Life Behind the Highlight Real

Ep 26: Life Behind the Highlight Reel Q1 Recap

April 25, 2022 Sarah Huffman, William Huffman, & Jorie Schaaf Season 1 Episode 26
Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 26: Life Behind the Highlight Reel Q1 Recap
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Coming up we are recapping the last four months on the podcast. The guests, the amazing stories, and the lessons learned. 

This is a great episode if you've been with us throughout our podcast journey, but it's also a great episode if you're brand new to Life Behind the Highlight Reel because it'll bring you completely up to date to where we have been, and where we are going. 

We cover A LOT today including:

  • A rundown of the last four months, and our reactions to each of our guests. 
  • Will's advice to men when dealing with adversity
  • Our approach to this podcast and how it has improved the way we deal with our clients, family, and friends. 
  • Why we miss old-school interviewers like Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters
  • Our favorite things to do while driving alone
  • Our obsessions as kids
  • Emotions - Men vs. Women
  • Burping
  • Farting while doing yoga
  • 'Merica

And more

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Magical Quotes

"It's a random melting pot of emotions, and we are hear for it"

"Don't ask me a question you don't want to hear an answer to"

"I enjoy green beans but Sarah has traumatic issues related to green beans."

"If anybody's done yoga right, you have farted in class."

"As guys, we don't want to hear what you have to say, we just want you to know what we're going through." 

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah and we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with REMAX results of Good Life Group and that's our legal disclaimer. Everybody William here talk about total randomness. We're gonna go from emotions to reviewing our podcast this year. I mean, I even burp a couple times in America

Sarah Huffman  0:22  
and will and I have had the privilege of taking yoga from Cara How did that go for you? Well, I farted fun back.

Accouncer  0:31  
Welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online. Join host Sarah and William Hoffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel.

William Huffman  0:51  
Everybody William here and Sarah in jewelry

Sarah Huffman  1:00  
I let you guys do that stuff. If I did it, it would be weird. Why?

William Huffman  1:03  
Give it a shot?

Unknown Speaker  1:04  
Up up up you know you need to put more.

William Huffman  1:10  
I was do the tongue roll? No that. No. Well,

Sarah Huffman  1:14  
what was that? Alright, so hello, everyone. We are here today. With we just thought it would be a good time to check in and do a quarter one recap. If you think of your year in quarters. Well, we're at the end of quarter one. We're starting quarter two.

William Huffman  1:32  
Don't worry February March. April.

Unknown Speaker  1:37  
Bring me flowers.

William Huffman  1:38  
That's Wait. Oh god February March.

Sarah Huffman  1:40  
January, February. March is quarter one. Yep. Yep. So we're by the time this is released. We'll be a month into quarter two. I bet.

William Huffman  1:47  
So we're doing

Sarah Huffman  1:49  
just a recap. Just to check in

William Huffman  1:52  
123 into my draw. Snoop Doggy Dog. That the dog we're here to make an entrance so back on up

Sarah Huffman  2:01  
okay. Okay, so when we think back to the start of the year we actually started back learning about one of our teammates cars a husky Yep. The case z which is awesome. mom of four never called her that before but it felt right. It didn't feel right. The kz Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  2:18  
And she's gonna be hosting at Ladies Night Out.

Sarah Huffman  2:21  
Yes. What is she gonna be doing there? She's

Jorie  2:22  
gonna be doing our candlelight yoga stay. Oh, yeah, it's gonna be

William Huffman  2:26  
honoring me

Sarah Huffman  2:28  
is grateful for the teacher in you. And Cara is fully certified in yoga. And so we have a real yoga teacher teaching us and will and I have had the privilege of taking yoga from Cara. How did that go for you? Well, I farted.

Unknown Speaker  2:43  
Fun fact.

William Huffman  2:43  
Yeah. If anybody fired anybody who's doing it right if anybody's done yoga, right, I you have farted in class. And if you haven't, you're lying. And you are not cool. Hear me all of a sudden yours like and yours.

Sarah Huffman  3:00  
And the instructors are like it's just there. It's natural. Okay, yeah. Then we went on and we had a great podcast with Jake and Caleb be Orenburg here in about BKB bout. Well,

William Huffman  3:11  
I'm feeling very east coast West Coast right now. are full of it. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  3:16  
And from there, we had a great podcast with Leah, our title. And we love Leah and it was just awesome to hear about her story and what she's done to get to the point of where she's at. And honestly, I'm it's a true privilege to have her do the title work for people buying their homes? Because they are really cared for during that process.

Unknown Speaker  3:39  
She did mine I trust her 100

Sarah Huffman  3:42  
Yep. Keep it 100. Now it gets a little bit of who does this bring us to Brenda? Not yet. Oh, Tyler, Kristen. Oh, Kristen. Kristen talked to us about nutrition and things are

Jorie  3:55  
not good everybody. Yeah, we think he's a jerk into the TRad room away.

Sarah Huffman  3:59  
Everyone's this podcast made it especially funny for me because we'll and Kristin literally had a whole chat during this podcast because, as it turns out, will was listening the whole time. I was getting nutrition and life coaching. Here's Kristen, they

Unknown Speaker  4:13  
shared the same birthday,

William Huffman  4:16  
August 11.

Unknown Speaker  4:19  
That was good. Sarah.

Sarah Huffman  4:21  
Welcome up a warm Eldon. And as always, we have one of our faves. Melissa delay on Melissa. Dr. Melissa has been pivotal in our life. Just learning like different strategies also attempts to communication and honestly she's like our number one fan.

William Huffman  4:39  
Yeah, it's annoying. how great she is.

Unknown Speaker  4:41  
She's always good for late night emergency phone call.

William Huffman  4:45  
Yeah. She kept me. My grills on fire. Calm emergency

Sarah Huffman  4:51  
phone calls. go both ways. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Then we had a great, a great podcast with Natalie Pillsbury on our team. I'm talking about literally the topic of hers was have you? Do you have a mattress in the back of your truck? That was

Jorie  5:07  
and we're gonna follow up with that question with her dad.

William Huffman  5:11  
Yeah, that yeah, he's gonna be coming out sometime.

Unknown Speaker  5:13  
He's gonna be getting to that. He's kind of a big deal. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  5:18  
So we'll learn more about that. And then I'm just going through a little bit just doing a recap of literally all the stories that we've heard, what it what it is like to be a college intern. How about graduating getting into college during a pandemic? So we had Miss Abby Harrington on and that was huge. A great episode which Jory brings us to Brenda's episode. Oh, Brenda REMAX results. CEO Brenda

Unknown Speaker  5:46  
Beck. She's a twin.

Sarah Huffman  5:47  
She's a 2020. Yes, yep. And then Brenda at Red after Brenda, we had a really intense podcast with the one and only Vanessa rose.

Jorie  5:57  
Oh, my word activate.

Sarah Huffman  6:01  
And this podcast definitely says do not listen to this while driving. But it's fascinating because the people that have listened to this podcast, Vanessa talks about something where when you're in your purpose, you lose track of time. And the fascinating part is the people that have listened to this are like, I know I'm in my purpose because I'm losing track of

William Huffman  6:22  
time. When you're doing what you're doing. You don't care what time it is.

Sarah Huffman  6:26  
This is true. And then we had our awesome friend Eva Bill key come in talking about chasing your dreams during a pandemic. She is a social media coach, and we're so much more but she b2c Eva Bilco ABC when we learned about pageant life, I mean there is when we just tell you these brief synopsis is true. It is it's just the icing

William Huffman  6:52  
on the podcast forgot to bring that up when we were doing her meeting of the minds

Sarah Huffman  6:58  
and then from there we went into an a really fun podcast with car worth and Bethany Nelson with WP yet do you know that you can be friends with people outside of your brokerage? And outside of your team?

Unknown Speaker  7:12  
No fun fact. No.

Sarah Huffman  7:14  
Can we be competitors and friends? No,

William Huffman  7:17  
I hate them so much.

Sarah Huffman  7:18  
I hate them with love. Or are we just like collaborators that happen to do the same thing?

William Huffman  7:23  
That's just we're definitely not competitors. We're collaborating Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  7:27  
Which brings us to George's favorite episode with Jim Morrison. Gil I love the energy was like awesome. In that one bus bus be you SQS bus and then we'll tell us about the world. We'll get that joke helping pause.

William Huffman  7:45  
Where's Tyler's? With Where's Tyler's?

Sarah Huffman  7:47  
Tyler was not in this year. I've only done a recap of 2022. But if you do want to go back and listen to a really amazing podcast, I would highly recommend listening to Episode Eight. Which is Tyler's episode on being trapped in a flipped car for 16 hours.

William Huffman  8:10  
Yeah, okay. We love you Tyler. Man.

Sarah Huffman  8:14  
We love your child's Okay. Remember when we talked to our friends at helping paws? Yes. And then the last two weeks. It was super fun. Last weekend this week we've had an intense but hopeful podcast with our friend Dustin Underwood. Oh man, where he How would you describe that in 10 seconds or less?

William Huffman  8:35  
He's not in prison. And he now teaches kids how to ice kids taught to ice fish. And he's a homeowner and an inspiration and a good human and the bestest ever.

Sarah Huffman  8:46  
I feel like we just had a look into will and how he would answer a question elementary school. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  8:52  
Very, very genuine. Yeah,

William Huffman  8:54  
I could go for an old fashion.

Sarah Huffman  8:55  
Oh my gosh. So anyway, if you have not had a chance to listen to Dustin's episodes, we highly recommend it. There are two. We've never done a part one part two episode, but it was well worth the time and the listen.

William Huffman  9:09  
Oh, getting him to stop talking. When he gets on a roll. I know that.

Unknown Speaker  9:13  
You think you got a little teary eyed a couple times several

William Huffman  9:16  
times. Yeah. Yeah, but the story the message was really good.

Sarah Huffman  9:22  
So that's, that kind of wraps us up from from the podcasting stance. So where do you see this podcast going? Like what's coming up?

Unknown Speaker  9:31  
We have a lot of good stuff coming out like a lot.

Sarah Huffman  9:35  
I don't even any teasers

William Huffman  9:37  
out there. I have no idea because jewelry sets us up. We have a

Sarah Huffman  9:41  
friend. We have a friend named brandy who is from out eating

Unknown Speaker  9:48  
Oh man. I make up for that one.

William Huffman  9:50  
She was told she would never walk again. She was told pretty much just let's not tell her story because shot No, no, but you can like are you kidding me? And now Every morning she does her workouts and she's just killing it and as being an inspiration, and I knew her for a little bit before I knew this story, and she's actually flying in to be on the podcast and hang out with us for a couple days. Like, that is amazing. Her story. Wow, it's gonna be a treat. Yeah, yeah, you think your life is hard? It probably is. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to compare one or the other. But I'm totally going to do that. This is some, it really puts in perspective, some of the some of the issues or concerns that I have with what's going on. It's like, I was never told I'd never walk again. So I think I'm doing okay. Yeah. Wow.

Sarah Huffman  10:35  
And then we have some other folks coming up as well. And I just want you to know, every time we bring a guest on, we really want to hear their story. Hear it from them. It is not scripted. We have no notes. Even right now. We have no notes.

Unknown Speaker  10:50  
I tried.

William Huffman  10:52  
Yeah, no. And here's, here's the thing, if you are thinking about, like, maybe you want to come on to the podcast, we've had a couple people come on, record their episodes and be like, You know what, I'm just not ready to release that yet. Yeah. And that is, okay. So if you have something that you want to start talking about, and then all of a sudden you have the bravery to come on the courage to come on in and to talk with us about it. And then the point comes to where maybe it's time to release it, and you're like, you know what, I really am not comfortable doing this, we are just going to do whatever you want. So the first step is getting a hold of Jorian is coming talking with us. So yeah, we just we just want you to know, too, that it's not all sunshine and rainbows that we talked about, there are some things that are very personable and very deep and, and are still very fresh for some people. So just want to kind of put that out there.

Sarah Huffman  11:45  
And sometimes you're not like you're still processing the struggle are processing the change. Yeah. And so it's like, oh, I can't put that out there yet. Because I don't want to talk about it publicly. Yes.

William Huffman  11:56  
There's like, let's revisit in six months to a year. Yeah. Yeah. But it's really cool. So not where I think this is going is, wherever it takes us. I'm excited. I want to also have videos so we can like, you know, do video and stuff like that. But

Jorie  12:10  
this is going to be great. Like I just scheduled my sister. Yeah. And I mean, just to give a little teaser for Recovery Month, that happens in September, but also it's overdose Awareness Month. So my sister has a story and that'll definitely be a two parter, but it's a story that she's ready to share in as That's my sister. I mean, we're ready to do that. And if it's not gonna help, just me or her, it's gonna it's gonna help. Plenty of people out there. Yeah,

William Huffman  12:45  

Sarah Huffman  12:46  
So in a recap, we started this podcast idea during quarantine. Actually, it was about two years ago. It was pre QC. It was about two and a half years ago that this whole concept started. And it was when when Will and I were going through a challenging time but on the internet's all you saw was Will and I went into words looking so successful and all the things porcelain, and yet we were eating green beans, and I doctored the hell out of those green. I mean, you made them great. Yeah, I did make thank you for that. But we really haven't had them since.

William Huffman  13:19  
No. Yeah, you avoid.

Unknown Speaker  13:21  
I don't think I've ever seen you guys eat green beans.

William Huffman  13:23  
I enjoy green beans. What Sarah has dramatic issues related to green beans.

Sarah Huffman  13:28  
Dramatic dramatic, whatever. Yeah, but my my point with that is, is it's really good. to like get to the real side of people because everyone's gone through something. And last week, we'll and I were recipients of a really cool award. What was the award called? Well,

William Huffman  13:45  
it's a big deal over a comer overcomer

Sarah Huffman  13:48  
overcome. It was a twin cities were producers award the overcomer award

William Huffman  13:52  
over. I knew what it was, but I knew it wasn't gonna say it correctly. And see thank you for making me seem silly. I love you.

Sarah Huffman  14:02  
The overcomer award and really cool. We this is an award that you were nominated by your peers. And it was interesting, because there was a part of me that was like, there were a lot of other like people up there that we know their stories. And it's like, gosh, they're so deserving of this award. Yeah. And sure. To be nominated and receive the award was, well, shocking. Emotional,

William Huffman  14:27  
emotional, no damage. But the guy from tic toc. I don't know that. I don't know. Oh, gosh. It's It's uncle. Nevermind. So it's hilarious. Look it up. My tick talkers know what's up.

Sarah Huffman  14:43  
Tick tock or don't stop.

Jorie  14:45  
No. Just to recap, another highlight of what just q1 was whenever we were in Vegas and a person from Remax results had came up to you and said thank you for sharing your story, yeah. So to see that, and yeah, that's my highlight.

Sarah Huffman  15:07  
Like we, we honestly, like when I say this, I don't want to say this as expected by any means. But we've gotten that quite a bit since we were open on our story. And people have literally called texted, emailed, come up to us, and just said, like, your story really hit me or I've been through that too, or I never knew I never knew I did a deal with you then. And I had no idea. And it's like, yeah, like even thinking back to it now. My mom and I were just talking about this after we, you know, got this award last week. She's like, you never told anybody. And I'm like, what were we going to do? Like, yeah, we didn't tell anybody that there wasn't in will Hoffman's world. We just had to figure it out. Yeah, just got to keep going. But we could figure it out. Because I had you will. Oh, oh, no, I say that. Like, yes, it's cute and loving and all that stuff. But like, Will does think bigger. He doesn't get afraid. He doesn't do any of that. I would have literally like, gotten out of real estate gotten back into the 70 hour week job. And, okay, well, real estate was a flop for me. I guess I better figure something else out. So I like I'm thankful that you were there because you did help push us forward. And as like, failure wasn't an option for you. Because in your world, we didn't fail.

William Huffman  16:30  
Not even No, no, no, we did that. We did good. We do good. Yeah. Mirko?

Sarah Huffman  16:39  
So well, what would be your advice for like, another guy may be going through a hard time because I think women it's more natural to talk

William Huffman  16:46  
about. Yeah. Um, okay. But well, that's a deep question. I went from singing rap songs to deep questions. So thank you for that transition. So smooth. Society says that men have to be strong, right, that we have to be stoic, that we have to take all of our emotions and shove them down. i There's a difference between not being afraid, and not being emotional. I'm very emotional, like I am sensitive. I like. And, but like when I'm, but I don't get nervous or scared about things that, in my perspective aren't important or big. You have to tie it back to your why? And that I'm going to get back to your question. So my advice would be is to, if you're going through some personal stuff, some emotional stuff, work stuff, home stuff, whatever it is, you have to share that with somebody, you can't keep that inside. And I don't I'm not saying everybody I'm not saying going on a podcast and talk about how you're having this or that happening to you or for you, however you want to phrase that. But I am saying there is lots of ways to seek help to have somebody to listen to you have somebody just to be there, and not necessarily give you advice because those guys typically when we we don't want to hear what you have to say. We just want you to kind of maybe know that, what we're going through. So just as find somebody out there who can listen to you, and who can provide that to you. So and there's lots of resources out there.

Sarah Huffman  18:29  
Well, no, I thank you for sharing that. Because yeah, I guess a female, like, I'll just talk about my personality. Like it's problem solving, how can I make this better? Like it's really hard to sit in those emotions. And then I'm sitting in those emotions, and then you go internal, and now you're sitting them in there by yourself. Like it can feel hopeless, lonesome, fake, like all the things when it's like, if I didn't have you, I would have had to seek out. Well, actually had you had, I had a little community around you had you had your inner circle. Like, yeah, big three people, whatever. And because of them and like because have they in a sense, we're also third party because it's not like I was like, friend friends with a man. I'm friends with them. But it's not like, well, we've had some of them on the podcast, Vanessa. She was in that group that kind of knew what I was going through our chiropractors at Twin Life Chiropractic, and they'll be coming on the podcast at some point here coming up, like they were in that part, and you will like it was basically the three. Alright, I guess for because we have twins in there. But like I had to find that stabilizing point to keep me going.

William Huffman  19:48  
And I would say I'm going to say not that I would say I hate it when people say I would also say this. You're gonna say it. So I'm going to add to that. I don't understand certain emotions. It's not that I'm a sociopath or something like that. It's just, I don't understand depression. I've never been depressed. Depression is a chemical imbalance, like it's a it's a, it's a real thing. I don't understand. When people are nervous about something, I don't understand what people get scared about some things, I just don't understand those emotions because they're not natural to me. So what you have to do is when somebody says I'm nervous, don't do this. Don't do that. Don't be nervous. That's fine. Yeah. Because that's dismissive. And that does nothing to solve the issue. I can't say, I don't understand what that feeling is. And I thank you for sharing that with me. How can I help you with that? And sometimes you can't sometimes you can't help somebody with that. You're a good person to help with that. If you can't, if buts, but sometimes you can't. Thank you. That's a compliment. I appreciate that. You're welcome. But sometimes people just want to be like, I just want you to know that I'm nervous. I just want you to know that I'm sad. I just want you to know that I'm angry. I just want you to know that I'm depressed. And there's not always something you can do about it. Also, don't don't try. I don't know, how do I say this? I think people talk about empathy a lot. And there's some you can be empathetic like you can, you can have feelings that somebody else is going through feelings. But don't take those feelings on. Don't make them your own. And don't try and, gosh, this might be contradictory. But don't try and get into their shoes, because they're in their shoes. They don't need you in there as well. They need you in your shoes. That's why they're talking to you.

Sarah Huffman  21:47  
That makes sense to me, because that's actually something that one of my traits that I work on, is relating, because that can be a positive, right? Like, oh, I can really relate with what you're going through. But relating also can be like counterproductive. Where it's like, and I, I can relate with what you're going through. But I can't go through with you. Yes. Or like I've had a similar experience. I'm sorry that you're going through that experience. Yep. where it's at? Is that what you mean?

William Huffman  22:26  
Yes. And here's the thing, if I tell you that I painted my house blue, and I don't like it. I don't want you to tell me to say oh, I've also done that. And this is what I did. This is what I had to do it. Oh my gosh, it was just the worst ever. And like, I totally know what you're going through. And you should just do this because that's what I did. Well, now I don't ever want to talk to you again about my blue house. I just wanted to tell you, I don't like my blue house. So if people aren't asking for advice, this will relate. This will relate. You want some unsolicited advice? Just say that you have a sinus infection, or you have a cold. And watch how many people are going to tell you exactly what to do on how to fix that. Oh, have you tried the neti pot? Have you tried? Sniffing Elmers wood glue? Have you tried to do it like like, I'm just saying that like everybody's gonna have to come up with their own home remedy right Pedialyte. freezies. See, I don't give us crap. I just wanted to be out there all sugar. I just want to say I'm not feeling well, I have a cold. I just wanted you to know that I wanted somebody else to know what you're going through. Yes, thank you. If you need anything, let me know. So that's kind of how I relate to if you're going through a tough time. Don't try and solve their problem. Just be there for them.

Sarah Huffman  23:48  
And sometimes even being there for them. When Will and I got COVID like two years ago, someone offered our friend Jenny offered to bring us dinner. And our normal response would be like you're very

William Huffman  24:02  
minister. Oh, no, we're okay. Thanks. got it covered. Good. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  24:06  
And we both were feeling pretty cruddy. And we're like, yeah, that would be great. Like accept the help. Just say yes. And was it amazing?

William Huffman  24:15  
It was we it was we ate it for like three meals in a row. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  24:20  
Because it's like a kid. And I think that's also something very Minnesotan is when people offer help. It is okay to accept the help, but don't

William Huffman  24:27  
offer unless you mean it. Yes. Do not do not just blindly offer like people do this. People be like, Oh, it's St. Patrick's night. If you need a ride, just call me. Son of a biscuit. You better not be drinking because what if I see that and all of a sudden I do need you and I call you Yeah, don't empty promise don't empty offer.

Jorie  24:46  
Just call me I'm I'm in bed after Wheel of Fortune. Yeah,

William Huffman  24:49  
yeah, it's okay.

Sarah Huffman  24:50  
Yep. Yeah. So kind of a random podcast that we're we're hitting some topics we're hitting like our recap wedding. What it's like to go through Something I mean joy, how's it going for you as a mom in the we've been in a like quarter one or even just a pandemic.

Unknown Speaker  25:13  
Tatum Tatum is a younger version of myself. So it's really opened up my eyes to an area of opportunity to where I can make her journey easier and easier than my own. So that's listening to her being there for and no matter how much it like. Sucks to suck like they are kids. So they are gonna mess up. And yes, it is gonna piss me off, but I've got to let her mess up. Gotta let her do it.

William Huffman  25:49  
There her shoes.

Jorie  25:51  
But Zoey I mean, she just, she's just my little potato. She's good.

William Huffman  25:56  
Yeah, she's gonna be a handful. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  26:03  
Yep. Well, cool. Well, what else you guys want to talk about?

Unknown Speaker  26:07  
I just wanted to do a recap. I think that this is going somewhere. And you guys are allowing people to come on and just be themselves and let their story out there. And this is, this is great.

William Huffman  26:21  
come from a place of curiosity come from, like with something like this. The first couple times we did this back in the day with Marshall. We were trying to take notes and kind of lead the conversation somewhere. And that's okay. Like, some of them were really good. And I enjoyed it. I think what we've learned as hosts, when you host somebody in your life, in your house, in your podcast, in your place of business, it's your job to come to them from a place of curiosity, and to really get to know them on a different level. Every single person we've talked to we have found something out. And I consider we know a lot of these people very well. And we know Cindy badness very well, no idea she was a D one athlete, no idea. Her father was a Marine, no idea about a ton of things, right. I'm like, I consider you a good friend. And I had no idea. Like, translate that into your life. Like, how many of your like, you know, Friends, do you come from a place of curiosity? Or do you just take advantage of the fact that they're going to be there for you? Which is okay, sometimes we need to take advantage of our friends be like, Listen, I need you. Grab a bottle, come over. We're going to watch a movie. We're not going to talk. I just need you to sit here and just be here with me. It's just

Unknown Speaker  27:37  
going to be the notebook. Yeah.

William Huffman  27:40  
Right. You know, and sometimes, you know, just but just know that those relationships come from a place of curiosity. And I think that's been really good as us for hosts. To just tell me more like, don't like you don't let somebody just blow over something like, Oh, yeah. Then I played. I played FastPitch. Softball for two years. Like, Hold on. Wait, what you did? Two years. Like, back it up, homie? Let's talk about that somewhere.

Unknown Speaker  28:04  
Wait, you were in a pageant, and you have a heavy crown? Yeah. Why isn't new here?

William Huffman  28:08  
A Barbie made from a Barbie made of yourself? Hmm.

Unknown Speaker  28:12  
What I want to crown. Yeah, but

Sarah Huffman  28:15  
don't you think like we could do that with so many more people than just the people on our podcast? Absolutely. Exactly.

William Huffman  28:20  
I mean, I think it's it is. So taking what we're learning here and is bringing that to, I find that I interact with clients better because it comes more from plus in just 2425 short episodes. It's taught me I shouldn't say short, because each one has been an hour plus. Yeah. You know, so I mean, that's 25 plus hours that we've spent working on the skill of active listening, listening not to respond, but listening to hear and listening to ask more questions and going a little deeper. This has helped me with real estate coaching. And just Yeah, I think it's it's a skill that is the art of wow, this is this getting deep, but I think the art of conversation has really, especially our generation, you know, we're 41 Your dream a few years younger, but we grew up with AOL Instant Messenger, and lol and AFK and BRB and his AFK Away From Keyboard.

Unknown Speaker  29:25  
I just had the dial tone. Okay.

William Huffman  29:28  
Yeah, okay. But I'm saying we grew up where communication has changed. You know, and then they they Tom Brokaw and some of the all these other like great interviewers that Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, Barbara Walters, like some of these incredible interviewers who could Oprah Winfrey, who could a lot of fantastic female interviewers out there because women tend to naturally come from a place of curiosity more naturally than men. It's harder for us because we think we're too badass for it. But we're seeing where these types of communication styles have really kind of, I don't want to say gone the way of the dodo, but they're not. They're not as readily available, if that makes sense. And I this obviously wasn't planned. And this is a it's but it's something that's been on my mind for a while that when, when we have conversations, how often are we listening just to jump back at them, or tell your story about the exact same thing. And all of a sudden, you've just devalued the time that that person gave you, because you're not letting them be in their space?

Sarah Huffman  30:36  
Well, I think you bring up actually a lot of great points, because so we live in such a fast paced culture. When was the last time like, you've seen an interview? Like a Barbara Walters special? Or Diane Sawyer or Tom Brokaw? Right. When was the last time?

William Huffman  30:54  
Gosh, that's a real question. Like, I

Sarah Huffman  30:58  
literally think it was like, a year and a half ago, when Oprah interviewed Prince Harry,

William Huffman  31:05  
right. And I not to devalue their situation. But was that really a hard hitting interview?

Sarah Huffman  31:14  
I'm just saying like, that's like, the only one I can think of, because usually those types of interview settings I have, I'm interested in.

William Huffman  31:21  
Yeah. I mean, that's, that's a great. And how often do we get to have somebody in a room with us and just talk to them? Yeah, about non work stuff for 45 minutes. Plus, like, it's really interesting how people you work with and you know, actually have a whole nother universe that you're not even a part of, but they're willing to let you in?

Unknown Speaker  31:45  
Yeah, 45 minutes. So

Sarah Huffman  31:48  
yeah, this, at the end of this week, I believe, we're bringing on one of my dearest friends, her name is Sarah shaper fitter. And so you'll look for her episode in the next, I don't know, six weeks or so. But like, you know, we've been friends since we were 15. But when was the last time I really sat down and talked to her about some of her life experiences, and really given her the time to like, share.

William Huffman  32:14  
And you're a really good friend, you will call somebody just to say hello, and talk to them. Really weird. It's really weird. See, in my world, that's weird, but in Sarah's world, to call Sarah or to call somebody just because they're on your mind. You do that. And you'll be sitting in the car for 45 minutes, just chatting them up and just listening to him and stuff. But yeah, that's pretty true. When's the last time that you didn't have like a, an agenda where like, say something's going on, of course, you're going to call right? And you're going to probably Pacific eight, Pacific, you're going to focus on that. There's a word of every person. Maybe that's it. That's from tick tock to you. Yeah. But to have somebody not have an agenda and just talk to them. That's pretty cool. That's fine. You know,

Sarah Huffman  33:07  
I think we just find like different points of leverage within our day. And when we're in the car a lot. And I, especially if I'm in the car by myself, I will do two things. I rarely now listen to the radio, because I just can't anymore. But I will either listen to a book, or I will call people that are on my mind. You know what I do a lot when I'm driving, sit in silence. Yeah. It's wonderful. It is so great. That's the thing. Well, I think people think you're like, rambunctious and loud. All day, every day.

William Huffman  33:40  
No, no. No, when I just your social media presence, know that that is a part of me. That is who I am. Like, I do love my people. I said very specific word. They're my people. And just because I don't know you yet, doesn't mean you're not my people. But I'm protective of who I surround myself with. But no, like, my default status is not. It's not the guy you see in the grill. When we're having events. I like that version of me. And that version of me is super fun. My default status is driving in the car in silence. Now, don't get me wrong, there it is. But there's a million things going through my head more than a million like I'm just when I'm sitting, I'm sitting there in silence. And I'm just living in those thoughts are on the very lucky occasions where my brains not functioning where it's just done, and I can just enjoy what I'm looking at when I'm driving. So

Unknown Speaker  34:44  
he has all those like millions of thoughts and he's sending them as he's processing them, and then following up with us, did you do that? But then he sent it in his brain. Yeah. And not via email slack or

William Huffman  34:58  
Yeah, I have lots of conversations. So true. I have tons of conversations with people in my mind that I know that they should like it's true like Oh, Jory. Hey, remember that? Shoot that was actually in my head as I was driving. Yeah, that didn't actually happen. Yeah, it's it's pretty bad. But it works.

Sarah Huffman  35:24  
I just think it's always interesting because people might think like, oh, is Will was will okay. He's kind of quiet.

William Huffman  35:31  
Yeah, no, I'm fine.

Unknown Speaker  35:34  
I, or they call him out and tell him to fix his attitude.

William Huffman  35:37  
Yeah, yeah. No, sometimes I do have it. Like, if I have a bad attitude, I wear it very well, on my face. You do? Yes. It's very apparent, like if I'm not feeling it. But then if somebody calls me out, and I respect that person, I'm like, You know what? You're right. I apologize. Give me a few minutes here, and I'll fix it. And then I'll just take a few moments. And then I'll force myself to smile which releases serotonin and dopamine and all that stuff. And yeah, and then I'll then I'll flip the switch.

Sarah Huffman  36:05  
Have you always been this way?

William Huffman  36:09  
Um, yeah. Yeah, I'd say yeah.

Sarah Huffman  36:13  
Like, even when you were like a little kid in Tennessee. What were you like?

William Huffman  36:18  
I was out in the woods by myself.

Sarah Huffman  36:23  
How about when you were a little kid in? Give me another place. You've lived overly, Albert Lee.

William Huffman  36:31  
I was making a bike trail behind our house that took me two years to cut by hand. In the woods, in the woods, yeah.

Sarah Huffman  36:42  
Now I went live in the city.

William Huffman  36:44  
I learned at that time that I was really good at telling people what to do,

Unknown Speaker  36:47  
though. Ask them. How long ago you were in the woods.

William Huffman  36:51  
It's been too long. It was last fall when we're up in Bemidji at the farm. And I was out there for I don't know, eight 910 hours just hanging out. It's pretty cool. But it's quiet. Like there's don't get me wrong. I enjoy if people come with me, but they just gotta be quiet.

Sarah Huffman  37:12  
Pat, you're not there to chat. No,

William Huffman  37:14  
I'm just out there to hang out. Just sit.

Sarah Huffman  37:17  
And Dre How about you as a kid? Like, you were biking

Unknown Speaker  37:21  
all the time? I would do what Tatum does now. I wouldn't even say hi or breeze I would throw in my backpack and be out the door and be home whenever the sun goes away. Like that was me. Yeah,

William Huffman  37:34  
what about you sir?

Sarah Huffman  37:37  
I was not into nature.

Unknown Speaker  37:40  
At all shocker.

Sarah Huffman  37:42  
I I was not really I don't know. Like I had my like childhood was way more medical. Like second third grade was very medical. So it's like I was pretty close to home I would say pretty close to my parents, my mom because of all the medical stuff. So it's, you know, like it was just a different I wasn't like this adventurous kid. But I'm not afraid to do things like if that makes any sense. Like when I think about things that scare me, like not having basic needs met scare me but like, Let's go travel. Like that doesn't scare me. Like I just don't like nature like mice scare me.

William Huffman  38:29  
If it has a tail on it's not a dog if it's not our dog. Yeah. You You're extremely picky. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  38:42  
But you know, I'm working on it.

William Huffman  38:43  
There you go. That's all we can do, Mirka.

Sarah Huffman  38:48  
Oh, gross. Well, hey, that's alright. Well, there we go. That's going to be this episode of randomness. Yeah, but it was a nice recap. It was a nice talk about emotions. A little bit on kid childhood stuff. Yeah, went everywhere. It ran the gamut. This is it is a random melting pot of emotions. And we are here for

William Huffman  39:09  
it. Emotion, no damage.

Sarah Huffman  39:12  
But what I will say is if you are going through something and you don't know where to start, just find someone that you trust. And communicate what do you need from them? Because maybe it is I would tell them. I just need you to listen.

William Huffman  39:25  
I'm here yet be a statue. Let me talk to you. We talk at you actually. When we talk when we talk right at you. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  39:32  
that's the biggest thing. If you've listened to this episode this far. I just want to

William Huffman  39:38  
I wonder, I wonder how much of the burps in the

Sarah Huffman  39:41  
West was good. And I just want to make sure that you know that you're not alone. And you just have to find that one person that you trust. Yep.

William Huffman  39:48  
You can call me 651-278-2089 shoot me a text. Find me on social media. Facebook's about my jam. I'm all over the place. You can email me, William at Good Life. William

Sarah Huffman  40:03  
Yeah, well, if I were to call you is this confidential? Yeah. Flow of peat. And on you, do you ever tell me? No, I know you don't you don't know. You might just want to people that don't say I get pissed. But there are times like,

William Huffman  40:16  
you'll be like, Who's that? No, Mike, it doesn't matter. There

Sarah Huffman  40:19  
are times when you don't tell me things, but it relates to our business that I'm like, Well, I wish you would have told me that.

William Huffman  40:27  
Yeah. No, it was totally me and coffee. I take that extremely seriously. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  40:31  
I but that's also why I want people to know confidentiality is is

William Huffman  40:36  
a core value of yours. Might have been I will because trust was okay. Knowledge and trust. Yeah, like, I will not betray that no matter what. No, no, no, no, no, no. No new business.

Sarah Huffman  40:49  
I just want people to know that if like that when willsez column or whatever this is not.

William Huffman  40:55  
It's not a lie. It's not some bullshit. It's not to get

Sarah Huffman  40:58  
dirt on your life. No. It's literally like you are a person that can just be like, hear it out. Yeah. And not problem solve. No, but if you want them to help, if you want, if they ask for help for problem solving, be careful.

William Huffman  41:11  
Be careful to ask me for my advice.

Sarah Huffman  41:15  
Any advice? We know pit advice. Yeah, food advice.

William Huffman  41:19  
Don't ask me the question you don't want to hear my answer to. So if you want to talk at me, if you want me to be a statue, and just listen, I can do that. If you want my opinion, and my advice, be ready, because I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I'm going to deliver it effectively with as few words as possible, so I can get my point across.

Sarah Huffman  41:40  
Can you give me an example of that?

William Huffman  41:43  
Yes. I'm waiting. That was my example. Oh. You said can I make sense? I said, Yes.

Unknown Speaker  41:50  
That was actually really good. I got that job. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  41:55  
Even our team, our team might be like, Yeah, we don't want we don't want to ask, well, his advice. We don't, don't ask, but they will know that you're gonna be

William Huffman  42:03  
there for them. Yes. Absolutely. And if you are looking for somebody to tell you it's going to be okay.

Unknown Speaker  42:15  
Sarah Huffman. Yeah, yeah.

William Huffman  42:17  
I have your let me say this. Like, if you want me to go on an emotional journey with you, that's not going to happen. I told you I don't, I don't have I don't understand certain emotions. Just because they're, they're not in my wheelhouse. Doesn't mean I don't get sad, or it doesn't mean I don't get angry. But it just means that they're not a place that I that I know very well. If you need a hug, I can give you a hug. If you need a high five and give me a high five. If you want me to talk to you about your emotions and walk you through them. No, I'm not going to do that. Just because I'm not capable. I'm not the best source for that. But I can give you my advice from all the mistakes I've made, and all the good things I've done. That's all I got. America.

Sarah Huffman  43:08  
I think we've heard America how many times least fibers a lot. Wow. All right, everybody will.

William Huffman  43:14  
Alright everybody. Thanks for coming today. We out deuces.

Accouncer  43:20  
tune in each week. For more in depth conversations about life behind the highlight reel. Follow us on your favorite podcast platform to make sure you never miss an episode. For today's show notes head over to lb

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