Life Behind the Highlight Real

19: Chasing your dreams in a pandemic w/ Ava Beilke

March 07, 2022 Sarah Huffman, William Huffman,Jorie Schaaf, & Ava Beilke Season 1 Episode 19
Life Behind the Highlight Real
19: Chasing your dreams in a pandemic w/ Ava Beilke
Show Notes

Chasing Your Dreams in a Pandemic with Ava Beilke

Have you ever thought about quitting your job during the pandemic to chase your dreams? It might sound scary but that’s exactly what today’s guest, Ava Beilke did!

Ava is a Social Media Coach, self-love advocate, speaker, and writer dedicated to helping people live a better life through a guided realization that unconditional self-love is the foundation of all pursuits, including marketing themselves.

Ava quit her corporate job of 10 years to become an entrepreneur in 2020 - amidst the Covid pandemic. 

What seemed like a perfect plan ended up triggering a 1/3 life crisis. Thankfully, 2022 seems to be a better year for Ava and she’s going to share with us what happened along the way.

 Also in this episode, Ava will take us through her childhood, experience as a beauty pageant contestant, her job in the corporate world, how she became an entrepreneur full-time, and her traveling adventures.

We hope you enjoy this amazing episode!

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • Getting to know Ava
  • Ava’s experience as a beauty pageant contestant
  • Ava’s first job as a social media manager
  • How 2020 changed Ava’s career as a social media director
  • The launch of Ava’s social media coaching
  • Ava’s coping mechanism in 2021 when she was trying to figure out her purpose
  • How Ava is fairing in 2022
  • Ava’s goals for the year 2022
  • How Ava picks where she to travel to
  • How did Ava keep going during her hard days?
  • Ava’s top 5 restaurants

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“Sometimes you explore what you don’t want, in addition to what you do want which is interesting.”

“I wasn’t anticipating the loss or the shedding of an identity that I associated with for a decade. That’s something that no one could have prepared me for.”

“February for me kind of feels like more of the new year because it’s my birthday. But then also spring because we look at the cycles of nature. That is when there is newness, that is when there’s rebirth. That is when people are reemerging.”

“You’re willing to give your own business everything you have. But at the same time, it’s not your entire life.”

“Success is not monetary. It’s not the awards. Success is the feeling that I hold in my heart.”

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Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

Everything is figureoutable – Maria Forleo