Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 30: Learning How to Design a Completely Original Life Experience with Randi Larson

May 23, 2022 Sarah Huffman, William Huffman, & Jorie Schaaf Season 1 Episode 30
Ep 30: Learning How to Design a Completely Original Life Experience with Randi Larson
Life Behind the Highlight Real
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Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 30: Learning How to Design a Completely Original Life Experience with Randi Larson
May 23, 2022 Season 1 Episode 30
Sarah Huffman, William Huffman, & Jorie Schaaf

The woman behind the world famous Pursey joins Will, Sarah, and Jorie on this episode of Life Behind the Highlight Reel. 

Since 1997 the Pursey Code has taken on a life of its own. 

Randi Larson and her sister Jeni Kurtyka have designed a business around their lives, with the goal of helping other women discover their energy and design a completely original life experience.

Randi is adamant that you are being called to something you cannot see but can feel in your bones. 

They want you to activate the extraordinary woman within by activating your Originations. 

All will be explained in this podcast. You will love it!

Reach out to the Originators, sisters Randi and Jeni:
Search @theoriginators on social media

Randi's Top Five Favorite Restaurants:

  1. Piccala Cucina - NYC
  2. The BLVD  - Minnetonka
  3. Cecconis - NYC
  4. The Lone Spur - Minnetonka
  5. The Shakeshack
Show Notes Transcript

The woman behind the world famous Pursey joins Will, Sarah, and Jorie on this episode of Life Behind the Highlight Reel. 

Since 1997 the Pursey Code has taken on a life of its own. 

Randi Larson and her sister Jeni Kurtyka have designed a business around their lives, with the goal of helping other women discover their energy and design a completely original life experience.

Randi is adamant that you are being called to something you cannot see but can feel in your bones. 

They want you to activate the extraordinary woman within by activating your Originations. 

All will be explained in this podcast. You will love it!

Reach out to the Originators, sisters Randi and Jeni:
Search @theoriginators on social media

Randi's Top Five Favorite Restaurants:

  1. Piccala Cucina - NYC
  2. The BLVD  - Minnetonka
  3. Cecconis - NYC
  4. The Lone Spur - Minnetonka
  5. The Shakeshack

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah and we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with REMAX results of Good Life Group and that's our legal disclaimer. Everybody blimp here and today we're talking with Rod and in this conversation we're gonna talk about a bunch of random things including energy. Just just stick with me. It's a good one.

Jorie  0:24  
I am so like, John to the floor you you William

William Huffman  0:30  
Yeah, for years will pass a

Sarah Huffman  0:31  
lot I am seriously

Jorie  0:32  
so distracted right now. Randy, I apologize. No, I

Randi Larson  0:35  
just think this is such a fascinating conversation that is going all over the map and is

Accouncer  0:39  
welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online. Join hosts Sarah and William Huffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel

William Huffman  1:01  
everybody William here and Sarah and Jory and Randy muddy

Sarah Huffman  1:09  
All right, I can I just say how excited I am for today's podcast. Super excited. Okay, I am I just

William Huffman  1:15  
want to I am going to go right into this because this is I'm going to ask you where you grew up and all that stuff in a minute here.

Sarah Huffman  1:25  
We're going first I don't I don't know. There's

William Huffman  1:28  
a thing that is like a purse that's called a Percy mutt. Okay, now what? Yeah, yeah, Jory. We're leading in right with this because I'm we're gonna get to that.

Jorie  1:45  
Is this like the whole daddy name?

William Huffman  1:47  
Like? No, this is a real thing. Okay, this is a

Sarah Huffman  1:50  
fact. I should have brought it in today. It's

William Huffman  1:51  
a purse. That Wait,

Jorie  1:55  
is it a gene?

Sarah Huffman  1:57  
Creator of no I

William Huffman  1:58  
am not. That's why I'm going to try and describe it horribly here.

Jorie  2:01  
That you made in high school.

Sarah Huffman  2:03  
Randy, are you ready for this is

William Huffman  2:04  
a real thing Jory. I need you to listen. So there's Okay, we have to my glasses. This

Jorie  2:13  
is pretty serious.

William Huffman  2:14  
This is serious. So Percy, if I get this right. This is amazing. This is a it's a feminine play on words. For the lady parts and purse.

Jorie  2:30  
The hell

William Huffman  2:35  
we're gonna come back to the weird No, no, that's it. We're we're starting with the need

Jorie  2:39  
to know more. We're gonna get so much cliffhanger it is.

Sarah Huffman  2:43  
I thought isn't even what I wanted to talk about with Randy. No, it's not but I will

Randi Larson  2:48  
definitely at least sweating. I feel like I didn't know that. This is where the conversation No,

William Huffman  2:54  
no, this is the only thing I really know about you. So before we start start talking, I have one Yeah, that's why I should have brought it Yeah. What? Yeah. Jeremy seen. It's fantastic. It's not It's on?

Jorie  3:06  
It's not your first look. Okay, go.

William Huffman  3:08  
Yeah, her Percy. Sure.

Randi Larson  3:11  
Yes. This is my Percy.

Jorie  3:13  
Oh my God. See,

William Huffman  3:16  
you thought it'd be like so this has to we need a photo of that for the clip for the show notes. So people aren't I want one of those. It's super like that. It's that is so

Sarah Huffman  3:25  
cute. No, but you don't even know. Keiko. I'm ready. No, like we have talked and Randy is our guest. Yeah, she has not. So

William Huffman  3:34  
three through loop there. Thank you for allowing me to do that. Thank you for not leaving. Okay, let's start. Where did you grow up? Where were you born? Let's go there.

Jorie  3:42  
Sarah is very excited.

Sarah Huffman  3:44  
Yeah. Well, can I just say, Yeah, can I just back it up one night, but you're talking truck, like a Tonka truck. So Randy and I met Gosh, how many years ago?

Randi Larson  3:56  
Quite a few. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  3:57  
It was at a Mary our Oh, yeah. That was probably four or five years ago. So it was for sure. Pre COVID. So let's take it back at least two years and probably a year or two before that.

Randi Larson  4:06  
Yes. I think it was probably three years ago because yeah, actually, I think Percy started about four years ago. Yeah. And we had products then. So yes.

Sarah Huffman  4:16  
And so I met Randy at a marry hour. And which

William Huffman  4:20  
is a local female entrepreneur. Happy Hour typing. Yeah. Yep.

Sarah Huffman  4:24  
And the greatest part about meeting Randy was we have a mutual friend, Jill. Kaya.

Randi Larson  4:30  
Yes. The small world.

Sarah Huffman  4:32  
No way.

Randi Larson  4:33  
Yes. And actually, Jill, I know Jill somewhat, but she's really good friends with my sister.

Sarah Huffman  4:39  
And she modeled Percy. Yes, that's right. And some fashion show. Maybe in Grand Forks. Yes.

Randi Larson  4:46  
Which is where I am from.

William Huffman  4:49  
Okay, first of all, I don't I don't put Grand Forks note ACC and fashion show together. I'm just gonna put it out if you know, you know, but I don't know. Challenge Add. Oh yeah, they're like y'all know me and you think I'm bougie Chad chi for the win. Will has a goal. Yeah. Have you seen his bourbon selection

Sarah Huffman  5:10  
anyhow? So that is how Randy and I met. And then because of the beauty of social media, which some people don't like social media, I absolutely love it because it helps connect you when you don't always have maybe the I don't want to say time, bandwidth, time bandwidth to actually connect but social media keeps you connected. Yes. And I loved meeting Randy at that. Mary, our many years ago, I bought a Percy and what I've been so excited Well, I don't even we'll go into more of like your originators and all of that, because I love what you're doing. But I really wouldn't. We've been trying to get on this schedule to have lunch. Yes, like for months. And for whatever reason it hasn't worked. And then all of a sudden, I was like, Screw lunch. Let's have Randy on the podcast because we're going to connect over lunch, we're gonna catch up. And then it's like, if we went out to lunch, we'd have all this ketchup time. And then I would I knew I would want to have you on the podcast. So why don't we kill two birds with one stone?

Unknown Speaker  6:09  
Perfect. Are you feeding me after this? I mean,

William Huffman  6:11  
see, that was a very good question, because I was like, Where's the damn food?

Sarah Huffman  6:15  
I have any food.

Jorie  6:17  
We have a good snack drawer.

Sarah Huffman  6:18  
We do have a good, really good snack. And a really good yeah, I've got peanut butter cups by quest.

William Huffman  6:23  
I can cook some

Randi Larson  6:24  
quest. I've never tried those. Oh, there. Somebody actually just heard somebody on social media saying they were horrible yesterday.

William Huffman  6:31  
Oh, they're liars. I

Sarah Huffman  6:33  
will well, and not everyone loves them. But I have these meat chips.

Jorie  6:39  
I haven't. Cherry This is see.

Sarah Huffman  6:42  
Yes. We've got good snap. We've derailed and we're like we started it. Well, we just love snow.

William Huffman  6:49  
I didn't. I do love snacks.

Sarah Huffman  6:52  
i Oh, anyway, random. Tell us about yourself. Yeah,

William Huffman  6:55  
tell us that. No. Dang. Yeah.

Randi Larson  6:57  
Oh my. Yeah, so I'm originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota. I am a wife and a mother. I have three beautiful dogs.

William Huffman  7:07  
Where'd we go to high school? Oh, I went to Red River in what's the mascot?

Randi Larson  7:11  
The Rough Rider the fight?

Jorie  7:14  
No, that doesn't work. The fight riders no Friday. No

Randi Larson  7:17  
like Rough Riders. Teddy Roosevelt.

William Huffman  7:20  
Okay, you know, kids, Teddy Roosevelt was an amazing human being but like, whatever he will this

Sarah Huffman  7:26  
is I was almost speechless for a minute. Yeah, rough

William Huffman  7:29  
ride a rough road and it's, it's awesome. Nevermind. I didn't even know I'm gonna leave now.

Sarah Huffman  7:36  
Okay, so where are the Rough Riders located?

Randi Larson  7:38  
In Grand Forks?

Sarah Huffman  7:40  
That is a Grand Forks High School? Yes. Okay.

William Huffman  7:44  
Did you do high schools? Okay. What were the they were a rival?

Randi Larson  7:48  
Well, they were rivals and it was the Rough Riders and the Redskins. But they're now the Knights. Okay.

William Huffman  7:56  
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Cowboys, Indians

Randi Larson  7:57  
sort of thing. Yeah, that that kind of went away with the time doesn't quite work anymore. No, no, no, it doesn't. So and actually, my dad taught at the rival high school. So he was the football coach at the Oh, get rival. Okay, school and I was the cheerleader at the Red River, high snow.

Sarah Huffman  8:16  
This the whole thing that had to be an interesting dinner. It was

Randi Larson  8:19  
an interesting thing. And actually, there's four girls in our family. I'm the oldest of four girls and every other one went to like, two of us went to Red River and two of us went to Central.

William Huffman  8:30  
Was that on purpose? Or? Yeah,

Randi Larson  8:32  
I mean, we each had we lived in the Red River District and my dad taught in the other one and two of the four didn't really like the vibe at Red River.

William Huffman  8:40  
Okay, they, they weren't really the Rough Rider type. We're

Randi Larson  8:43  
not really the Rough Rider type.

Jorie  8:45  
We'd love to sit at those dinners. Yeah. Yeah. No, really. So

William Huffman  8:49  
were you any of your other sisters in like other sports or like anything like that? So was I mean, did you guys ever, like physically fight each other over this?

Randi Larson  8:56  
No, no, none of us are really athletic sport type people. I mean, actually, my youngest sister is an athlete, but she's a barrel racer, which is a horse.

Sarah Huffman  9:08  
Yeah, yeah, we know. I know. Someone else who's done barrel racing. Corbelli

William Huffman  9:12  
Oh, yeah. I used to ride horses really? Do a lot of competitions. Yep. What? Pools? barrels? You're joking.

Randi Larson  9:20  
No, not at all.

Jorie  9:21  
I haven't.

Randi Larson  9:23  
What are you serious? Yeah. Oh, my God. I

Jorie  9:26  
am shuck.

William Huffman  9:26  
So in our local so I was a part of the Waterman go Horse Association down there. And I'm Where's wandering go southern Minnesota AQ. And, yeah, and so they usually they did the princess ride. And I wanted, I'm like, Well, I want to be a part of the right so they actually change it to the royalty right? Because that was the first dude who ran for that. And so they change it to the royalty right versus the princess. Right. So

Randi Larson  9:56  
that is so cool. So my middle daughter is taking lessons and learning to barrel race. Yeah. And do that whole lifestyle because my my youngest sister is like at the highest level, so she just went to her first NFR Oh, wow. Yes.

William Huffman  10:12  
Oh, so she's gangster top 12 in the world coming in hot. Yes. Yeah. What does she ride? quarterhorse? Yes. Okay.

Randi Larson  10:20  
No. Well, she had, so she had two horses that she was riding. So she rides a Palomino right now. Okay, cool.

Jorie  10:26  
Very like a pony.

William Huffman  10:28  
No, no, let me know. It's like a beautiful Barbie horse. Yeah, totally. They had Scott when they get wet. They have spots on their butt and stuff like they have spots on their skin. Yeah, she

Jorie  10:39  
looks like I am so like jawed to the floor. You you, William. Yeah, for years will pass a lot. I am seriously so distracted right now, Randy. I apologize.

Randi Larson  10:50  
No, I just think this is such a fascinating conversation that is going all over the map. It is perfect.

William Huffman  10:55  
Yeah. When you asked like, Hey, where's this gonna go? I don't know.

Sarah Huffman  10:59  
You can't even plan it. No, that's why you just go with it.

William Huffman  11:02  
William. Yeah, you rode horses. Yeah, chaps cowboy boots hat. Oh, yeah, my Stetson. Yep.

Jorie  11:08  
Hey, I wore my shirt kickers today.

Randi Larson  11:10  
I you know, I noticed that I did. I noticed that right away when I got in here.

William Huffman  11:14  
Yep. Sorry. You know how you break into a brand new pair of boots. You get them wet. You'd not just get them wet. You just put them on and then you go into the creek. And then you let them fill up with water. And then you walk around with the water in them all day, as long as you can stand it. And then you do it again the next day. And that's how it really breaks him in.

Jorie  11:33  
All right. I'll have to do that. There you

Randi Larson  11:35  
go. Like a made up story.

William Huffman  11:36  
Not at all. No, Donna hay creek

Sarah Huffman  11:39  
down in a creek. Okay, so I'm gonna bring this back. Thank you. This could go.

William Huffman  11:47  
Really nice to be top 12 in the country. Let's

Sarah Huffman  11:49  
use your data. No, that's my sister.

William Huffman  11:52  
You are so sad. You should see how I mean, they when you're coming around the first barrel because you do figure eights and eights and you come back. I mean, you have to I mean, you're like doing a 390 turning the other way and looking as you're coming around that barrel heading to the next one. And the cuts you make. Like it's it's a lot the horse too because the horses that is the all the why it's intense. You should watch have

Sarah Huffman  12:15  
to imagine like that the strength it takes for the writer.

Randi Larson  12:19  
Yes. Like mental strength and physical strength. Yes. As a strong chorus put

William Huffman  12:24  
it that way. Yes.

Randi Larson  12:25  
I mean, it's a combination of both of those things.

Sarah Huffman  12:27  
Okay, so that was your sister's? So she was a barrel writer.

William Huffman  12:30  
Yeah, the other two we don't really care about because they're not nearly as cool obviously right now. Yeah,

Jorie  12:34  
they were just you know, normal. And I will have to say you were athletic because you were a cheerleader. Right. Well, yeah. It is for everybody. I did it for quite a while. Okay.

William Huffman  12:44  
What was your What was your favorite chair?

Randi Larson  12:47  
Oh, God,

Jorie  12:48  

William Huffman  12:49  
Oh, come on, alligator alligator ebook.

Randi Larson  12:51  
Yeah, I don't even I literally have blocked that portion of mine. Oh.

Sarah Huffman  13:01  
Oh, okay.

William Huffman  13:05  
So are we still sweating? Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  13:09  
This is awesome. Okay, so you were Roughrider? You graduated from high school?

Randi Larson  13:14  
I did a long time ago. And a lot of much cooler things.

Sarah Huffman  13:18  
Where did you go next? Did you go to college? Or what did you do?

Randi Larson  13:21  
Well, I mean, I my path has always been very windy. Perfect. So I did go to college. I also stopped college and moved out to the east coast and nannied for a year and then I went to a University of Nebraska and then I stopped a nanny again. And then I went to UND and then I went to the University of Minnesota Duluth and that's where I ended up graduating from so here we are, like the five year program. I think I was more on like, God, I don't know. 10 year program. Nice. Okay. Go off and on. You know, I was about to graduate. I ended up getting married and having children and I then went back to school when I was pregnant with my second daughter and I finished college then so years and numbers make very little sense to me. So I would never be able to tell you like how how long that what was your degree and it was actually a this is such a weird conversation. I'm political science. I double majored in Political Science and Environmental Studies. Really? Yes. Okay. And funny. I mean, my husband's best friend would always call me the tree hugger and last spring I cut down like 200 year old oaks in my backyard seemed

William Huffman  14:37  
NIMBY, not in my backyard.

Jorie  14:40  
Laugh that I just

William Huffman  14:43  
see you later treat the Earth Day.

Randi Larson  14:46  
There's way too much shade over my pool right now.

Jorie  14:50  
You need vitamin D I get it. I get it. I get it.

William Huffman  14:54  
What do you do with the yolk? Did somebody take them and like milk them or what?

Randi Larson  14:57  
Well, we actually kept them and we're using them as fat firewood. Nice.

William Huffman  15:01  
That's that's good. Okay, is it good oak? Yes.

Sarah Huffman  15:05  
It is good oak. Yeah. Why is words

Jorie  15:07  
the bad day to be a 200 year old oak tree?

Randi Larson  15:12  
Bad day bad day. Like a full circle moment for some weird.

Sarah Huffman  15:17  
How did you meet your husband?

Randi Larson  15:19  
I met him actually at a bar in Superior Wisconsin.

William Huffman  15:24  
Okay, probably I wouldn't town I would ask which one but there's a lot of them.

Randi Larson  15:28  
Yeah, it was the palace. Okay, which I don't believe exists anymore but I actually know three other no two other couples there's three couples who all met at the palace and are like happily married tend to this day in years later. Yes.

William Huffman  15:41  
Was it like a Monday bingo night you met raffle meat raffle? No, I

Randi Larson  15:46  
think it was like in like our work order

Sarah Huffman  15:48  
beer night.

William Huffman  15:50  
How did how would you know

Sarah Huffman  15:53  
how they met? Or? No, they haven't went in because you're in a small like, honestly, like college town. smaller town. Like where I went. I think it was quarter beer night on Tuesdays.

William Huffman  16:05  
You get to shake for eight for $2.

Sarah Huffman  16:07  
I mean, we'll just didn't maybe make the best

Jorie  16:10  
psyllium we just went to the bar and put the 20 on the table. And we don't know how we left with $10. I mean, that's how it works. Yeah, that's true.

Sarah Huffman  16:17  
Yeah. Okay, but so did you know right away

Randi Larson  16:22  
with Nick, your husband? Um, I knew something was different with him right away. Yeah. For two reasons.

William Huffman  16:29  
Did you offer to pick up a tablet quarter beard night? No, actually. So

Randi Larson  16:32  
he we ended up talking and I first was only talking to him because I was really trying to make this other guy was dating jealous.

William Huffman  16:41  
Oh, we're nice. Did not work. Okay.

Randi Larson  16:44  
And I actually went home that night and my girlfriend called me. I was like, in bed and in my pajamas. And she was like, I'm going to this after bar party down in Park Point. And I'm going to come and get you and I'm like, I'm already my pajamas are not coming. She's like, I'm already on my way to your house. Basically. I got good. Fred. redressed you know, all ready to go. And he was there. Awesome. So we ended up all sleeping there because we all had too much to drink to drive. And in the morning, when I dropped him off at his apartment, he said to me, I have to go out of town for three days for a family affair. But when I get back, I'm gonna call you and I'm going to take you out. And I was like, okay, which was not really like that kind of directness had

Sarah Huffman  17:32  
never really been, is that his personality? I didn't hear a question in there. Exactly. It wasn't really like,

Randi Larson  17:37  
you know, I thought that I maybe wouldn't like that. But I actually did. And then he actually followed through with it. And so the other surprising thing was I actually gave him my real phone number. So he had the opportunity to call me and he did, he called me right when he said he was and that was one thing about him was he always like, did what he said he was going to do. And he didn't play games. Like he made it very clear that he was interested. And he just followed through with that. And we were I mean, I think so our first date was in March, and I brought him home to meet my parents at Easter. So like in April, and we weren't like, it wasn't like, I was like, Oh, my God, like, we're super serious. It just seemed like the most natural thing to be like, Hey, you want to come home with me? And we've been together ever since. I mean, I think we were married in less than a year. And

William Huffman  18:30  
oh, beat us. Nice, good job.

Randi Larson  18:32  
And it's been, you know, an absolute roller coaster. Since then, multiple life changes and three children and both of his parents passing away and trying to grow up at the same time. But we have figured it out in a way that works for us. And I am quantumly more in love with his man now than I was

William Huffman  18:55  
that is a really powerful word to say it that like quantumly. Yeah, that's pretty cool.

Randi Larson  19:01  
Yeah, it

Sarah Huffman  19:02  
is. You're like the second or third person this week that I've talked to that said that they had to learn how to grow up with their spouse. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's just an interesting because we'll and I got married when we were 35. So it was like the joke. Like we were taking our walkers down the aisle. Yeah. Like, here we go. But kind of and, like we I've never had that experience of having to learn to grow up with that other person.

Jorie  19:31  
And it's not easy. No, really. That's my quote.

Randi Larson  19:34  
Yeah. And we were learning how to grow up as parents at the same time. Yeah, I mean, we, I was seven months pregnant when we got married, and we had only known each other for a very short time, and we were already engaged. We didn't get married. I mean, that was like came after already planning the wedding like, Oh, I'm gonna have to change the dress. But we both had so much growing up to do individually and collectively And then as a mother, like, you think you know, what life is and what it's about and what you should be doing. And then these other human beings come into your life and completely disrupt everything you think, you know. So it has been a pretty, you know, interesting, wonderful, messy, devastating, beautiful experience.

Sarah Huffman  20:22  
That's a really good quote.

William Huffman  20:24  
I'm exhausted. Just

Jorie  20:25  
I want to have lunch with Randy. Great.

William Huffman  20:27  
Yeah, go to the snack drawer because apparently Yeah, that's how we're having fun. Yeah. Ridiculous. Okay. Meat chips. So you're up in Superior Wisconsin. Meet the love of your life at quarter beard. Night. We made that part up. Pal. Like ladies night out? Yeah, whatever. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Jager bombs. What was your drink of choice?

Randi Larson  20:48  
Oh, my God, that I just drank what ever was in front of UV Blue?

William Huffman  20:53  
Yeah. Oh.

Sarah Huffman  20:55  
You see blue? I don't know if they had that. I don't know.

Randi Larson  20:58  
I drink a lot of Diet Coke. And vodka with a lemon and lime. Because I was super sophisticated. You

William Huffman  21:04  
know, a lemon or lime. Was it real?

Jorie  21:07  
Party? Lamone? Yeah, yeah. The

Randi Larson  21:11  
real vodka. Yes, of course. Oh, boy.

William Huffman  21:14  
Cough cargo. White Eagle.

Sarah Huffman  21:17  
What did we have in Iowa? Hawkeye. Vodka. Hawkeye? Of course you did. Yeah. You could get that big handle for like, $7 choice. Yeah.

William Huffman  21:24  
Oh, yeah. 999 for a 1.5. Do you know how many litres or in a gallon?

Jorie  21:29  
Enough to fill my cup?

Sarah Huffman  21:31  
I don't know if anybody else feels ADHD on overdrive right now, but I do. Do you

William Huffman  21:36  
know how many liters are in a gallon? No. Well, you ever made a whop?

Sarah Huffman  21:40  
Were a dream or one. But yeah, I have.

William Huffman  21:43  
So here's the thing, okay. There are 3.8 liters in a gallon. So it's just about 217. fives and how I know there's 3.8 liters in a gallon. If you're at a urine on you look down the conversion. 3.8 liters equals one gallon for when you flush it. Okay, moving on.

Jorie  22:03  
Okay, that's

Sarah Huffman  22:06  
superior. Well,

Randi Larson  22:08  
we lived in Duluth. Oh,

Sarah Huffman  22:09  
I'm sorry, Duluth, you met in Superior. But you lived in Duluth? Yes.

Randi Larson  22:12  
Um, I think 10 years. Again, math is not. It's all we lived there for a while. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  22:20  
I don't know about anybody else. But especially the last couple years time is not. I'm gonna go hippie for a second will, like time just doesn't anyone know how to like, define time quantify. It's just not as linear. I think as we think,

Randi Larson  22:36  
Oh, completely. I could have a 45 hour conversation on lunch.

Sarah Huffman  22:43  
Okay, so you for time you lived in Duluth. But how did you make it here? Like, how did you like what was next? What were you doing?

Randi Larson  22:51  
Well, at that time, we had three little children. And I was mostly momming. I worked at a country club part time, and my husband worked for his father. His father had a financial advising practice. And his father died. And they were in business also with my husband's brother. And the brother decided to sell the business. And my husband was mostly out of a job. And Duluth is a very funny city. I don't know if you're familiar with Duluth, but it's, it's kind of a hard place to find your footing. Yeah. And so the job opportunities were here. And we ended up I have moved many, many times in my life, like I thrive on change. And my husband had not and so he was very hesitant, but not until he really was faced with no other options. Were we able to leave Duluth, which was a huge relief for me. I really had wanted to leave that area. And so I mean, if I would have stayed there, I probably would have had to hug more trees and then I would have never had the opportunity to cut them down.

William Huffman  24:08  
But did you actually cut them down yourself? Oh,

Randi Larson  24:12  
oh my gosh, it was

Jorie  24:13  
a really 200 years.

William Huffman  24:16  
Oh, yeah. Yeah, but chainsaws are. Ba

Randi Larson  24:19  
it was a really fun thing to watch them come and cut them down. I mean, it was a three day project. So it was really fun to watch but three guys, I mean, I highly recommend watching watching.

Sarah Huffman  24:35  
Well we had a tree cut down from our backyard and they only took like half of it down.

William Huffman  24:40  
Significantly more than half you're talking about the left a large portion of the

Sarah Huffman  24:43  
trunk and they the crane it over our house. Oh,

Jorie  24:47  
I'm so glad that that big stump though was in the back. I love it.

William Huffman  24:53  
Thank you for loving my tree stump.

Jorie  24:57  
You're welcome. Feel free

William Huffman  24:59  
to rock it out. Okay, okay, so

Sarah Huffman  25:00  
you come down here, and you've got three kids. Are you working at this point? Or you're still momming?

Randi Larson  25:06  
I had a part time job at a little restaurant. One of my favorite restaurants. The Boulevard. Oh, Minnetonka.

William Huffman  25:13  
Yes. Oh, yeah, that place is dope. They got LVD. Yes, yeah. Oh, what do you have? Haven't we taken you there? Doesn't day drink in there?

Sarah Huffman  25:22  
Oh, geez. Is there brunch is actually one of my favorites.

Randi Larson  25:25  
Yeah, it's a great place those cheesy potatoes. Yes. So I opened that restaurant with working around my husband's job. So we never had like daycare or any of those things that was really important to us to be the primary people in our when our children were little. And so I always just did waitressing around the rest of our life. So open that restaurant and worked there for a while I was asked to go into management and knew that it was not the right fit for my lifestyle. Like, it's late nights, it's holidays. It's weekends, it's not conducive to the type of life that I wanted to live with my family. And meanwhile, I had a daughter that had a lot of very intense sensory issues and that sort of thing. And we had gone down the path of like traditional medicine and all of the ways to help her. And none of those really worked. And I was led to a technique called cranial sacral therapy. And

William Huffman  26:33  
sorry, you've done that, haven't you? Yes, yeah. Okay. That's why I know what that is. Okay.

Randi Larson  26:37  
And it made a huge impact in Andy's life. And I became very fascinated with all things like energetic and the subconscious and the body used

William Huffman  26:52  
the term hippie shit, hippie shit. Yeah. Whoo, shit. Yeah. And we love it. We love it.

Randi Larson  26:56  
Yeah. So that sort of opened me into a new path of a very different life. And so I began to explore all of those things. I taught workshops. I saw clients, I did energy work. I worked in a chiropractic office. I did all sorts of things like that for a very long time. Do

William Huffman  27:17  
you have any crystals in your pocket right now? I do not. That have been so cool. How far away are your closest crystals in the office? Yeah. Okay, Jerry.

Jorie  27:32  
I think I have one in my pocket. No. In my office.

William Huffman  27:36  
You did? Okay. Yeah. Sorry, took you off track there? No. Okay. So

Sarah Huffman  27:41  
are you certified for cranial sacral? Yes. Amazing.

Randi Larson  27:45  
This is funny, because Okay, so for So, right before COVID hit. I didn't have an office space anymore. And you know, things were kind of morphing into other facets of working with clients. And I stopped doing in person sessions. And just a couple months ago, I started to feel the pull to do them again. And then I now guide and mentor women with my sister. And most of our work is like via zoom or, you know, online.

William Huffman  28:19  
If somebody wanted I don't want to forget this. If somebody wanted to get more information from you on that, how would they do that?

Randi Larson  28:25  
Um, so we my sister and I, we are called the originators and so you can find us at like the www dot the or on social media, both Facebook and Instagram at the originators. Cool. So I just recently we just had a retreat, because we have a mastermind where we have six months with these women, where we're super connected, we meet weekly via zoom, and then we have boxer Group Chat, where we're just like going through all the things and we met for a retreat in person. And I did some hands on energy work and body work. And I hadn't done it in a really long time. And it was so like, deep and connected and from a different vantage point of the access and the like capacity to be with somebody differently than I could a couple years ago. So actually interesting. Ly enough. I'm like, I think I'm going to start doing bodywork again. Yes, but I need a space. So I'm putting that out there into the world

William Huffman  29:32  
there you know. Yep, love it.

Sarah Huffman  29:34  
That's amazing. My brains already like click click click Yeah. It's interesting because like I've seen what you've done on like Instagram and Facebook with the originators. And I mean, well, I haven't told you this, but like I literally am like, I need to take a class. I just haven't figured out which one Yeah, and I really believe if I force it, I can't do it, but just know like, interest is piqued on like, okay, which, which class is it because I Just see the, like, the honesty that you put out there. And the just even like different things with your story or like how there's like a weird feeling of like FOMO you know where you're just like I'm missing out on something. I just don't know which one it is yet. But you're welcome. Well,

William Huffman  30:21  
thank you, baby. I love you so much. Any my crystals? I gotta

Randi Larson  30:26  
tell you, husbands love our work. I'm telling you, your woman comes alive in ways that you are going to love.

William Huffman  30:40  
Boom. Next question.

Jorie  30:42  
Where's that class? David Schaaf? You're welcome. You're welcome.

William Huffman  30:51  
Oh, hold on. Yep. Yeah, it's my coach calling. I gotta go

Jorie  30:55  
to the Zoom meeting. Yeah, yeah. But

Sarah Huffman  30:58  
I didn't realize that you did body work before. So this all makes sense. Like, and now I have to ask Which sister is your counterpart?

Randi Larson  31:07  
Jenny? Is she a Rough Rider? Or she is a knight?

Unknown Speaker  31:12  
This curious. Yes.

William Huffman  31:13  
She's the one she's a rough night.

Randi Larson  31:15  
She's second in birth order. So I'm the oldest and she's second. And then

William Huffman  31:20  
the third was a Rough Rider than the fourth one was an eight. Yep. Okay.

Sarah Huffman  31:24  
So then, how did you guys pair up on this? Like, how did you know that you have this capacity?

Randi Larson  31:29  
Okay. So I mean, I really started the ball rolling with the energy work and that sort of thing. But I have a natural knack for teaching like, part of my human design, which is another hole we will we think, oh, you know about it, okay. So is to be the role model, which means I investigate, I go through things, I experience things, I figure out, like, the gold in it, and then I just share it with the world. I can't freakin stop myself from doing it. I've always been this way. And so I mean, I brought that to my family and a lot of ways, and my sister and I before COVID. So she was a hairstylist and I was doing energy work and part time, but her and I would spend, I don't know, sometimes four, sometimes six hours on the phone, literally discussing the mysteries of the universe and how things work. And I had this thought, and what do you think about this, and then sometimes she'd have to go do hair and do the stuff. And she'd be like, God, I wish I could just like find, like work that we could just talk to each other all day. And during the time of like, pre COVID into COVID. We have started well, pre COVID, we have started together, this person that we had talked about her and I and another friend had this idea that literally was a slip of the tongue that came out of nowhere. And none of us had any frame of reference. We weren't in design, we weren't in fashion. We weren't in anything like that. But it came into our lives at a time where things felt really dark and hopeless. And it spurred a creative inspiration in us that we had really no choice but to follow. We learned about manufacturing, we learned about design we created, we learned about social media, we created all of these things. And it was a ride of a couple years that was unlike anything I can describe. It's hard to even put into words how it all came about. Right now we're not doing much with it. I see it as the catalyst for a connection to the truth of who I am and the power within me that I needed to like find. But again, it was leading me towards a lifestyle that I didn't want, it was taking me further away from my family, more time doing things I didn't want to be doing. And so it's sitting over here, like I don't know what we're gonna do with you yet. But it moved us into this other direction. And we ended up having all these conversations, and we ended up trying out like, you know, we'd studied all these books and done all these things and still felt like something was off for us. And so we began to just like, experiment with our energy and our lives and our relationships and things began to change really rapidly. And the pieces were all kind of there. And then one day, I just like I was sitting there and I literally it was like, the only way I can describe it is like there were all of these pieces of things we had been talking about. And I was sitting there with them and something happened and they literally I heard the sound. They went first. And in my body I suddenly was like, Oh, I know what we need to do. And I called my sister and I was like we need to start talking about the work we've been doing And the way we've been experiencing our lives and this origination, which is like creating this unique quality of life that you were designed specifically to experience and express and bring forth in the world. And the way in which you do that is to stop being and stop practicing the things that you happen. So it's like the deconditioning, the deprogramming, the natural essence of you really reveals itself to you, and you just go with that. And we're going to do a video on Zoom. I don't know exactly what we're going to talk about, we're going to talk about our journey. I don't know what we're going to do after that. So we put the video out. It had like 1000 views in like 24 hours. And people started to reach out and say, like, okay, like, what are you offering? Like, what, what can we do with you? What can we do? And so we started leading these D program was our first offer. And it was a nine week course.

Randi Larson  35:51  
Where we met via zoom, and we coached these women and walked them through, like break these major patterns that left them feeling like isolated, alone and empty and confused, and resentful, and angry. And everyone began to like, open up and blossom in their lives in ways that were mind blowing. And it has been about a year and a half since then, I think we've ran six rounds of deprogram, we've done a couple other different types of group coaching, we now have a six month mastermind, which is such a beautiful experience to have a place where you can I mean, one day in boxer, we could be talking about sex, about marriage, about building a business about money, about body things, somebody could be having the worst day of their life right next to somebody having the highest sales they've ever had. And there's no like, there's room for all of it. Yes.

William Huffman  36:51  
I just wish you could be a little more passionate when you're talking. Because kind of falling asleep over here. I'm not feeling the energy. Have you breathed in the last 15 minutes? No. That is awesome. Like, obviously, you know, I'm kidding. Because the energy your face, your your your expressions. But it's not a woman, I'm paying a compliment here. It's very apparent that this is a true passion and calling of yours. So thank you for sharing that.

Sarah Huffman  37:22  
And you can feel it when someone really steps into their purpose. I think that's like what we've met a couple years ago, right? And so it's like, I don't know you all that? Well, just the social media side. But when you see someone really like stepping into their purpose, you can feel it. You can see it, you can feel it. Yeah. And I it's like, that is what I've witnessed, like as a third party over here watching. And it's like, yeah, Randy's got it going on. Like, it's, there's something there's girl,

William Huffman  37:50  
she's gotta go.

Sarah Huffman  37:54  
Thank you. Thank you. Well, you know, it's just so it's just so cool. Like, that's why I'm like we have to have you on because I think there's like this. People have said to like, Okay, I've switched careers three times, I've tested.

William Huffman  38:10  
Okay, I've 40 under my

Sarah Huffman  38:13  
belt. I've tried every diet in the world, like I always, for a long time have felt like a bouncer like bouncing here. Oh, that doesn't work for me bouncing here. That doesn't work for me bouncing here. That doesn't work for me. All these different things. And over the last, I would say year, I've leaned into, like, I really listened to like myself and had more discernment on what feels right for me. And that's not only changed my life for the better, it's changed wills life for the better. There's a ripple effect, you know, that goes out when you're actually living in your purpose. And I love I'm not going to talk about real estate, but like, I'm just going to say I love real estate. But I actually know that there's more for me than real estate. Because as I step into my purpose, and this podcast could be you know, as truly I think part of it, getting people's stories out there, because people are gonna resonate with something that you've just said, like, we don't want to walk around like zombies anymore. Like think about all the life that you've breathed into yourself in this community that you've created. It's pretty incredible.

Randi Larson  39:14  
Yeah, I mean, I was very much like you like, bouncing around trying, I used to make a joke that when I got to the end of my life, I still probably wouldn't know what I wanted to do. But I would know 7000 Things that I didn't want to do. And it for a long time was like a real source of like discord inside of me. Like, I felt so bad that I was like constantly changing. I just wanted to be the person who knew in second grade that they were going to be a doctor or a teacher or whatever. And they just did that. And that never ever worked for me. And actually, I mean, it's wild. Even just within the originators in the work that we do. We actually have a lot of women who have horses and on own horses because of our sister and their deep connection to like I performance and the mental game. And we just have like a new offer that's coming like around horses and design and human design and actually equine design that we're building right now. And the thing is, is like, the way that I'm wired is to always be shedding something and stepping into something else. And so the more that I try to like solidify some version of myself or hang on to it, the more frustrated and like dissatisfied I become in life, I have to constantly go with the next thing, and not let myself just stay stagnant. And that comes with a really like a lot of things because you don't see it. And it's always considered, you know, to be a strange quality or characteristic. And I mean, I think in general, a lot of more, especially women who tend to be more dynamic and tend to be more fluid and evolutionary, that more women want to be able to be that way. But there's no examples of it.

Sarah Huffman  41:12  
I've actually used that a lot in the last year, that there hasn't been a lot of examples for me. Like, I don't see me. And many leadership roles in

William Huffman  41:27  
represented in general,

Sarah Huffman  41:29  
yeah, like, there's a lot of places where I'm like, I'm not represented there. And I'm like, for whatever reason, that pushes me forward to being like, Well, how do I get there, then? Because at least I can, like, start the path for someone else. Right. And yeah, it can be lonesome.

Randi Larson  41:47  
It Yeah, it can be weird, because you weird, I mean, we have no choice really, but to compare ourselves to everyone else. And the way things the way people are doing things. And even if you're speaking in leadership roles, there are a lot of women in leadership roles who still don't see themselves. Yeah, who are imitating what they think it means to be a leader. And that's exhausting. And so they're in that office, or they're in that role, or they're in that space. And there's a part of them, that still feels like a fraud. And there's part of them that feels like they still don't have any idea what they're doing. And they still don't see themselves in that. And women are naturally designed to like want to be like good, like to be accepted and loved and cherished and worthy. And so they do the things that they think are things they're supposed to do to get that. And a lot of our examples and our role models and our way of the world is a very masculinized system. And I don't think that's good or bad. I just think that there are a lot of women who are exerting energy that is not in their natural way of being, and that they have an opportunity to lead in a different capacity. And that doesn't come at such a physical and emotional expense to their systems. And it's not wrong, and that it's not wrong.

Sarah Huffman  43:10  
Because I mean, this is this is like, like, right with the things I've been thinking lately. Because so often I'm like, Oh, well, that's this is how it needs to be done. And really the last year it's been like, well, what if we try something different? And we can still get there, but we're more fulfilled? Work. We're showing others like, Hey, be true to yourself. And you're gonna get further, right?

William Huffman  43:36  
It's not bullshit. I'm just saying there's any dude still listening. And you're like, Oh, I was a bunch of shit, blah, blah, blah. I'm a man. Oh, shut up. It's real. Like, allow yourself to tap into, I mean, be more like a guy, I'll just say be more like a chick be more like a female because women are awesome. And they should be in charge of way more things. So I truly believe that. Well, I actually

Randi Larson  44:01  
love men. And I really believe we have an opportunity to love men more when we stop pretending to be them.

Sarah Huffman  44:08  
Yep, boom. That's actually something that I have been thinking about. And well, I don't think I've ever even told you this. Oh, good. But trying to be more female more feminine. Like I have legitimately tried to be more feminine in the last year, probably a year and a half, versus the masculine side of like, the to do list. This is what we got to do. We got to drive this forward, be the driver be the executor, like, no, where's the creative? Where's the fun? Where's the? Like, you need both. We all we all have both even within us. But how do we become more balanced? Or like, I'll let you be more of the masculine. Let me be more of the feminine. Yeah. And like the beauty that can come out of that.

Randi Larson  44:52  
Right. And I think for a long time we thought that those differences were like liabilities, or that that was then a weakness. In you, if you didn't do things the way will did or see things the way that will did, and I felt that way, a lot of times, like, in my own marriage, the more I move into my natural like state of being versus trying to be everything, the better everything works in our relationship. But now I see those differences as like assets to each other. It's how we, what's the point of having a partner if you're like the exact same, right? And honestly, like, we were laying in bed, the other night I, we had our mastermind, and it went late, because we had a lot of stuff to talk about that night. And I was laying in bed eating egg bake, and at 11 o'clock at night, and I leaned over to Nick and I was like, if you were doing this right now, I would think that that was so annoying. And he was like, if I did half of the things you did, you'd be annoyed all the time. And I said, You're right. So I'm really glad I didn't marry myself, you know, like, it's, it does require, you know, two different sets of skills, and you guys bring things to each other that you can't be on your own. And actually speaking again, of woowoo in the human design world, like you each have your own unique design and makeup. But actually, when you come together, you make a third energy system. And so you have the ability to like fill in the gaps, and have these qualities and characteristics that you couldn't actualize on your own, that when you bring your designs together, you have access to which

William Huffman  46:42  
is so cool. I knew that one plus one does equal three that

Randi Larson  46:46  
we say this all the time. One plus one is three.

William Huffman  46:50  
See, I know shit.

Sarah Huffman  46:52  
But I also think that that this needs to be like the next thing, but it's like, how do we bring her how what has worked? Well, for you to bring men in to the conversation are you really just strictly focused more on women.

Randi Larson  47:05  
Um, what we have found, truthfully, is that the woman holds the tone of the relationship. And when the woman changes her tone, the man naturally comes along. We actually, it's one of the funniest things is so much of the changes that happen between the men and women or the married couples happens without conversation. We don't sit there like that. Let's sit down and talk about our feelings. And, and it's

Sarah Huffman  47:39  
like well, it's probably like sign Sarah up now.

William Huffman  47:45  
All take my money.

Unknown Speaker  47:50  
I need to talk about this more.

William Huffman  47:52  
I love you so much.

Randi Larson  47:53  
I know I know. It actually most of that goes away.

William Huffman  47:59  
How much for all of it to go.

Randi Larson  48:04  
You have conversations, but they're completely different. You still talk and communicate and connect, but not the way that it used to be where it's like the same go around of like, okay, now it's time for me to talk about how I feel and what you did and what it meant and what I think like, you know, women fill in the gaps like freaking crazy. And so you can literally set your water bottle down. And Sarah could be like, what did that mean?

William Huffman  48:33  
What I've never had something I've never had an experience like that. But we

Sarah Huffman  48:37  
can laugh about it because we know what scared

Jorie  48:42  
relationships like that works for relationships. Does that also spread to work and life balance and how you can take those emotions from others and not feed into how we'll set down his water but Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I'm ready.

William Huffman  49:02  
This is not about me jerks.

Jorie  49:05  
really set me up sort of a biscuit. I need to tell you. I didn't like that.

Sarah Huffman  49:11  
I love this. Like that's the best part about this is I just feel like we have scratched the surface. Yeah, I agree. And itchy. It was it was interesting. I had a facial last week. And she you know, they start by like rubbing your head and whatnot. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, I need like I was on the table and I'm like, Yep, I'm super wound up up there. I need cranial sacral to like create the space. And then like, here you are. Yeah, I was just looking. I probably it's probably on one of my like pages on my phone that will links

William Huffman  49:46  
to one of your tabs because you leave too many tabs. I leave a lot of tabs open handle it. I just can't

Randi Larson  49:53  
enter Should we just lay you on the table right here? Yes. Friday podcast. I need an app. First phase for today, right here.

Sarah Huffman  50:03  
Well, hey, you know, there's nobody here today it's Friday. They're gonna be like what is said? What are the Hoffmans doing now? Yeah,

William Huffman  50:09  
they won't be they won't be surprised that we're doing it. They'll just be confused on what it is. Yeah, we do a lot of weird stuff.

Randi Larson  50:16  
My favorite kind. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  50:18  
I mean, we've had meditations in the office, we have just because the thing is, you was always spraying or sprays. Because there's just so much coming at us during the day. There's so much coming at. We work with so many different people that you really have to be aware and like protect your personal space and like your personal energy bubble for like, nothing better. Like that's the way I can describe it. Because like if I walk into a room, and let's say George is pissed off, like I can feel it. Do you know your human design? No. Oh. But like if I if I walked into a room and I was pissed, Jory could feel it? Will? He would know, but he might not say it.

William Huffman  51:03  
And I wouldn't care.

Randi Larson  51:05  
Exactly. And that's true. And that's freeing and there's nothing wrong with Yes, you shouldn't have to care.

William Huffman  51:11  
You're mad. I mean, I don't care. Did I do something wrong? If you haven't told me I'd done something wrong. And you'd want to be mad at me, you can keep that inside of you as long as you want.

Jorie  51:21  
Otherwise, let's go out to the parking lot. And let's go get a coffee and let's go box about

William Huffman  51:25  
it. That's cool. I'm fine with that. Whatever it

Sarah Huffman  51:27  
takes. And the interesting thing that we've that I've been working on is like, hey, what do I actually feel? And what does this feeling actually mean? Because Okay, Brene Brown, and you're out

William Huffman  51:40  
to go pound sand. She's a wonderful human being and I'd like to meet her. But her stupid up her stupid thing got me in trouble. There. I watched

Sarah Huffman  51:49  
this, I watched this episode on Atlas of the heart about resentment. And I got really pissed about resentment. Because, like really pissed about resentment. I went to bed I woke up and I was in trouble. Because I had to realize that resentment wasn't necessarily about the other person. It was about how I resentment is really about envy. And how when I resented someone, I was envious of something that they were either experiencing or the time that they had for themselves. And I'm like, Oh, shit, resentments actually about a boundary that I let that I didn't hold. And so it's like, but we're not taught. And as a former teacher, I taught for six years. Like you're not taught feelings. I'm sad. I'm mad. Okay, great. But what does that actually mean? Right? And how can we work through what a feeling actually means and does to your life? Because I'm going to be 42 next month, and I finally figured out last week, how I've let resentment build up in my life, I've blamed someone else for that resentment. I'm not pointing

William Huffman  52:57  
you're pointing at me.

Sarah Huffman  53:00  
But really, it's because of the I wasn't able to communicate what I needed. Right?

Randi Larson  53:05  
And there's actually a huge difference between emotions and feeling Yes,

Sarah Huffman  53:11  
I just learned this as well tell me more. So

Randi Larson  53:13  
feelings are often the meaning that you make out of emotions. So you might be feeling sad, like as an emotion, but then it compounds into these feelings that are attached to a story. And you're sad, because will looked at you a certain way. And you thought it meant he didn't care about you, and you were already feeling vulnerable. And so now, it's like, your brain remembers the last time you felt that, and then it was because, you know, I mean, we could go into this forever. Like, you know, there was that time that your dad did that. And so your brain starts to add up these things that when somebody has this look, or when there's this emotion, you know, that's prompted in my system, which is just energy that wants to move, which is a message, it gets compounded as like a story and a feeling and a memory and gets like, basically stored there so that you can figure your brain can try to figure out how to avoid that discomfort or uncomfortable feeling in the future. And so it like looks to calculate different ways of organizing information, that will be the most efficient way to not feel uncomfortable. And so a lot of our work with women is about meaning. What do you think this means? Because 99% of the time, it's wrong. You've categorized something, you've made up a story and you've decided that somebody's experience is about you. And most of the time it's not. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  54:45  
we'll be on site today. I feel

William Huffman  54:48  
already signed you I was just gonna say you're part of the 18 month mastermind. By the way, that's the thing now it is created for you. Yeah, yep. I just gave you the credit card number you just charge it needed. Totally understand.

Unknown Speaker  55:05  
That's right off there. Yes, right off.

Sarah Huffman  55:08  
What does that mean? It's still an expense piece for the government.

William Huffman  55:15  
Right up is?

Sarah Huffman  55:17  
No, I just feel so honestly, like, I just feel so blessed and supported because like, this whole journey of really like figuring out what self is and like it. I don't even know when it all well, it all pretty much started two and a half years ago when we at the time I thought we were at our rock bottom. And it was like, No, we actually had to get there. So we could open up to like different pathways of thinking. Totally.

William Huffman  55:42  
I think I saw I saw a cup once or it was one of those stupid things. Rock bottom has a basement.

Sarah Huffman  55:47  
Yeah, the other room

William Huffman  55:49  
is that we're really happy. Yeah, yeah, rock bottom has a basement. Of course we have it here because I was like, Why not some rats?

Sarah Huffman  55:57  
I don't want to I think we've been there actually. So I mean, that's cool. But it's it's like the the universe probably like dropped other triggers. Oh, throughout the way, and it wasn't getting my attention. So let's really like rock your world and get your attention. So you can either make a change or stay in misery. Right? And fortunately, we have been on a journey of change. And sometimes that's challenging, you know, because people might say, Oh, you've changed sometimes. And that's an emotion slash feeling. I don't know which one it's like all why did that hurt? Like, is that a bad thing that I've changed

William Huffman  56:32  
the feeling that you're because you're putting a narrative on there. You already you already tried to explain it away? See, well,

Randi Larson  56:41  
I was like, I'm picking up what she's putting down. I've got this just waiting for somebody to say this. Yeah. This is gonna be the new thing you're making. What do you think this means? Sarah? He's gonna constantly now be like, you're you're adding meaning here?

Sarah Huffman  56:55  
Well, and Will's actually very wise when it comes to this.

William Huffman  57:00  
Yes. I'm like good. Why is smart like a fox? was already ahead of you.

Randi Larson  57:09  
See, this is this is part of your collective energy system here like same Braining it you know, like, you have these collective energy systems that have been with work people. Yeah, relationships. And

William Huffman  57:20  
you were both as weird on the same plane. It's all good. It's really

Jorie  57:23  
weird. It's fascinating.

Sarah Huffman  57:25  
It's interesting. There you go. All right. So let's

William Huffman  57:28  
we'll all right. Well, thank you for sharing and we like to wrap up the, the podcast is thinking that we conversation we've had with your top five favorite restaurants number five, and they can be they don't have to be because they're the best food in the world. We had somebody say Olive Garden because he used to go there with his mother all the time and loves Olive Garden. Series, Dad said McDonald's but I believe him. He's a bottom feeder. My mom said baked potato. Yeah. Or Sonic? Yeah, that's not a thing. Yes. Big potato. Yeah. Oh, my. She's a very she's a special No, no.

Sarah Huffman  58:01  
She goes to red stone and orders a baked potato. Oh, that's it? Yeah.

William Huffman  58:05  
So all right. What do you got for us? Yeah,

Jorie  58:08  
I know. Yeah.

Randi Larson  58:09  
Okay, well, okay. My absolute favorite restaurant and I have not looked to see because I know COVID changed things. Is in New York City, and it was on Spring Street, and it was called piccolo cucina. And they had or cucina. Maybe they had several locations. It's this tiny little hole in the wall. Maybe 10 to 12 table Italian restaurant and they make the most incredible pasta and they serve it to you in the pot. They cooked it in and they have like three locations. So I don't know if which one stayed up there still open. Okay, open at 1130 and Eastern Standard. It's like in the summer when you go there, they have everything open. So you're like inside outside and the waitstaff is just like incredible and the music is so loud and everything's just like kind of candlelight, but it's just the last time I was there. I mean, I got up and the waiter and I were like dancing around the place and it's just this tiny little place and I love it. Love it. Love it so much.

William Huffman  59:16  
What do you get when you order there? Well, they

Randi Larson  59:18  
have this pasta called, I think it's like a boar pasta. It's like made from wild boar. And it is so ridiculously good. And then they also have a lobster pasta, which is fabulous. And then a truffle. Like I love anything with truffle. So,

William Huffman  59:36  
truffle is just mushroom oil, right? Yeah. What are we gonna call it something fancy? It's fungus oil. Just let's the style

Jorie  59:44  
mushrooms are delicious.

Randi Larson  59:48  
Yeah, it's definitely a very specific tastes. You either love it or you don't. Yeah. So and then speaking of truffle, yes. Del the boulevard in Minnetonka. Yep, yep. And the truffle fry. I mean, gotta have a trial. Oh, we've had truffle fries. They're

William Huffman  1:00:05  
just usually after the old fashions for me.

Randi Larson  1:00:10  
And then my third choice would be going back out to New York. So actually, this one's in Brooklyn.

William Huffman  1:00:16  
Did you live in New York? Yes.

Randi Larson  1:00:18  
I didn't live in New York. I lived in Philadelphia. But I spent a lot of time in New York and actually, my daughter, who was graduating this year is going to NYU so I will have plenty of time to. And our manufacturer for Percy is in New York. So we would do a lot of business out there. So very cool. Is called to Coneys. And it is another Italian restaurant. Right on the river between the Brooklyn and the Manhattan. The Hudson.

William Huffman  1:00:44  
Yes. Okay.

Randi Larson  1:00:45  
And beautiful, beautiful scenery, the whole skyline of Manhattan there and both bridges and they have incredible calamari and then there's whipped ricotta honey, yummy goodness dip. I love appetizers. Like I just liked her like, a ton of little things. And then just you know, snack.

William Huffman  1:01:05  
So yeah, I'm

Randi Larson  1:01:06  
still looking forward to the snack drawer, which might have to be my fourth favorite restaurant. I don't know if I have five. And I guess I would say I have the little lone spur and Hopkins which is this little dive in the wall on Cedar Avenue. I've

Sarah Huffman  1:01:23  
never been there.

Randi Larson  1:01:25  
It's kind of this text Mexi place and it's a family owned place and we go there a lot of times as a family that's kind of our family little let's go to the lone spur. And last I'm gonna go with Shake Shack.

William Huffman  1:01:39  
Are you serious? Yeah. Did you see my post about Shake Shack? No, I hate you so much.

Randi Larson  1:01:45  
And I do not like eat fat. I'm not a fast food eater or anything like that. But if I am going to do that, I freaking love a Chicken Shack.

Sarah Huffman  1:01:54  
I have not had the Chicken Shack.

William Huffman  1:01:55  
Maybe that's where I'm messing up.

Randi Larson  1:01:57  
My gosh, it has the most if you like pickles. Yes. Okay. Yeah, it has the most amazing like homemade pickles. And then this like, kind of sauce situation. It is incredibly

William Huffman  1:02:09  
sorry to do it to you. Five Guys is better. Pun intended. Just not adding up. Five guys are like baby.

Randi Larson  1:02:19  
That is so funny. That was yesterday. Oh my god. No, no wavelength.

Sarah Huffman  1:02:27  
So now you're gonna have to go have the Chicken Shack.

William Huffman  1:02:29  
I'm gonna, I've the they were they were showing the chicken. And I've looked at it and I'm like, that looks good. But I'm like, I gotta give him a chance to burger again. And this will be the fourth or fifth time I've had it. And no, this is they they just they just don't got it.

Randi Larson  1:02:46  
Oh yeah, I've never had a burger there. I've only had the Chicken Shack and a black and white milkshake.

William Huffman  1:02:52  
Oh, what I get. Okay, what's your order at the Tex Mex place?

Randi Larson  1:02:56  
Um, they have this seafood card. What

Jorie  1:02:59  
is it called? Among them?

Randi Larson  1:03:03  
With like, shrimp and sauce and it's so good. And then they have these like, we always call them the pterodactyl wings but they're not but they're like a chicken wing with this like spice rub on it but it's like the whole thing so you get the the wigs the nine. Yes, yes. Yes.

William Huffman  1:03:23  
Well, that whole wings are some that's what a real chicken wing is if you go to a barbecue top and it's just the the flat or just the drumming. That's not a real way I like to draw me. Yeah. Real people like flats. made that up. I got that bid. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for joining us. I really do appreciate it and as always we out deuces.

Accouncer  1:03:51  
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