, I want to make sure I get the macros those proteins in Yeah, let's go

Sarah Huffman  38:30  
because if you're if you want more on the health stuff go back a couple episodes to when we interviewed Kristen Rahl and she'll give you some things there but her tips are prioritize protein carefully adding carbs and fill in with

William Huffman  38:43  
fat fat.

Sarah Huffman  38:46  
There we go. So there's a lot more to go on this but it was a great recap. Thanks for sharing your health journey. If anything resonated with anybody just know you're not alone. And really find what works for anything. didn't

William Huffman  38:57  
keep it to yourself.

Unknown Speaker  39:01  
Really? Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  39:03  
If you don't have anything nice to say shut up. Yep. Don't say it. Yeah. Alright,

William Huffman  39:08  
here we go. Alright, everybody, we out deuces.

Accouncer  39:14  
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